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4:05 AM
Q: What flags are used to compile debian stable packages?

thehighhatUbuntu wiki states that its packages are compiled with secure flags and secure kernel options. I cannot find this information about debian. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CompilerFlags

4:29 AM
Q: How to remap the Context Menu key to the Super key

MiffTheFoxThis keyboard has only one super key, so I want to remap the menu key to make up for that.

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5:53 AM
Damn, this question generated a lot more interest than I anticipated:
Q: Which of these is more correct?

TshepangCompare these 3 sentences: Both are based on librsync, but above that they behave quite differently. Both are based on librsync, but above that, they behave quite differently. Both are based on librsync, but, above that, they behave quite differently. I found the first one hard to...

one answer, the most controversial, garnered over 30 comments
6:43 AM
would be interesting what U&L blog would be like
2 hours later…
8:52 AM
@Gilles why not just edit the answer here unix.stackexchange.com/questions/1096/…
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9:58 AM
Q: tar extraction depends on filename?

casperI often download tarballs with wget from sourceforge.net. The downloaded files then are named, e.g SQliteManager-1.2.4.tar.gz?r=http:%2F%2Fsourceforge.net%2Fprojects%2Fsqlitemanager%2Ffiles%2F&ts=1305711521&use_mirror=switch When I try to tar xzf SQliteManager-1.2.4.tar.gz\?r\=http\:%2...

4 hours later…
1:50 PM
Q: How to let networkmanager repeat try to connect dsl until succeeded?

Liu YongtaiI'm using nm-applet to dial up DSL pppoe connections. As there are a great number of user in my local network, I sometimes have to try many times to establish a connection successfully. I wonder is there some way to set nm-applet or networkmanager repeat trying automatically until connect succes...

2:15 PM
@Tshepang It was discussed, but I don't think we're particularly interested in doing it; certainly I'm not. We don't even have a lot of meta activity, so I doubt many people are interested in keeping up a blog
2:35 PM
@MichaelMrozek We r not exactly a vibrant community r we :)
we didn't submit ads, nor did we hav anyone wanting to do a talk, or even conference suggestions
we r just a bunch of ppl looking to ask and answer questions, and not much in the way of building a lively community
not really criticism, just observation
Pretty much; I don't have a problem with it, we do a pretty good job on the Q/A front compared to other sites
Q: NFS - "like" share under OpenBSD?

LanceBaynesIf I want to share my Films/Videos, what should I choose? My solution would be NFS. The only problem is that that NFS lacks of security (is it true?).

2:54 PM
Q: IS the VG encrypted with dm_crypt OR luks? How to find out?

LanceBaynes1) A system is installed with an encrypted VG. 2) How can I find out that what did they used? It's a Fedora 14, they used dm_crypt OR luks. Or it's the same?

3:18 PM
Q: Can't execute some binaries in chroot environment (zsh: Not found)

ElenaherHello all, I have currently a strange problem on debian (wheezy/amd64). I have created a chroot to install a server (i can't give any more detail about it, sorry). Let's call its path /chr_path/. To make things easy, I have initialized this chroot with a debootstrap (also wheezy/amd64). All se...

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4:18 PM
Q: Unix > overwrite command?

SauronI'm doing a shell command (such as sh run.sh > log.txt). How do you overwrite the file each time (so each time I run it log.txt doesn't get appended) I'm doing this in a python script and I'm checking the log file each time for a specific number (and I don't want the numbers to get added onto...

4:30 PM
Q: How to partition my hard-drive to be used for dual OS?

abimaranI'm using HP G42 laptop with 320GB hard-drive and 4 GB memory. I'm pretty sure that, it can be used for dual OS(Windows 7 & fedora) Currently, I'm using only Windows 7, but, I need to install fedora. This my hard-drive : Local disk(C) = 50GB(Windows 7 installed here) Local disk(D) = re...

2 hours later…
6:28 PM
I try to keep the duplicates down, and the problems are the same, but there's a little difference in the answer (ARM ABIs vs 32-bit/64/bit)
@Tshepang @MichaelMrozek I don't think we need one, we could post on the SU or SF blog occasionally
Q: Disable /net ghosting for autofs5

ChrisI recently have been trying out Arch Linux. It seems that their autofs has a usability bug, although I confess that I'm new enough to Arch that I may be missing something horribly obvious. I want autofs to automagically mount hosts under /net like it has always done. Traditionally it used /etc/a...

Q: Can't access HTTP contents, but HTTPS and SSH are fine.

ChengI'm having a weired issue wih my Fedora 14 recently. Many details involed. Let's start from this: I've been using Fedora 14 for months, and recent few days, offten I can't access Internet for hours. I can verify by a iPod Touch that connected to the same router, that the connection is fine. ...

Get in touch with Ivo Flipse if you'd like to post something, or hang out on meta.SU
SU was talking about getting us and AU to post on their blog a little while ago
@Gilles The asker seems to agree that it's a duplicate; Caleb's concern was just about searching, but we won't delete that version, so searchers can find both versions
6:46 PM
Q: How do I kill 1 gnome-terminal window?

Brad DotyWhy in the world do all my gnome terminals run under 1 processin Ubuntu? This is integrating things that should remain separated! I much prefer xterm's rational mode of running one process per window. I tried to switch some auto-started windows from xterm to gnome-terminal so I can freeze a lo...

7:02 PM
Wow, lots of arguments about commas.
@Gilles: @psmears: I'm not a native English speaker...
I'm not sure what a native English speaker is.
@FaheemMitha Someone whose first language was English, I suppose
Apparently I'm not one either, at least according to US universities, though I don't really speak anything but English.
@Gilles : Not if you're Indian, it isn't.
In my case I'm most definitely not, I didn't speak a word until I was 10 or so
7:06 PM
@Gilles : Ah, ok.
at any rate, these people are definitely overdoing the grammar thing. good english is desirable, but commas, good grief.
@Gilles: your fellow moderators seem to be mia. it's mostly you and Michael. maybe you should recruit @Tshepang.
@FaheemMitha On English.SE, it's their job. This is like complaining unix.SE cares about systems other than Linux.
I'm not a moderator! And the other two do act sometimes, just less often
@Gilles : moderator is as moderator does. and maybe @Tshepang will win next time. :-)
7:27 PM
They've all handled flags in the last day or two; they're just not in here generally
7:49 PM
@MichaelMrozek Since it's not closed, I've posted an answer
Q: How to block yum from upgrading obsoleted package?

galoIs there any way to prevent yum from upgrading a package obsoleted by other package? I have created a custom repo containing some packages, among them openh323-devel. In current versions of CentOS, openh323 is marked as being obsoleted by OPAL, but I don't want to compile other software (namely ...

8:11 PM
@Gilles yeah, makes sense
@FaheemMitha maybe :)
we will get the 2nd 10k user real soon now :)
Q: Force telnet to use cntl-h for backspace

Mike PenningtonI have some devices connected to a Cisco serial term server; many work fine when I telnet directly to the port on the Cisco. However, I have a few stubborn devices that will not use the backspace as it is mapped in telnet by default. In case it matters, I telnet from rxvt under Debian squeeze. ...

8:31 PM
@Tshepang there goes!
@Gilles and three minutes later he closes it ):
@Tshepang MM?
@Gilles Sorry, I was getting to it
@MichaelMrozek Nice rep
@Gilles Yeah, he apparently mass-upvoted me, I got 5 answer upvotes in 8 minutes
@MichaelMrozek So you'll lose them tonight?
8:34 PM
@Gilles Probably; I'm not sure what the threshold is. When I hit 10k on SO people celebrated by upvoting a bunch of my posts; the resulting recalc pushed me back under 10k again. I was a bit annoyed
@MichaelMrozek oh, is that one of the anti-gaming thing?
@Tshepang Yes
@Gilles did it happen to u when u were close to 10k?
cuz I also mass-upvoted u
@MichaelMrozek has lots of answers I can't parse (and I can't upvote stuff like that), so this took too long
@Tshepang no idea, you don't get any notification, it's just that some votes are cancelled. You'd have to watch your rep very closely to notice.
it would really be interesting to have a look at the anti-gaming code
8:37 PM
@Tshepang get hired
hav u seen the caliber of the employees?
They really are quite ridiculous. The podcasts mostly showed me how not qualified I am to ever work at SEI
@MichaelMrozek why?
the guys they hire r wizards
Gilles level kinda expertise
that's not very common
I'm referring to when they hire from SE community
@Gilles Their understanding is really impressive; there was an audio thing recently (I don't think it was a podcast, it was some interview) where waffles and geoff were discussing how they dealt with the Oct 2010 DB failure
8:40 PM
technical staff that is
The MM 10k mass-upvoting thing was a challenge, not only cuz he does a lot of shell answering (boring stuff that goes over my head), but also cuz I already voted on so many of his posts already.
Damn, next guy in line is at least 3k away from 10k
It's a good question though. I can mostly cope with the primary selection/clipboard distinction, but I've never been able to explain it coherently.
@Gilles r u preparing another masterpiece of an answer :)
@Tshepang No, I'm not going to try
@Gilles I can't, I constantly have clipboard problems
Sorry, I've got this great answer in a text file, but I can't figure out how to copy-paste it into my browser!
Q: Basic UNIX configure/make/sudo make install question

MeltemiI have learned to compile my own source over the years but always left some of the process to "mystery". I'm running into a bitch of a time getting ImageMagick and its myriad dependencies to work correctly on a PowerPC Mac OS X Server. In setting flags for ./compile where does one typically unco...

Claim it, or close it? It's kind of a crappy question
8:52 PM
damn, vote limit reached
ok, this was an easy one to get some rep
A: How to partition my hard-drive to be used for dual OS?

TshepangFedora installer must have a partitioning tool that will also allow you to resize that big partition. Here's a scheme I have in mind: Resize the large partition to something like 220GB. 2-4 GB swap partition (this will come in handy in case you want to suspend, or if you are going to be runnin...

I really want to downvote the other guy, for he seemed to have ignored my answer (check my comment). Either that, or I'm missing something.
@Gilles I'd be fine with it, if SO doesn't want it. I remain hazy on what questions they actually don't like -- I would've expected that to get closed immediately
ok, that's weird
this guy only voted once unix.stackexchange.com/users/2701/tok
@MichaelMrozek Not a new user so not listed in /review, and not popular tags.
Zsh questions can stay for days, I seem to be the only one who cares
@Gilles cares for?
@Tshepang I follow zsh and a few other tags on all sites, so I see most of these questions. You've seen several of them get migrated to U&L, closed on SO by me + a mod (alerted by a flag)
9:01 PM
@Gilles curiously, d u get alerted by RSS?
this SE chat shortcut script is really quite excellent
@Tshepang parse error column 20
I'm tempted to start editing chat messages like I do posts, but I guess that'd be frowned upon [𝄢]
@Gilles huh?
hmf, pity, my brower's font doesn't have this character
@MichaelMrozek what u wanna edit? what did I do?
9:07 PM
@Tshepang Like 80% of what you say..."curiously, d u get alerted"? "what u wanna"?
what's wrong? is it hard to understand?
or is it too informal?
I know what you meant to say, but it's completely ungrammatical. You meant "Out of curiosity, do you get alerted" and "What do you want to"
We go with it because this is chat; on the main site I'd happily edit it
oh, is that an issue even on chat?
also, I think "curiously, do you..." is correct grammar
either that, or I was mistaken all this time
@Gilles not sure which part u dont understand, but I was asking if u subscribe to tags via RSS
9:22 PM
@Gilles u there?
9:39 PM
@KyleCronin Yes, thanks
9:58 PM
@Tshepang : No, it isn't.
Q: Where are Lenny ISOs now that Squeeze is out?

SergioSo the next stable version of Debian is out but I need to install the previous one (Lenny) because my VPS is running that version. I haven't been able to find an «official» download link for Lenny's ISOs. Can you help me with this?

@FaheemMitha perhaps it's time to visit English SE again :)
@Tshepang : Nah.
@UnixandLinux : Some people just don't try very hard.
@FaheemMitha u r that sure?
@Tshepang : Yes.
10:10 PM
me not being content decided to
Q: Is this usage of 'curiously' correct?

TshepangI recently used a sentence similar to the following: Curiously, how do you do it? Some people found it grammatically incorrect. That was a surprise, for I thought it was perfectly okay. Someone even came with an alternative: Out of curiosity, how do you do it? Is the second sentence a...

Wow, this SE site has come quite far judaism.stackexchange.com
last I checked, it was in Proposal, now it has over 2000 questions!
@Tshepang It's one of the converted SE1.0 sites, like UX (and one other? Startups?). They imported the user base and selected questions.
oh, ok
it was even more strikling given it's 8 days in Beta
Is my comment to unix.stackexchange.com/questions/13347/update-yum-offline worth posting as an answer?
@Tshepang : For completeness, you should describe what you mean
@FaheemMitha why would u wanna do that
@FaheemMitha me not understand u
what's missing?
@Tshepang : Assuming your sentence is grammatically incorrect, some people might not understand what you meant. So you could describe the intended meaning of your sentence.
10:21 PM
@FaheemMitha I included a second sentence, which might help clarify things up.
Also, I think even if it's grammatically incorrect, people aren't going to struggle to understand it. It's simple enough.
Don't u think?
@Tshepang : I think that is true.
Wow, the English usage people are fast. I remember I once posted on alt.english.usage and got like 20 replies.
@Tshepang I understand what you mean, but with some effort
@Gilles oh, ok
yes, I'm not 100% sure I would have understood it if Michael hadn't explained it.
wow, that's surprising
10:26 PM
(Doesn't look like MTU this time)
@Gilles, I will take a look... btw, I updated my question about BackSpace... I think maybe I could solve this with keysym, but I'm having trouble getting the syntax right
gotta sleep
@Tshepang : Have a good night.
@Tshepang kool
10:50 PM
slow day at SO. my question was only viewed three times.

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