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12:19 AM
> Is this piece too easy to be classified as a etute?
That's not the correct nomenclature, dute.
12:37 AM
It's Ey-dude.
@RegDwigнt Then again, sometimes one does know these things.
11 hours ago, by Robusto
@Cerberus: A friend wants to buy a PC for school and gaming for his high-school-age son. You spent ~$800, IIRC. He wants to spend a bit more, about $1200. Do you have any ideas/suggestions for a good but cheap graphics card?
Just wondering if you saw that.
This morning's pre-sunrise.
@Robusto Oh, hey, I saw it but forgot about it.
There is a problem: huge chip shortages, particularly in video cards.
So if he can wait six months or a year, I'd highly recommend it.
@Cerberus Yeah, like kids can wait. ^_^
I'll tell my friend. He works for HP, so maybe he can get something through them.
But my impression is that pre-built PCs tend to be lacking in certain things. There is always a weak link.
@Robusto In the current market, you might have more luck buying a pre-built PC.
My first Windows PC was an HP, and it was garbage.
12:49 AM
It's just horrible.
Glad I got mine done last year.
That's what really counts.
Maybe he can find something local that gets good reviews.
Yes, well done!
Just in time.
For once I lucked out.
12:51 AM
Literally all the cards I search for on Tweakers.net have one of max 2 sellers, instead of the normal 30.
And those sellers still in the list probably don't really have them available at all.
Wow. That is a shortage.
It began in the autumn of 2020.
And it's become worse and worse.
It is possible that it's less bad in your region.
But a pre-built computer might escape the price hikes and lack of availability somewhat.
The very few cards I can find, even older ones, have increased in price by at least 100%.
The 1050 Ti, for example, was €150 in 2017, and is €300+ now, sold in a few shops.
1:08 AM
@Robusto well, technically I know all the things, it's just that I've forgotten all the things but seven. And, like, three of those are my own name.
@RegDwigнt You get one more for your screen name.
@Cerberus Sheesh.
Yes, the fourth is my screen name, and the fifth is "google".
The other two, I forget.
The GTX 1660 Super went from €260 in September 2020 to €660 now.
And the newest generation of the xx60 cards, the RTX 3060, now begins at €750.
@Cerberus Holy cow, Newegg has my current card for $3,598! And I'm sure I didn't pay more than $800 for it last November!
And do they actually have it available?
Which one do you have?
1:14 AM
EVGA GeForce RTX 2070
Ah, yes.
That price is more than I saw the bleeding edge cards going for last fall.
It is just not available at all here, in any shop.
Full name is EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB XC ULTRA GAMING Video Card
Except with delivery times "> 12 days", which means when Hell freezes over.
1:15 AM
And yeah, not available anyhere.
No variant of the RTX 2070 is available at all here.
Not even yours, with its cool name.
@Cerberus Part of the problem is the pipeline. There are container ships stacked up outside LA right now. Their backlog would take two weeks to work through.
Hm, maybe I can turn a profit on my twelve-year-old Vista PC and use the money to buy a space station.
I'm hearing they don't need the ISS anymore.
@Robusto Hmm I'm sure there are many factors.
@RegDwigнt Can you buy Mir?
@Cerberus Which is why I said "Part of the problem is the pipeline."
1:18 AM
@Cerberus I could pay James Cameron to dive to its remains.
> The cost of the Mir programme was estimated by former RKA General Director Yuri Koptev in 2001 as $4.2 billion over its lifetime (including development, assembly and orbital operation).[14]
Yeah, but that's in 2001 dollars.
Before Bush un-coupled it from gold.
> The ISS has been described as the most expensive single item ever constructed.[391] As of 2010 the total cost was US$150 billion.
Yeah, but I'm not trying to pay for its construction and operation in the last twenty years. I'm buying up the uninhabited piece of junk.
I wonder what the Pyramid of Gizah did cost after inflation.
@RegDwigнt No, I think you should relaunch it.
1:22 AM
First things first.
First new socks?
Do you need a Vista PC? Good as new, one careful owner. 300MB of RAM. Only $150 trillion.
Order now, beat the rush.
Call by noon, and I'll throw in a Tamagotchi for only $100k.
@RegDwigнt 300 MB??
200 should be enough for anybody.
Oh, working Tamagotchis may actually be worth good money now?
People are crazy.
1:39 AM
Well the Beanie Babies are not doing too well right now.
Crazes are temporary. Which is only one reason more for me to capitalize on this one.
And which is why if you do take up on my offer, I'll throw in three Backstreet Boys CDs completely for free.
How generous.
Apparently, Tamagochis are now €16ish on Ebay.
So not rare items yet.
@Cerberus you can build a working Tamagotchi out of Raspberry Pi and old bubble gum. And then run GTA6 on it in the background.
Speak for yourself.
Yeah, good call. On that note:
@Robusto who are "we"? I do have metric time.
How else do you explain it that I'm awake at the times I'm awake at.
1:51 AM
@RegDwigнt Pix or it didn't happen.
My pic can be seen to the left of this message.
That has nothing to do with time.
Everything has to do with time. Even if you're a black hole.
And I'm not even a black hole.
I think it's painfully obvious that you are a black hole.
Else why would you deny it?
Solid sciencing, Ms Hathaway.
Is that Dolby 5.2? I won't listen otherwise.
The Woody Allen font is bugging me.
It's Dolby. That's all you can have.
I can have mono on my Tamagotchi.
@RegDwigнt Are you filling in for Tom now with your font quibbles?
If I don't show support for Tom now, I might as well never.
1:58 AM
Haha that was perfectly in sync.
To be fair, the chances were considerable.
Thomas Dolby had some good shit.
I only know like one and a half song in total. And this isn't even one of them.
Fucking ads with their own fucking music.
When will they finally support silent ads for music videos.
Hm. That could be the one that I know, looking at the title. But I'm swinging for now.
I like this kind of sound. They don't make music like this anymore. Thirty years ago it was like all the music all the time. The fuck happened to that.
I'll see your electro-swing and raise you $10,000.
Well, make that forty actually. I forgot what year it is.
Easy to do as you get older.
I thought we excluded time from the equation!
Sec, listening to radio silence now.
You go listen to this some time:
That was, like, radical.
She had other and closer things, but that's what I can think of right now.
It would help if I spoke Russian. Or understood it.
@Robusto I'm actually in favour of metric time.
It would make teaching physics and mathematics easier!
@Cerberus Yeah, no. No metric time for you.
@Cerberus Take it up with the universe.
I'll take ten-hour days and ten-day weeks and hundred-minute hours.
Months can be dropped. They're not important at all.
2:11 AM
That's just hateful.
The only fundamental problem is the relation between year and day.
Those are the only units which have important conexions to reality.
You should be decimated.
That's OK, I can afford to lose 10%.
Yeah, but what if it's the 10% closest to your heart?
@Cerberus that's like saying we should only use 10 letters. That would make reading so much easier.
Don't cater to the lowest common denominator. Idiots suck at maths and spelling not because it's hard, but because they're idiots.
2:14 AM
@RegDwigнt Interesting.
@RegDwigнt Nah, we don't need to calculate using letters as units.
@Robusto yeah, like not the same thing really, but wevs. Dolby so far reminds me more of The Smiths, like. And all the other names that I forgot twenty years ago.
Liek srsly, it's on the tip of my tongue and I can't say.
@Cerberus my point is, idiots don't calculate at all.
Good point.
@Cerberus You do if you use hexadecimal.
That's one reason why I hate hexadecimal!
It's hard to use.
2:16 AM
@Cerberus That's why I so often find myself opposed to all spelling reforms.
If your kid can't spell mayonnaise, that's not the word's fault. It's your kid's, and yours.
In fact, I should have preferred an octal base for the entire metric system.
BTW, Happy International Women's Day. Can we get some more women in here now?
Yes, please.
It's 3:17 past women here.
2:17 AM
Although I honestly don't care about the backgrounds of people in chat.
Be they metric transsexuals or Imperial women.
Ugh. Imperial women.
Imperial women are hot. What's wrong with you?
Now, now, remember your Catherine.
They tried to show an excerpt from the Meghan interview on the German evening news. That was the fastest I ever closed a video.
2:19 AM
I think she's pretty cool.
@Cerberus Did you see the mini-series with Helen Mirren as Catherine?
No, but Google Images did show me some screenshots.
2:21 AM
Good to know.
@Cerberus I think she's pretty dead.
Then again, you are a hell hound.
Drop dead gorgeous?
Have you watched The Crown?
I don't even know what that is.
2:22 AM
@Cerberus Yes. I have a wife, remember?
A series about Elizabeth II of England.
Everybody I know has seen it.
Everybody I know has not.
I found it OK. Cool when some historical events outside the royal house were portrayed.
I don't need to watch TV for that. I can read a book.
But the house itself I discovered didn't interest me that much.
2:23 AM
I stood in many her a house. Meh.
No plumbing, just Fabergé.
Not the same thing, frankly.
Does anyone know why so may portraits of the 18th century have those fish eyes?
This drop dead gorgeous woman would raise her skirt to sit on a pot. And then leave that pot under her bed for the rest of the night.
Our family portraits have them as well. But they're so damn ugly and unrealistic.
2:24 AM
Thanks but no thanks.
And why not?
@RegDwigнt You'd have done the same.
@Robusto that makes it worse not better.
I wasn't trying to make it better.
I'm looking for a photograph of my great-great-grandmother, but I can't find it on my drive, so maybe some other time.
She couldn't read, my nan told me, but she could tell the money bills apart alright.
2:30 AM
Where did she live?
She lived in a village like a hundred miles away, and would sometimes come visit. Without being able to read.
That's what the photo is of. She's like 90 years old by then. Sitting in a square in Moscow, in deep winter.
Her name was Olympiada.
And you would've never guessed that.
But everyone called her just Lipa.
Super cool name.
There. Just took a quick photo of the photo just now.
She looks pretty cool.
At 90 I guess you sort of have to.
If I can travel a hundred miles at that age without so much as being able to read the street signs, I'll be pretty cool too.
Anyway. That's me for tonight.
2:42 AM
Did Russia have miles?
Good night.
I just pushed a couple gits a couple hours ago without really knowing what I was doing, so I expect the entire company to go up in flames tomorrow morning, and I better be up early for that.
@Cerberus oh it had its own thing. Miles, too, but those were nautical.
On dry land you'd use verst.
A verst (Russian: верста, versta) is an obsolete Russian unit of length defined as 500 sazhen. This makes a verst equal to 1.0668 kilometres (0.6629 miles; 3,500 feet). == Plurals and variants == In the English language, verst is singular with the normal plural versts. In Russian, the nominative singular is versta, but the form usually used with numbers is genitive plural verst – 10 verst, 25 verst, etc. – whence the English form. "Verst" is sometimes used in Russian colloquial speech as a synonym for a kilometer. A mezhevaya versta (Russian: межевая верста, literally border verst) is twice as...
It's often translitterated as werst in Dutch.
That is rather close to a km!
2:44 AM
But just not close enough to mess with you.
What a weird genitive plural.
@Cerberus yeah. It's 500 sazhen, but a sazhen was some random shit derived from your wingspan or something.
Oh, my wingspan.
2:45 AM
Do you know the boardgame Wingspan?
A native system of weights and measures was used in Imperial Russia and after the Russian Revolution, but it was abandoned after 21 July 1925, when the Soviet Union adopted the metric system, per the order of the Council of People's Commissars. The Tatar system is very similar to the Russian one, but some names are different. The Polish system is also very close to the Russian. The system existed since ancient Rus', but under Peter the Great, the Russian units were redefined relative to the English system. Until Peter the Great the system also used Cyrillic numerals, and only in the 18th century...
Ah, yes, that kind of wingspan should equal the average height of a person.
Fut, really?
Of course.
What kind of word is that?
All the words with an ф anywhere in them are borrowed. As I'm sure you know.
2:47 AM
I didn't.
So they borrowed an English word??
Well you do now. But careful, in a minute you'll forget.
Or German?
My money would be on Dutch, silly.
Well certainly not the Ivan.
2:48 AM
But then I'd have expected BYT.
The fuck language is that. Use proper Cyrillics.
I cannot.
I'm noticing.
But you know what I mean.
I have no idea how long a Dutch foot was.
It took me only four tries.
2:49 AM
I'm sure there were many different ones.
(Literally. I counted.)
An odd thing to count.
No, four is actually even.
I suppose.
But I'm keeping you up.
1 min ago, by RegDwigнt
I'm noticing.
So anyway. Gutnächtle.
2:50 AM
Ugh, German.
@RegDwigнt Shag?
2 hours later…
5:04 AM
Russian punctuation: it is sometimes okay to place a comma after each word.
It's not a list, it's a full-fledged sentence.
3 hours later…
8:25 AM
In political science and popular discourse, the horseshoe theory asserts that the far-left and the far-right, rather than being at opposite and opposing ends of a linear political continuum, closely resemble one another, analogous to the way that the opposite ends of a horseshoe are close together. The theory is attributed to French philosopher and writer Jean-Pierre Faye. Proponents of the theory point to a number of similarities between the far-left and the far-right, including their supposed propensity to gravitate to authoritarianism or totalitarianism. However, the horseshoe theory has also...
8:52 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at beginning of body, offensive body detected, potentially bad keyword in body, toxic body detected (145): How To Handle Every Pian Full But its Very Sweet pain Challenge With Ease Using These Tips by user416912 on english.SE
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10:23 AM
Word of the day: Moro's carrot soup
Yeah, happy international women's day to me, the one and only EL&U chat female denizen.
@Gigili Cheers! I never knew you were female!
USA. 61 million (24% of adults) Americans have received ≥ 1 dose
And 50% age ≥ 65, 65% age ≥ 75 at least one dose
Q: Would a man looking at his own wife 'to desire her' be committing adultery according to Jesus at Matthew 5:28?

Anthony BurgMatthew 5:28 says "but I -- I say to you, that every one who is looking on a woman to desire her, did already commit adultery with her in his heart." (Young's literal) It seems to be a blanket statement - all women. Does this include looking at one's own wife?

10:48 AM
@CowperKettle One never knows with me!
@Gigili Your avatar is very typical for a male.
But generally I tend to confuse males and females online.
I managed to offend Captain Bohemian when I assumed that she was a guy.
@Gigili Congratulations, now and every day!
11:10 AM
Thanks @Conrado & @CowperKettle
@Gigili 🧡💛💚
3 hours later…
2:12 PM
@Gigili Though you may very well be special (I am not claiming one way or the other), you are not special in that one way. There are a couple of not-every-day regulars, but it is internet etiquette not to 'out' people unless they want. On the other hand @Cerberus is totally a dog.
2:32 PM
Ringwoodite is a high-pressure phase of Mg2SiO4 (magnesium silicate) formed at high temperatures and pressures of the Earth's mantle between 525 and 660 km (326 and 410 mi) depth. It may also contain iron and hydrogen. It is polymorphous with the olivine phase forsterite (a magnesium iron silicate). Ringwoodite is notable for being able to contain hydroxide ions (oxygen and hydrogen atoms bound together) within its structure. In this case two hydroxide ions usually take the place of a magnesium ion and two oxide ions.Combined with evidence of its occurrence deep in the Earth's mantle, this suggests...
> Combined with evidence of its occurrence deep in the Earth's mantle, this suggests that there is from one to three times the world ocean's equivalent of water in the mantle transition zone from 410 to 660 km deep.
A whole second world ocean is kept in mineral form 500 km below the Earth's surface.
3:11 PM
@CowperKettle So Jules Verne was right!
Journey to the Center of the Earth (French: Voyage au centre de la Terre), also translated with the variant titles A Journey to the Centre of the Earth and A Journey into the Interior of the Earth), is a classic science fiction novel by Jules Verne. It was first published in French in 1864, then reissued in 1867 in a revised and expanded edition. Professor Otto Lidenbrock is the tale's central figure, an eccentric German scientist who believes there are volcanic tubes that reach to the very center of the earth. He, his nephew Axel, and their Icelandic guide Hans rappel into Iceland's celebrated...
3:42 PM
A good book, though I never read it
I read it as a child.
The centre is not quite as we would imagine it today, though!
Today I went to buy some water in 5-liter flasks. There was only one guy before me in the queue, and he was not wearing a mask. Two guys in working robes were doing some repairs in the office, and they wore no masks either.
Many people openly flaunt the mask wearing rules, and if you point it out to them, you can get rebuked.
Cashiers are afraid of asking people to wear masks, because cashiers are women and girls.
> In January 2021, 6 645 died in Sverdlovsk Oblast, while 3 240 were born.
4:50 PM
@Mitch It was a lame attempt at getting replies from others stating I am not the only one.
But if you pay enough attention, it is the "member since" factor that matters most.
I am regular here since my childhood.
And thank you for confirming the fact that I am special.
In other news, what has six claws, eight legs, three glowing eyes and a giant mouth?
5:13 PM
@Gigili I don't know, but it's crawling up your neck!
Old joke from childhood.
@Gigili I don't think you can affirm that from anything I've said or not said.
@Mitch I think we can affirm a lot from things you haven't said. I never heard you say kettle-cooked potato chips are great with draft beer, and yet I heartily affirm that fact.
@Robusto Touché
my statement stands
'kettle cooked' best euphemism ever
they're all 'kettle' cooked. That big vat of boiling fat? a kettle
how dare you
Lawyers in stretch limos have been dispatched.
You're not having those chips as we speak, are you?
5:22 PM
No. I don't eat chips and drink beer in the morning.
OK Mr Snootypants
one or the other but not both. got it
wonders if there are any chips or beer in the house
I should have had beer yesterday after my ride. Chips optional.
But alas there was no beer in the house.
When we got there the fridge was bare.
The time has come. The time is now.
Just go. Go. GO! I don't care how.
5:40 PM
The time it came, the time it went,
Not liking to be so poorly spent.
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