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3:00 PM
@Robusto And that's an infinity I do not want.
@skillpatrol Multiplication requires two operands of a particular type, such as ℝ or ℂ. Infinity is in neither of those sets, for example.
@Arrowfar Dude!
@tchrist We can put it in with a little extra push.
Hi @Mitch.
@Arrowfar What's your opinion on this infinity thing? Yes or no?
3:02 PM
Let me think...
Also, your new avatar is very clean. Wash up day?
@Arrowfar snap judgement!
Hi pal
@skillpatrol Hi!
3:03 PM
too much thinking spoils the broth.
I think infinity exists.
Define all four of those terms.
In this case the answer is "there is no answer." Because we define infinity to not end.
@Arrowfar Nice. That's 1 for and infinity against
"Perhaps it is time to adjust the rules?" Are you saying that because you find the rule odd we should go against our preference to accommodate you? — Robusto 7 secs ago
Donald Trump: I wasn't talking about Carly Fiorina's face. "Hell no, her ass ain't that hot neither."
3:07 PM
That's my New Jersey accent in print.
Q: A word for an array of colours?

SimonI'm looking for a word or phrase, if there is one, that is similar to the phrase "spectrum of colours" or "array of colours" something to describe the fact that there are several different colours from all over the spectrum of colours. I'm using it in a sentence akin to "The light glinted off o...

@skillpatrol Negative concord.
Look who just hit the MC.
Hey, this one is obviously a dupe:
Q: Form of a direct/indirect speech

iamRRIs it correct to say the sentence like this : “A week ago I went to a shop to buy a butter and all of a sudden I saw that ‘two men are walking towards me’. Look, here I used ‘are’ because the statement is inside the inverted coma’s. The same concept which is used in direct speech. Such as - Di...

I can't remember which would be the canonical.
hi @cornbreadninja麵包忍者
It's the mixed use of time expressions in a sentence one.
3:09 PM
@skillpatrol are you ready for the Thieves vs. the Cheaters?
O how they envy thee, New England!
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Hey, Mayweather used illegal IVs.
@Robusto screw Mayweather and boxing.
Okay, that was harsh. But my eyeball hurts.
3:11 PM
what happened?
@skillpatrol under-inflatriots
@skillpatrol to my eyeball? Allergies and/or eyestrain, methinks.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Did he punch you in the eye again? No wonder.
Me new avatar.
Me speak no English :-)
3:17 PM
@Robusto Trump is the most amusing thing to happen in US politics in a while. I'm glad I don't live there.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Maybe he will change that.
Frankly though, your election cycle is too long.
3:32 PM
Our election period is too long too, but we have spending limits on campaigns, so there is no incentive to having extremely long campaigns. Our current election campaign is 78 days which is considered extremely long.
Actually it's the longest since we instituted single-day elections. The average is 50 days and the average for the last 10 elections was 45 days
Granted, we don't hold primary elections.
those work differently here.
4:07 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 He's Rob Ford for Americans.
@Mitch Oh, those fancy Latin terms. "Cardinality". Can't we stick with a nice Anglo-Saxon word and just say X and Y have the same redness?
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Trump is a flash in a pan.
@MετάEd So ruddy or sorrel or moorit then, not incarnadine or coquelicot or lateritious or sanguinolent?
You left out vermilion.
Oh, I didn't.
I don't see it there.
4:21 PM
> apple: of the yellowish-red color of apples, bay;

bay: A reddish brown color, generally used of horses, and taken to
include various shades.

blood: a reddish bay (color)

brick: The color of brick; brick-red.

brown: The proper name of a composite color produced by a mixture of
orange and black (or of red, yellow, and black), and varying greatly in
shade according to the proportion of the constituents, as a red brown,
yellowish brown, dark brown. Brown is the color produced by partial
charring or carbonization of starch or woody fibre, as in toasted bread
There were many other candidates.
I didn't see the earlier post.
Sorrel is from French, but then from German not Latin.
@tchrist I'd accept ruddiness.
However I'd draw the line at titianity.
No it doesn't either. It suggests nothing like "popularity" at all. — Robusto 22 secs ago
NGram alert.
@MετάEd Titianity => aureoled aurantian aurorae
Q: Should we have an official ELL -> ELU migration path?

MrTheWalrusAs a follow-up to Should we begin migrating questions to ELU?, (and counterpart to http://meta.english.stackexchange.com/questions/7128/should-we-have-a-migration-path-to-ell). Now that ELL is a full-fledged non-beta site, we're allowed to establish official migration paths to other network sit...

4:32 PM
@tchrist Hard to turn down aureoled. How about a number's aureolity?
4:45 PM
A number of birds have cardinality.
@terdon I think it would upset ELL, but maybe I'm too cynical
@MattE.Эллен Some will be upset, yes.
My own ill-developed feeling is that it is best to leave this to coordinated effort by the two mod teams.
I simply don't trust users to do the right thing. Which is not something I am proud of.
Yeah, I feel the same
At present the only migration path we have is to meta. That seems a little odd.
Migrations generally don't work out as well on SE as one might hope.
Especially user-triggered ones that aren't to meta.
I watched this on SO.
4:53 PM
I suppose we could give it a test, and turn it off if things go wrong
We don't have dev support for what I would really like.
Which is that there be rep requirements on both sides.
That would be good
I mean, who else can judge?
I would start with Trusted User on both and then see if it can be half that.
But we don't have dev support for that kind of thing.
exactly. at the moment most of the ell migration flags come from JR, so don't need any thinking about
Some ELL folks have been ruffled by a few of our recent migrations thither.
When it isn't a mod-triggered flag like that, it seems prudent to ask the other mod team.
That won't guarantee that users will like it, but it's something.
I used to CV for "better on ELL", but I don't think I've often flagged for migration. (Now please don't go look and embarrass me at having self-supporting memory deficit. :)
Now I just CV for GR/ELL.
5:00 PM
@tchrist true, but shog frowns on that behaviour. the mod teams shouldn't bother each other unless they want to learn the process. we're meant to just migrate if we think it's good enough
I think it depends how well you know the other site, but I see his point. You really need mods to be autonomous so that things scale.
JR of course is the best (active) case for cross-familiarity.
Waiwai is a schoolin, so isn't around much any longer. And ELL has a new mod, still untempered.
5:35 PM
@MετάEd The preponderance of Latin neologisms should help distinguish the informal ideas with the stipulated term concept. Using cardinality is somewhat obscurantist, but it is supposed to be a distinct and non-vague concept from 'big'
You used "and", which is not Latin.
Q: You 'looks' ugly or you 'look' ugly?

AnbuWhich one is grammatically correct? Look or looks in a sentence "You ____ ugly". And difference between look & looks

Perfect example of a question that could be migrated to ELL.
6:13 PM
@MattE.Эллен Just FAQ It
@Mitch Oh, so us poor Saxons can't express formal ideas. We must leave that to you hoity-toity Romans.
What is the name of the effect that makes liquids/fluids turn in a sense in south hemisphere and in the opposite sense in north one?
@crl Superstition.
just Earth rotation?
centrifugal force
6:16 PM
In physics, the Coriolis effect is a deflection of moving objects when the motion is described relative to a rotating reference frame. In a reference frame with clockwise rotation, the deflection is to the left of the motion of the object; in one with counter-clockwise rotation, the deflection is to the right. Although recognized previously by others, the mathematical expression for the Coriolis force appeared in an 1835 paper by French scientist Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis, in connection with the theory of water wheels. Early in the 20th century, the term Coriolis force began to be used in connection...
Coriolis I hesitated to say it, because I only think of some out-of-the-book example of it :)
Ok folks — @Robusto too — it’s time for the Meta proposal to block or popup on certain awful titles, like anything with both GRAMMA or GRAMA and CORRECT in it.
Se pareba boves, alba pratalia araba
et albo versorio teneba, et negro semen seminaba
> Contrary to popular misconception, water rotation in home bathrooms under normal circumstances is not related to the Coriolis effect or to the rotation of the earth, and no consistent difference in rotation direction between toilet drainage in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres can be observed. [...]
> Without such careful preparation, the Coriolis effect will likely be much smaller than various other influences on drain direction such as any residual rotation of the water and the geometry of the container.
@Rigor I've heard it doesn't apply to microenvironments like that one.
@Robusto watch the video, there is a neat synchronization use.
well I messed their sync, but basically it just seems to alternate each video's sound every few seconds
7:04 PM
@Rigor Vulgar Latin, or early Italian? Who can say...
@Cerberus thanks for trying :-)
probably google translate
@Rigor Trying what?
to decypher?
I didn't know the quotation so I had to look it up...
7:10 PM
what did you find?
in The h Bar, 55 mins ago, by yuggib
So let's go with a classic late latin/early romance riddle:

Se pareba boves, alba pratalia araba
et albo versorio teneba, et negro semen seminaba
in The h Bar, 43 mins ago, by yuggib
Mine (in a not so good english) would be:

He had oxen in front, ploughed white fields
and held a white plough, and seeded black seed
The Veronese Riddle is a riddle written in late Vulgar Latin written on the margin of a parchment, on the Verona Orational, probably in the 8th or early 9th century, by a Christian monk from Verona, in northern Italy. It was a very popular riddle in the Middle Ages and has survived into dialects to date. Discovered by Luigi Schiaparelli in 1924, it is considered the first document ever written in the Italian language along with the Placiti Cassinesi. == Text == Original Text: Se pareba boves alba pratalia araba albo versorio teneba negro semen seminaba Rough Translation: In front of him (he) led...
@Rigor Yeah I read the article.
Which is what I found upon a Google.
the hot shots in the physics room like to challenge each other with Latin
I TLDR’d because people grew confused.
in The h Bar, 2 hours ago, by Danu
The highest level of high school education (it is split in several disconnected programs in Holland; kids get grouped based on test scores from before etc.) requires either Latin (6 years) or Ancient Greek (5 years).
Is that^ language requirement still true @Cerberus
@Rigor Excellent.
@Rigor Yes; in fact, you're required to take at least 2 years of Greek and 3 years of Latin, plus another 3 years in either language or both languages.
It is much the same in other countries, those some have abolished the classics, alas.
At the moment, I am involved in setting up a new school, the Schola Latina.
Where Latin and Greek are also compulsory, for all children, ages 6-18.
7:27 PM
@tchrist Can you eliminate jlovegren from the first ones, because it's just a big dump/paste of text?
Of course the Latin for 6-year-olds will be rudimentary. But it is a language like any other, which can be learned by children at any age.
Wow, 12 years of Latin and Greek.
@crl Not trivially.
hmm ok
@Rigor 11.
I don't know why, but we start Greek in second grade.
7:34 PM
@Cerberus Because a bailout takes a long time to pay back.
is sorry
@tchrist What?
8:02 PM
@Cerberus You’re going to be dealing with Greece for a long, long time; best to start preparing for that early on.
Not sure what you are talking about?
The Greek bailout has little to do with the Greek culture and language.
It is an insignificant ripple.
@Cerberus Humor suffers computers to transmit it intact.
Some would argue that Greek culture caused the situation that leads to them needing a bailout.
Greek yoghurt is the big thing nowadays, and I can tell you that I’m not that impressed by its culture.
8:05 PM
Besides, modern Greek culture is quite different from Greek Antiquity.
8:19 PM
But why @Cerberus learn Greek and Latin?
Isn't Latin enough?
Considering English and Dutch is being learned too, right?
das Volks
8:36 PM
What are the language requirements on the UK?
@Rigor And French and German.
Because those five languages are the most important in Western cultural heritage.
Greek thought has been very influential.
@Cerberus How many hours per school day are devoted to languages?
I had per week: 5 Latin, 5 Greek, 4 Dutch, 3 German, 3 French, 3 English (I think).
But I think Latin and Greek were only 3 or 4 in the lower grades.
Languages are about 40% of what you learn in school.
But it depends on which subjects you pick.
You can drop three of those languages in the higher grades.
Actually, I forgot: I dropped German.
What was the division between alpha, beta, and gamma like at your school?
Where are you from?
Do you pick subjects, or does everybody do the same programme?
I believe you have no school types, but children of all levels go to the same school and are in the same class?
8:54 PM
Then it would be extra nice to teach Latin, reaching more children.
Only the smart kids get to take languages.
The ones with good memories
The lower school types have languages too here.
Maybe less so.
Developing a good memory early is crucial.
Especially for languages
Don't you think @Cerberus?
I don't know.
My memory is rather bad for things that my mind perceives as "unconnected".
I was average at learning vocabulary.
But I got high grades for everything.
9:07 PM
Then you must have made those "connections" come exam time :-)
What languages did you take?
Or what subjects?
I was a remedial student.
9:24 PM
10:08 PM
@MετάEd Argh! YOu're trolling me. Of course not, it's not a value judgement that one is better than the other, just that the Latin is not as well known already and so has fewer preconceptions and so less likely to confuse. It might be difficult to learn the new associations on a totally new word, but that might be easier than having an old word that is polysemous and not easily discernible which is the intended meaning.
@Rigor That's like a premedical student without being pc
That wowuld have been funny of only it would have worked.
@Rigor That's a dumb riddle. It's worse than Beatrix Potter.
>Riddle me, riddle me, rot-tot-tote!
A little wee man, in a red red coat!
A staff in his hand, and a stone in his throat;
If you’ll tell me this riddle, I’ll give you a groat.
THere's no such thing as a groat, so the answer is 'nothing'
@crl If you go an a plane that crosses the equator and flush right as it passes over, you;ll get sucked out a long with all the blue goo. Studies have been done.
in The h Bar, 3 mins ago, by Chris White
apropos the previous conversation, I just got an email saying that all grad students are now required to take training in how to not sexually assault undergrads
That's hilarious.
Yeah it seems strange.
@Rigor But anything goes within the group.
We were talking about the MIT physics prof
10:20 PM
@Arrowfar If you know any unemployed programmers they must be really lousy or have no desire to work at all.
I just read an article about a similar problem between staff physicians and residents at teaching hospitals.
@Robusto Hi Rob!
@Robusto or overdressed. that's the lesson I get from that picture
@Arrowfar Hi.
@Mitch I found the pic in some chat. It seems weird to me too. Probably a joke of some sort?
10:22 PM
@Mitch Never trust a programmer who wears a suit. Shows lack of confidence.
I dunno.
@Robusto or wants to be management because they are confident they lack skillz
@Arrowfar yeah it looks like it's supposed to be funny but I don't get it.
10:40 PM
@Mitch Heh heh. You wrote polysemous.
10:52 PM
Qui bene amat, bene castigat.
Oh, those racy Latins.
Was sich neckt, das liebt sich.
Who teases himself, loves himself. Well that's probably true of teenage boys anyway.
@Cerberus Was sich entdeckt, das liebt sich.
Was sich anfasst, das liebt sich.
Mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller Aale.
Hinji wa sabite imasu.
Vi tsu brokh a fayn breg.
11:19 PM
@MετάEd Well, it is that which, but, indeed, the intended agents are people.
@Robusto That is a very interesting kind of Liebe...
11:37 PM
It eats up to the tomato.
@Cerberus That which teases, that which pleases?
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