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12:33 AM
@Cerberus He seems to have left indefinitely once more.
12:59 AM
@Mahnax I see.
No doubt he shall return.
Any idea what triggered him this time?
1:47 AM
yesterday, by Matt Эллен
@WillHunting and yet you think coming off your meds and stopping therapy has had no effect.
@Robusto Ah, thanks.
So we think it was because of those reasons?
He didn't give any specific reason himself, earlier?
I don't know if "we" think that, but I trust Matt to assess the situation as well as one can.
@Cerb: I didn't get any love for my Hollandaise quip.
2:19 AM
@Robusto Right.
@Robusto I meant to ask you about that, because I wasn't sure I got it.
Why did the sauce Hollandaise come up?
@Robusto sometimes they're funny but there's just no possible response.
Or meeting.
1 hour later…
3:33 AM
@Cerberus Because @Reg was ragging on the Dutch. So I was defending you. If I have to explain it to six decimal places it won't be funny, though.
15 hours ago, by Robusto
Actually, I believe @Cerb is Hollandaise, not Dutch. He's a saucy doggy.
I guess either you get it or you don't.
I need to play bigger rooms.
1 hour later…
4:35 AM
@Robusto I'll take it as a compliment.
6 hours later…
10:13 AM
@Robusto c) get it but ~chuckle
10:46 AM
For the holidays
Not just a craze
It's hollandaise
11:02 AM
@JohanLarsson Chuckling in the presence of majesty is not an appropriate response.
11:14 AM
2 hours later…
1:26 PM
It's not porn, it's HBO!
soft porn then
No! HBO!
It's totally full-frontal hard-core HBO!
2:04 PM
OMG, it's a good thing I'll be travelling this week. This is my 999th answer, and I'll hafta plan a party for when I score a kilo. — John Lawler 19 hours ago
John lives in Washington State now; he really shouldn’t need to travel much to score a kilo.
2:31 PM
Jasper left. Who is going to say "Hi lol" to me everyday now?
2:44 PM
@Farooq Hi lol
@DamkerngT. Hey DT
@Cerberus Hi Cerbs
@tchrist What chilioi do they have there?
Mr Shiny changed his avatar. I noticed.
2:46 PM
@Farooq Why yes, I did! :)
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Hey.
how are you today
I am fine, thanks. How about you?
not bad. Wishing I had some vacation time left.
3:17 PM
The good thing about working with electronics engineers is now I know what an astable multivibrator is. If I worked in web development I'd have just bought flashing LEDs. Now I'm gonna build a circuit. :D (well not right now, but soon)
What will this circuit do?
I am going to make indicator wristbands for when I'm cycling
so it will make the LEDs flash when it's switched on
because people can't see me signal in the dark, for some reason. stupid drivers
I never ever see bicyclists signal.
mainly because they don't signal.
3:28 PM
yeah. some cyclists are reckless
it just means I have to treat every cyclist like a completely irrational random hazard.
it's the best way
I prefer that to drivers who assume that overtaking means giving me just enough room so long as I don't hit a pothole.
or manhole cover
gotta run... bbl
4:05 PM
Making silk purses out of sows’ ears:
A: "Supposing Jane ______ with us, what would you do?"

tchristTL;DR: Your test-giver probably wants you to select choice #2 “came”, but this is an extremely poorly designed test not only because one could reasonably argue that either of choices #4 and #5 might also work for some speakers and situations, but also because many other completely valid and perfe...

@Cerberus Hihi, gotsta run for work.
@tchrist Good luck!
A +1 for your TLDR.
Heh. I thought it would help. baiz
4:51 PM
hey crew
@tchrist The silk purses are exquisite.
5:06 PM
@Mitch hi
1 hour later…
6:34 PM
Is it just me or Yahoo mail is slower than Gmail?
No idea...
Also there are ads on Ymail that makes it a bit slow. But it is just my perception.
6:44 PM
Maybe I am wrong.
7:00 PM
Install Adblock Edge?
Thanks. It looks like a good solution. Do you use it?
7:20 PM
I've installed AdAccess Prime. Sure it slows down my machine, but it makes everybody else's seem so much faster.
@Farooq Yes, always.
@Mitch What does it do?
If you didn't have ads before it puts more of them on every application.
posted on December 10, 2014 by sgdi

A man who was from Leigh on sea Who wanted to know what to be He asked all around No answer he found So he did what came naturally

@Cerberus @Mitch Thanks!
@Mitch Sounds lovely.
Too bad I can't find any information about it.
7:36 PM
Here's a link for it: " I want more ads"
Don't click that! It installs a virus onto your system!
That was the virus talking.
hi peeps
i hate colds. they kind of make you feel like a different person
with the whole body feeling all miserable
@Mitch I have already downloaded the Internet.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Even with Noscript and Adblock Edge and such enabled?
@Mitch I have always known Mr Shiny was a virus.
@Jez I hate different people for the same reason.
7:42 PM
@Cerberus I suspect you need a whoosh! or two
I was going to go with it and start blaming you for being a virus.
@Cerberus 'Shhhh!' was the virus talking through me.
No it wasn't. That's a lie. That was the virus talking trying to confuse you. You're confused now aren't you. That's how invidious it is.
Also insidious. Pretty much every context where I'd use one of those words, the other would fit.
Same with travesty and tragedy.
Same with meretricious and Disney World. Which reminds me, I'm hungry.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Well, I assumed you weren't serious. But...
@Mitch Ohh are you sure it isn't Mr Shiny?
@Mitch Haha touché.
@Cerberus especially since Mitch wasn't being serious either
Installing a thing that gives you more ads to make other people's computers look faster by comparison.... That's really more of a Jasper thing than Mitch.
8:00 PM
@TRiG impressive
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Tsk.
@TRiG Haha I knew what I was going to see before clicking that.
There is, in fact, an entire subreddit for it.
Take, for example, alot of firefighters.
8:21 PM
Could be a bit fatter.
could be alot fatter
Couldn't find an image of that.
8:29 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Lovely.
ahoy hoy!
Welcome, Captain Hornblower!
Yes, quite so.
Oh, I just urban dictionary'd that and now I feel bad.
quietly removes
How are you folks doing?
8:31 PM
Much better now that Matt is picking up the slack in the LOL department.
C'mon, you can do it.
We have faith in you.
8:33 PM
laughing allowed
Wow, you blew right past it.
I'm no Jasper
How are you @Mahnax
Clearly you're not.
I guess we need the genuine article.
@MattЭллен I'm well, thanks. I've written three finals, three to go. Today was the hardest one.
8:34 PM
what was today?
@MattЭллен John Loller is on vacation, I believe.
Calc-based physics I.
But to your question "How are you @Mahanax" . . . your punctuation has knocked that into the realm of the philosophical.
Example question?
@Cerberus From the test?
8:35 PM
@Mahnax Remind me about the part of physics that isn't calc-based?
@Robusto V=IR, f=ma
Is it is too difficult to type in chat.
@Robusto There's two first year physics classes here, and one of them doesn't get into calculus, so I have learned to include that.
PV = nRT
8:36 PM
@MattЭллен That's physics with training wheels.
@MattЭллен Hah, I remember those. F=ma.
@MattЭллен No idea.
@Cerberus ideal gas equation
@Robusto indeed :D
Pressure x Volume =...
Temperature x...
8:37 PM
n = number of moles of the gas
R is some constant
newton's laws
OK, that makes sense.
E=mc square
8:37 PM
But a capital constant?
oh, apparently it's called "the gas constant"
I see.
@Cerberus yes. That's how it's taught, anyway
@Cerberus You have a helicopter with a four-bladed rotor. Each blade has mass 80kg, length 3.5m. If the rotor achieves an angular velocity of 300rpm after 10 seconds, find the torque applied by the motor. Additionally, prove that the moment of inertia of a long, narrow cylinder about the end at an axis perpendicular to the cylinder is [something] based on the fact that the moment of inertia about the center of mass is ml^2/12.
8:39 PM
Even Newton had to invent some calculus to get his work done.
@Mahnax You would definitely need calculus to map the pressure exerted across a variably curved, tapered rotor blade.
Sorry for all the pings.
@Robusto Pressure? Who's talking about pressure? We're talking about spinning stuff here that we're pretending is uniform.
@Mahnax Well, if you can't handle the pressure . . .
Oh, I didn't mean cylinder. I meant a flat thing. What's the word I'm looking for?
8:42 PM
Plane works.
@Mahnax Ohh interesting.
I thought this was about a helicopter, not a plane
8:43 PM
@Robusto Har har.
And helicopters have rotor blades that are not planes.
Everybody is crazy, and I am a plane. vroooom
@MattЭллен That is the best coke ever.
We pretended they were planes for the sake of asking actual testable questions that first-year science students can comprehend.
8:43 PM
@Matt wins the prize for best coke ever in response to an ELU chat jinx.
^ On a plain
The reign in plein falls mainly in the spleen.
Someone on Physics SE can solve that physics problem easily.
8:45 PM
@Mahnax I know. I was just teasing.
@Farooq I can solve that physics problem easily. It was one of the easiest ones on the test, haha.
@Mahnax I know you can.
I studied them far back.
They can be quite complex.
They are fun though. Sometimes.
8:47 PM
High school is too long ago, I forgot how torque works exactly. Maybe I could have solved it back then.
@Cerberus Same here :-)
Although I am only 28 now.
144000 Newtons I think. No idea about the other bit.
@MattЭллен Show your work :)
8:48 PM
Otherwise I give you zero.
So the length of the arm is probably 1.75m, right?
The Nirvana Baby is now 23
Total weight 320kg.
You gain 0.5 rotations per second.
Maybe you need to use the circumference at 1.75m?
8:51 PM
300 rpm = 18000 revs per second
accelerating from 0 to that in 10 seconds = 1800 rev/(s squared)
80kg * 1800 revs per (second squared) = 144000 kg revolutions per (second squared)
which I guess is what torque is measured in
Isn't rpm revolutions per minute?
You have to convert to radians per second.
So isn't that 5 per second?
8:52 PM
And find the moment of inertia of the four rotors together, and use that instead of mass.
560 Nm.
@Cerberus oh right. divide not times
The moment of inertia of one rotor is 1/3ml^2.
So the moment of inertia of all four is 4/3ml^2.
8:53 PM
So I divided 5 by 10 second for 0.5 revolutions gained per second.
=1307kg m^2
mass times length squared
I have never heard of that formula.
But then we're not studying physics!
Still, I remember how much fun physics could be.
My colleague has also started his physics studies.
8:57 PM
So where does the calculus come into this problem?
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 It doesn't. We have derivation questions that need calculus.
This one is just mechanics
And some questions involving instantaneous angular/not-angular velocities etc.
damnit. I can't make a joke out of "caulk you later". mathematical handyman something something
9:22 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Pascal-coulombs per lumen
@Mitch hogshead per rod
pints per cubit. Drink up!
9:42 PM
@Mitch How do you know Monsieur Pascal-Coulomb?
9:53 PM
@MattЭллен cork you later?
@Cerberus Ben, il est le phénix des hôtes de ces bois.
what is "des hôtes" for in that sentence?
@Mitch Quels bois? Et quels hôtes?
J'comprends pas.
10:10 PM
The hôtes from these bois.
It never made sense to me either.
@Mitch Ahh those bois.
That's very nice.
I think I read that fable for my oral exam in high school.
Hôtes as in the hosts that comprise an army.
Lots of people.
10:32 PM
I also like x | I like x also | ??
"Pour rester assis à ne rien branler"
@Cerberus I know. Poetry. Why can't they just use a normal word.
google translate says branler is "wank"
@Jez ha ha. also 'wobble'.
@Jez My dictionary says "loose, wobble".
@Mitch It sounds kind of nice, doesn't it?
10:41 PM
i still don't get that sentence
"to stay seated and wobble nothing"?
"To stay seated in order not to wobble."
Rien used adverbially, I assumed.
what does it mean adverbially?
"To sit and do nothing wank
It is better to be very high up"
@Jez "To not be bothered", "to not bother anyone"
@Jez It's good advice!
10:45 PM
@Jez Used as an adverb.
do nothing but wank, perhaps
@Cerberus no, what does rien mean adverbially?
So it means "not (at all)" instead of "nothing".
didnt know that
'de rien' = 'da nada' = ... no worries
10:49 PM
This poor fellow just hit one of my hot buttons:
Do not try to use these forms. You don’t have the preparation or instinct for them, and will just embarrass yourself. The Early Modern English -(e)s/(e)th suffix marks the 3s present indicative only, not the 2s pr. ind., which is typically -((e)s)t instead. — tchrist 3 mins ago
It is far better not to try than to mangle it.
hot buttons?
People trying to sound fancy but sounding stupid.
Because they don’t know what they’re talking about, and it is blitheringly obvious.
Nails on chalkboards.
better than idiots trying to dumb English down by saying "don't use whom"
The average person cannot use whom correctly.
50% of the population is below average.
It sounds a whole lot dumber saying whom when who is called for then saying who when whom is called for.
Why is that?
Same answer as I already gave.
10:56 PM
actually, i don't think it does
they sound about equally wrong
@Jez Kära staten tack för maten.
but there's an easy way to tell which it is. replace it with he or him.
> Give it to {who,whom}ever you said you thought you were going to say was going before I changed the question and confused the dickens out of you.
There ya go: have at.
So much for “easy way to tell”.
I know the right answer, but you apparently do not, belying your previous assertion.
@Jez I just assumed it had to be translated thus: it is like a faux object to the verb. Or you could say the verb branler can have rien as its object in French, the resulting meaning being "wobbling not".
@Jez Naaah.
@tchrist Who.
But that sentence is defective.
@tchrist His test works, if you insert he at the only possibly place where it could be inserted.
@Cerberus I knew you would get it; I was waiting for the Akbar or Jeff lookalike to give his “easy” answer in the wink of aye.
> [L]learn to distinguish between the bogus and the genuine antique – as you would if you hoped not to be cheated by a dealer!
11:07 PM
@tchrist Wise words.
If everybody else is fooled too then the painting is still worth a bajillion
@Cerberus I presume you remember who said them.
The brackets around the L are unnecessary, however: this is not a court of law.
It was with regard to language.
There's a lesson in there
11:08 PM
My guess would be Fowler.
Wardour Street.
About wobbling
Complaining about people throwing bogus inflections and stupidities in and not sounding in the least bit real.
Well, they were of similar heart.
11:08 PM
And era.
@Mitch Which is why market value is worthless.
Like mass appreciation.
Market value is the value...of whatever it was sold at, however bogus.
Saying the same thing twice is a tautology.
Same = t'auto.
That's why the gold standard is a basis in reality...not this bitcoin sandcastle. At least you can make teeth or crowns or crowns for teeth out of gold.
I'm afraid it is above 5 degrees, so I have to go out and run...
11:11 PM
That's your limit?
Doesn't nighttime get in the way? And rain?
@Mitch And jewellery. However, I believe by far the most part of the value of gold is speculation, not usefulness.
@Mitch Mmm heavy rain gets in the way.
Hm a warm rain at night might not be bad
Nighttime does not.
Warm rain is rare enough to be negligible.
Right that's why the gold standard is silly.
I can run below zero, but today I set below 5 degrees for myself as an excuse not to have to run.
11:14 PM
But if it's a warm rain and night _and _ 5 degrees, that equals fog. And a setting for a Jack the Ripper tv show
Excuses are nice
How do you run in the city? Aren't people and intersections on the way all the time?
> Nay, thou n’wost not thine own skill in healing.
> The proper use of 'tushery' is to apply it to the kind of bogus 'medieval'
stuff which attempts (without knowledge) to give a supposed temporal colour
with expletives, such as tush, pish, zounds, marry, and the like. But a
real archaic English is far more terse than modern; also many of things
said could not be said in our slack and often frivolous idiom. Of course,not being specially well read in modern English, and far more familiar withworks in the ancient and 'middle' idioms, my own ear is to some extent affected; so that though I could easily recollect how a modern would putthis or t
Doctor healed thyself. Didn't work out
'Tushery? Is that what the gardener tends along with the shruttery?
11:39 PM
Idiots are approving edits to nohat’s postings. WTH?
I rolled it back.
If the esteemed Dr Hatfree had meant to say that, he would surely have done.
Do bad I can retract the lamer’s +2.
11:54 PM
@Mitch An impossible scenario here.
@Mitch There is enough space to run if you don't go to shopping streets in the afternoon.
A few traffic lights, yes. Only one for me, if I go in the right direction.
Other streets I cross where there are no lights.
@tchrist That is an improvement...

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