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3:36 AM
12 hours later…
3:19 PM
SN15 is still in the landing pad, at least it does not vent any more. :-) Now I would be already enough brave to close it.
I'm sure there is a way to detank in. Unless those valves got stuck somehow...
And even then, the pressure would jump so high the safety valve would blow eventually.
4:04 PM
They do not per se detank (as in recover remaining fuel/oxy), at the moment, rather they vent it out. As for the safety valve blowing, that was SN5 r SN6? I forget which.
And we have another starlink (27) launch, 10th flight of a booster on Sunday coming up. With Starlink 26 (why ouot of order?) following soon after. And then we have a CRS, GPS, and more starlinks on tap for Jun. Busy schedule.
And an integration tower to assemble, as lego, should be very cool visuals soon enough.
4:18 PM
Integration tower is cool. Built the concrete base. Need to wait about 30 days for 90% hardness, usually. So once it hardened enough (1-2 weeks you get huge amount of hard, then slowly reaches high % strength over time) they added on the first level of 60 foot (?) tall segmets.
Then over at the gas well site, where rockets taking off/landing won't interfere they assemble each of the next 60 foot segments on stands (5 stands I think they have ready?) that the SPMT can drive right under, pick up, drive to the site. Once Big Red crane is assembled, they will just do mega lifts, and attache entire levels at a time.
First segment looks mostly assembled, second one is started... So they could quickly grow this thing once the crane is ready.
2 hours later…
6:08 PM
Am I doing the math wrong? SN15 used 3 Raptors at about 440KLbs thrust each. So that 1.32 mLbs of thrust. Thata is above the original F9 (Merlin 1C) and below the current F9 but not by that much (Merlin1D+++). So with such a basic launch pad, they managed to basically handle a F9 launch? I know the Florida pads are way over built to handle NOVA, not just Saturn V but wow. That is kind of impressive in some ways.
6:26 PM
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9:19 PM
Looks like the heat tiles mostly stayed on!! Big patch looks pretty good. And people saying only 1 tile fell off!

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