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12:10 AM
@Everyone Old news, I've been posting videos days ago :P But I am thinking of asking a question about it... since it's the Planetary Science week and all... maybe spice it up a little JJ style :)
1 hour later…
1:37 AM
@TildalWave: Be a twist to discover plastic life, if they so do (+:
@Everyone hehe I haven't thought of that... I was thinking more in the line of asking a question regarding burning planets, where some such phenomena would fuel a continuous chemical burn of its surface... still thinking how to word it tho, so it doesn't sound too whacky. I can imagine it possible, but would like to avoid speculation. There's an example with Gliese 436 b, but that one is just too close to its star, it doesn't sustain a chemical burn.
I imagine it would be within the realm of possibility; wouldn't call it whacky
@Everyone well, you didn't see me posting a question about it yet... can't judge the day before it ended LOL
Why couldn't such burn happen sub-surface? As in exoplanet (is that the correct term?) i.e. a planet without a Sun System attached to it
@Everyone You mean nomad/rogue planets? Exoplanets are just extrasolar, i.e. planets not of our Solar system.
A rogue planet — also known as an interstellar planet, nomad planet, free-floating planet or orphan planet — is a planetary-mass object which has either been ejected from its system or was never gravitationally bound to any star, brown dwarf or other such object, and that therefore orbits the galaxy directly. Astronomers agree that either way, the definition of planet should depend on its current observable state and not its origin. Larger planetary-mass objects which were not ejected, but have always been free-floating, are thought to have formed in a similar way to stars, and the I...
1:44 AM
What're you doing awake at this unearthly hour anyway? Insomnia?
Right. Nomad planets - have any nomad planets discovered as yet been found in possession of a satellite system?
many names for them... and they all say planet too, yet we've agreed even Pluto isn't one LOL
Who are we to decide? (+: Did you ever read Heinlein's "Stranger in a strange land"? He gives this story about a hiding from his mum because he called her some weird name
@Everyone No and we're not likely to see any unless they happen to fly past us really close. The problem is, it's not so difficult to detect them by chance as they fly past stars in the background, but longer term observations are near impossible, unless you have a dedicated observatory doing just that. And we all know what happened with Kepler
We call it a 'rogue planet', and the planet says "Oh. Rogue, am I? See how much of a rogue I can be!!"
@TildalWave: Wasn't there some attempt at using Sol as a grav-lense? Have to go out a little to achieve that though, methinks
@Everyone For Kepler? Not to my knowledge, it's not really far enough off Sol to make much use of that
1:51 AM
Not for Kepler (+: I vaguely recall it was named uh 100AU project or something
let me check
50 billion miles they say
@Everyone dunno who, but that's roughly 538 AU
bbiab. My tum is finally coming to terms with news that I'm awake ... oooooh
550 AU ... close enough
2:18 AM
Are the antenna on spacecraft full wavelength, or fractional dipoles?
'morning Crazy One (+:
2:55 AM
Anyone answer my question can earth be used as a gravitational lens ??
3:20 AM
Wake up Space.SE
NASA has to suffer on its birthday... (Oct. 1)
@Hash Doesn't produce much effect... o_O
4:53 AM
@CrazyBuddy Have you tweeted yet how cool it is on SEx.SE that we're not shutting down anything and all the bored rocket scientists on a forced hiatus do in fact have somewhere to go to?
5:10 AM
@TildalWave Whaaaa..??? o_O
If NASA slept for a week, SeX.SE is DEAD..!!!!
Your hat will fly off @Tildal :P
@Crazy what you must be kidding
SX doesn't solely depend on NASA
@Hash Of course I am... But, also the truth -- you people's blockquotes & references mostly rely on NASA...
@Crazy yes that's true but still there are lot of other reference :-0
Other references will die out soon... They're also like you. Who's gonna leak anything from NASA?
5:26 AM
@Crazy NASA has not been completely shut down
Course not. They've just shut down their public presence
I think American's can answer this much more precisely and reliably
#shutdown How would you like to start your U.S. Government? ▪ Last known good configuration (that worked) http://t.co/9nn8VQa73u
@TildalWave I thought of posting it here just now :D
5:31 AM
@TildalWave Did you do that, or photoshop?
Made this... hopefully it catches on, I'd like some of the folks I follow to come over
Awesome :]
Now everyone retweet it, I really wanna get more control on my twitter account, because it's actually 100% Sec.SE and SEx.SE only
@TildalWave what's that 0_o
ie ... infosec and space exploration ... or shorter: N(A)SA
5:33 AM
@TildalWave What's a "retweet"...?
@DavidFreitag hehehe
Q: Does the US Government shutdown make me Viktor Navorski?

ManishearthI'm a US expat, living in India. Does the government shutdown affect my rights to live in the country? How about my rights to travel on a US passport? (In the past, I have been able to enter many countries without a visa due to the US passport) I don't have any immediate plans of travelling, bu...

@TildalWave I know..!!!! Full of Space.SE posts... You're filling up my space :D
@CrazyBuddy with space
I doubt anything will happen, but I wonder if I can get myself stuck by walking into an airport today :p
5:34 AM
I'm trying to keep myself away from SE for at least an hour (in Twitter), and you're dragging me inside..!!!
@David looks like cracking joke
@ManishEarth Where are you going?
@ManishEarth that ... is ... an excellent question
@Hash Yeah - i know what tweeting is, but that doesn't mean i know how to.
there, tweeting it :)
5:35 AM
@CrazyBuddy Nowhere; but I'd rather not be stuck in an airport eating ketchup/mustard/cracker sandwiches
@ManishEarth Ew. =x
Woah... Didn't notice the last line ;-)
@David :-D
@DavidFreitag Ever seen The Terminal?
If not, watch it
@ManishEarth No. Let me know if you get stuck, i'll express ship you some instant ramen.
5:36 AM
The kind with the pull tab that instantly boils the water
(Don't forget to actually add the water).
It's a great movie. About a guy who gets stuck in JFK because his country has a revolution while he is in air
@ManishEarth I'm trolling it over to DMZ :D
Actually, it could almost fit on Sec.SE, no?
Bummer :| - Seriously though, if you get marooned somewhere without sustenance other than crackers and condiments, I got you.
I'll remember that :)
5:42 AM
Silly serial killer! You shouldn't have a diary.
6:40 AM
@TildalWave Has NASA plans to take MEVAN satellite to mars by holfmann transfer orbit ¿???
@Hash At the moment, NASA has no plans
NASA is on a siesta, please come back when the government does
Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) is a planned space exploration mission to send a space probe to orbit Mars and study its atmosphere. It will help determine what caused the Martian atmosphere —and water— to be lost to space, making the climate increasingly inhospitable for life. Program overview The mission was spawned by NASA's Mars Scout Program, which although discontinued in 2010, yielded Phoenix and MAVEN, as well as numerous missions studies. Mars Scout missions target a cost less than USD$485 million, not including launch service, which is approximately $187 milli...
@ManishEarth Or, we can phrase like this...
Go to bed with NASA, Space.SE -- Wake up after a few weeks. But wondering, whether Space.SE will be alive then :D
6:44 AM
@Hash Here ^ is a good answer
@TildalWave i have a dirty question
I will post that in SX
7:12 AM
Good that dirty things are being discussed. I have a question too;
'o Tildal, 'o Crazy, 'o Hash
@CrazyBuddy: Apropos Q: 382 on the meta - how does the comment "Use diapers" sound? (+:<
Huh? what?
Tsk. You've been neglecting meta. Shame on you! meta.space.stackexchange.com/questions/382/…
ah... that :D
That. ((+:
7:55 AM
Q: Should 'solar-power' be renamed 'photo-voltaic cell'?

EveryoneThe tag 'Solar Power' is used as a synonym for 'photo-voltaic' cell/array at present. This term used is not unacceptable. It may be misleading to a nouveau who comes to SEx.SE, perhaps, to seek a reference... or the vice-versa. Should a tag 'photo-voltaic cell' be created? Should such created ...

8:54 AM
posted on October 02, 2013 by Jessica Donaldson

The Mars rover Curiosity found significant traces of water in the martian soil. This indicates the soil contains water, about 2% by weight.

9:16 AM
@TildalWave @Undo Are NASA cosmonauts on board ISS calculated for hazard-pay, or overtime for the duration of the shutdown? But it may be deemed insensitive ...
@Everyone NASA doesn't have any cosmonauts :P
@TildalWave x#%@~~!╫**♂5♠
Come on (+: you know what I meant
@Everyone yes, astronauts :P
9:19 AM
They're probably calculated for hazard-pay already - working at those heights without visible support q+: right, astronauts
Methinks they should be calculated for overtime when the rest of the government is in shut-down
problem is, there likely isn't anyone we could ask... they'd be all on a leave
You made my point (+:
Would it be off-topic? What about human sensitivity?
@Everyone Dunno, let's rather wait with these questions, it's not like those two NASA's astronauts will be spending any money while up there
@TildalWave: watches the draft fly out of the window one agonizing letter at a time
close the windows then, if there's draft
9:31 AM
Tsk. You're almost as bad as I am..
Sorry, I'm just sleepy that's all... I'm off to bed now anyway to catch those two more hours of sleep that I can afford :|
(+: No worries. Rise refreshed, and hopefully well hibernated (pun intended!)
Right. I've saved the draft to post later when you're more awake.
9:55 AM
2 hours later…
11:55 AM
Just wanted to say I'm really enjoing it all on Space Exploration Stack Exchange http://space.stackexchange.com/
...being a mod
@TildalWave: ^^^ Complete the statement :P
2 hours later…
1:44 PM
Grrr. They finally changed the password to the HiRISE team website, so I can't get in anymore. Sigh.
I was hoping to catch a glimpse at a comet from Mars, but looks like I'll have to wait just like everyone else...
Is Wall Street closed too?
@Pearson i was fascinated by your answer
But how did you calculated the time period :-??
@Everyone how will you close a street ? Lol
2:01 PM
@Hash: 'Wall Street' typically refers to the NYSE; one of the busiest & heaviest stock markets on this planet. Decisions taken by brokers there may impact whole nations. America being in shut-down, I was curious whether SEC is in operation. SEC is the USA equivalent of our SEBI
@Hash Which answer?
@Pearson MAVEN
Ahh. I just looked at a news article;-)
Plus some reading about such orbits from "The Case for Mars"
@Pearson thanks :-D
@Hash <<test
2:13 PM
That book is amazing, BTW. I'm sure anyone in this chat room would enjoy it.
Test failed :-P
A: Topic of the Week

PearsonArtPhotocolonization The art and science of planning, building, and running colonies on other planets. Currently we have a fair group of questions on the subject, but I think we could do a lot better. Here's a few of my favorites: Does Mars contain materials that could be used to build a space colony?...

3:18 PM
@PearsonArtPhoto The Case for Mars? i've heard good things about it
4:10 PM
Ah. N/M
ok then :P
Oh you're here. Good!
p.s. Help! q+:
@RhysW: You familiar with constructing an ephemeris file?
a what?
(+: I'm trying to setup GMAT2012 to render Cruithne's orbit around Sol with Gaia shown, and Chury too simultaneously; have to include Cruithne's orbit using it's ephemeris data - which I know not how
5:05 PM
The more specialized the agency, the harder it'll be affected by funding shortage
@PearsonArtPhoto: Do I have to stay logged into agi.com to download STK?
5:41 PM
@Everyone I think so, but it's been so long since I've downloaded it...
@PearsonArtPhoto: Thank you (+: You wouldn't happen to know whether the server supports resuming, would you?
Nope, sorry.
Ah well. Just a few hours more sigh; it's supposed to be a broadband line capable of upto 2Mb
RIP Tom Clancy ...
6:08 PM
Ah. But do they want to do that?
I personally would like to see every member of Congress fired, but I'm not willing to be a part of England to do it.
((+: The only other job they'd get after being people's representatives would be people's representative
7:03 PM
Whereabouts will Chury be when Rosetta comes up for rendezvous?
8:00 PM
Q: Concerns about this site

Manishearth(Apologies in advance if I seem to wander in this post. I'm having a multitude of thoughts and I'm not quite sure how t organize them) Ever since I've joined, I've been a bit uneasy about this site. Mainly, I couldn't exactly see what niche it filled. Firstly, the site was already a strict subs...

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11:33 PM
@TildalWave Here?
I need you to do something.
Anyone with a diamond would do. Calling blue people!
@PearsonArtPhoto Here?
@Undo yup, sorry was just posting one answer
@TildalWave Sorry, got someone else blue to help.
deposit an upvote, then we can do deals :P
@Undo oh... :( offended
11:44 PM
Anyway, I needed my 1-rep sock puppet to get be able to access my chatbot test room.
And I couldn't do it without a shiny gem attached to my name.

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