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3:54 AM
Q: Word to denote "recent" in a relative timeframe

RatlerI'm looking for a word to replace recent when the reference point is not the present. For example, I want to describe the time/events of the period shortly before the rule of Alfred the Great (what Alfred himself would refer to as "recent history"). A writer at the time could write something lik...

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6:49 AM
@MetaEd I just saw that! I think a diagonal flip of that picture reveals another truth, but about Voldemort!
@Cerberus There's enough words buried in the closet to fill a dictionary, if dug up.
A slip is about the same as a petticoat, I believe.
7:09 AM
A plant in the Urals has produced a batch of chrysotile asbestos with this logo that says "Approved by Donald Trump, the 45th President of the USA"
4 hours later…
11:23 AM
Urals? I didn't know Ural had multiplied.
That is horrible news. That thing is huuuuge.
So huge it separates all of Europe from all of Mongols.
The Chinese saw that and tried to build a copy but they failed.
I do need a copy of that stamp, though. That'd be neat.
1 hour later…
12:30 PM
Hi guys, I have this sentence: "It is not clear what is the correct endpoint for websocket protocol". Should I say "... what is the correct ..." or "... what the correct endpoint is for ..."? Grammatically I like the later one but the first sounds better to me. Thanks!
12:45 PM
the second one
thank you
no probs :)
1 hour later…
2:07 PM
Q: How to describe a person who is aggressively defensive?

Chris CireficeContext: I'm currently living my university friends at their house; I am just a temporary guest. I just had this happen: A woman knocks on the door saying that she's the neighbor, and wants to borrow a roll of toilet paper. I let her in the house while I go get it. She then asks if she can sit ...

2 hours later…
4:30 PM
@CowperKettle Let's all inhale deeply.
4:56 PM
Q: Short word to describe someone wearing glasses

yoann-hAs we're developing smart eyewear I'm looking for a short word to describe the users of our glasses in English documents. It's primarily intended for internal usage, product specification and exchanges with partners. It can't simply be 'users' because we also have other kinds of users who don't...

5:15 PM
@MetaEd cough cough
Controversial declaration of the day: Lewandowski's 'womp womp' should be considered a trumpism
5:30 PM
Q: Is "anxietizing" really not a word?

Thom Blair IIII can't find it in my dictionary or on Google. What word do people normally use in place of "anxietizing"? For example, "I find sharks anxietizing." Am I just misspelling it?

@Mitch Trumptrolling AGAIN? :D
Q: Grammar Mistake

user9994436Is there any grammar mistake in this sentence:Their bodies will be tired every day. What type of mistake is it ?

Really? Really?
5:46 PM
Q: Is there a word that means made of the same constituents but in opposite proportion?

user51472Example: Progressive music with funk elements: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Tdu4uKSZ3M Funk music with progressive elements: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzxwZ6wjDAM

6:23 PM
Q: Is Etymonline a reliable source?

user110518This is just one recent example of a few comments on what a few users think about the reliability of Etymonline as a source for the origin of English terms. I leave out the names of the users because this question wants to be a general one and their comments “perfectly” reflect the contrasting...

@MetaEd I'd like to see some well-thought out answers.
I'd also like a bag of Nilla wafers with my afternoon tea.
OMG there's a bag right here. I had almost forgot.
@MetaEd Wait...I was thinking about this...what do you mean 'again'?
Q: One word for computer Messages, Pictures and Videos

AdamI usually use "data" but I think this word doesn't refer to Messages, Pictures and videos.

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7:45 PM
8:00 PM
imagine that I'm in facebook group and I want to comment with bad words How can I say That I'm going to use bad words
I'm going to be rush ?
I'm going to be Vulgar ?
then, I can use the bad words ?
8:49 PM
@Educ I could be rude
and then I can say whatever I want
9:24 PM
1 hour later…
10:48 PM
11:36 PM
One way to build a confident walrus:
@CowperKettle Hot dog.

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