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12:05 AM
Q: What do our historical statistics look like?

UndoAs an active, non-moderator user, I'd like to be able to see some graphs of our statistics. Is there any way for me to acquire these visualizations of data?

A wee bit late, @StackExchange
12:28 AM
I put us at 1500 visits per day somewhere late April early May, if the stats hold. This is without accounting for a few spikes from when we hit SuperCollider.
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room topic changed to The Pod Bay: General discussion for space.stackexchange.com [cheese] [procrastination] [space-exploration] [unobtuse-alcoholic-ducks]
2:49 AM
I'm not sure I like the fact that the link to meta is now under the help menu in the new top bar. Meta is not there just to seek help, I think it gives wrong impressions about it, having it there :O
^ View from CBERS-3 integrated into the Long March 4B rocket at Launch Tower
> Launch time: 03:26 GMT on 9th (10:26 p.m. EST on 8th)
Launch site: Taiyuan, China
Doesn't seem there's gonna be a live stream, the CBERS site is riddled with errors: cbers.inpe.br (they didn't even get the GMT time for the launch correctly)
should be T-6 minutes now
3:20 AM
TildalWave has removed an event from this room's schedule.
3:39 AM
You did what?
3:52 AM
@Everyone I removed that Long March 4 CBERS-3 schedule, I couldn't even find info if it even launched. The Brazilians can't even calculate GMT out of a Beijing Time, let alone provide updates.
@Tilda Ah. Aha.
@Tilda Would it be ... improper, for want of a better word, to ask whether astrobiology is even feasible?
Not sure I understand what you're asking, @Everyone
i.e. Detecting the presence of biological life as we know it over inter-stellar distances
@Everyone No, I was actually thinking of one question along those lines. I'm still pondering on how to frame it. I wanna know how well equipped Cassini is for non-water-based astrobiology.
Oh. Sounds... Okay, if not a little too broad.
3:55 AM
We have some similarly broad questions and they were fine and got answers. Just make sure you don't first ask something in a general sense, then expect great deal of details on each particular case. If you're going wide, go wide all the way ;)
Lol, @Tildal that post where I made you edit all those comments just got auto-deleted.
@UndotheSnowman hehe oh well
dunno why I thought of this song LOL
@Tildal Should we close the old TOTW thread?
@UndotheSnowman Yup, I forgot about that. I just lock it huh? Because if I mark it as duplicate, it'll remove it from the community bulletin
4:04 AM
posted on December 09, 2013 by Chris Bergin

A Chinese Long March 4B launched the CBERS-3 satellite on Monday, marking the fourth cooperative mission between China and Brazil. The launch took place at 03:26 UTC from the LC9... Related posts:Chinese Long March 2C lofts Yaogan Weixing-18 satelliteThe Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center conducted yet another secretive launch... Chinese Long March 2D launches Shiyan Weixing-5The Chinese were ba

@Tildal If you lock it, mere mortals such as it won't be able to increment it on our own. A shiny diamondy person would have to always do it for the next few weeks.
Hmmm there's no really suitable lock reason to select from. I really wish they'd let us add custom lock, protect and mod post notice texts
Let's wait until the end of the year to lock it. I like having a modicum of control over a small bit of official site stuff.
@UndotheSnowman There is a permanent lock, but I'm not sure locking it would do the trick. Might be better simply leaving it till the new year and then close as duplicate. If we get new suggestions there, we'll ask poster to repost on the new one or move them ourselves.
Oy @Manish! Question: what should be done with our old TOTW thread that is still the current one but we want people to post to the newer one?
I've protected it, but that only keeps the 5-10 rep people from posting answers.
we need that granular lock.
4:11 AM
back. daily routines
a granular lock? where?
Ah. I see now
How hot does a launch vehicle get from launch through orbit?
@Everyone Which part?
@Undo The surface/body
@Tildal Is there any way I could get in on the TOTW choosing? I know it's for the mods only.... But.... I'd really like to help in a bigger way - even if that's just being an observer in the selection process.
What I have in mind - Can the launch-vehicle body be constructed of composites? Isit already being done?@Tilda @Undo
@UndotheSnowman What do you mean? You can suggest them and vote on them like everyone else. We only select those that have the most votes.
4:18 AM
I know, I just want to at least watch the mods choose which ones to go where.
@Everyone Sounds awesome.
suborbital vehicles are likely all made of composites no?
Why does that site take so long to load?
It's still showing me a blank page
Oh @Everyone also this: nasa.gov/press/2013/july/…
4:24 AM
(+; I'll chase fake internet points; ask the question, and let you answer it
prepares fake internet point giving button
I'm not sure I'll have the time for it... but we do have others that are capable of answering it even better, so yeah post it and we'll see
Uh oh
What happened! Do I need to be panicking? TELL ME NOWWWW......
4:27 AM
@UndotheSnowman close as dupe of new one? I dunno
@Mani IT's already been asked??
@Manish Tildal says that removes it from the bulletin thingy.
@UndotheSnowman He can add it to the bulletin manually via community events
A lock on the ToTW question removes it from the bulletin?
@Manish Oh? @Tildal ^
4:36 AM
Tag recommendations for the question please?
[rocket] [materials]
glares @UndotheSnowman
Bad suggestions?
Nah. I just pressed the 'submit'
runs off to edit
4:40 AM
redoes @Undo
glares @UndotheSnowman
Lol, simultaneous edits.
heh (+: but ty
Aw. You rollbacked
arranges antennae in appropriate posture for genuflection in the direction of @UndotheSnowman
Having done which I now take your leave
That was quite the exit.
@ManishEarth can it handle links too?
or at least tags, that would be even better
5:05 AM
5:31 AM
@UndotheSnowman Oh that and other things that keep me on my toes.
5:53 AM
@Everyone I've dropped you a somewhat incomplete answer on that last question of yours anyway ... I might update it with answers to your bullet points some other day, but I currently don't have time any more. ;) Linky: space.stackexchange.com/a/3081/49
6:05 AM
It just crossed my mind, JAXA might be using composite structures on its new Epsilon launcher too. Didn't check yet, so consider this more as a to-do reminder LOL :)
6 hours later…
11:47 AM
@Tilda: Plussied
3 hours later…
3:16 PM
I doth awaketh.
3 hours later…
5:50 PM
Lol, @TildalWave I had it on my mental to-do list to update that post, but something ate it. Thanks!
@UndotheSnowman you use mental lists? :D
a to-do list made of meltfsajlfkhdsagszdg
I write on my sheet of depleted uranium.
yup... mental :)
Any bets on Orb1 launching Dec 18. Converesly any bets on Thaicom/F9 launching Dec 20?
5:54 PM
hmmm first re that launch of CBERS-3 on Long March 4 from earlier today that we never had any updates on, let alone a live stream that was promised by Brazilians:
> A $250 million Earth observation satellite developed by China and Brazil was lost in launch mishap on a Long March 4B rocket early Monday, officials said.
NASA going to do some kind of can-crushing test.
@TildalWave Pics or it never happened
@UndotheSnowman Why is the pic named "variable height"? That's how they adjust the height of their stages, by crashing them onto concrete? :D
No idea. NASA is weird.
@DavidFreitag Will be on the lookout for them, but somehow I doubt they'd like them to leak very much
5:57 PM
@TildalWave I know, i was kidding. :]
@DavidFreitag I know you were, and so was I :P
Eventually, we'll get some ;)
@TildalWave @UndotheSnowman, perhaps it's a variable-height can crusher?
China has a tendency to build launch sites in densely populated areas, they even killed by some estimates about 500 people on some launch that went sour in their early days. Because the launch site was bloody next to a small city and I guess their range safety failed too
@TildalWave Let's be honest here, what part of China isn't densely populated?
@DavidFreitag The foresty parts.
6:00 PM
@DavidFreitag the North isn't, it's "utterly void of people"
(they have foresty parts, right?)
plus, they have deserts too
mostly moon cakes
@TildalWave i could swear your sarcasm detector is on the fritz.
@geoffc My bet? Likely both delayed till Jan 2014
@TildalWave I expect spaceX to be delayed, which is too bad. Be cool if they could succeed at an 19 day launch campaign.
I do not know enough about Orb's readiness yet.
I wonder if Orbital will try and get the RD-170 after the NK-33's run out? :) F-1 class RP1-LOX engine. (1.6 mlbs of thrust!)
6:03 PM
@geoffc Falcon 9 is on 20th, the Cygnus / Orb-1 should be on late evening on 18th (early 19th my time)
@TildalWave I know the schedule. Now we talk reality. :)
@geoffc heh yes, well I think (by my knowledge on their readiness, which ain't much) that Orb-1 has a better chance.
but the previous Falcon 9 was delayed and they did say they need a month in between launches, and Orbital also had some problems with their previous Cygnus and they're supposed to fly upgraded Castor 2nd stage engine now, so... dunno. Many variables here and we know that commercial launchers don't like to advertize their problems much.
well this one is a bit funny:
#NASASocial now Dec 17/18. MT @OrbitalSciences Update for #Antares #Orb1. Launch date now Dec 18. Update: http://www.orbital.com/NewsInfo/MissionUpdates/Orb-1/MissionUpdate/index.shtml
it's been a while now that they moved it for a day later
The constantly changing Castor engines was an interesting approach in the Orbital solution. Surprised NASA was ok with that..
I guess Castor's are well known solids>?
Actually, just realized that Orbital announced it on their page just now too... strange. How come Spaceflightnow knew about it a week before then? :O
@geoffc Yup but I haven't a clue what changes they made now? Castor 30 is well known but what's different with Castor 30B? You have any links for that?
Size. Castor XL is the bigger one they intend to go too next.
6:13 PM
Ah so 30B is the previously announced 30XL?
@TildalWave Are you ignoring my ping or did you just not see it? ;)
@called2voyage I didn't see any? Where? What?
OK I've found the ping... funny, because I thought their purpose is to find us, not the other way around LOL
Pings are supposed to hunt you down like a wolf hunts its prey and drag you to whatever pinged you.
If I recall, they planned to use 3 Castor variants. The XL is the final one for the last 2-4 flights.
6:18 PM
@UndotheSnowman That's your job.
So Castor they used first, then Castor 30, the Castor XML
@called Oh.
XL that is. Or else Castor REST?
Castor JSON I mean.
Per wikipedia:
he first two flights (Antares 110) will use a Castor 30A, the next two flights (Antares 120) will use an enhanced Castor 30B. The longer Castor 30XL second stage will be used on subsequent flights.[14][16] [17]
So three different (slightly) upper stages is ok with Nasa?
6:32 PM
How do you do a GeoSync burn with a Solid second stage? Use a third stage/fourth stage?
GTO insertion I guess.
@called2voyage @TildalWave Potential migration candidate?
Q: Is the rotation of the Sun and the rotation/orbit of the Moon around the Earth coincidence?

Adam DavisWhile looking at sunspot information in connection with Amateur Radio, I found that the Sun rotates on a period from 27 days to 31 days. Its rotation is differential, at the equator it spins at a rate of about 27 days, while at the poles it's closer to 31 days. Earth's moon also rotates at a ra...

@UndotheSnowman I concur.
@TildalWave That's two votes.
gives Tildal authorization to use mod-hammer
not that any authorization I can give matters
6:54 PM
done ;)
awesome ;)
7:08 PM
Are you able to ping messages in the future?
:12556928 test
I don't think so, not unless you write yourself a script that'd do that... of find some other hack that I'm not aware of ;)
like... asking someone to ping the person for you
HO HO check out DEM apples
if you setup a chat bot it should be easy enough to make it do that ;)
I just wanted to see what would happen if you replied to a message that was posted after it
I don't know why this is useful, it's probably not
just think of the possibilities though! endless
good luck with knowing who you'd ping and in which room then :)
7:19 PM
That's pretty neat.
@DavidFreitag I think it's a post number
I'm pretty sure the system doesn't look for "which message previously pinged the message I'm just posting"
well, 90% sure
I'm also pretty sure that number is a timestamp and not a "post number"
@DavidFreitag It shouldn't be a timestamp alone, what happens if you get two posts at the same time then? It's a nonce and it can have a time component tho
@TildalWave IIRC there are no cross-room posts. Also in the highly highly unlikely instance that you have two posts at the exact same moment, the server can just increment the timestamp.
It doesn't appear to be some standard UNIX timestamp though..
7:26 PM
That's true, but there's really a million ways to go about it. But it's still a nonce not a a timestamp. If for nothing else, then for sheer enjoyment to annoy you with petty details :P
Unless it's may 26th 1970 and nobody told me....
It is, we forgot to tell you
See, i was right all along :p
the last daylight saving time switch went awfully wrong
only stopped before we started doing it
I just don't believe that there are 12,557,173+ messages in chat
7:29 PM
And it seems to increment regularly. The time between the messages here and the difference in the stamp seems to be about right
Like that, it was about five seconds between your post and mine..
> Number 12557224 in American English words is twelve million five hundred fifty-seven thousand two hundred twenty-four, in German words is zwölf Millionen fünfhundertsiebenundfünfzigtausendzweihundertvierundzwanzig
No launches for at least 10 days ... let's build some rocket or something
Well, that escalated quickly.
Could you build a launcher with a 3D printer on Titan? :D
Sure. You would need a lot of steel in powder form. And lots of free time.
7:37 PM
@DavidFreitag it's global
why steel, why not just composites
@JohnB Which also makes sense because time is time and it wouldn't be different on a per-room basis.
@JohnB so this message is id 12557430
@TildalWave uhh.... rocket launch platform....
let's see what message is 12557431
1 min ago, by TildalWave
why steel, why not just composites
well, that didn't work as intended.
I swear it's global... :D
Let's try 12557432
7:39 PM
I'm still pretty sure its a timestamp of some sort
in English Language & Usage, 2 mins ago, by Matt Эллен
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 but surely if you could control for everything else, what you suggest is that a language with X genders should produce more sexist behaviour than a language with < X genders
there you go
12557432 ^
Do that one^
you have to prepend it with the right link
Yes, i know. I'm far too lazy to do that.
in The Whiteboard, 3 mins ago, by MichaelT
vermicelli multitude? (well, its not spaghetti code)
next one
7:41 PM
message #1:
in Chat feedback, Oct 18 '10 at 9:14, by Feeds
All feedback welcome!
LOL then all hell broke loose
Oh god.
7:42 PM
"Make it so numbawun."
7:55 PM
wonders if one could get lucky and extract messages from TL with such a technique
@JohnB Post something in a mod-only chatroom and let's see if it'll onebox.
haha, it won't, Manish has tried
Of course Manish has tried.
can you see that
Erm, yeah.
7:58 PM
'hello undo'
well I'm glad I didn't post something mean!
ok, let's try again and I'll give you a link to post
Won't do it when I post it. You try.
there has to be a way to abuse POST requests.
and get the info.
I believe you can get the room name, but that's it
or so Manish says. Also I'm glad I didn't pick a message from TL, otherwise I'd have to kill everyone in this room...
@JohnB Try posting one of those links again. I want to see what Chrome dev tools picks up.
Weird - no network request show up.
So somehow it oneboxes without it happening client side.
@ManishEarth Once again, Stack Exchange has foiled a mere mortals attempts to get in to a mod-only chatroom. In fact, the mere mortal managed to log himself out by playing with POST requests :P
@JohnB I can see deleted messages.
Just figured that out.
Is that a 10k thing?
or is it a chat room owner thing
8:10 PM
@JohnB Room owner thing.
now there is no hiding from you
hopes JohnB doesn't find that one button that's marked take away power
Dangit! That worked!
that works against mods too :P
It's how I say bad things about Tildal behind his back
8:12 PM
I bet Manish taught you that, didn't he?
haha no I stumbled upon that one myself, probably by accident
@JohnB Post something in your chatroom and give me just the ID to it.
Or wait, no. No need.
Nope, they closed that door too.
This is maddening!
They've made it easier to just follow a mod around and wait until they misplace their diamond than to try to hack in.
well thankfully I never make mistakes
thinks back to a time when a certain person pushed a certain button having to do with the feeds
I appreciate your support
8:21 PM
hopes johnb doesn't just wait for the 2 minute timer to expire then edit to his will
@JohnB If I made a fake account on GD and starting posting random gibberish with it, what would you do?
(you can't xref the IP's)
(because I am a VPN master)
if it's un-registered I'd destroy the account instantly
if it's registered I'd do some investigation first, then maybe destroy it
Oh. The prospects look kinda grim.
@JohnB Define investigation
Like, to make sure it's not that Undo jerk?
Do they have an account on another site? How long ago did they register? And of course IP and e-mail x-refs
if they have any other useful contributions elsewhere I'd just suspend
+ mod message
Hmm... Let's say that they also have an account on SO, the IPs are from somewhere in China, and they registered six weeks ago.
suspend + mod message then. I'll give anyone the benefit of the doubt and a second change
(but not un-registered people :P)
8:26 PM
Hmm... there isn't a way to get around these mods, is there?
some can be bought...
I know! I'll commit all the offenses at once - post random gibberish, serial upvote JohnB, and be terrible at reviews. Then they won't know what to suspend me for! I'll DDoS the mods!
(god I hope someone doesn't go do this and get me in big trouble)
I'll just go pin a message in TL that all suspicious activity should be assumed to be yours unless proven otherwise
8:29 PM
new side project: posting in Chinese on the Italian site.
Coming soon :)
@TildalWave Oooh when?
I definitely want to be there for that
@UndotheSnowman dunno, but I found this bit of self-reflective humor rather funny
Morpheus will land somewhere here eventually! Tomorrow we're hoping to perform 1st #freeflight to lead up to this! http://t.co/nfojfnuHCZ
must be frustrating testing a mooncraft in Earth's gravity
8:32 PM
it's not as frustrating as testing a lunar lander tho
called2voyage = new Space.SE mod ;)
I love following Morpheus, it's a neat thing that will likely be very popular if/when it actually gets sent to the moon
and we can all say "yeah we watched it grow up!"
congrats, @called2voyage!
@UndotheSnowman Thanks!
Oh cool @JonEricson found the time for that :) Welcome to the mod team @called2voyage ... beware of the serial flaggers and get ready to discuss some properly awesome space hardware and daredevil stunts :D
8:37 PM
@TildalWave What serial flaggers? :P
@called2voyage There are more comments here.
And more Undo here.
Did someone say something?
/hide-undo: off
I still think space museums would be a cool TOTW ... this is from Smithsonian Air & Space
8:38 PM
There we go.
@UndotheSnowman wanna find some obsolete comment for @called2voyage? :)
@TildalWave Not really up for it right now ;)
@UndotheSnowman yeah you're just waiting for a better moment when he won't suspect anything, huh?
I always suspect Undo.
I suspect Undo stole my lunch.
A: Topic of The Week: Q1/2014

called2voyageclassified Questions that we can't properly answer (unless you're Gary McKinnon) Example Question: What are the end-of-life options for large classified satellites?

8:46 PM
@called2voyage Not sure we want to increase our unanswered rate.
No sense of humor?
I even threw in a Gary McKinnon joke.
It says it right there in my label "Questions that we can't properly answer"
if that's not an obvious joke, I don't know what is.
@TildalWave My Christmas plans this year are to visit my family in Virginia. We will almost certainly take a day to visit the Discovery in the annex:
The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center is the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM)'s annex at Washington Dulles International Airport in the Chantilly area of Fairfax County, Virginia, United States. The facility was made possible by a $65 million gift in October 1999 to the Smithsonian Institution by Steven F. Udvar-Hazy, an immigrant from Hungary and co-founder of the International Lease Finance Corporation, an aircraft leasing corporation. NASM has always had more artifacts than could be displayed at the main museum on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Most of the collection...
They also have the SRTM arm, which was my first project at JPL.
@JonEricson cool, that's probably still the longest rigid body man-made structure in space, right?
*that was in space
@TildalWave As far as I know. Let me tell you, it was nerve-wracking to watch it deploy. It took forever.
There was some concern it wouldn't fold up again, but the plan was to eject it with explosive bolts. I'm glad it didn't come to that.
and there she is
IIRC it was over 50 meters long, right?
9:01 PM
@TildalWave Wikipedia says 60 m.
Well, even longer then :) So short of that tether experiment it should be the longest single structure... and I can't think of any other modular structure than the ISS that would be longer
If only I had comment edit privs... @TildalWave does @called2voyage know the dance to dismiss a typo comment flag as helpful?
@UndotheSnowman heh you'll have to ask him
@called2voyage Know how to dismiss a comment flag as helpful without actually deleting the comment?
9:16 PM
Wait, I don't know how to do that either :O I just delete, then undelete and edit
@UndotheSnowman Yes, I know how.
@TildalWave Yeah, that.
The worst part of having read the entire mod FAQ is not being able to use it :P
Could somebody either update Pearson's answer here or post their own so I can award the bounty?
Q: How did the US government shutdown of 2013 affect NASA operations?

called2voyageAt midnight on October 1, 2013 the US government entered the state of government shutdown where all functions deemed non-essential are suspended. This shutdown lasted 16 days. How did this shutdown affect NASA operations? (I'm looking for updated answers now that the shutdown is over!)

@Donald.McLean Have you voted on this yet?
@called2voyage I have a minor update based on personal experience. I'll see if I can find an official source first.
@JonEricson Thanks!
9:36 PM
Aargh @called your avatar shows up sharp on my Retina display. Somehow you hit the avatar-jackpot.
9:59 PM
@called2voyage Done. I can't find the source for the NASA badge delay. But I could expand on JPL's unique position.
10:13 PM
@UndotheSnowman Don't bother, I've already tried all sorts of tricks :P
1 hour later…
11:21 PM
hey @ManishEarth! I just joined Chemistry (and Biology for that matter) - considering I will be teaching Chemistry next year onwards (alongside Physics and senior Maths)

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