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1:16 AM
What is BROKEN about Space and Astronomy SE's that graduation would FIX?
We get a fancy banner? Better font colors?
1:32 AM
@peterh The first tower is under construction. I have been posting links to pictures of it.
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10:52 AM
@peterh Here is a tweet with images of the second and third level of the integration tower looking readier and readier to be installed on the base.
11:29 AM
@ymb1 I wrote some airplane stuff here "without a license", any thoughts?
A: Is it possible to perform powered flight on the upper atmospheres of gas giants?

uhohtl;drs: Don't worry about the magnetic fields. Jupiter certainly has an altitude range with the same pressures at which we fly on Earth, just develop your aircraft aerodynamically to fly on Earth with 2.5 times as much weight as you'll fly there (simulating the 2.5 x higher surface gravity), and...

12:27 PM
@geoffc Wow! I am very curious to this ring-in-ring solution. And also I am very curious, what will happen if the BN lands too fast
1:27 PM
Q: Astrophotography in the age of Starlink; can "not a single image be taken that is not stricken" by a Starlink satellite?

uhohIn the Space SE question Are Starlink satellites flaring? there was a (now deleted) comment to the effect: I've given up astrophotography because not a single image can be taken that is not stricken out. My question there is specifically about the satellite flare phenomenon, but the discussion ...

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4:42 PM
@uhoh temperature and its effect on local speed of sound* (too cold = getting to Mach 1 way sooner regardless of atmospheric pressure) may have a considerable effect, see: aviation.stackexchange.com/a/11935/14897
* on Earth LSoS is a function of temperature
maybe there are other effects that would alter that on Jupiter, no clue really
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10:34 PM

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