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1:54 AM
@Cerberus That's actually very good: picking one's way along the meandering strand of the sea of information. I know you intended Ariadne's strand, but I like the elder, and now rarer, sense well enough.
> The tendre croppes, and the yonge sonne
Hath in the Ram his halfe cours yronne,
And smale foweles maken melodye,
That slepen al the nyght with open eye —
(So priketh hem Nature in hir corages);
Thanne longen folk to goon on pilgrimages
And palmeres for to seken straunge strondes
To ferne halwes, kowthe in sondry londes;
And specially from every shires ende
Of Engelond, to Caunterbury they wende,
@Rob shouldn't he be called like Muffin, Count of Blueberry?
Or Bosco, Count of Chocolate Milk.
@tchrist where's the rest?
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 I just excerpted the part that would let strange strands appear on the screen without truncation or scrolling.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 It's not up to me. He chooses how he wishes to be addressed.
2:13 AM
So much rain. Maybe worse.
Heavy snow in Nederland.
Tired of rain. Tired of snow. Tired..
Been beautiful here.
Also rain. So. Much.
We had rain today for the first time in a long time.
Tomorrow should be beautiful.
I didn't ride my bike today because of the rain. I figure it's OK to have a day off from it now and then. But I do miss it. Hard to keep still.
Mañana voy a montar mi bicicleta de nuevo.
It is good to move.
Man is no barnacle.
2:36 AM
I like that.
And moving.
No me gusta this much rain.
I've had to put a tarp over the catflap, and lock it, to keep the water out.
The drought of March is long atoned for. Why can't it stop?
At least it's not snow.
@tchrist Actually, both strands apply to Ariadne, because where was she abandoned by Theseus?
2:40 AM
I stand upon the edge of the knife: stray just a smidgen and it will be.
Of course the other sense occurred to me, since it is the only one used in Dutch, and because one surfs the web.
They're getting whiteouts in Ned. Here we'll be 35, plus or minus a degree or two. See the problem?
Blizzards and blitzen.
2:43 AM
A whiteout is when you can't see to drive it is snowing so heavily.
But these ones are bringing thunder, too. And it can surely snow when the ground is above freezing. The snow does not originate on the ground.
It's what we call wet snow.
3:03 AM
I am tired.
3:49 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: When is it appropriate to use "see you later"? by ronalie torrres on english.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: When is it appropriate to use "see you later"? by ronalie torrres on english.stackexchange.com
6 hours later…
9:33 AM
room topic changed to English Language & Usage: Might be grammar of problem and no wording props [full-closure]
Is it fine to use draggy in the context of dragging things? I want to use it in a web project (svg.draggy.js).
9:49 AM
What do you want to use it for? How do you plan to use it?
Are you naming something? Is it an existing name?
@RegDwigнt Yes, it's a library for dragging elements (specifically svg elements) on a web page (you know, drag and drop).
If it's a name, it can be anything at all.
There is no "fine" or "not fine".
You can use any sequence of characters you find appropriate.
But I want it to be related to the drag action. I'm nut sure if draggy has(n't) another primary meaning.
Well, to begin with, the drag action itself has a connotation.
Draggy has all the connotations that drag has. But it does not add any of its own, no, I wouldn't say so.
So if you're fine with calling something Drag, you should be fine with calling it Draggy.
OK, so I will use it. Thanks a lot! :)
9:53 AM
No problem.
Remember that even names such as "Microsoft" or "Apple" are strange, funny, or negative if you think about it.
True, the names are funny, but I don't like their direction. I don't use Microsoft apps since 2012 on my computers. :)
10:31 AM
Greetings people
How would you say: I'd like to add these words in my book or I'd like to add these words to my book?
At first sight both variant seem OK, but not sure if you agree with that.
@IonicăBizău draggy is a synonym for lozenge
oh, my mistake, that's dragee
10:47 AM
@Chris'ssis I'd say "I'll write these words in my book". I'm not sure what meaning you are trying to convey
@MattE.Эллен For instance, suppose you wanna write a math book and, say, you wanna include a problem in your book. Then would you use add in or add to?
write in
but if you have to use add then it would be add to
@MattE.Эллен Many thanks! :-)
no probs :)
11:04 AM
@RegDwigнt I figured that was your change. You should change your screen name to Morph.
11:29 AM
Or morph it to change. Either way.
12:12 PM
The problem with singular they:
isFemale = (user.gender.toUpperCase() === 'F');
datPronoun = isFemale ? 'her' : 'him';
nomPronoun = isFemale ? 'she' : 'he';
posPronoun = isFemale ? 'her' : 'his';
Nobody wants to use it in coding, it seems.
12:35 PM
can you blame them? they only understand the gender binary :D
I don't blame them.
But I'm not sure I understand the gender binary.
gender binary: you can be male or female
Richard O'Brien: I'm 70 percent man
12:53 PM
@MattE.Эллен I'm old-fashioned. I can only be male.
Gender is hexadecimal at facebook
You're a hexadecimal at facebook.
Urine facebook
1:24 PM
@Mitch You do realize how weird it is to be calmly chatting in another room and see a message like that appear in the sidebar, devoid of context, right?
@terdon Most messages in here no doubt seem strange without context.
sometimes, even with!
Often even more with.
more with! You can never have too much with.
Reminds me of the Quirmians using too much avec.
1:36 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Not according to Wordsworth.
Well, there are always exceptions
Yeah, like Billy Jobsworth would know.
2:05 PM
A plague on all designers who create a right arrow in a certain style without creating the corresponding left arrow.
Or a down without an up. And vice versa.
Just rotate it.
That's all the designer would do, after all.
In the browser?
And what if it has light-source shading, or a drop shadow?
no no no no no, my friend, such things cannot be so easily remedied.
Drop shadows do present a particular problem there.
flip instead of rotate
Still won't work with a drop shadow (it will drop the wrong way).
2:16 PM
redraw it and charge the designer
@MattE.Эллен I have a deadline, of course. Designers never seem to have those.
2:33 PM
Try talking quietly
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 NO HELP 4 U BYE
@Robusto RAGE QUIT
2:59 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 LOL U SUK
3:16 PM
@Robusto FAK U NUB
@terdon beams with pride
@Robusto The context seems strange without the message.
@Robusto If you have to pick one, create the left arrow because three lefts make a right. And two rights make a wrong. Like crossing your fingers. It's kind of the rule.
3:38 PM
Ain't Arabic wonderful.
Write any letter as broad as you like.
Russia, Rus___sia, Rus_____________________________________________sia, same difference.
Or actually, in the case of maps, this makes for a great pissing contest with instant results. You can see, at a glance, whose is the longest. So useful.
@RegDwigнt wait... is that a ... shower curtain?
4:23 PM
Hi all
@Mitch ← ← ←
@snailboat Right!
↶ ↶ ↶ ?
4:26 PM
I can't make those arrows. I can make '<---'
Howdy ninja!
↫ ↫ ↫
@snailboat fancy!
I'm getting dizzy from all this turning!
4:30 PM
It is good and quiet here.
But we're talking!
About arrows.
That should be like, your favorite subject.
4:32 PM
​                           ⇦ This arrow is far
Seems blank to me. But nice.
Well, it's far from the left side.
makes sense
⇨ Now it's far from the right side
yeah, heh
4:35 PM
Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.
Yes I like to read too. It is quite fun.
I stick to my course books though.
Inside it's too dark to read.
Most of the time I mean
@Arrowfar I remember in college how everyone would go to the library to study. I always had problems with that, because I would get so bored with whatever I was supposed to be studying that I'd pick random books off the shelves to read.
4:39 PM
I try to study stuff I'm interested in
And I try to be interested in stuff I study
Works out okay :-)
@Mitch Hah. But you still got your PhD.
@snailboat That is good.
I can't read physical books these days. Lost the habit.
4:43 PM
But they are quite fun to read.
@Mitch you have a PhD?
Ask me a question. I'll know it.
Ask me, like, "What is the capital of Nebraska?"
What is the capital of Nebraska?
Oh, nice! :-)
4:47 PM
Oma... wait.. Lincoln?
I still like reading books on paper more than on a screen
Is that right?
@snailboat meeee too.
@snailboat Same here...I connect a lot of the ideas with where they were on the page or how deep in the book they are.
looked it up I was right!!! Yay!!! it was worth it!!
Please don't ask me what the capital of Vermont is.
4:50 PM
Oh. Nice. I get it mixed up with Concord which must, by elimination, be the capital of New Hampshire.
If I really need to get to either one, I'm sure the subpoena will specify though.
I personally like the green ones
me too. seedless. the red ones taste different.
Purple ones are good too
4:53 PM
@Arrowfar oh. the grocery stores call those red, even though they may literally be purple
ah, we call it purple here.
Yeah looks kinda reddish
Oh, Concord grapes are _really purple, almost blue...
5:03 PM
Blue and cool.
how their skin comes completely off and you're left with the inside
@Mitch Yeah, and I think of them as red grapes, too. I suppose that's probably because the label the grocery stores use influences how I think about them
Hullo all!
Hi Ip!
5:11 PM
@HarryCBurn Hey! You're over here, too! :-)
How's the grape discussion going?
@snailboat Looks like I am! :)
Pretty good, but I still like green ones better.
@HarryCBurn We've settled on terminology. white... I mean green... wait... we have a problem.
But in the end they're all good.
Nah, team Red! Woop woop!
5:14 PM
but some have preferences.
Grapes are grapes ;p
like chocolate. some like dark, some like milk, but everyone agrees that white chocolate is neither.
@HarryCBurn Noooo!
You can't tell, but I'm shaking my fists dramatically.
@Mitch Like how pink peppercorns aren't.
5:17 PM
Oh! Or cuttlefish bone is neither a bone nor from a fish!
If it can be done, it can be done with a gif.
Gah, I'm tired. I had a physics exam today :(
@snailboat What? Dammit. rethinks peppercorn graphic design strategy
5:28 PM
5:28 PM
So, it's oddly appropriate, then.
@Arrowfar Well, if had complained earlier I'd have been able to edit it out ;p
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Hah!
@HarryCBurn I was kidding :-)
@Arrowfar So was I!
5:32 PM
@HarryCBurn Nooooooo!
Damn you! (Play gif in double time.)
5:33 PM
how's everyone...
I have a small question.
If you want to cause scrolling, you can always use a multi-line message instead of a bunch of single-line messages:
​                                                                d::
​                                                                ''d$:     :h
​                                                                   d$   :$h'
​                                .......                             d$..$h'
​                           ..cc$$$$$$$$$c.                  ...c$$$$$$$$$h
​                         .d$$'        '$$$h.              cc$$$$:::::d$!$h
​                       c$$'              '$$c           .$$$$:::()::d$!$h'
If I want to ask a question on the forum - but I'm not sure if it's appropriate to the forum - is there someone I can ask (without going public)?
@Ilanysong You could always ask me!
5:34 PM
@snailboat impressive typing.
How'd you like to do it?
@Ilanysong is here public?
there's always meta too. But here is much quicker
Stack Exchange doesn't have private chat (except for moderation purposes)
I've been "reprimanded" here in the past (as a total newbie) for posting questions that didn't "follow the rules".
but I suppose I can ask here.
I'm a translator. I translate from several languages into English.
go ahead and ask now, if you want.
5:36 PM
If you'd like to communicate with the moderators or Stack Exchange staff privately, you can do so by raising a custom flag (on one of your own posts, if there's nowhere more appropriate) or by contacting Stack Exchange itself: stackexchange.com/about/contact
Otherwise, if you'd like to talk publicly, feel free to do so here or on meta, or wherever you feel is appropriate
With regard to my second native language, which is Hebrew, there's a very active forum (on Facebook and on a public forum site) where people post sentences they've written, and aren't to happy with, and their colleagues try to help them make it sound better (mostly issues of usage or style).
I'm looking for something similar in English. I'm sure that anyone who writes in English for a living (e.g. writers, editors, translators) could use this type of resource.
proofreading and commentary is considered off-topic on ELU
I'd bet my hat that such a resource exists somewhere, and I'd bet people using ELU would know of something.
That's what I thought, Mitch.
But yeah it would be nice to have someplace to do that.
5:38 PM
@Ilanysong Hmm, well, Lang-8 is a site for that sort of thing targeted at non-native speakers. It's not exactly the same thing you're talking about, but it's a site for proofreading by native speakers
Usually between native speakers of language pairs that are learning each other's languages
exactly, @snailboat. Every time I searched for something, I came up with a slew of ESL sites. Obviously, that's not what I'm looking for.
So you guys are saying that ELU probably couldn't help here... ?
Proofreading sucks a lot. It numbs your brain and tires you out mentally if you do enough of it
I think ELU is great - I've gotten great advice on specific matters of usage and style.
dict.leo, in addition to its dictionary, has forum services that are frequented by translators helping each other. but it is german centric. that is, to and from a whole bunch of languages and German
5:40 PM
I think a lot of people who are good at it do it because people pay them :-)
@snailboat - I don't mean proofreading... I'm talking about improving style, flow, etc.
@Ilanysong I'm not sure resource recommendation is on the list of things that are fine.
not correcting errors.
So like, a writing advice sort of forum.
I find it helpful for discussion of nuances in English, even when I don't care about the German (but caring about the German is a benefit)
5:41 PM
right @snailboat, so I'm not looking for someone to rewrite my documents for free.
@Ilanysong What, like "Can you help me improve sentence x?"
I'm talking about a sentence here or there. This forum, in Hebrew, is very active, and works very well.
Yes, @HarryCBurn.
I could never ask a question like that here.
So are you looking for like, a critique circle?
writers.stackexchange is sorta like that...but I don't know (I don't frequent there), i don't know if they critique sentences or passages.
5:42 PM
But for just a sentence here or there.
I've looked at writers.stackexchange as well.
I don't think that's their focus.
I really mean getting help from your professional peers and colleagues online.
I did propose a site for that.
Literature Review

Proposed Q&A site for anyone looking for constructive criticisms on their articles, poems, or any other form of literature.

Currently in definition.

question is- is the critique on the content or on the writing style
5:43 PM
@Ilanysong you could ask here in chat and it might work once or twice, but repeatedly it might get in the way.
Both, I'd prefer. Still in definition :)
@Ilanysong You might be better off forming a private circle with some other writers you know
exactly, I don't think that this is what people are here for @Mit
perhaps, @sna
@snailboat but how do you form a private circle?
@snailboat, perhaps, but I'm sure that something like this already exists somewhere. I've been looking for such a resource for years.
@Mitch you could probably start a FB group.
5:45 PM
You mean like one of the SE chatrooms dedicated to critique?
I've started quite a few... including one for Arabic, which helps a lot of people.
@Mitch Talk to people and see if they're interested
@Mitch yes, but it doesn't need to be a chatroom.
oh. FB
@snailboat but what technology to talk to them and hold the cirlce?
5:46 PM
Just for the sake of comparison - the Hebrew version I told you about has 1369 members, mostly translators and editors.
Oh, I like the technology of sitting in a room together on a regular basis
people post a question (often regarding terminology, or rewriting a sentence) and are usually answered within minutes.
That's just me, though :-)
@snailboat I don't think that's very convenient and not what @Ilanysong is looking for.
@snailboat I do too... I just think that it might not be practical for everyone.
5:46 PM
Oh, well, perhaps not.
@snailboat Like?
Anyway, it's good to here your feedback. I feel that if such a resource didn't exist - there's a huge demand for it out there.,
* to hear
well, we totally agree with you that something like that would be very useful and popular to exist. but as to its actually existing is another thing.
@Ilanysong There are a lot of translators' groups online
Like for Japanese-English translators, there's the HONYAKU list, for example
5:48 PM
there are.
(I don't know much about translators working in other language pairs)
But often, I don't necessarily need to consult with someone who speaks the other language. My problem is in getting the sentence to sound good.
@Arrowfar Yes?
There are translator specific sites (like proz.com) which are a tool of the trade for us. These are mostly for discussions about terminology.
Anyone else here translate, BTW?
@Ilanysong sowhat you're looking for is English centric? (and nobody cares about other languages) frequented by native English speakers and unspecified non-English speakers a like?
5:50 PM
@snailboat Um I didn't get the room part. You mean SE? or somewhere else?
no @Mitch, I'm looking for a site for native speakers of English.
@Ilanysong Nope, but I like the idea.
@Arrowfar Like, a physical room.
@snailboat oh
@Ilanysong and foreign languages be damned?
so to speak
5:50 PM
heaven forbid!
I owe my livelihood to the existence of foreign languages :)
@Ilanysong I think the problem might be―and this is just speculation―that the demand would far, far outstrip the supply of people willing to help each other
for the room you seek.
That's a similar problem with ELL
but the resource I propose would have a different function. In other words, you could be translating into English from Swahili, for all practical purposes, and help someone translating into English from Klingon.
or rather, most of the people who can do the helping well are already in that business professionally and there's no need to seek an outlet like on SE
@snailboat - I'm not so sure. Again - the Hebrew site is very, very active, and people help each other all the time. Not only that - each question is followed by a discussion. Everyone learns something.
Or ends up feeling more validated.
5:54 PM
@Anonym - I don't know why people insist on using Shakespeare as the formal standard of English. He was writing 400 years ago, half in poetry, made up half his words, slurred and contracted like a sailor, used singular 'they' and prepositions at the ends of sentences, and probably threw a shoe at a kitten. — Mitch 53 mins ago
Also - I would say that there would need to be certain "entry requirements"... in other words, only native speakers should really be allowed to be there. The resource isn't there to teach English.
Are you a native speaker of English?
I certainly hope so :) (at least, that's what I tell my customers :) )
The more you describe it, the more it sounds like it is very likely one (or many) already exists for English.
I was born and raised in the United States.
5:55 PM
Ah, I see
But no I don't know of one!
@mitch indeed
@Ilanysong So start one. If you think your idea for a site has potential, make it a success
I suppose I could do that. Worse comes to worse – I could find an existing site through people who join.
I would probably go down the FB route.
It's easiest to get people to join from there.
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