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1:20 AM
@Hugo Here is a question you might be able to answer.
@KitZ.Fox Hello. I just had chicken chops.
Hi @Jasper. What was that noise about in Maths earlier? Everything alright?
I just heard the term 'dog's breakfast' for the first time. Presumably 'a big mess'. I suppose it's a bad big mess, but if I were a dog, you know, maybe it's effing great.
@KitZ.Fox they're not concerned with hats too?
@KitZ.Fox Noise? I don't think there is much trouble though. I know a few lines were deleted, but nothing serious, maybe I was involved too. Sorry.
Hey, I'm not worried about that, just about you.
1:23 AM
@JasperLoy You're so modest.
hey, where are your bright colors?
I am a little naughty online sometimes. When I first came to chat, I said less naughty things.
I think steelblue is nice. Blue is a little too bright.
I just didn't recognize the new you.
1:51 AM
@JasperLoy Some people there are a little... impatient
I watched a black and white episode of Twilight Zone. I did not know they go back to black and white days.
And the accent was beautiful, doesn't sound like the typical American one in today's movies.
I guess America has lots of accents.
50s style TV acting had very clear enunciation.
Movie acting too.
Yes, and the women also have different hairstyles. Often permed.
1:55 AM
I have a feeling I will not get the weed eater hat.
What do you need to do to get it?
@JasperLoy the accents are not very strong and even then they were going away. TV has flattened everything
@JasperLoy Have an accepted answer on a tumbleweed question.
@KitZ.Fox also, in olden days they'd import British actors because their accent was favored. But the movie producers didn't want the too string. SO everybody imitated somewhere halfway between, the so-called 'mid-atlantic' accent. Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant and Alistair Cook.
@KitZ.Fox that's gotta be hard because those people who asked a question and didn't accept it a long time ago will be hard pressed to come back to accept it now.
I saw a very beautiful actress on Wikipedia. Let me show you...
2:00 AM
@Mitch Yes, I've answered three, trying different types of users.
Hmm, connection error.
Those actresses are gone?
Lee Ann Remick (December 14, 1935 – July 2, 1991) was an American film and television actress. Among her best-known films are Anatomy of a Murder (1959), Days of Wine and Roses (1962), and The Omen (1976). == Early life == Lee Remick was born in Quincy, Massachusetts, the daughter of Gertrude Margaret (two sources say Patricia) (née Waldo), an actress, and Francis Edwin "Frank" Remick, who owned a department store. Her maternal great-grandmother, Eliza Duffield, was a preacher born in England and her paternal grandfather was of Irish ancestry. Remick attended the Swaboda School of Dance, the Hewitt...
That is the old kind of beauty, not what you see today.
@KitZ.Fox I see you have a brand new picture.
2:07 AM
I needed a new one for my new hat.
It seems that every time an email is sent to many people, it ends up in the spam folder.
Now these emails could be very important ones. I think number of people should not be a criterion.
@KitZ.Fox Oh. That's you behind the fox head.
Lee is the first name in Lee Remick. I thought it was the last name. Lee Remick? Remick Lee?
works for both
2:11 AM
Mickey Mouse? Mouse Mickey?
There's a not uncommon pattern: some people will name a child with the mom's maiden name. Harrison Ford, Jefferson Davis. I think it is a southern thing.
Not to be confused with South America.
Right. southern US
South Africa is a country in Africa!
Central Africa too
2:14 AM
And Holland is a province in the Netherlands.
And ... uh ... England...
...gets confused with Britain
And Ireland is different from Northern Ireland in the UK.
and The northern most part of Ireland is north of Northern Ireland
England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, three distinct objects.
and Canada is directly south of the US (in some very small parts)
(it's tricky but not a trick question)
2:16 AM
And I live in Antarctica, as is well known in this chat.
there's no capital of Antarctica
there's complete anarchy in Antarchtica
Yeah, I live alone and rule everything here.
There are no uprisings in Antarctica. It is very peaceful.
Sometimes, the polar bears make a lot of noise.
No homeless problem.
There are only polar bears in their nightmares.
2:18 AM
I am going to eat something.
There are no polar bears at the south pole
nice. Me too.
@Mitch hee hee
OK. I'm off.
Good night!
2:59 AM
I need help.
Oh wait, I got it!
It's Minuet in G Major.
3:40 AM
@Mitch The North Polar Bear has no antipodal evil twin??
4:17 AM
Hostel 2 is as sick as Hostel.
7:13 AM
@KitZ.Fox consider it summarised!
Controversial meta post klaxxon! meta.english.stackexchange.com/questions/7427/…
7:41 AM
Hello! I wanted to ask if inversion of subject-verb is allowed in English poetry, as in:
My dog and I play in the yard → Play in the yard my dog and I.
I know this is goofy but...
@Veo You can do what you like in poetry, but in this case I might advise against inverting the subject and predicate. Why? Well, the predicate starts out looking just like an imperative clause, so it's likely people will interpret it that way and have to backtrack and reinterpret it once they figure out what you're trying to do.
Oh, thank you! It's a matter of rhymes, actually.
In Armenian such inversions are quickly understood.
language differences
8:27 AM
OK. I finished watching Hostel 1,2,3. Now I can watch other movies.
@matt You are very early today.
Star Wars 7 shows tomorrow!
9:14 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Origin of “deez nuts” by Chris Sunami on english.stackexchange.com
Seriously, @SmokeDetector?
This is not offensive, literally, it is 'these nuts.' :D
9:26 AM
Smoke Detector is a robot.
@Cerberus I think the term 'bot' is preferred.
@Veo It flags based on some preset criteria.
Star Wars 7 showing today in Finland!
in fact the first showing is 45mins in
@FaheemMitha I don't prefer it.
9:51 AM
robots don't have feelings. kicks @SmokeDetector
10:06 AM
@MattE.Эллен I know some droids who would disagree with you on that.
Ok, what hat is medica after? :)
dunno but when english.stackexchange.com/a/294106/9001 gets to +5 I get Living in the Future hat and also the 11-hat hat
10:22 AM
@Hugo you seems to have the end of the sentence of the end of your Yiddish section.
oops, thanks, I'll fix that
1 hour later…
11:38 AM
Q: Is there any difference between "a sequence of increasing integers" and "an increasing sequence of integers"?

lyenI think basically a sequence of increasing integers and an increasing sequence of integers are of the same meaning. But since I'm not a native English speaker, I'm not quite sure about this. Anyone knows the answer?

@Cerberus I agree with you they mean the same, and I have provided an answer above.
I am off to dinner, remember to give me 9000 upvotes.
12:25 PM
just got the Researcher hat 25 times!
I'm writing a set of lecture notes (in English), featuring a Dutch name: Should I stick to Dutch capitalization conventions, or not?
Specifically, I'm writing about the "Seifert-van Kampen theorem" (but the Dutch capitalization rule yields "Seifert-Van Kampen")---I'm not actually sure what the English rule would be but I suspect it'd be not to capitalize the v.
I would say not
oh, with proper names, spell it the way the person whose name it is spells it
@MattE.Эллен: the Dutch rule is to write like Bob van Kampen, but just the surname is Van Kampen
12:28 PM
so if Bob is Dutch he'd spell it both ways
No, he'd spell it Van Kampen :P
like you said
So, spell it like that :D
yeah, depending on context, I mean
@MattE.Эллен That's what I was leaning towards.
do you have a style guide?
at least the Guardian one follows the Dutch rules: theguardian.com/guardian-observer-style-guide-v
> Van Gogh, Vincent
(1853-90) Dutch artist; note that as with most Dutch names it is Van Gogh when just the surname is used (a Van Gogh masterpiece) but van Gogh with the forename (a masterpiece by Vincent van Gogh)

> Van Rompuy, Herman
Belgian ex-president of the European council; an exception to the above rule in that the Van is capped up when the forename is used, ie Herman Van Rompuy
12:31 PM
@Hugo No.
if I'm not sure of something, I'll usually follow that Guardian one, so if I forget next time, I have a reference to check, for consistency
... unless I disagree with something in that guide and I'll just do it my way. but then I probably wouldn't need to look it up :)
When people arrange books according to the last name of the author, they ignore 'van' right?
No? Do some people do that?
I don't know. What I mean is the alphabetical order.
Just like the articles a,an,the are ignored when arranging books according to title.
12:56 PM
I have an idea. Maybe we can combine all the SE sites into one site, and users have the option to filter by tag, where the topic itself like English can be a tag.
Tomorrow I get to change my username, I have already decided what to change to.
@JasperLoy I think that argument passed through here two or three years ago
@MattE.Эллен It must have arrived at its destination by now.
1:11 PM
@JasperLoy in Dutch phonebooks, yes. Elsewhere, generally not
1:48 PM
How can we reword this to sound better: The minimal CSS fixed and fluid container library. ?
Maybe something like: The minimal library for creating fixed and fluid CSS containers?
second one is better
Can we make it even shorter?
The minimal library for fixed and fluid CSS containers
Ohhh, sounds much better :D
you're welcome!
1:57 PM
+20 from me. :)
Has "DataShow" become a synonym for "video projector" in some countries?
It is used as a noun (with DataShow/without DataShow) in a document I have from Egypt.
@NicolasRaoul I don't think so. some googling implies it might be a type of projector,
2:14 PM
Good morning
Interesting how this page lists some "projetor/datashow" products made by Sony, Dell, Epson, etc
I've not heard DataShow before
has "everybody gets a hat" been awarded on elu yet?
not yet
@NicolasRaoul Speaking as a Canadian, I've never heard anyone use the word "datashow". I would have no clue what you mean.
2:16 PM
I have 12 EL&U hats, kit maybe has a couple of other distinct. We're still some way off 20 distinct
@MattE.Эллен Don't think that's French. Maybe datashow is a word in Portuguese?
I welcome your upvotes and downvotes on meta.english.stackexchange.com/questions/7427/…
when I google "datashow" all the results are from Brazil
ah! yeah, Portuguese
@Hugo Good idea, I too welcome votes of all kinds on my answer there.
2:33 PM
I would not consider asking for votes to help get me hats here: english.stackexchange.com/questions/142453/…, english.stackexchange.com/questions/294150/…
Just so you know.
2:50 PM
what figure of speech is it? (to say the opposite in order to ..)
3:03 PM
@MattE.Эллен My rule is to never write about that person at all. That impressionist painter without the ear? there are so many other impressionists, no one will notice.
My avatar keeps folling me into thinking that I'm @terdon.
@Mitch Ready for the next Meta question?
I guess that the answer must need to be accepted before I post my answer? I don't have a hat...for that one. Hmm.
3:24 PM
@KitZ.Fox ooh ooh ooh. Yes.
It's going to be a difficult, exciting one. Are you sure you are up for it?
@crl figure of speech is what?
@Mitch What I did.
I don't think it's a figure of speech though.
3:26 PM
(Stop Me From Using Ebbreviations Already)
What are Ebbreviations?
Making a sentence longer?
@Mitch Uh. OK. It's "What do room owners do?" and should include things like, how do I know who the room owners are and what can they do and how are they expected to behave, and stuff.
@KitZ.Fox Oh
@Hugo Can you edit? Your upvotes/downvotes are unbalanced and I want to change mine
@crl If you're referring to Kit's answer, she's basically saying it's not at all metaphorical, that the sentence 'The skirts are all full' is very literal, full-shaped.
Am I now on topic?
@DeltaEscher No It's a respelling of Abbreviations because I messed up the acronym
3:28 PM
@Mitch No, it's the saying the opposite of what I want, not the answer itself.
@Mitch That's what they want you to think
inception sound
@KitZ.Fox Easy as Cake. Piece of Pie...
dammit...now I'm thinking of dessert.
easy as desert
@DeltaEscher No, It's what I did, no one is making me... wait... oooh, I only think I have free will because they put that in my head. And they put that in my head to make it even more plausible.
gets out trepanning spoon again
Good thing I washed it from before.
That's why I don't even just wear a tinfoil hat
I had my tinfoil implanted into my head
...I taste copper
3:31 PM
@DeltaEscher clever. so that the part they can't get to is encapsulating nothing. That'll make them squirm.
@DeltaEscher You just made me aware of my fillings. Uncool man.
@KitZ.Fox Oh... uh... then there is surely an ancient greek trope name for that.
I used to have fillings
When I was 12, I had like 5 teeth pulled
Similar to "I'm not saying you're a scoundrel and a blackguard..."
@DeltaEscher WHen you get older they start putting teeth in.
Mostly for surveillance.
GPS. Communication. Control.
I got the universal translator.
But unfortunately it only has English installed.
I want a hitchhiking tooth
Complete with red and green button
@Mitch Pretty sure.
3:35 PM
You should mention that for christmas
@KitZ.Fox like the one where you deny what you're gonna say but then you say it.
It's very effective for starting rumors.
I don't care what you've heard, Mitch is a brilliant scientist.
Getting a PS4 for christmas.
But I can't bear to take down my PS3 before
Or I can't believe that anyone would think that Mitch is a sockpuppet of Jeff Atwood.
So here's to hoping they have a PS4 left on Christmas day.
@KitZ.Fox Thanks! Wait...
3:37 PM
See what I mean?
@DeltaEscher The tooth version?
@KitZ.Fox Wait... I don't even know how to sockpuppet.
Python please
@DeltaEscher It's PSTwoth
3:38 PM
I don't care if int doesn't have an append function
You know like how XBox one is like really #7.
Your face doesn't have an append function
Who cares anymore just add some numbers
Xbone is garbage
sock is a verb meaning to hit hard. puppet is a verb meaning to get a small amount of liquid out of or into a tube
3:40 PM
Hello There
The vicar came down from his puppet to sock the point in.
I like ShreevatsaR's answer:
Q: What’s purportedly wrong with Strunk & White’s “The Elements of Style”?

MikeSchinkelI was reading the comments on this answer where several users claimed that Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style was “misinformed, hypocritical, and wrong” and “flat-out wrong or totally misleading”, so I’d love to get a delineated list of where it is wrong. Note: I have no position on this o...

@KitZ.Fox So just about room owners? That seems very narrow. I feel like I should ask a question about behavior. And room owners... it's almost like they don't exist, like it's not a thing, when there are already lots of other pressing issues like 'be nice'.
@Mitch Didn't Martha cover the Be Nice in chat part?
You can ask a different question though, if you think it makes sense.
I want to make sure we cover room owners and creating your own chat rooms.
At some point.
But chat etiquette and chat memes are also on the list.
We need to cover room owners so we can describe the special privileges that they are accorded and how to use their tools.
Actually, @Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 should post that one. That would make more sense. If he wants to.
3:52 PM
@KitZ.Fox what am I posting?
@KitZ.Fox Oh. I guess. Look man, I just write the questions.
26 mins ago, by Kit Z. Fox
@Mitch Uh. OK. It's "What do room owners do?" and should include things like, how do I know who the room owners are and what can they do and how are they expected to behave, and stuff.
@KitZ.Fox Here is my draft:
Am I posting it as a chatter or a room owner?
So what's up with _room owners_?

I feel like I've seen this around talked about, but it's like they don't seem to do anything at all? What's the point? What do they do? Are they the ones flagging and suspending and being all jr high vice principally on us?
@KitZ.Fox Or that's fine too.
3:54 PM
I think it would make sense for @Mr.Shiny to post it as a room owner, asking for details on what the expectations are and how to use the tools.
THe important thing to question is if I spelled vice-princip... correctly
@KitZ.Fox Oh, but I should still ask?
@Mitch hahaha. no. But a chat etiquette post would be fine if you want.
What are chat room owners?
I created a chatroom / I was made the room owner of a chat room, what's expected of me? What can I do as a room owner? How can users find chat room owners?
@Mitch Um. I think he'll cover the pertinent points, unless you think we need specifically "what is a room owner?"
3:55 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Yes.
Something like that would be helpful.
@KitZ.Fox OK. I'm writing an etiquette one then
Great. Thanks.
Q: Chat: What is a Room Owner?

Mr. Shiny and New 安宇I've been a room owner of various chat rooms: chat rooms I created myself, and now, the ELU main chat. But what IS a room owner? What can a room owner do, what can't they do, what should they do? Also, how can a regular user find or identify room owners?

how's that?
Looks good. @MattE.Эллен, you're up, if you're up for it.
I'd like to mention that our meta hats question needs more votes on the Q and the As.
Not that I'm trying to get hats. Well, okay, I am.
4:03 PM
@Mitch Have you read mine? It's the new one right at the bottom. It kinda answers your query about my feeling on S&W;)
@Araucaria My query to you? That's seems vaguely familiar but I don't see it anywhere. Can you link to it?
@Araucaria I sense you haev strong feelings on the subject. But it is difficult to determine here what your feelings are exactly. Chat? — Mitch Dec 10 at 3:31
Q: Chat: etiquette?

MitchI've been asking a series of questions about chat because, even though I've been there a few times, it takes some getting used to and I'm just trying to clarify things. So what's up with behavior and etiquette? Recently it seems like in a number of chatrooms (including ELU) there was a bit of d...

@Araucaria Right... my memory is great, as ong as I can see the transcript... and have a teleprompter... and have earphone of someone telling me what to say.
@Araucaria OK. So that's clear enough. You don't care for S&W, and you have actual experience with teaching writers using that book. So that says a lot (a lot more than most anybody).
I liked Shree's answer because it accorded with my own (half-educated) opinion.
Also, Geoff Pullum seems to be so over the top anti that book that something seems wrong, like S or W ran over his dog or something.
Also, you need a TL;DR, both for each section, and for the whole post, and nav-links to each section. That's a lot of reading!!
4:28 PM
@Mitch Shree's answer seems to be "It's not a book of rules, it's just suggestions, jeez, lighten up", while Pullum seems to be saying "It reads like a book of rules, so people treate it like a book of rules, and the rules make no sense"
4:39 PM
@KitZ.Fox This is sad because I can now remember that I've forgotten and remembered this several times:
Apophasis is a rhetorical device wherein the speaker or writer brings up a subject by either denying it, or denying that it should be brought up. Accordingly, it can be seen as a rhetorical relative of irony. Also called paralipsis (παράλειψις) – also spelled paraleipsis or paralepsis –, or occupatio, and known also as praeteritio, preterition, cataphasis (κατάφασις), antiphrasis (ἀντίφρασις), or parasiopesis (παρασιώπησις), apophasis is usually employed to make a subversive ad hominem attack, which makes it a frequently used tactic in political speeches to make an attack on one's opponent. Using...
Oh, right. That.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Hm... Yeah. There' a reason people think of it as a grammar book, even though it ostensibly isn't.
@Mitch It wouldn't be so bad if the advice in the book were better-written and clearer. And correct.
My position is that it is 'lying to children'. It's giving advice to beginning writers because they found that if they didn't give that advice, their college students just use the passive all over the place and it bugged them. So they said 'stop it!'.
@KitZ.Fox My favorite super-hero that didn't appear in 'The Incredibles': Fironic.
4:47 PM
@Mitch The problem is that the advice isn't written in a way for "children" to understand where the rules stop and the suggestions begin.
And the section on the active/passive voice is full of mistakes, which makes it difficult for anyone who doesn't already know better to understand what's going on. Auracaria's analysis is pretty clear. that whole section is just a muddled mess, but Famous Writers and Authority Figures are telling people "Read this book! It's great! It will make you write well"
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 edited! meta.english.stackexchange.com/q/7427/9001
thanks, saw it change in front of my very eyes!
just one upvote away...
I get so many repses during hatbash. And I'm not even here.
wow someone is flagging messages about pot from 5d ago as offensive.
4:59 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 what room?
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 oh yeah, +/-5 meta answers prob also help! meta.english.stackexchange.com/q/7427/9001 can be the testing/awarding ground
@Hugo That's why I posted!
so part of the chat etiquette should be the other direction, don't assume people are being a jerk, be tolerant.
@Mitch mos eisley
@Hugo just switched my answer for neg to pos making it 5 on each side.
wait for the rain to fall!
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 so there's no accounting for intolerant (or chaotic) mods?
5:02 PM
@Mitch ? Anyone can raise flags
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Oh. Right.
Flagging seems too easy to abuse. (even though others have to validate/invalidate)
but then maybe that's the culture they want.
so maybe the problems with flagging are that minor variations need to be tweaked
I think the SE people should just appoint chat moderators, who are distinct from regular mods/10k users, and who will ban users/close rooms if the room culture is too toxic, but otherwise let people just chat.
@Mitch ah ok, I interpreted it as "saying intentionally the opposite of what you mean" like "please don't tidy your room" when you want a child to tidy it
@crl that's definitely sarcasm. I've never seen sarcasm as a rhetorical trope, but it sounds like it should be.
Or reverse psychology.
ok, :) thanks
5:16 PM
@Mitch got it, thanks! and at the same time Every! Body! Gets! A Hat!
@lyen This answer, in particular the part about the math class, is wrong. — Jasper Loy 1 min ago
@Hugo So 10 people voted on your Q but only 5 voted on my A. Don't they know what hats are?
I don't understand why people think the wrong answer is correct, please take a look above.
5:29 PM
I need to a sentence to say congrats to a couple who have held a celebration about anniversary-marriage
"Happy ..." (what) ?
Happy anniversary.
just that ?
ok tnx
That will be one million dollars.
5:31 PM
Have you ever seen a grosser rep?
@Mitch Yes, that's all very true. Will do. (when I get enough time to finish it!)
6:12 PM
My answer to Chat Etiquette:
A: Chat: etiquette?

MετάEdEtiquette is the rules (written or unwritten) of polite behavior within the social group. There are three significant sources of Stack Exchange chat etiquette. Norms established by Stack Exchange Inc., the owners General social norms for chat rooms Social norms that are unique to Stack Exchange...

Please post constructive comments and I will incorporate.
Forgive me. I'll fix it in a moment.
Oh crud, I can't undo it.
I already voted and didn't realize.
hides in shame over superpower abuse
6:58 PM
@tchrist Bad superman.
Yes, but I got a good Batman for being a bad Superman. :)
It just means I have to ask @KitZ.Fox to close it again. I really thought I would be able to. How the heck remembers what the voted on four years ago.
@Hugo Yes. I have already voted to reopen.
Is it really on topic here?
reopen first ask questions later...
7:05 PM
Seems more like a ling question to me.
reopen first migrate later...
7:17 PM
got the Bathat! up to 15 now
huh, 3 of the bounties on offer are from a user suspended for a year
and today I learned of the word oojiboo, meaning thingamajiggy, and I find that delightful that it has an OED entry. My dad uses a similar word, which I guess would be spelled hoojibooj
hoojibooj is close enough to be the same thingamabob as oojiboo
yeah, exactly! I think he'll be pleased to find it out it's a cromulent word.
oh, perfectly cromulent
if you search the OED for hoojibooj it says, "did you mean oojiboo?"
@tchrist Pardon?
7:37 PM
@KitZ.Fox Would like your thoughts on the chat etiquette answer.
7:56 PM
@KitZ.Fox I accidentally couldn't reclose something I'd dupehammered open because I forgot I'd already closed it, since it only had your mark on it.
I'll find it.
I didn't check the history. Should have.
@KitZ.Fox If you might be so kind as to reclose this, I'd be much obliged. And do my penance.
8:10 PM
I'm not sure why I would have closed that.
I'll look at it when I get home.
I love goatses. Almost as much as I love mooses.
I just got a room notification of a new post in german.se. Is that a problem that other people have also?
Nah, it's the room's feeds. Reg set it up.
Theoretically any RSS feeds can go there.
9:07 PM
'Dog' is entirely wrong. It should be 'cat'. — Mitch 2 mins ago
Look man, I'm just entertaining myself.
9:52 PM
I need just three downvotes here: meta.english.stackexchange.com/a/7433/380
already upped. anyone need any main site votes?
One thing the Tumbleweed questions might be good for is trying for the 007 hat. Except that requires 7 upvotes. That will be difficult.
No Necromancer hat this year.
other than as a silver hat
Oh. Right. Not a particular hat.
There's a secret hat that I really like, but I'm afraid I would have to be devious to get it.
I like it better than Odinson even.
@tchrist I didn't see any closure on that. Are you sure it's the right question?
10:11 PM
Do we still want the German SE feed in this room?
got Cleanup Crew hat! That was tedious...
Oh, Elberich Schneider was suspended.
I did not know that.
I really much prefer the old user profile. The current one is too complicated.
@KitZ.Fox Is german.se in our room feeds?
10:45 PM
it has been for a long while, along with Russian.se
@MattE.Эллен Russian must get so little traffic at my time of the day that I've never noticed.
@Mitch Did my updates address your comments?
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