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2:18 AM
SQL Server 2014 will allow you to commit with deferred durability. Oracle has a similar feature as well.
Please VtC dupe. Originally the question didn't seem to be an exact dupe, but after editing, yep, it was.
Q: Update a table by using a join

Trojan.ZBOTI have two tables ta, tb. ta columns - cId, c1, c2. c1 and c2 contain nulls and need to be filled with data. tb columns - cId, c3, c4. The data for c1 and c2 will come from c3 and c4 respectively. So, I tried to do a simple inner join first. Both tables were aliased as al_ta and al_tb respective...

A database will work no better regardless where it sits. It will do the exact same work regardless. You are free to disagree, but databases were not designed to sit in memory, they were designed for efficient indexing and for efficient organizing of data. It may complete that work faster, but it will indeed do no better. RAM prices have started to match storage prices? No, I have not looked at RAM prices, but they are historically many times more expensive than storage prices. The solution is not to throw RAM at the problem. The OP is indicating that a pagefile is a proper target, not me. — vgoff 1 min ago
And wow again.
I never stated that it would make it work worse, in fact I have stated that it will not work any better. I have also not stated that more ram will not make it work faster. — vgoff 19 secs ago
SO is teh suck.
3:26 AM
He's deleted all of his comments. Sad really, seems like he was a pretty special case
4:15 AM
I suppose one will never be able to stop making fun of SO posters
Q: Postgres function error

r90tI'm creating a function in postgres and getting strange error. What am I doing wrong? I also would like to see your variants how to do it CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION export_csv(request TEXT, filename VARCHAR(255)) RETURNS VOID AS $$ BEGIN EXECUTE 'COPY (' || request || ') TO "/home/r90t/work/s...

Yeah, let's accept a SQL query from the user and inline it in a stored procedure. No security problems there.
Also the stored procedure because of what it does must run as superuser....
4:57 AM
And it can write to any file owned by the database process too :-P
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6:14 AM
Worst question I have seen so far: "PostGIS is very fast but how do I optimize queries?" Umm optimize for what?
Q: How can I optimize these queries on Postgresql using OSM?

user25663971# I realized that if I use postgis it is very fast, but how can I optimize queries? SELECT ID, ST_Y(ST_Transform(ST_SetSRID(ST_MakePoint(lon/100.0,lat/100.0),900913),94326)), ST_X(ST_Transform(ST_SetSRID(ST_MakePoint(lon/100.0,lat/100.0),900913),94326)) FROM planet_osm_nodes AS nodes INNER...

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9:57 AM
@Phil Wrong type of Acid perhaps?
10:08 AM
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells well, it depends on what you need. It seems like the right solution, for example, if you are trying to implement an RFC2795-compliant Zone Operations Organization....
@ChrisTravers I was more thinking of Lysergic acid diethylamide.
But eventual consistency has been a feature of most distributed naming service databases that I can think of (NDS, NIS, DNS, AD etc.).
This is true, but none have been Infinitely Scalable!!!
They will put Web Scale to shame ;-)
OTOH, RFC-2795 is about the only use I can think for such a system.
@ChrisTravers Fantastic. you've out web-scaled web scale!
Are you familiar with RFC 2795?
@ChrisTravers I am now. I assume it was released on April 1 at some point.
10:13 AM
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells yep.
@ChrisTravers Otherwise known as 'basic research'
i. Employ an infinite number of grad^H^H^H^Hmonkeys
ii. implement a peer review process over the top.
iii. Publications!!!
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Just imagine what we can accomplish with this.
@ChrisTravers Research grants!!!
(disclaimer, I grew up in a university)
I am worried that preparations, such as obtaining an infinite number of monkeys, might run slightly behind schedule. I suppose this should be noted on the grant application.
10:17 AM
(I didn't grow up in a university but three of my grandparents were professors.)
I think that a sufficiently close approximation of infinite can be achieved through a two step process:
i. Student loans
ii. Degree inflation
true, that
@ChrisTravers It's about 5 doors down from UOC and the building is now owned by the university. I used to play around campus when I was a wee lad.
Have you ever seen 'A very peculiar practice?'
A Very Peculiar Practice is a BBC comedy-drama series, which ran for two series in 1986 and 1988. It was the first major success for screenwriter Andrew Davies, and was inspired by his experiences as a lecturer at the University of Warwick. Storyline The series is a black comedy with surreal elements. It concerned an idealistic young doctor, Stephen Daker (Peter Davison), taking up a post as a member of a university medical centre. The centre is staffed by a group of misfits including the bisexual Rose Marie (Barbara Flynn), self-absorbed Bob Buzzard (David Troughton), and decrepit Sc...
Awesome. My great grandfather taught at Bristol before, iirc. being asked to go to India.
I have not seen it. It looks interesting.
Very funny if you're at all familiar with university politics, particularly in the 1980s thatcher era.
10:20 AM
may have to look for it.
I think it was better than Porterhouse Blue.
Porterhouse Blue is a novel written by Tom Sharpe, first published in 1974. There was a Channel 4 TV series in 1987 based on the novel, adapted by Malcolm Bradbury. The novel itself has a sequel, Grantchester Grind, but Porterhouse Blue has a stand-alone plot. Premise A satirical look at Cambridge life and the struggle between tradition and reform, Porterhouse Blue tells the story of Skullion, the Head Porter of a fictional Cambridge college, Porterhouse. Characters The central characters are Skullion, the Head Porter; Lionel Zipser, a research graduate student; Sir Godber Evans, the Ma...
You can probably get them on DVD.
yeah, I plan to look for them
I never saw House of Cards but it got rave reviews.
10:29 AM
I have to be careful about april 1 though.
Any particular reason?
I wrote a joke proposal for LedgerSMB and got a lot of flack for it.
people didn't get that it was a joke.
For years I had people ask me if I was serious :-P
@ChrisTravers The trouble with that is that I could see someone seriously proposing to do that.
Oh, we can run sprocs in the DB - we don't no steenking web server!!
I have had this conversation with people for real about the embedded JVM in Oracle.
10:32 AM
Yeah. It might not be as good of a joke if it was beyond the realm of possibility...
however, I would have expected that lines like these would have made it obvious:
When I say that they have to pay Oracle licensing fees for the CPU capacity the use for the Java code they tend to see the point.
"We expect this news to be welcomed warmly by the hardare industry as they
seek to find markets for their ever-faster machines."
Or, in the case of the DBMS vendor, to licence per-CPU capacity for.
One site I know has about 200 staff and has licensed 24 cores worth of SQL Server licencing. Yay virtualisation!!!
If ever there was a good reason not to virtualise DBMS servers...
A sound, economic reason.
10:35 AM
I can think of all kinds of reasons
with my LSMB hosting business, we do virtualize database servers but.....
Well, licence costs for 24 cores where about 4 should have been sufficient is quite a good one.
I don't think ours is a typical case.
(and we don't have to buy licenses)
@ChrisTravers That helps.
Arguably the cost of the DBMS licensing is overcooked because they had to licence the whole Hyper-V cluster.
Per-core DBMS licensing on VMs is a big con.
Oh, yes, you can roll out as many DBMS servers as you want, but you have to either licence each VM or licence the entire server cluster.
10:37 AM
Virtualisation (n): A technique allowing I.T. vendors to sell expensive, proprietary 'big iron' hardware into commodity markets.
And don't even get me started on SAN performance
Pretty much. We're only doing virtualization because it allows us to offer security guarantees to customers we can;t offer as well otherwise, but our customers are not expected to be heavy db users.
Anyway, must dash.
have a good one
3 hours later…
1:34 PM
@AaronBertrand Did they decline your flag?
Still active
I think I made a pretty compelling case over in the mod chat room, but I still doubt they'll act on it.
Anyone else using iOS 7 and Chrome to access SO on mobile? Seeing this?
Q: "logout" link in multi-collider drop-down in mobile has moved to a precarious position

Aaron BertrandRecently (perhaps due to the changes that caused this and other bugs), the logout link in the drop-down on mobile (I use iPhone iOS 7.0 and Chrome) has moved to a position which makes it much more likely to click inadvertently when I'm actually trying to click on my profile link. Here is the lin...

1:45 PM
talk about not giving enough info on your question
Q: Insertion on nvarcher doesn't work but update does

Tal MalakiToday, I tried to insert into a nvarchar(max) column the value 'abc'. I'm working with sql server managment studio 2008. When I did this i got an error message, so I wrote "abc" instead. However, when i update this cell to be 'abc' it worked. Why it's like that, and how can I insert a new row wi...

there are some pretty awful answers on this
Q: SQL one to many on one row

user3036111I have a table that records the diagnosis of patient for each attendance. Patients can have more than one diagnosis. I want one row per attendance with all diagnosis (up to 12 diagnosis). The below brings back more than one row. select dg.AttendanceID , dg.PatientNumber , dg.Diagno...

except mine of course
Well if the OP doesn't understand this answer, good luck
This works, but i don't understand the complex syntax. Thanks, — user3036111 1 hour ago
that query is really ugly with all those sub-queries
It's ugly, but shouldn't be complex or difficult to understand/
How do these people even find SO
Q: Insertion on nvarcher doesn't work but update does

Tal MalakiToday, I tried to insert into a nvarchar(max) column the value 'abc'. I'm working with sql server managment studio 2008. When I did this i got an error message, so I wrote "abc" instead. However, when i update this cell to be 'abc' it worked. Why it's like that, and how can I insert a new row wi...

They can't seem to find their ass with a map and a flashlight
2:06 PM
no clue
Because I have a magic ball that see's all things...
@ShawnMelton maybe you should take your magic ball in for repair
@FreshPrinceOfSO Thinking about just tell Walmart to take it back.
Q: remove duplicate records by specific id in sql server 2008

user2879435SELECT distinct loc.name, loc.imageurl, tu.userid, tu.fname, (SELECT TOP(1) [time] FROM tblcheckin WHERE userid = tf.followerid and flag ='C' ORDER BY [time] DESC) A...

2:13 PM
@ShawnMelton every time you make a return to Wal-Mart, an employee gets fired
Why can't people ask solvable questions?
@FreshPrinceOfSO I thought it was hired because it took 3 or 4 folks to find out where it went on the shelf, after the other 5 put it back in random spots.
@AaronBertrand to drive you crazy
@AaronBertrand imagine being a car mechanic.. and every time someone brings in a car, they say "there's a noise"
@AaronBertrand That would require them to have some understanding of the problem, which involves effort. That's a big no-no for some (most) people.
@FreshPrinceOfSO At least they bring you the car, in that case.
2:17 PM
@TimStone most of them just call the mechanic, actually.
@AaronBertrand This humor should help.
@JakeFeasel sqlfiddle doesn't know how to deal with the Oracle TIMESTAMP datatype sqlfiddle.com/#!4/0f483/8
@TimStone they're bringing the question to you here aren't they?
P: Something loose in cockpit.
S: Something tightened in cockpit.
The question isn't directly comparable to having full access to the system, instead of just the piece they think is wrong. :P
It'd be like if they heard a noise and thought it was their transmission for some reason and just brought the mechanic that.
...Which would be fairly impressive in its own way, but disregard that.
@AaronBertrand Most people seem to call to make an appointment because they have no idea, luckily (my mom works at an auto repair facility)
@TimStone well most questions on SO are equivalent to the guy who calls the mechanic and expects a fix over the phone.
2:20 PM
Right, which is the problem.
@TimStone it sucks because the only way to stop it is to down-vote/close. Then we get 15 new "be nicer to new users" whines/rants on meta.
Sadly, the new users are making the SO community suck.
Like this?
Q: Error evaluating parameter in backup

user30974I get this error while scheduling a backup Error evaluating parameter sources/security checks/locks ORA-04098: trigger 'SYSMAN.MGMT_JOB_PARAM_UPDATE_LARGE' is invalid and failed re-validation How can I fix this?

^^^^^ And they're finding us, now, too.
@AaronBertrand The easiest solution is to not be nice to anyone so no one feels singled out.
@TimStone and the other side effect of down-voting / closing is the pity up-votes from people. Due to weighting, even one offsetting up-vote just reinforces the crappy behavior.
"Hey, +1 up-vote, -4 down-votes, that's still +2! Sweet!"
(Well that's for bad answers but you get the point.)
2:25 PM
@TimStone I know you're joking but the opposite is true: be nice to new users who have half a chance of graduating into useful users. be 'efficient' with the rest. That's my new policy: we need more discrimination :)
@TimStone Agreed. If you're an asshole all the time, it's fair to all.
@Phil we need a 'contact support' close reason
@JackDouglas "Needs to hire a consultant" close reason would be better
@FreshPrinceOfSO some sort of thing, basic problem is that it's unsolvable on this format without extensive back and forth finding out what the question really is.
We are good at providing answers to known questions not unknown ones
but i need answer right now plzz.. — user30974 4 hours ago
right now!!
2:29 PM
@bluefeet SELECT NOW() !!
but they did say plzz
@Phil that's an Oracle supplied package right? So if it's failing validation it basically means 'broken upgrade' or worse, correct?
@JackDouglas Yeah, they've probably ran catproc in from another version, or been creating/dropping objects in Oracle "internal" schemas
I'm wondering is we really should have a custom 'off-topic' close reason
Maybe: "The actual question asked reveals an underlying issue that would need extensive investigation by a consultant or database vendor support team: issues like this do not fit the SE Q&A model well"
any thoughts?
@JackDouglas I like the idea. (Disclaimer.. I'm a consultant). But with that - I'd hate to see us close prematurely. Like I wouldn't necessarily VTC with that reason if there had been no comments/back and forth on most questions
2:40 PM
@JackDouglas I like it. The 'Off-topic' does need a few more options to choose from.
kind of broad but do we want this on DBA?
Q: SQL Profiler SP_Count Performance

Jaiesh_bhaiWould running a SQL Profiler in Microsoft SQL Server Management for SP_Counts on a live database cause noticeable performance issues?

Well the best possible answer could be "yes" or "it depends" ... if he wants to re-word the question to something like "How do I test if running a trace like x will cause noticeable performance issues?" it might be ok, but still I think it should stay on SO.
My response is typically going to be "did you try it?"
@bluefeet i vtm
i can't wait for this
2:59 PM
What do you mean "SSMS doesn't recognize them"? Are you using an older version of SSMS to look at filtered indexes in a newer version of SQL Server? Are you really letting people modify indexes by pointing and clicking in a UI and clicking save? And are you going to rely on these same people to update the description of the index when they make changes to it? I'm so confused right now. — Aaron Bertrand 1 min ago
half effort?
A: SQL Server - Combining results from a single query

FreshPrinceOfSOThe hour and minute are in parts, and you may want to GROUP BY the [Server] as well. SELECT SUM([Number]), [Date], DATEPART(hour, [Time]), DATEPART(minute, [Time]), MAX([Server]) FROM [Table] GROUP BY [Date], DATEPART(hour, [Time]), DATEPART(minute, [Time])

Seems I'm an asshat this morning
This is another poorly structured question. The OP wants the data grouped by 15 minute intervals, and all of their sample data conveniently lands on a 15-minute interval minute. If they had a row with :14 they'd want that included in one of the existing rows, but your query gives them a new row.
I think you did the thing with the click and code that made those numbers go way wrong on the one but show right on the other one. To fix it, just click the button and then redo the thing with the code. — billinkc 24 secs ago
3:15 PM
@billinkc very useful
@AaronBertrand i modified it to round to the minute
A: SQL Server - Combining results from a single query

FreshPrinceOfSOTou may want to GROUP BY the [Server] rather than get the MAX() of it. SELECT SUM([Number]) AS [Number], [Date], CONVERT(time, DATEADD(minute, DATEDIFF(minute, 0, [Time]), 0)) AS [Time], MAX([Server]) FROM [Table] GROUP BY [Date], DATEADD(minute, DATEDIFF(...

But I think they want to round to the 15 minutes, e.g. 12:08 is summed with 12:15.
@FreshPrinceOfSO the text on your answer doesn't seem to match your solution
@Lamak i don't follow
@FreshPrinceOfSO Tou may want to GROUP BY the [Server] rather than get the MAX()
But you are using MAX
Or am I not reading correctly (that happens)
3:20 PM
@Lamak other than the typo, what I'm meaning to say is that my query is getting the MAX() of [Server] rather than grouping by it
@FreshPrinceOfSO I read it the other way around
can we have a second opinion? :-)
You're both wrong
@billinkc I suspected that much
@billinkc no way
3:23 PM
I think I understand you now @FreshPrinceOfSO. At first, since you said it before the answer it seemed like you were telling the user: "What you are doing is wrong, you may want to GROUP BY the [Server] rather than get the MAX()", and then went and use MAX
But you were actually saying, "well, here's my answer, but you may want to GROUP BY the [Server] rather than get the MAX()"
@Lamak yes, the latter
The order on which you said it confused me
@Lamak I apologize deeply with sympathy.
you sound sincere, hence apology accepted
Discussion question...What purpose is there in capturing perfmon counters for a database server, continuously? Not just when you are having problems or troubleshooting an issue but leaving it running week after week. Let say you are asked to do this with 5 to 10 minute sampling every hour...why would I do that?
3:28 PM
@ShawnMelton to put an overhead to the server
@MikeWalsh , @Shawn thanks, I've put the suggestion on meta:
Q: Shall we add a new 'off-topic' reason for questions that really need professional support?

Jack DouglasWe get questions like this where it is immediately obvious that the OP has a much bigger issue than they realise, and they need a consultant or vendor support, much hand holding and hands-on access to their systems: In this case they've probably ran catproc in from another version, or been cr...

@Lamak ah I'm not the only one that thinks that
@Lamak not in my experience. — Sam 35 secs ago
3:44 PM
@Lamak Wat. There's even an example of this in the documentation.
@TimStone not on his experience
thanks, @MaxVernon for sticking up for me.
@swasheck Trolling. Congratulations. — Csaba Toth Jul 31 at 0:47
@swasheck never trolls. Agreed on the duplicate, and VtC. — Max Vernon 11 hours ago
however ... looks like the comment thread was deleted so i dont remember the context
hydrocodone rocks
Q: Shall we add a new 'off-topic' reason for questions that really need professional support?

Jack DouglasWe get questions like this where it is immediately obvious that the OP has a much bigger issue than they realise, and they need a consultant or vendor support, much hand holding and hands-on access to their systems: In this case they've probably ran catproc in from another version, or been cr...

@swasheck you said: "This question appears to be off-topic because it is an attempt to troll DBA.SE" :)
3:53 PM
@JackDouglas oh. right. so i was feeling a bit irritable that day, i guess. i stand corrected. it wasnt an attempt to troll him, but it was certainly not very nice
Is there an undocumented stored proc that moves files about? Alternatively, I thought I remembered reading about a way to leverage xp_readeerrorlog to read any arbitrary file on the file system
Not finding what I want on the interblag
@billinkc moving files?
like data files
or random OS files?
When I create a data tap in SSIS, is is written to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\DTS\DataDumps
I can use xp_dirtree to see the file in the folder but I cannot get to the folder via \\server\c$\....
@billinkc xp_cmdshell and use shell commands
@MikeFal yeah. that.
3:59 PM
So I think my options are to copy it from that location to the our data share folder (d:\data)
assuming all the permissions are in order
Yeah, I think they were smart enough to deny me xp_cmdshell access. Let me verify
What's the use case though?
Is this something you have to do within SQL Server?
@MikeFal i was wondering about using the Move File task (or something like that) in SSIS ... or he could, ahem ... powershell ...
Well, duh, Powershell
4:01 PM
but if he's already in SSIS land then why not just roll it into that :)
If it's a regular process, write a PoSH script and have it execute from a CmdShell Agent job.
If he can do it SSIS, then do it in SSIS. I do it in PoSH because I'm more comfortable there.
It's a one-off thing. I didn't want to have to beg the DBAs to do something nor do I have an SSIS package built and deployed for moving a file about
if it's this thing then the PoSH suggestion is a good one
then i'd still say PoSH --- even for a one-off
Was trying to just stick with the tsql things since this is productions and permissions are fiddly
@billinkc YOU WILL BEG
4:03 PM
Grovel too
> The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'xp_cmdshell', database 'mssqlsystemresource', schema 'sys'.
I haz a sad
@billinkc welcome to my world
permission denied on everything
@bluefeet by the way, how did the connection encryption thing ever turn out for you?
@swasheck well they turned it off in our dev/qa environment last night so I can test. I think so far so good. If testing goes well, then we will turn it on in Prod in a few weeks
things are overly complicated here
4:07 PM
@bluefeet i see. test in dev/qa and then revert and if nothing bombs then implement in prod?
@swasheck yes, exactly. We are doing performance testing against both encryption on/off to make sure there is no impact.
We were supposed to migrate to sql server 2012 but we didn't get everything done in time to migrate by the end of the year
meaning "minimal" impact?
I don't get how he can be getting that error
Q: “Only one expression can be specified in the select list when the subquery is not introduced with EXISTS” error?

user2974732I wrote this query for a ssrs report dataset. The report works fine for single parameter value and error is populated when multiple values are selected for parameter. @iteration is a multivalued report parameter. create table #hftable ( id int ,startdate datetime, environment nvarchar(50), ite...

@AaronBertrand your SO buddy has posted on meta meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/209026/…
4:19 PM
What a tool
grovel email sent. I discovered we had an account which could RDC into the box and even had permission to look at C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\DTS\DataDumps Except I couldn't actually read any of those files
Scope creep
Great this is almost exactly what i needed, i understand you don't recommend this way but i need this, the only problem is that i need that all the other columns that are not in the settings table and not in the extended settings table would also get dynamically .... — Matan L 57 secs ago
4:35 PM
I <3 @billinkc
@mmarie me too. He's a cutie
The reason for the love btw
@billinkc Lies. It's all a sham he puts on for the gullible.
@billinkc can i claim credit for being a good data viz influence on you?
@billinkc I've always found his face to be a bit distorted.
@billinkc but not like markvsql
4:37 PM
@billinkc That question is hillarious. I love the half-assed white out job to obscure the labels.
@swasheck Very few people are as witty and handsome as markvsql
@Zane Someone commented that I look french in this photo
@billinkc i was thinking more australopithecus
@billinkc I feel a little dirty using doug lane's blog post for evil, but I wanted to be slightly helpful.
I've never been a fan of pie charts. However you may have turned me hard core anti pie cdhart fanatic.
i just like pie
4:45 PM
@swasheck Cake is the superior desert.
@MikeFal i prefer cake as well, but i've never heard of a cake chart
@swasheck ^^^ for you

User3805967I'm trying to shrink my database like the following: USE Db; GO -- Truncate the log by changing the database recovery model to SIMPLE. ALTER DATABASE Db SET RECOVERY SIMPLE; GO -- Shrink the truncated log file to 1 MB. DBCC SHRINKFILE (Db, 100); GO -- Reset the database recovery model. ALTER DAT...

If the data for your pie is thin, just add some cake http://t.co/Od408PhumS HT @FullFact @dphdk
@billinkc One use case I had for shrinking a database.
4:53 PM
@mmarie So humans are bad at 2-D angles, are we even worse at 3-D angles?
Moved a production database to a new UAT environment. Cleared out 90% of the data. Shrunk the database.
@bluefeet took me a bit to get that up and running on the phone. that's hilarious
Technically it would have been better to just script out the database however the source control was garbage at the time and that's part of what we were trying to get under control.
@swasheck I have that shirt
@bluefeet nice
4:55 PM
Can someone please vtc: stackoverflow.com/questions/20215569/… Opinion question and he could just look this up himself.
@bluefeet Took me whole 2 minutes to figure what Σ stands for ;)
@ypercube i can see the confusion for you.
Some of the people I work with.
Very bright but do not think.
5:12 PM
@billinkc Answered with fancy Paint graphics.
I hate posting an answer, then rereading it and finding my grammatical errors.
My proofreading sucks.
i have never created and used a trigger (outside of whatever mechanism handles FK). just came to that realization.
@bluefeet miners: I ate some pie?
Well, technically, i 8 sum pi
5:31 PM
@MikeFal especially when I read it twice and then the third time still pick an error out.
referring to my proofreading skills of course
everyone watching ozar's what's coming in 2014?
@AaronBertrand I got -i ;)
just trying to be clever and failing…
@mmarie need 1 more
@FreshPrinceOfSO Nope, should I be?
5:48 PM
@MikeFal what do you do every tuesday between 11:30 and 12?
@FreshPrinceOfSO Today? I'm writing a blog post.
Q: Cartesian Product via Cross Join

JonathanI am trying to understand how this works? So in this example: Cartesian or Cross Join I do not understand how the DML expresses the relation between the two tables. In my SELECT statements, how does the DB know which columns are from which table? Example: What if I had an AMOUNT column on eac...

@MikeFal i should probably do that
Who wants to explain in plain English what a Cartesian Product is?
@FreshPrinceOfSO no, I'm on a TAP call. You going to give us the high level?
5:49 PM
@AaronBertrand that's a no go
Brent's stuff is very good, but most of his subject matter I'm already familiar with. I could probably learn something from the new in 2014 (if it's more than HekatonHekatonHekaton), but it will be on YouTube.
@Phil I can go into Descartes' meditations...
Should this old question from Leigh be closed 'shopping list'?
Are you lazy or did you sign an NDA?
@JackDouglas yes, probably. He's not having a technical problem, he just wants to know what others use. I didn't think any of those questions made it onto our site.
As an aside, how do you know that guy is affiliated with dbmaestro?
@AaronBertrand #1
In Descarte' first meditations, he begins to explain how mathematics are the only thing that can hold absolute certainty in comparison to other entities in the realm of reality. Hope this helps. — FreshPrinceOfSO 20 secs ago
5:51 PM
@MikeFal it's about time
Ugh it's gone already.. who done it? @JackDouglas ?? @AaronBertrand ??
@swasheck Yeah, you can thank @mmarie and Klee. :)
also ... i'm pretty sure i'm too dumb to be approved for ABQ so i hope you all have fun?
please vtc this
Q: what is the best database to use for huge list of domain names

iwekI have a list of 1 to 10 million domains and need to import it to a DB and then retrieve via some search. Currently thinking about doing it with mySQL because that is the only thing that I know but is there anything that will work faster? NoSQL, txt file and regex, php array?

@FreshPrinceOfSO me :)
5:52 PM
@swasheck I dont' know why you say stuff like that
@JackDouglas Descarte would be angry.
@mmarie He likes compliments, that's why.
@FreshPrinceOfSO bof
oooh new dmv sys.dm_exec_query_profiles
in 2014
@mmarie did you read my proposal ... sounded like a hippie mated with surfer who'd never surfed :)
@ypercube that or i just dont actually believe in myself.
@FreshPrinceOfSO last time i tried that one it was blank
but as of CTP2 i heard it should be usable
5:54 PM
@swasheck It's definitely not the worst abstract I've read
Muave colored one works best; has the most ram. SourceFreshPrinceOfSO 44 secs ago
I will bug Meredith and suggest that you get chosen just so you have to follow through with it. ;-)
@mmarie but it's abstract. it's ok. it's my first one.
@mmarie nah. i raced with meredith ... we're tight
@swasheck You will be picked. Stop worrying about it.
@swasheck You should just plan on going anyway
5:55 PM
@mmarie besides ... curse you!!! the follow-through is what i fear most :)
-1 for not providing any type of evidence to support the answer. — FreshPrinceOfSO 7 secs ago
@MikeFal i guess i'm not so much worried about being selected as i am worried about having to follow through with it ... i dont mind the speaking it's the "how do i structure this thing???"
IMOLTP = Hekaton ?
@swasheck If you're struggling, let's do lunch some time. We can talk about it.
@FreshPrinceOfSO Aye
An expert on indexing:
Depends on your indexes and table structures. I have setup 36 tables storing domains by their first character. i,e 0-9 and then a-z - makes searching much faster! — dan360 Oct 15 '11 at 19:09
5:57 PM
@swasheck Have other people review your stuff. Also, there are books about this topic. amazon.com/gp/product/B0098O4HXU/ref=kinw_myk_ro_title
@ypercube just saw that, utter disbelief
can we get one more close vote so we can delete that question?
@MikeFal how about the first tuesday of December?
@swasheck I know people like to make fun of those types of books, but they tell you a suggested presentation structure and offer helpful tips. I have read them both.
@swasheck :)
6:00 PM
@mmarie cool. thanks. @bluefeet can't believe that i'm ok with public speaking (being wildly introverted) and i've presented academic papers and other such things ... but this just feels different
@swasheck I'm an introvert. I think a lot of the speakers are.
@FreshPrinceOfSO there you go, and I flagged all your comments 'not constructive' too just for good measure ;)
glad OP put "New User" explicitly in the question title
Q: MySQL Code Evaluation | New user | Required help to understaint the code

Merianos NikosI am almost new user in MySQL and I have find in a WordPress plugin this code, but I cannot undesrtaint what does it mean or how it can be read. This syntax is very new to me, and I cannot evaluate it. Can somebody to help me underdstaint this code :? IF(agr_sam_ads.ad_users = 0, TRUE, IF(agr_s...

@JackDouglas you're so helpful
@FreshPrinceOfSO actually I +1'd this one:
-1 for not providing any type of evidence to support the answer. — FreshPrinceOfSO 6 mins ago
SO gets some terrible answers
@JackDouglas i hate being constructive
6:03 PM
nah, you just like being funny more than you like being constructive ;)
@JackDouglas #likeawreckingball
Q: I SQL query want columns into columns please help me

user3019626i am stuck with a query where i need to change data into columns, i dont know how to use pivot since i am not using Aggregate functions. My tables are like Name Number DID DID_description value date 1 1234 01 counts 2 1456 02 quantity 3 1678 03 dollars Desired table...

@ypercube wow way to improve that question's title
@FreshPrinceOfSO Mat did the first edit.
@ypercube you're removal of the word statements is amazing
6:15 PM
If I edited the one linked by Aaron above, i'd make it: Please, help me God
does the question need to have a negative rep in order to be able to vote to delete?
Q: what is the best database to use for huge list of domain names

iwekI have a list of 1 to 10 million domains and need to import it to a DB and then retrieve via some search. Currently thinking about doing it with mySQL because that is the only thing that I know but is there anything that will work faster? NoSQL, txt file and regex, php array?

@bluefeet & AB: As a rule, I don't like to have stuff I wrote being deleted without at least being sent a copy of it, as I can need it later for various purposes, ranging from remembering some ideas to training some voice recognition engine. I indeed have stringent data-retention policies: I am a strong believer in data liberation, and wish StackExchange paid more respect to user-generated content (I'm actually even more annoyed that we cannot retrieve our answers to deleted questions (and as you know questions do get deleted from time to time).). — Franck Dernoncourt 46 secs ago
What on earth is this voodoo
Q: Insert Date Field to MS SQL from Proc SQL

John ChrysostomI'd like to insert a date field into a SQL server table form Proc SQL in SAS. Here is my code for Proc SQL: proc sql; insert into CFS_SQL.Data_DSB_Raw(sasdatefmt=(TheDate='mmddyy10.')) select TheDateIncoming from Work.Upload; quit; According to the SAS help documentation (http://su...

@AaronBertrand ha
even better
What do you expect SQL to do? Create new data? — Simeon Visser 5 mins ago
Who is up-voting that? sock puppets 'r us?
6:28 PM
@AaronBertrand upvoting que?
@swasheck - no problem, you're anything but a "troll".
@MaxVernon on here, at least
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