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3:28 AM
@Mitch I think most strokes are perfectly expected
@Mitch Was it here that someone linked something that I read about how bogus the lie of the tanning beds has been?
What lie?
@Cerberus The thing about vitamin D and all that.
I might have imagined it anyway.
@Mitch There's some luck involved but it can definitely be both, it's not a single wavelength
Though I'm guessing other carcinogens are too ubiquitous for sunbathing to matter much
3:49 AM
@M.A.R. All I'm saying is there's probably not much of an appointment time. Maybe 'sometime in the next few years'
@M.A.R. I was under the impression was that there was a direct causal relationship, not an RCT but observational 'the more you visit a tanning booth per unit time, the higher probability of melanoma' or something like that.
@M.A.R. I don't know what lie that is.
But I believe UV from sun beds does work to generate vitamin D in people?
@Mitch Why wouldn't there be a direct relationship?
I don't think it is linear, though?
That is, your body has a high chance of repairing small damage.
4:16 AM
A dialog between two geniuses
3 hours later…
7:52 AM
Very warm.
I've run uphill and downhill and back
Gained a total of 180 meters in 1 hour.
I don't know whether that is considered a lot.
I should read up some running Reddit
8:09 AM
2 hours later…
10:20 AM
List of treatments for ear pain, by Pliny the Elder.
2 hours later…
12:19 PM
Yan Rokotov, executed aged 33 for currency exchange operations.
While he was under arrest and investigation, the law was changed on Nikita Khrushchev's orders, to allow for execution.
Thus he was executed illegally, because retroactive application of laws was stricly prohibited by the Soviet legal system.
When he was committing the "crime" of exchanging USD for Soviet rubles and back, it was a crime punishable by imprisonment, not death.
He accumulated foreign currency totaling USD 1.5 million.
Probably was the richest Soviet underground businessman in the 1950s. Or the richest among those caught.
The Rokotov–Faibishenko case was a criminal trial against financial speculators that took place in the Soviet Union in 1961. It also marked the start of a three-year campaign against large-scale economic crimes, accompanied by show trials. == History == === Background and arrests === Ever since the 6th World Festival of Youth and Students, held in Moscow in 1957, dealing in foreign currency had begun to take place on a fairly large scale despite being illegal. Soviets (generally of a young age) would buy foreign currency from tourists and other visitors, selling it for a profit. In 1961...
2 hours later…
2:19 PM
> More people develop skin cancer because of indoor tanning than develop lung cancer because of smoking.
@Xanne That is quite a lot.
@Cerberus I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'why not' and the qualification of 'direct'. I can only tell you what I feel like I have remembered, that there is some kind of relationship between exposure time to UVB and skin cancer prevalence (description) and there is some theoretical justification for it, ionizing radiation disturbs DNA replication (theory).
Both could be wrong (so there's no necessity/no answer to 'why not') and the mechanism could well be complicated by other factors (skin type, source of UVB, etc)
@Cerberus Usage of cigarettes has dropped considerably in the US over the past few decades, much faster than Europe.
@Mitch Yes, that is all true.
The word 'direct' was yours.
Another sign of American Puritanism, denying pleasure for future unknown goods
@Cerberus oh.
@Mitch Yes, there are other factors.
@CowperKettle Or the richest who didn't pay off the right people.
2:23 PM
@Mitch Good.
Even than in Western Europe?
@Cerberus pretty sure. I vaguely remember recent maps showing percentage. US less than all Western Europe.
It saddens me, though, that those engaging the most in elective unhealthy activities are often the poor: overeating, drinking, smoking, tanning.
Western Europe well below China
Good for you!
Of course China is a different class...
@Cerberus American Exceptionalism
2:25 PM
@Mitch Well, there are plenty of other countries smoking less than you.
Surprising that France is less than the US
It seems Spain and Italy drag Western Europe down...
@Mitch Hmm why?
I can't understand why anybody is still smoking.
At least I think smoking is decreasing rapidly in most places.
@Cerberus It's very rare to see someone smoking here. Not rare at all in France.
for me
2:27 PM
I never noticed more nor less smoking in France.
If you watch old movies, everybody smokes.
@Robusto In Europe they've had antismoking campaigns like the US and labels on packs saying 'you will die if you smoke this'. But they don't have that at all in China
or apparently Greece
Latin America seems to be doing comparatively well.
And India.
Perhaps India is too poor?
The Andes is also fairly poor.
@Cerberus Just not a consumer desire?
2:28 PM
But I'd have expected more smoking in Mexico and Brazil!
@Mitch Possible, but it is amongst the most addictive drugs available...
Most of Africa is poor but not smoking
Africa is too poor.
I think.
so 'poverty' is a bit of a complex predictor
(or none at all)
Once again, though, maps like that one are misleading. Dividing by country makes it look like more cigarettes are smoked per square meter in Russia than anywhere else on earth, when the opposite is probably the case.
Africa is also too poor to be obese, I think.
But not Mexico.
2:31 PM
Nothing like starvation to trim the waistline.
Hunger tightens the belts.
It's interesting how fat Spain is.
But again, most of the obesity in the US is in the South and rural states.
We knew about England.
another smoking map that shows Western Europe much worse than US/Canada
@Mitch Hmm how is that possible, then? We don't have reliable data? I should think we do?
2:34 PM
@Robusto They tip the scales considerably.
@Robusto Notice how dotted green on the American map is less than 20% obesity, which corresponds with orange on the world map.
Yellow on the American map = <30% = red on the world map.
But coming from Massachusetts, I don't notice a significant increase in fatties here in NM. Maybe it's all who you hang around with.
And the darkest colour on the American map is off the world scale.
Or maybe I just look away when I see one.
It's not just overeating, it's shitty dietary habits.
2:36 PM
@Robusto Perhaps the class difference in obesity is even greater in America than in Europe?
Here it is also the poor who are fatter.
Lotsa grease, lotsa sugar, that sort of thing.
@Cerberus Yes. And that explains Mexico as well.
@Robusto They're the ones not in your bike club, they just don't get out much
And perhaps the poor are more segregated in America, so you see those people less than you see poor people here?
@Mitch True.
@Cerberus possibly segregation but also density. you just don't see people driving around in cars.
2:38 PM
I mean, we have some segregation here as well. Of the people I see on an average day, a lower percentage will be fat than of all Dutchmen.
AFK, to be continued. Gotta get my wholesome breakfast and coffee.
@Mitch Well, but those count neither as nor as thin.
@Robusto Be sure to add some lard.
I am now thinner than I was when I was 16!
Your mom fed you well
Ate a small bowl of unsugared muesli today.
@Mitch At some point, we were allowed to eat crisps 'around the weekend' and drink soda...
Those didn't help.
But I still love unhealthy food.
I'd stuff myself every day if I could.
What I love most is having a second dinner after dinner.
With cheeses and crisps and desserts.
So you're saying that you consciously deny yourself some pleasures?
2:42 PM
Sucks, huh.
Look at these maps.
So to say... how should we word this... puritanical?
(East-?)Asians in America are thin.
Blacks are fat.
Whites are in between.
Stereotypes are true
haha so meta
@Mitch Quite!
Don't forget Dutch Calvinism!
Which also contributed to American Puritanism.
If indulgence is the opposite of Puritanical, then the US wins at being not puritanical
2:44 PM
When's the party?
@Cerberus I thought you guys kicked out the Pilgrims for being... way way way too uptight
More importantly, what will be served?
@Mitch Possibly, but America was a Dutch colony, with Dutch Calvinism, in its formative years.
That song could be more fun, given that the name says it should be.
2:46 PM
Now this you could ascribe to Puritanism...
American Puritanism made alcohol forbidden for adults under 21.
We should be talking about Saharan Puritanism
I'm shocked at Holland and Scandinavia, though. They should be heavy drinkers, and England as well.
Perhaps Pew has the wrong data.
They don't do -anything- fun
Poor and Islamic.
That helps.
and nothing good to eat
sand cookies
@Cerberus there's lots of ways in which these maps can be misleading: data source(s), color choice, bin size, is it a ratio or adjusted for area or what.
2:50 PM
I don't understand this: France drinking more than England?
And much more than Sandinavia and Holland?
@Mitch Yeah, but I wonder in what way.
Hmm perhaps French youth drink much less than their Germanic counterparts?
@Cerberus It could be a (large) handful of public binge drinkers is clouding your judgement. Or maybe the Puritanical British outrage at it spilling into the media.
No, I seem to remember seeing statistics.
Oh, well.
On the Pew map, Russians drink less than Frenchmen or Germans...I know for a fact that isn't right.
I'd figure Italy for larger consumers...the Romance-drinking-wine at every meal
I know Italians drink less!
Everyone drinks wine, children, too; but not mitch.
such restraint
2:54 PM
So many typos.
one might say denying themselves
One might.
@Cerberus you can only aspire to the levels I have
One tries.
At first I had 'not mich'.
So I corrected it.
it's cognate so it passes
2:55 PM
Oh, of course.
1 min ago, by Cerberus
Everyone drinks wine, children, too; but not mitch.
I don't drink wine or children
It was supposed to be 'but not much'...
@Cerberus What?
The line I quoted.
The French put wine in baby bottles for their infants
2:57 PM
We used to do the same thing here.
When the water source is not healthy, the alcohol purifies
The more elder brothers you have, the higher chances you get of marrying another man.
One hypothesis is maternal immune sensitization to males. With each next boy, the mother's body attacks the boy fetus with antibodies and changes its developmental course.
@Cerberus You've seen how I make oatmeal. No lard.
@CowperKettle Weird.
@CowperKettle Once the bloodline has been safeguarded, the spares can be gay.
@Robusto Joke!
I know.
Regarding drinking, I drank much more when I was younger. I think that was because I had less time for exercise.
3:10 PM
And also because of culture?
Here, young adults probably drink the most.
But many educated old people (65+) also drink several glasses of wine a day.
All my friends' parents do this, and mine own.
Well, my own culture. Now that I can exercise as much as I like, I just feel good most of the time.
I don't have to risk feeling bad to feel good.
I meant youth culture.
@Cerberus There was a recent research showing that gayness may predispose you to beget more childen, since gays are more sexually active. I'm too lazy to google it, so it may be my invention here.
@Robusto Endorphone is probably much more wholesome than alcohol!
@CowperKettle Haha that would be odd.
@Cerberus Maybe. But I think being a young adult is all about learning one's limits—from the far side.
3:12 PM
I really should be working, so too lazy to google up.
I think gays are more sexually active for two reasons: 1. they are not held back by childcare as much (though the number of gay parents is increasing steadily); and 2. it's much, much easier to arrange sex with a man than with a woman.
I have never done tequila slammers since that one time I tried that at a party.
@Cerberus In a hetero relationship, the man makes the overtures and the woman (more or less) resists them. In a gay male relationship, there is no such governor on that throttle.
Alcohol use amongst children 12–16 y/o.
Q: What does a lesbian bring to the second date?
A: A moving van.
Q: What does a gay man bring to the second date?
A: What second date?
A gay friend told me those jokes.
@Robusto Yeah, kind of. Though there are patterns where e.g. older men make advances at younger men.
@Robusto Quite true.
Green = heavy drinkers.
Red = excessive drinkers.
3:17 PM
Before he died of AIDS, I used to visit one gay friend (an artist I knew from college) whenever I was in San Francisco. He had two roommates, and they used to compare how many assignations they had the previous evening. The record was 11, I think.
Youngsters drink the most socially.
@Robusto Uhh now that is excessive...
If an assignation includes sex...
What else would it include at a gay bar?
The word assignation sounds somewhat old fashioned, so I don't know!
But yeah.
Ron was a brilliant guy. I was really devastated when he died. He was so bright, so funny. We would start talking whenever we got together and never stop, as if we were picking up a conversation from our last meeting and keeping it aloft.
Maybe kissing counts as an assignation.
In which case I know some girls who probably got similar numbers, when they were students.
3:20 PM
@Cerberus You know me, I use words funny and for effect. Not as funny as Tom, but funny.
I do.
Speaking of Tom, where is he these days? He hasn't been around since I got back from Tucson.
I hope he didn't have a run-in with TPTB again.
@Robusto Does "assignation" mean a sexual act? That's a lot.
@CowperKettle I used it to speak of a sexual act in a more delicate way than was perhaps warranted.
@Robusto No, I heard he had some private issue that takes up all his time.
Nothing to do with his health.
3:23 PM
I hope he's OK.
Mentally, probably not very.
Maybe male gays don't become pheromonally/hormonally connected as strongly as a man and a woman do.
We can be extra nice when he returns.
@Robusto No, it was a fun word.
I do wonder whether kissing counts, though.
@CowperKettle I think men are men.
But, as I said, women are just much less easily available.
Women are programmed to search for a dependable man.
@CowperKettle Haha, good luck with that.
3:26 PM
The U-Haul lesbian or U-Haul syndrome is a stereotype of lesbian relationships, referring to the joke that lesbians tend to move in together on the second date. It suggests an extreme inclination toward committed relationships. It can be considered either complimentary or pejorative, depending on context. == Origin == A joke which references U-Haul (a brand of rental "move-it-yourself" trucks and trailers) became well known in lesbian culture. Question: What does a lesbian bring on a second date? Answer: A U-Haul. Often attributed to comic Lea DeLaria, the joke suggests that lesbians move in...
I once spoke to a straight guy on a gay app who said, I'm 100% straight, but I just want a warm body, and I just cannot arrange a tryst with a woman at 3 AM on a Tuesday.
@Cerberus And for this reason, he dated men?
Just a sexual encounter.
I don't think that a straight man would ever want to have sex with a man.
Could be hugging and simultaneous masturbation while watching pornography, I don't know.
3:27 PM
No matter how warm his body is.
@Cerberus Probably only 99.44% straight, I would think.
I think most never would.
I have no desire at all to have sex with a woman.
I was creeped out going into a common shower room with naked men when I was 15. I did not want to see them. The room was attached to a swimming pool, and we were all forced to go and take a shower.
Then again, suppose I were really, really desperate and in the mood, a woman is a warm body. Probably better than a sex doll. And people do sex dolls all the time...
@Robusto It is possible.
But, if I can imagine having sex with a woman, why can't anyone have sex with anyone, given enough desperation/arousal?
@CowperKettle Yeah I have never done that in my life.
Would prefer to keep it that way.
As a prude, it would creep me out, too.
Although I support non-prudeness in general.
@Cerberus You mean you would be creeped out going into a common shower room with other girls at age 15?
3:31 PM
@CowperKettle With anyone.
THere were many showerheads, at about 1.5 meters apart. It was not crowded. But I was feeling weird.
"Other girls" suggests I am girl, which I am not.
I don't have any repulsion to gays. I find them in the main witty and fun. But I've never wanted to have sex with one. Not even my friend Ron, with whom if I was going to have sex with a man it would have been him.
@CowperKettle With anyone, but, as a man, I would be showering with other men. No thanks.
@Robusto Just as I have never wanted to have sex with a woman.
I had a female friend who sometimes wanted to 'snuggle up' when she was drunk. It kind of creeped me out.
Though also because she was a friend.
3:33 PM
I went to a nude beach once, near Yekaterinburg. It was not creepy because there were just anybody. It was like a normal beach, only people were naked. Somehow it was creepy in the shower.
I once went to a nude beach by accident.
Didn't know where to look.
My bicyclist friend is a dedicated nude beach goer.
Good for him.
@Cerberus Can you change "sex with on" to "sex with one" in that message, please?
I'll just stay at home, though.
3:34 PM
@Cerberus We camped next to a nude beach by accident. Pitched tents and only some time after that, discovered that nude people are going abour just 20 meters from us.
We were on bicycles and brought tents and stuff, to spend a night on a lake.
@Cerberus Thanks.
@Robusto Done.
@CowperKettle Fun.
My friends decided to go and look at this nude beach, but I refused to go, because they went wearing their swimsuits. I said - it's poor manners, to go clothed to a nude beach. I'm either going naked, or not going.
I once received an invitation by an intersexual person, did I tell you about that?
Looked like a man, but had female parts down low.
No, you didn't, but I don't know what "intersexual" means.
3:36 PM
There are many variants of intersexuality, so I learned.
So a trans person?
Did this person "feel" himself to be a man?
@Robusto Nope!
Born like that.
Yes, he felt like a man. Looked 100% manly, too.
Ah. Born like that. Yes, there are rare syndromes, listed on Wikipedia.
Yes, but I think there are still many millions around the world.
3:38 PM
Once again we see that sexuality is not a world whose population exists only at the poles.
At first, I was less than enthusiastic. It seemed too 'female'.
Later, I thought, maybe this could be extra interesting.
I don't know.
Windows just notified me that I received patch data, but I have no idea what app that was for.
Is it Pirate Day?
3:40 PM
What day would that be?
Windows is constantly asking me to upgrade to Windows 11.
International Talk Like a Pirate Day is a parodic holiday created in 1995 by John Baur (Ol' Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap'n Slappy), of Albany, Oregon, U.S., who proclaimed September 19 each year as the day when everyone in the world should talk like a pirate. An observer of this holiday would greet friends not with "Hello, everyone!" but with "Ahoy, maties!" or "Ahoy, me hearties!" The holiday, and its observance, springs from a romanticized view of the Golden Age of Piracy. == History == According to Summers, the day is the only known holiday to come into being as a result of a sports injury...
But I have only 10 GB free on my C: drive, so I would first buy a spacier SSD.
Oh, it's 19 September.
I thought that might explain the patch.
@CowperKettle Oh, that must be super annoying.
Can't you turn that off?
@Cerberus No, not annoying, it's just a tiny notification near the clock at the lower right.
I keep forgetting to celerbrate the Liza Doolittle Day.
3:42 PM
@CowperKettle I can upgrade, but so far no pressure to do so. I'll wait till they have a version worthy of switching to.
How many days are there on the average day?
Must be many.
@Cerberus ???
@Robusto If Eliza Doolittle has a day, then there must be many more than 365 'days'?
So how may 'days' are there on May 20th?
> - I did not drink today, I tell you! I did not! Despite the fact that the day was a holiday. (Looks up in the calendar) "The Day of the Storming of the Bastille! Such a day went away in vain!" (From a good Soviet movie)
3:46 PM
@Cerberus Ah.
I loved this type of calendar back in the Soviet days.
You had to tear away a leaf each day.
The new leaf showed when the sun rises up, when it sets down.
And some "important" information about this day.
Historical information, or some nature-related info.
Some bits of poetry, or sayings, or quotations.
It was like a Soviet twitter.
We still have those calendars.
We had one with cartoons at my former workplace.
A chess problem in a 1959 calendar
"The Whites make the first move and win".
Can you solve it?
No, I'm very poor at chess.
My sister beats me easily.
Even when she was very depressed, she just beat me barely looking at the chessboard.
3:57 PM
Same here, except for the sister.
There was a political prisoner who played chess in his mind in the Soviet prison, and created a lot of chess problems this way. And went on to become a minister in the Government of Israel, after spending 10 years in Soviet jails.
Natan Sharansky (Hebrew: נתן שרנסקי; Russian: Ната́н Щара́нский; Ukrainian: Натан Щаранський), born Anatoly Borisovich Shcharansky, is an Israeli politician, human rights activist, and author who, as a refusenik in the Soviet Union during the 1970s and 1980s, spent nine years in Soviet prisons. He served as Chairman of the Executive for the Jewish Agency from June 2009 to August 2018. Sharansky currently serves as chairman for the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP), an American non-partisan organization. == Biography == Sharansky was born into a Jewish family on...
> During his imprisonment, he embarked on hunger strikes to protest confiscation of his mail, and he was force-fed at least 35 times, which he describes as "a sort of torture". Sharansky later opposed force-feeding of Palestinian detainees.
I read his book of memoirs in Russian.
A real hero.
Have you read the Schachnovelle?
@Cerberus No, I'll look it up
The Royal Game (also known as Chess Story; in the original German Schachnovelle, "Chess Novella") is a novella by the Austrian author Stefan Zweig written in 1941, the year before the author's death by suicide. In some editions, the title is used for a collection that also includes "Amok", "Burning Secret", "Fear", and "Letter From an Unknown Woman". == Plot summary == The narrator opens the story on a passenger liner traveling from New York to Buenos Aires. Driven to mental anguish as the result of total isolation by the Nazis, Dr B, a securities expert hiding valuable assets of the nobility from...
4:11 PM
It is a thin booklet.
In easy German.
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