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12:05 AM
New slogan for the anti-vaxxers among us: Let them eat paste.
Q: What does it mean to "eat glue"?

Icode4foodI have come across this phrase a time or two and can't seem to make any sense out of what it means. As a web developer and in the context of this graphic, I have a little idea what it may mean, but I'm not sure...

1:32 AM
A photo I took yesterday during a jog
2:00 AM
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3:21 AM
@Robusto My good deed for the day:
A: It would have to rain today, of all days!

tchristWould have to is here just the past tense of Will have to I can see why you’re a bit puzzled over that Collins translation of the English exclamation: It would have to rain today, of all days! The answer to you question about this particular use of would have to is actually simpler than it look...

Bunch of Spanish there for you to read.
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6:02 AM
Today is a cold, drizzly day
But still, some 40 people showed up at the ParkRun
"The available data are/is biased toward specific mutation types."

is or are?
I think I can treat the "available data" as singular even though "data" is plural.
7:10 AM
> Teen gets USB cable stuck in penis in backfired attempt to measure length
How on Earth can one manage to stuck the wide part of the USB cable in the urethra?
I should read the case report.
I wonder - did people experiment in this way before surgery became efficient and safe? It was the sure way to die.
And to die a horrible death at that. Just to think how much effort it takes to bring up a child to age 15, just to see him die from sticking something in his penis.
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10:42 AM
In 2019, The International Space Station spotted an exotic type of upside-down lightning called a blue jet (illustrated) zipping up from a thundercloud into the stratosphere
In Rostov-on-Don, an independent election observer installed a video camera to track the safe with ballots overnight and make sure nobody tampers with it.
The next morning on returning to the votion station, he was offered a cup of coffee, and immediately felt very bad. He has been hospitalized into a toxicology ward of the local hospital with suspected poisoning. twitter.com/novaya_gazeta/status/1439178182003920896
Hard to believe. Poisoning is a serious crime. Who commit it over such a trifling thing.
The bottomline election officials hardly stand to gain much from such capers.
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2:01 PM
@tchrist Good answer. I left you a side question in a comment there.
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4:00 PM
4:11 PM
@tchrist: It's peculiar that I feel more at home in Spanish, after just five or six years of practice, than I ever did in German or Japanese, both of which I studied harder and longer and practiced more diligently, even working in Germany for 6 months and coming to think in that language during my tenure there.
@Robusto Freedom pounds home in on the sounds of eurofreedom as pennywise shopkeeps gently explain why an ounce of gold will now set dieting eurovisitors back even more pounds than an ounce of saffron will: because it weighs more of course.
@Robusto It's a nice language.
4:40 PM
Hello all,
He is finding language difficult
What do you think about this sentence please?
Is this continuous present tense or what please?
4:58 PM
@Avra It's not idiomatic.
Someone who has had a brain injury could be said to find language difficult, but not a student.
Someone who is learning some particular language would be finding the language difficult.
The word is is in the present tense.
He finds the language difficult in the present tense is normal. He is finding the language difficult is also in the present tense but is not at all so common or general in purpose. It incorporates a progressive aspect (not tense) that has further connotations of being a gradual thing, progressing through a process. It can also be stereotypical overuse of -ing forms by English language learners from the Indian Subcontinent.
We say I find that my choices are few far more often than ever we say I am finding that my choices are few, for they do not mean the same thing.
A person recovering from a brain injury might be said to be finding language difficult, just as they might be said to be finding reading difficult or walking difficult.
Because that is a process that they are undergoing, and are in the middle of.
5:20 PM
@tchrist. Thank you very much. %100 clear. Appreciated
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6:44 PM
Q: What does "illuminatrix" mean?

Sctop ZhangJust like the title. I noticed this word when I was reading a game's art book, in which the sentence goes: Feeling down? Bring the sunshine inside with Henderson’s new Illuminatrix. (Source, at the bottom of page 1) I googled it yet there seems to have nothing that matches the sentence. Is it a...

That's an illumimatrix.
Noun: natrīx f (genitive natrīcis); third declension
  1. water snake
That's an illuminatrix.
Glad we got that settled.
And the plural?
Trixies for short, I guess
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10:05 PM
>According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons (NamUS) database, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 600,000 persons of all ages go missing every year, and approximately 4,400 unidentified bodies are recovered every year.
All but about 2,000 of the missing persons cases are resolved relatively quickly.
It would be interesting to know about the unresolved cases how many were indicted, indebted, had foreign bank accounts, had been in rehab, received fatal diagnoses, etc.
And, historically, how many of their SOs were later involved in assault, murder, etc. Or received surprising insurance payments or inheritances.
10:31 PM
Twitter: “The GOP domestic terrorists are as Dangerous as the Taliban and Isis are ,full stop” Do they get their own airport then?

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