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1:13 AM
If a mod deletes a new user's answer to convert it to a comment (e.g. here), can they see the deleted answer? Also, do they get any sort of notification or mention that the answer was converted to a comment anywhere?
Yes they can see it. But I doubt if they get a notification though.
I'm just worried that it seems like it's easy to miss that it's there as a comment, especially when the answer is around 10 times as large and comes with a big "Deleted by Mod♦" marker at the bottom.
It would be better if it said something like "Converted to comment by Mod♦" with a link to the comment.
Probably a minor issue, but it might cause a few new users to not come back.
@Mysticial @LoganM no notification and yes they can see it. I usually leave a comment and wait a day or so.. in that time they usually agree or remove it themeselves
@iKlsR If it's an answer, but not a very good one, what you've said works. If it's related to the post but NAA, I'd rather that our mods convert it to a comment than trying to pressure the user to delete it.
I guess they could leave a comment on the deleted post to the effect of "Converted to a comment" when they do this to avoid any confusion, though that seems inefficient.
1:29 AM
@LoganM ah, to be a bit more clear, I almost always convert to comment since it can do no real harm as such.
I always let the person know but 3/5 times for us it's because they don't know where to post or they are trying to reply to someone
@iKlsR Usually for us it's presumably because they don't even have the rep to comment. The answers they leave are usually things like "Thanks this really helped me" or "I agree with this answer", which wouldn't do any harm deleted entirely, but converting them to comments is more courteous.
yes, that too. when converting to comments, you can choose the destination so I just drop those ones on the answer
1:46 AM
lolis are the best
ha.. nice, I never thought of editing those :)
They're editable, but for me I have to do it right away since I can only edit for 5 minutes. Mods should be able to do it whenever though.
Also, the ones posted by SE (change to the room feeds, room owners, etc.) can only be edited by mods. Only the ones about moving messages can be edited by the mover if they are just a room owner.
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6:07 AM
Hey, I wanted to watch this anime "Fate Night Whatever". I noticed there is a "normal" and a "10 years prequel" version. I suppose that the normal version was released first, so I should watch it first. But, do you think it would be more interesting to watch the prequel first?
6:23 AM
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8:33 AM
holy crap
That Little Witch Academia kickstarter project made over $160k in less than a day
each time I reload the page there's another 10-20 donations
Haha that video is awesome :p
They reached their goal almost instantly..
8:48 AM
@Mysticial Haha, awesome :D
9:02 AM
Q: How does Naruto/Jiraiya summon different toads with same summoning technique?

Ero SenninWhen Jiraiya taught Naruto the summoning technique, he taught only one type of hand seals. But different type of toads have appeared using the same jutsu. I have seen Naruto and Jiraiya failing to mold chakra properly and the resulting summoning toad will be Gamakichi, Gamatatsu or even a tadpole...

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1:35 PM
Q: How are anime seasons released?

kuwalyAre there set periods of time in which seasons start and end? In America, generally, TV shows begin in the Fall or the Summer. Many shows will start within a week or two of each other. Is the same true for anime? If not, what controls when anime seasons start/are released?

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3:27 PM
Anyone else read The Heroic Legend of Arslan by Hiromu Arakawa? Seemed ok to me
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5:02 PM
5:44 PM
Does anyone know what the meaning of this comment is?
Please post an answer instead of editing the question. — nhahtdh Jul 5 at 13:04
I don't see any attempts to edit an answer into the question.
@Krazer lol...
wow wth happened?
@Eric Not sure
6:09 PM
@Krazer Pretty uncommon for top users on sites like that to just ragequit.
@LoganM I happens on SO as well.
@Mysticial Usually I only see it happen on new sites. It happened a lot on both Math and Physics for the first year or so, but it's very rare now that high rep people delete their accounts.
I just noticed that they added badges for moderators. I'm a bit worried that will encourage users without the qualifications to be a mod to run anyway.
6:27 PM
We've had a number of high-rep (50k+) users rage-quit on SO for various reasons such as the non-constructive closures of many popular questions.
IOW, when SO changed direction and started to disallow the opinionated stuff.
@Mysticial 50k on SO is somewhere around the top 400 in terms of rep, which is significant, but probably not to the same level as 25k on Arqade (formerly #13) in terms of importance to the community.
@Mysticial I'm not sure about the specific details, it's currently in the just-happened phase
I believe it's an accumulation of at least a half year's worth of dorama
@Krazer kalina had only been on the site for about a year
meant to type half a year
7:03 PM
@LoganM mod badges = happy dance
@Eric I didn't get it either
@JNat I just flagged the comment as obsolete, since it seems to have no actual reason for being there (and nothing is in the post revisions)
@Hiroto hello and welcome to our side of the exchange
Ehehe. Have I seen you in TL yet?
@Hiroto maybe~
7:17 PM
I'm writing up a self-answered question on anohana's story meaning, heh. Should I put a full explanation to McGonagall's Forget me not poetic gem or shall i simply link it?
(poem in question is this, which anohana is based on)
@Hiroto how relevant is the entire poem to your answer?
The entire poem? not so much. the concept is far more relevant
then I would say link it
the poem is a knight crossing a river to fetch his sweetheart a flower, then drowning after saying "Forget me not"
McGonagall is possibly the worst poet in british history, which only makes it funnier that an anime based on it was a noitaminA show.
I feel like super-pinging Madara just to yell "hi". Must. Resist. Urge.
@Hiroto how did he achieve such cult status?
@Hiroto feel free to do it in our mod room~
7:25 PM
@Krazer by spouting reams and reams of bad poems, and reading them as a form of comedy on stage
@Hiroto I see, perhaps that's where William Shatner draws his mojo~
Also I can't see your mod room since my protem is on another site; i'd need to be superpinged in it or granted access or something.
site-specific mod rooms are private to those mods only iirc
I forgot about that
@Hiroto I guess just do it in out /bin/ then~ anything goes there
7:42 PM
Anyone know where kalina's avatar is from? I'd ask on the main site, but it seems likely to be fanart.
7:58 PM
@LoganM not sure, but here's the full image: gallery.minitokyo.net/view/139656 and the inverse: gallery.minitokyo.net/view/139385
@Krazer ^
@Mysticial did you ever post that paper?
@iKlsR fortunately, I only do it in two dimensions
@Krazer fortunately..
@iKlsR perhaps it's unfortunate as well
for I am "it"
8:05 PM
I found an anime on youtube last night of a guy eating pencils.. err
I wanted to watch it but I lost the link..
something something High School.. does it ring a bell?
@iKlsR Cromatie
ah yes!
@Krazer I actually think that one was an edit of the one I posted, because they seemed to have blurred out the doll in the bottom right. The original actually seems to be this one, which does seem to have text on it (hence may be related to something official), but I can't find a version where the text is legible.
It's pretty good, esp with Norio Wakamoto
8:09 PM
@Krazer I'm trying to find a good dub, youtube subs are hilarious atm
@iKlsR the dub definitely stands out on it's own
@LoganM hmm you're right
Maybe I should pose this as a main site question after all.
I found a bigger version where the text is mostly readable. Seems like fanart after all, so I guess I won't post it unless someone wants me to.
8:25 PM
@LoganM Looks like it's from an art book (pages 16 and 17)
Angel *ing...
I can't tell what the * says, but I didn't catch the 16 and 17.
@Krazer if it's from a published artbook, and not just fanart, then it's borderline on-topic (though it's pretty clear at this point that the characters are original). Should I post it as a main-site question or leave it?
@LoganM I don't see why not
Okay I'll post it. Feel free to answer.
@Krazer do you have an empty chat flag?
these things are annoying
@iKlsR please elaborate
8:32 PM
@Krazer the chat flag notification is up but there's nothing there and it wont go away
took 2 reloads
oh that takes a few mins to resolve
Can't wait to see the online stuff
@Mysticial @LoganM I think the latest dorama with kalina started around here chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/35/2013/7/9/13-14
@iKlsR What paper?
@Mysticial erm.. some stuff on FFTs
8:51 PM
@iKlsR Aside from my MS thesis, it's probably never gonna get out. I simply don't have the time anymore. I'mma try to get the source code put onto git before the summer ends so someone back at my university can pick it up again if they want. But aside from that, it's over.
My thesis is basically a not-so-abbreviated summary of the paper.
So you're not missing out on anything.
@Mysticial ah, ok
9:02 PM
@Krazer I can't really tell what kalina is so upset about, but I don't have any context here. In any case, someone probably should have been suspended for that (maybe more than one person).
@LoganM I dunno, maybe kalina was high.
9:19 PM
@LoganM I found the actual scans for the art book if you're interested
@Krazer Sure
@LoganM let me know when you've finished getting it
Q: What artbook is this image of an angel girl from?

Logan MThis question came up in chat here. The goal was originally to identify this image: I found a much larger version of the image (click for full size): This shows that this is actually part of a 2-page spread in an artbook (pages 16 and 17), and has some (Japanese) text on it. The text is som...

Your answer already links to a site where people can download the images though. I haven't compared the quality.
9:35 PM
@LoganM they're probably comparable
@Krazer Do you want to put the text in your answer? Right now both your answer and atlantiza's are comparable, so I'm not sure which to accept. If you put the text in yours, I'll accept it. If not, I'll give it to him so that he can put it in his.
@LoganM what text?
"This is an image that may help"
@Krazer The question also asks what the Japanese text says on the pictures. I can read it now that I have better scans, but I'll let you put it in if you want.
I suspect this may have something to do with the kalina incident:
Q: Should I be banned from chat by a moderator from another Stack Exchange site?

user27134So, I've just been banned by a non-gaming mod for stating something in chat that wasn't flagged, which was along the lines of: "being @ChrisHatez should be a bannable offense.", in a playful string of others stating "X should be a bannable offense." For this, I was banned for 60 minutes. I wasn'...

10:18 PM
@LoganM Angel Girl. Rather than of a real angel (this was) created using the image of (someone wearing) a costume in Photoshop. I love baby doll and sheep eyes (not sure how to translate 羊透明?).
10:34 PM
This one is Devil Girl. Angel Girl's smaller elder sister, whose eyes are a bit more moon-shaped (月? can't read the character clearly). But that doesn't change anything does it?
That's what I think they say so correct me if I'm wrong
@Krazer No idea for this one. AFAIK 羊透明 means something like "sheep translucent" which is nonsense. That does seem to be what it says, though I'm not entirely sure.
Originally I had read it as 朖 rather than 眼 but now I'm not sure.
@LoganM no you're right I misread 朖 as 眼
^That was referring to the angel one, 3rd to last kanji.
@LoganM imma get new glasses and figure this out brb
Anyway, I'm not quite sure. Handwritten kanji is always hard for me to read. If we can't figure out what it says exactly, it's not so important.
11:12 PM
@LoganM looking back 眼 makes more sense... I think this is a handwritten font rather than actually being hand written
I agree that this is a script font (for example, because all of the hiragana look the same), but that doesn't make it much easier to read.
That question made it on the multicollider, though it's not terribly high up.
11:33 PM
@LoganM lol I wonder how this was weighed
I blame the bad scan quality and jpegs

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