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1:08 AM
Anybody know what I can use to view .dmp files (crash report dumps on Windows)?
2:03 AM
NM, I found BlueScreenViewer.
Stupid Windows.
I was just about to give you that link :P
2:58 AM
I have some (english) linguistic based questions applicable to my natural language processing research
Askaway :-)
So I'm wonding (hoping) there is an existing metric for measuring the semantic distance between phrases.
One can use several measures (such as those provided in WordNet) to measure the semantic distance between Words. but once they are in sentences, I am not aware of any metrics.
--( I'm not sure how successful such as technical question would go across here, in terms of Ontopic and being within this communities expertised (Eg neural netword machine learning is ontopic at Cross Validated.SE but very few people there have the expertise to answer harder questions. ) )--
There is a linguistics.SE.
Are questions there most focused on Interlanguage linguistics?
3:13 AM
Dunno, sorry.
Another question on this line: Is changing an Odd number of Verbs/Adverbs/Adjectives/Nouns to their Antonyms expected to product a semantically distance sentence?
For example:
"Is changing an even number of verbs , adverbs , adjectives and nouns to their synonyms unexpected to product a semantically close sentence?"
3:51 AM
@Cerberus^ :-)
5 hours later…
8:42 AM
Is this sentence correct?

“Inquiry” changed to “Enquiry” to follow British format.
Hi @MattE.Эллен!
@ImranBughio yes
@ImranBughio Depends on where you are using it.
I am now on Ubuntu 15.04.
@JasperLoy I am using the sentence in windows 7.
@ImranBughio I mean that to make it a proper complete sentence in an essay, one would write '"Inquiry" is changed to "Enquiry" to follow the British format', for example. But of course if this is a newspaper headline then the omissions are fine.
8:57 AM
I know, was adding some humor :)
Well i was emailing someone, notifying that i have rectified the mistake. However i was thinking what would be an appropriate word to mention the difference between British and UK English. In my case i am using the word "Format".
@ImranBughio Then you should just use "British English" or "American English".
Another way to say it would be, "to follow British writing style"
Yes, that also sounds good.
9:20 AM
@MattE.Эллен Is there a difference between British and UK English?
Common to think of it where does the King's and Queen's English fit in?
@skillpatrol no
@skillpatrol the Queen's English is "proper" English. How English used to be spoken on the BBC
and the King's?
Well, there's no such thing as we don't have a king
Apparently it's a book
Thanks for clearing that up for me.
@MattE.Эллен I was semi-surprised not to see an answer from you on this
sorry for all the edit pings :(
I like the Venn diagram.
9:39 AM
Yeah, it seems adequately covered by others :)
1 hour later…
10:47 AM
@skillpatrol The King is the Anglicanistic God, I suppose.
perhaps :-)
The CGP Grey video is what clears everything up: youtu.be/rNu8XDBSn10
Basically, it's the God via the crown that rules.
@MattE.Эллен I protest!
Is there no neutrality?
What does the UN have to say regarding what constitutes an international language. * Me googles *
Oh non , français comme langue internationale !?
@Nick what do you protest?
@MattE.Эллен That there exists such a thing as proper English.
@Nick I see. You seem to have scare quote blindness
it can be treated with a course of youtube comments. read the comments section of a feminist's video twice a day every day for three weeks
10:59 AM
@MattE.Эллен Oh, right. Scare quotes are sarcasm. Then, what are italics for?
@Nick italics are for use-mention distinction
@MattE.Эллен These semantics are informal, right?
They can also be used for emphasis.
11:01 AM
@skillpatrol I thought that was what bold did.
It depends on context, but yes that too.
This isn't English. What is it called? Stylistics?
sounds about right
or maybe just style
Definitions for bold face words are found in the glossary of textbooks.
Style, you say.
11:05 AM
aka context
@skillpatrol No, context means the circumstances surrounding something. I think style is much more appropriate.
I think of style as a special type of context. But you're right too :-)
@Matt: Okay I have to ask: what is a "splinter word"?
Btw, incase you didn't get the joke, the image is of Ryan Stiles most noted from Whose Line and 2.5 Men
@RegDwigнt no idea
I was considering reclosing the question because it's just not very good
11:11 AM
@MattE.Эллен but you edited it in.
And then reopened.
@RegDwigнt I did not
And deleted my comment.
@MattE.Эллен Oh?
Play nice.
I deleted the comment because it was about a completely different question, that had been edited away by the OP :)
Yeah I see.
11:13 AM
@RegDwigнt A splinter word could mean a very tiny word like bug or cat or just the number e.
Well, the new question is still not clear, though. "No idea", as you say.
Gah, inb4 me again.
Why am I even trying.
sliver words
@RegDwigнt It's ok, I've removed mine :)
sliver tongued jackal
11:15 AM
your words get under my skin like slivers under my toe nails
Look at Matt, deleting all comments all day long, including his own.
all comments come to an end
Next thing you know, he'll delete UK's membership in the EU.
He already sent one "queen" our way. It's not like we're not noticing, you know.
I'll delete UKIP before I do that
Don't forget to also delete TTIP and VoIP.
And tulip and turnip and just the tip.
11:19 AM
all the way, never just the tip
ba dum tss
I'm just tipping you off.
it's a long way to tipperary
Goodbye, Piccadilly,
Farewell, Leicester Square!
It's a long long way to Tipperary,
But my heart's right there.
11:25 AM
@MattE.Эллен This is so tippical of you.
@MattE.Эллен If you could delete anything, delete the part of people's brains that make them stupid jerks :P
Brains don't make people jerks. People become jerks precisely because parts of their brains get removed.
What you're really after is giving people brains. You're the opposite of zombie.
They say the human brain can regenerate itself.
@RegDwigнt it was on the tip of my tongue, which pushed me to the tipping point, so I tipped this into chat
You fool, you turned everything tipsy-turvy.
11:29 AM
topsy-turvy too
@skillpatrol yes, it's called reincarnation, and you have to be Jesus or Buddha. Are you Jesus or Buddha?
are you?
Hm. Then are you both Jesus and Buddha?
@MattE.Эллен what kind of barbarian Hungarian is that?
those are mutually exclusive last I checked pal
11:31 AM
You should have checked ntsc instead.
@RegDwigнt if the wizard that created majin bu was really buddha, who was also jesus...
@MattE.Эллен phone, of course.
Q: What to do without underwear on a 4 day trip

Dylan McGrathOk, this might be a ridiculous question/situation but it's my situation. I'm at a football camp in boston until Friday, and I've realized I forgot to pack any underwear (I wear boxers), I have the one pair I came with. I'm going to be pretty active for these days, so far my current strategy is ...

um... not wear underwear?
go to the store
11:38 AM
Die of shame.
Three seconds, three suggestions. He's clearly asking it on the wrong site.
I’m somewhat surprised he’s trying to wear boxers at an athletic retreat. That's just going to bring pain and suffering.
Either that, or he’s not getting the exercise he’s supposed to be getting.
It's all a ponzi scheme.
The mention of four days in the question did make me wonder if it was a deliberate set-up for this punchline. — David Richerby yesterday
It clearly is a deliberate set-up.
You mean we’re supposed to all mail him our worn underwear?
11:41 AM
And I can't even vote on that site. What the.
There should be a Feed Trolls.SE
hmmm. I've still created 1000 more comments than I've deleted.
@skillpatrol They decided to call it Programmers instead.
I see.
@skillpatrol There is. It's called English Language & Usage.
11:51 AM
I see.
@skillpatrol It exists. But under the name Photography.
> How to store bananas
Make them create an account on Lifehacks, then shock freeze them.
I had an ivy league prof tell me just because I missed a parenthetical statement my answer was wrong :-/
11:57 AM
Stupid Windows machine. I'm having a problem, Code 124, which apparently is caused by "hal.dll" . . . Seriously? HAL.dll?
Has nobody at Microsoft seen 2001?
They've seen Malcolm in the Middle.
"Open the pod bay doors, Hal."
"I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave."
Malcolm: Can I have the potatoes?
Hal: You can have anything you want son if you're willing to work for it, just reach for the stars and never let go.
Malcolm: Can I have some blue crystal meth, Hal?
11:59 AM
@Robusto If you're willing to work for it, rather than retiring with $40m at the age of 19...
23 hours ago, by RegDwigнt
user image
@RegDwigнt Fuck that, I'll just go to Albuquerque.
Brian: I'm the one who knocks, Dave
"Open the blue crystal meth lab, Hal."
"I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave."
> Hal: One man's garbage is another man's anniversary present.
"What are you going to do with that screw driver, Dave?"
@RegDwigнt That reminds me, how is the sealer holding out?
What did you do with the rest of the tube?
Jul 31 '14 at 13:28, by RegDwigнt
user image
12:19 PM
@skillpatrol good question. I've not checked since.
And I do need to do some more sealing, but I've been procrastinating.
I see.
It's on the sink, in a place that's very hard to reach, behind the tap.
So I need to be morally prepared. And that's taking time.
Yep, that's a tricky one...
Of course we can win insane amounts of moneys by betting that the tube's rock solid by now.
It could be.
12:23 PM
Or maybe the opposite of insane amounts, since the quotes would be so low.
> Hal: If you try anything, anything, at all, I will be on you like a rainbow on an oil slick.
Ha, now that's a good one.
There are quite a few that would work for the Space Odyssey...
> Hal: Boys, let me tell you something, the only way I've managed to get through my crappy life with any shred of selfworth is by leaving in denial! If I was gonna let myself get beaten by a failure I woud've quit after one kid.
With the exception of the very last word perhaps, this is a perfect fit.
I always thought the original movie was too slow...
...good sound track though.
When I first watched it, I would have literally fallen asleep if not for the fact that I was accompanied by la-dee-da-connoisseurs who'd be very square at me for not liking anything about it more than everything else in life.
Afterwards I spent like 12 years basically hating the movie very very much.
Then one day I rewatched it, with a very different frame of mind, and it immediately became one of my favorite movies of all times. And still is.
yeah, it's a strange perspective kind of movie
12:30 PM
I realized that my error during the original watching was expecting some kind of plot. Or really expecting anything at all.
like you said, you gotta look at it just the right way
You have to watch the movie like a picture. You just look at the photography. And immediately see the beauty and the skill of every single shot.
And then, in the middle, some plot actually comes along, which is a nice cherry on top. But now you know you'd totally do without.
Indeed, and the music too.
Yeah goes without saying.
Though again, when you're expecting for things to happen, the music actually starts getting in the way.
You find yourself waiting for it to end.
But if you just look at the pictures, the music flows naturally and you don't mind that it's a freaking 15 minutes of the same piece.
1968 is a long time ago, it was definitely way ahead of its time
12:35 PM
It really is remarkable how it's definitely way ahead of many things today.
I keep seeing worse special effects year after year after year.
With worse framing, worse cuts, and worse music.
And less plot, lolcopter.
yeah, there is a lot a space junk out there
12:53 PM
Did I mention Jurassic World yet? I think I did.
Science fiction ain't what it used to be.
Neither is the old gray mare :-)
The Old Gray Mare is an old folk song, more recently regarded as a children's song. == History == Some authors have said that the song originated based upon the performance of the horse Lady Suffolk, the first horse recorded as trotting a mile in less than two and a half minutes. It occurred on 4 July 1843 at the Beacon Course racetrack in Hoboken, New Jersey, when she was more than ten years old. One author attributed the song to Stephen Foster, although the composer is usually listed as unknown. The archival evidence, however, is that the song originated a few decades later in the nineteenth...
I'm familiar with TOGM.
I know, but it's kinda nice how much info you can read without even clicking on the one-box.
1:11 PM
Why do people insist on using Wiktionary? I was reduced to using NGrams to show that people are idiots.
@RegDwigнt I rewatched it recently. God is it boring. It takes forever for the monkeys to learn how to bash each others skulls in.
@Mitch because anyone can edit it!
1:46 PM
@MattE.Эллен was wikipedia such crap?
It's like a bunch of high school students are making entries into wiktionary.
the high school students who aren't cool enough to add things to Urban Dictionary.
Even descriptively, there's no word as incompliance. it is what uneducated people might come up with if they've only recently heard 'compliance'
argh.. rant rant rant!
A little friktionary in the wiktionary?
google definitions are better. even though they use freedictionary which has its problems.
@Robusto they put the dick in dictionary
people (who are idiots) will start to say "If it's not in wiktionary, it's not a word"
why isn't 'unflammable' in there? Because people say it, right?
I got a question. do trucks fall into the category of cars ?
1:55 PM
I would say no. A truck is not an example of a car.
I've just encontured such a sentence : The trucks were going towards Kopychyntsi. In the evening, this column of cars, a limo and 3 trucks, came back
I agree with you but look at that sentence above
Well... maybe that sounds OK.
I'm confused
Is it three separate things 1) some cars 2) a limo, and 3) 3 trucks?
or the column of cars is composed of 1 limo and 3 trucks?
the second option
I would say the column of vehicles
because all of these are vehicles and cars are not trucks though a limo is a type of a car
1:59 PM
yes, vehicles is much more accurate, a tad formal. but works better.
an SUV is questionably a car. that is it's not the first thing you think of when you say car. but it would not be contradictory in that line of cars.
no it wouldn't, thanks a lot
OK back to my rant.
Wiktionary sucks.
That is all.
2:35 PM
@Mitch Does it? Why? It's the only place I know where you can look up definitions in multiple languages. That's a great feature.
@Mitch well, just how long do you think did it take your great-great-grand-monkey to learn that? She didn't go to the University of Bashing, you know. She was just your run-of-the-mill monkey.
is enybody here now ?
@RegDwigнt I thought she went to the Cudgel of Liberal Arts & Sciences.
2:52 PM
Liberal Simians, to be precise.
@JustynaNogala Who can say if enybody's here now? Only time...
Fellow , guy , lad, boy, dude, youngster,buddy. Do these words relate to any specific age ? for example boy is a male at the age from 8 to 14 , youngster 16 teenager is 12 -17 and so on
These words relate or do not relate to the exact same specific or unspecific age as in any language, including your mother tongue.
not at all
Also: why do you put whitespaces before punctuation marks? Nobody, ever, does that. Not in English, not in any language. What is your reason for doing that?
oh come on do not be that pedantic.
2:57 PM
I am not being pedantic. I am being curious.
Also, wait: you come here specifically looking for non-pedantic answers?
@terdon The multilang thing is an interesting feature but very niche. So what if 'suck' is how they spell 'dishwasher in swahili? Great for party games, but no utility at all.
Then here's a non-pedantic answer: "boy" does not mean anything at all. You can use it any way you please. Just like you do with commas.
If you don't care about the one thing, there is no reason to care about the other.
@RegDwigнt Don't teach your grandmother to bash monkeys skulls in. You'll hurt your arm and the monkey enjoys it.
that means you're being so pedantic
Pardon my pedanticism but: that doesn't answer my question. Try again.
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