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2:45 AM
Coggy has reached excellent for avid users!
@Damien you are not seeing with perspective, you have made a tremendous contribution here. So snap out of it. Undelete the question and don't let my guilty conscience stop your good work ;)
How many times do I have to tell people I'm a psycho and just to ignore it. Sigh lol
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3:58 AM
Q: Area 51 Milestone: Avid site users reaches "excellent" status: August 2013

Jeromy AnglimI just noticed we reached another site milestone. Our site now meets all the Area 51 requirements for achieving "excellent" status when it comes to avid users. I.e., we have 5+ 3,000 rep users; 10+ 2,000 rep users, and 150+ 200 rep users. It was a year ago that we reached "okay" status. I've see...

Q: Hunger, food, eating tag?

Jeromy AnglimI feel as if we should have a tag for questions related to hunger, food, and eating. I.e., why do we like certain foods? What is the effect of food on us? How to regulate food intake? etc. We do have a perception tag but it feels a bit general to me. Some Existing Questions What is the reward...

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5:44 AM
Omg our visits have gone from 872 to 903 go coggy! *Hm seems those sock puppets have worked lol jk *
Doh just saw the meta feed, oops sorry
1 hour later…
6:56 AM
@Damien Just to add my voice. I hope you stay involved in the site. Your involvement is most valued.
@JeromyAnglim and all, I am not leaving the site, I am taking a hiatus until I can figure things out around here.
@Skippy I am indeed seeing with perspective - my own and my own contributions to the site.
1 hour later…
8:23 AM
Q: How is history of psychology taught around the world, and if it is not, why not?

whatWhen you study medicine in Germany, lectures on the history and ethics of medicine are an integral part of your curriculum. Many universities have a separate Institute for the History and Ethics of Medicine with related chairs. When you study psychology, some introductory lectures might or might...

Awesome 'list question'.
Perfect scope/motivation/unsubjectivity and so forth ...
8:47 AM
I have two unisversity exams next week.. AND the next term starts in the same week we have the exams... Open Universitites Ausralia.. so we never get a break.. I thougt I'd have a couple of weeks off. but no.. so I can't do much for the next week.. This time next week exams will be over
it will be a miracle if I can post and q or a
@Skippy Best of luck!
9:06 AM
@StevenJeuris tnk/. studying HCI atm..
part of web dev xhtml css php js
the other subject is python
averaging over100% in that subject, so not worried
I really dislike this HCI == web design equation so many people seem to make.
I don't do web design, hopefully never will again in my future career.
I hate web design also.. which is why I did the subject straight up
to get it out of the way
@Skippy How do you average > 100%? I thought 100% was ... 100%, the maximum.
I like .net
@StevenJeuris we were given bonus tasks... and if we get over 100%.. it will spill over into any area we get less than 100% in
I like programming perse
per se
done some c++.. am interested in learning c
what do u like
C# is still my favorite language.
And indeed, the .NET framework.
9:23 AM
I wrote a nice little gui in vb.net connecting toserial port
I also wrote a nice little GUI. :) Josh is testing it now! whathecode.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/start-of-laevo-user-studies
@StevenJeuris omg I just discovered my exams are next mon and wed not tues thurs
whihch is good reduces the time to be anxious
@Damien hi
@StevenJeuris bookmarked yr page
10:00 AM
Hi Steven
@Damien Hi!
just finished work/study... 15 hours....
What about sleep? ;p
I am lucky to get 4-5 hours a night most nights
probably why I am so clumsy - cracked my rib and strined my back falling down a step a couple of days ago
I am accident prone but seemingly indestructible
I was once hit by a bus and walked on a busted foot to get to a doctor
10:27 AM
@Damien Haha ... robocop.
11:04 AM
@StevenJeuris something like that - my students have a bet on when, how and what I injure next
11:52 AM
@Damien Dangerous bet I think if money is involved.
An accident might very well not be an 'accident' anymore ...
3 hours later…
2:39 PM
Q: How much sleep is required to restore maximum cognitive functioning?

AmanBackground: Recently I have really messed up my sleep schedule due to my procrastination. The internet points to some very basic conclusions but I would like to see actual experiments on effects of sleep on cognitive functions. Questions What is the absolute minimum hours of sleep one needs to...

Why did this get so many up votes? I agree it is too broad and it received a flag, I put it on hold for now, but discuss ahead and I won't feel bad when I'm overruled. ;p
I closed this question as I think it indeed is too broad, you could narrow it down and already look up some initial resources. You mention 'the internet points to some very basic conclusions', which ones? Perhaps verify first whether those are correct and ask about that? I started a discussion in chat since it got so many up votes, so others might overrule me. For [a more focused example of a sleep-related question you could check out: cogsci.stackexchange.com/q/868/21Steven Jeuris 1 min ago
3:23 PM
I'm shifting into a severe antisocial phase. Will lurk on SE but not chatty. This is when I usually leave, but I'm trying to break my cycle. The desperately mentally and emotionally deranged. The stats will drop, but I'll be back.
@Skippy "this is when I usually leave" ... oh, see you around! :p
3:42 PM
@StevenJeuris I upvoted it because jeromy edited it :-p
1 hour later…
4:47 PM
@StevenJeuris that is a good point... nah, they are pretty cool (my students, that is). LOL, one of my questions just got the 'unupvote-downvote' slamming!
5:44 PM
Q: Closed questions and beta stats

SkippyI have been scrutinizing the unanswered questions (my own included), and flagging the one's that are either unclear or too broad. (I am not assuming that it is my vote only to close a question, but a community vote.) How do closed questions affect the Beta stats for the site?

@Damien that might have been me.. went through and did a mass downvote.. considering I've upvoted every other of your posts, I thought you'd be able to cope with it
I did not say nor indicate that I am not 'coping' with it, I found it an interesting observation (never happened to me before) hence the 'LOL'
6:19 PM
up or down voting is entirely the member's own decision
hi @jonsca
Greetings! :)
I got my first 'unupvote-downvote' today -another thing off my bucket list ;P
It's always a "good" feeling, and no, it wasn't me
I think I've given the fewest DVs per UV around hehe
oh that's okay, Skippy mentioned just above that it may have been her - she and I quote "went through and did a mass downvote" (see above)... I am not really worried, just mentioning it as it is the first one I have ever had!
Yeah, not sure what's going on with that
6:26 PM
one of my answers on one of my other sites is at 49 upvotes... fastest I have ever hit the rep cap with
Wow. I have a couple of high voted MSO answers/questions, but I know that doesn't really count
I got a 31 upvote one there too...lol
hello all! there seems to be a party in here
Well @MadScientist is here, so I know everything will be OK.
@Seth Flags tend to attract outside attention
@Seth exactly what I was thinking
6:31 PM
@MadScientist yeah, that's how I got here ;P
Who flagged what now?
I was just saying I know you'll do a good job handling it, so I don't need to be here.
@jonsca there was a message with unnecessary swearing and insults to a part of our group.
Oh yep, just scrolled back.
just thought, even though no one would really be insulted by it, it just did not need to be on here
@MadScientist I have to say - cool username!
@StevenJeuris I think it just needs to blow over. I don't know if that needs to be on Meta
@StevenJeuris Skippy had made a chat message referring to some high rep members as "whiny f-tards" as well as referring to them as "a-holes" - this was unnecessary antagonism to a lot of people, hence flagged. (Note, I am not going to use the full terms).
@StevenJeuris jonsca is correct, it needs to just blow over, and for time to be given for things to settle down... and for the cog sci show to continue.
7:08 PM
Q: I am leaving Stack Exchange

SkippyI got banned from chat after my comment was flagged. Given discussions I've had with other members, and the fact I used a term someone else coined.. I figure.. Nope. Don't need this. I'm out of here. One rule for some.. and not others. Don't need the aggravation. SO MODERATORS PLEASE DELETE MY ...

@Damien Okay .. I can follow now.
@StevenJeuris and for the record, I did find it offensive, as well as unnecessary
@Damien Agreed, it was. Will reply on the post, it was intended to be offensive ... big difference to the joking around beforehand. Context is important.
@Damien I don't think anyone questions why you flagged it, so no worries there.
7:19 PM
how do you link videos?
@Taal Just paste the url.
Youtube is supported.
I've just been numbed by chat flags over the years, so I don't even bother.
@StevenJeuris that is an awesome song
@jonsca I am not worried
crap for i second i thought you were talking about mine
who doesn't like dragonette + stoneface and terminal
7:30 PM
@Taal that song was awesome also!
picks up his phone.... oh wait...
go vote up my response in that meta thread !
A: I am leaving Stack Exchange

TaalI'm a big CBT guy, and David Burns has helped me alot. I know this is meta and not cogsci, but I had to post this anyway. This is his chart of the ten "thinking errors." It's taken from this book: http://tinyurl.com/3roy89 Table 3–1. Definitions of Cognitive Distortions ALL-OR-NOTHING THINK...

@Taal I have, very very good answer
you read that book too?
7:33 PM
yup, very good one too - helped me out a lot
the only stuff I've ever read where I could actually feel things changing in some sort of way
like i was tripping or something
or he was hypnotizing me
@Damien Shame and scandal? It is. :)
I need points!
(p.s. you don't get points for meta)
you can't beat david burns sorry man
7:40 PM
@Taal CogSci, the site where meta becomes main and main meta.
Perhaps ill post it in both!
@Taal Wait what now? He got banned from a chat flag? Because those are like the most insignificant things ever even if they seem scary
i think it was directed at the moderators
Tim Minchin on the importance of context ... awesome. :)
@BenBrocka Is he even banned actually?
@StevenJeuris Not currently no
If it was the automatic flag suspension (I think it was) it's just a 30 minute ban per message, nothing serious
But of course when you see "you are banned" in pretty much any context and it seems pretty scary
7:51 PM
@BenBrocka True .. normally I would investigate and go to meta, see whether the edges can be softened ;p, but I wasted too much time on that in the past. :)
So ... transcribing my last interview .. see you in an hour or so.
(I am really really really pleased though with the 'on hold' modifications, and new closing messages. Entirely what I was arguing for in the past.)
8:25 PM
@Skippy, you are actually in this room ... but I might just not fully understand how that list of people in chat works.
If you refresh she disappears.
question for you guys
Spoke too soon, nevermind I guess she's still there
im trying to answer this one
Q: How to measure student activity, participation, tendency to ask questions, etc?

Oriesok VlasskyWe would like to compare students from different education systems on the following variables: tendency to actively participate on lessons tendency to ask questions tendency and experience in presenting own opinion etc. Questions What studies provide examples of measuring these variables? ...

I feel like this is a good answer: sdqinfo.org/a0.html
and here they played games with the children
you better not steal it!
K ... seems like some relevant references. Don't know ... what do you need help with?
8:28 PM
just agreement, thoughts really
i think the first link
bombs it though
@Taal No time to go through them in detail, and its not my field of expertise either way. But I would definitely also look into how often it has been cited, how broadly it has been used.
Says a lot about its validity.
there are about 50 citations of its use
In my field, that would be sufficient, don't know about this one.
I guess so.
hm going to figure out how to disable chat ... best if I cannot access chat...
And if not .. it's still a valid answer, does not mean there can't be better ones.
@Skippy You close the chat window. ;p
8:30 PM
im supposed to be doing work again
No.. too compulsive
But sleep well and ttyl!
but here i am too
yes yes goodbye
I still need to start transcribing my interview. :O Darnit.
8:31 PM
I spent my time I was supposed to be sleeping brawling with strangers online
ah crap i was hoping you wre good at statistics steven
@Taal Artem is.
i have to make an algorithm with 80 columns
22k rows...
@Taal there's some bright cookies around here
Eh i know but my question is kind of vague
tbh im trying to get points here to use on crossvalidated haha
ive been working on it for 5 months
8:34 PM
Artem helped me out greatly for my thesis, you could try poking him when he shows his head. ;p
i almost want to pay someone is the thing, and most of the people on stackexchange arn't interested in money
@Taal Huh? You can't transfer points between sites I'm afraid.
really? on crossvalidated it says i have like 120 more than I did before
i thought there was some sort of once you reach 200 points rule
@Taal Maybe up votes from old posts? My SO and Programmers account keeps rising very gradually as well.
naw i just came in here one day a few days ago and answered 5 questions
it was all from here
was a bit manic that day
8:36 PM
@Taal Ah ... yeah, I believe there is a rule once you reach a certain reputation level on one site, you are deemed to understand the concepts and how it works, so you start out with 100 when you sign up on another I think.
i see
Just so you can immediately comment and those things.
2 hours later…
10:15 PM
Wow, over 160 down in rep from unupvotes... as this process is anonymous, there is no way of knowing who is doing this. so, i am not going to assume, but...wow...
10:29 PM
@Damien Wow ... indeed. I don't have a clue.
If you start feeling depressed, could I offer you a cookie?
@Mien's are better though.
11:06 PM
Very discouraging... maybe that was the intent..

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