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##$ \ \ \ F = \dot{m}_e V_e - \dot{m}_0 V_0 + (p_e - p_0) A_e$
##$ \ \ \ F = \dot{m}_\mathrm e V_\mathrm e - \dot{m}_0 V_0 + (p_\mathrm e - p_0) A_\mathrm e$
@PearsonArtPhoto now the fourth edit, even you have been corrected!
Q: From the General Thrust Equation towards Tsiolkovsky, how to explain dropping these terms along the way?

uhohThe NASA Glen Research Center tutorial page Rocket Thrust Equation links to the General Thrust Equation page which starts with: Which transcribes into MathJax as: $ \ \ \ F = \dot{m}_\mathrm e V_\mathrm e - \dot{m}_0 V_0 + (p_\mathrm e - p_0) A_\mathrm e$ where $\mathrm e$ and $0$ indica...

I'm guessing that this equation is so fundamental, and people are so fond of it, that it is given a higher than average amount of TLC.
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I'm corrected all the time, it's part of the learning process.
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was gonna ask, Manley's faster
thought I can't figure out if it's Yes or No.
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mentioned here
If you have access to The Economist: economist.com/graphic-detail/2018/10/18/…
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Apparently, BepiColombo and JAXA’s Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter have good taste!
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I've heard of the artificial moon, which is definitely a strange concept.
I pretty much figured what Scott said, but it was nice to hear the math.
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Q: What are the approximate dimension of this iceberg? Any chance the ratio is 1:4:9?

uhohFrom 17-Oct-2018 NASA ICE tweet: I'm curious of the actual dimensions, and if possible a complete photo. And curious in a scifi sort of way if they have a ratio of 1:4:9 From yesterday's #IceBridge flight: A tabular iceberg can be seen on the right, floating among sea ice just off of the Lar...

@PearsonArtPhoto I found it hard to concentrate on that particular video of his. He says a lot of words in a short time as background, but I can't figure out what his point is. It's like he just wanted to get a blurb out there as quickly as possible.
Did he ever get to a firm "yes" or "no"?
You could, but it would be a bit crazy.
And the version they are stating wouldn't work.
ah, then no earthshaking surprises there
You would need a large mirror, but that mirror would move with time, making it difficult to keep working.
oh, station-keeping against solar pressure. They may have a clever way to manage that but it never made it into the English press (or even in Chinese). Or not.
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The satellite test they are using is a LEO test, so pretty much impossible to do anything useful with.
A "bright and glorious future!"
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