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2:44 AM
This chat is dead.
@JasperLoy Well, you’d better get hoppin’ then if you’re to have any hope of busting all Five Virginities before you shuffle your coil off. And you aren’t getting any younger, lad.
@tchrist Indeed. I have lost too much time due to my mental illness.
Pretty sure that is not preclusive of most of the five, if any.
Who is that John Wimpey? I am editing all his posts, lol.
@tchrist I can easily lose it by visiting a prostitute today, but I won't do that.
Then you don’t care about that sort of virginity.
So stop complaining.
And move on to the other four.
3:01 AM
@tchrist Can you tell me what the Five are? I googled and got nothing.
@JasperLoy I can.
I think I will enjoy myself doing as many edits as I wish on this site, lol.
That, Jasper, is not one of them.
Unless you are a very, very, very strange person.
@tchrist So what are the Five? I am guessing it's something you made up on the spot just now, with no real meaning.
You would be wrong.
3:13 AM
So tell me what they are.
Is it too vulgar to type in this chat?
OMG, this John Wimpey is nuts. He keeps capping things for nothing.
I just edited all his posts. Maybe I am wasting time.
@JasperLoy Yes.
You have to be bold.
@tchrist Could you describe them in less vulgar terms?
Not with concision.
That won’t work.
I understand that.
I shall have to devise some other way.
3:21 AM
That just meant male to female.
@Cerberus I wish I knew. I seriously wanted to knock on the doors of people with "Ford for Mayor" signs and ask them what the fuck was wrong with them.
Jasper, you are .
1 = ⚨ → ♀, 2 = ⚨ → ♂, 3 = ⚨ ← ♂, 4 = ♂ → ⚨ → ♂, 5 = ♂ → ⚨ → ♀
3:28 AM
I am actually straight, honest. Straight people can have gay feelings too now and then. It's only when they become more present that one is considered a gay.
@tchrist But the → can represent so many different things. I think 5 is too small a number to consider.
Sexual orientation is a continuous spectrum. Nobody is at the extreme ends, strictly speaking.
There are actually other possibilities, but less interesting to you. (♂ + ⚨) → ♀ and such. That one is common enough.
Or maybe I should say that if the → only represents one thing, then you can also consider other kinds of →
3:30 AM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I certainly thought about all that, but I don’t think his imagination ranges widely enough for it.
Not to mention ♂ → ♂ → ♂ → ♂ → ♂ → ♂ → ♂ → ♂ → ⚨ → ♀
No, those don’t count.
@tchrist I will just go for one: Me into Maria, that's all.
Because all that matters is the arrows to or from Jasper.
3:31 AM
OR both.
The last one is most commonly abbreviated as ⚧.
Adding a third male for her third hole would not impact Jasper, so does not count.
Those don't show up for me.
Ah, now that I turned off "hardware acceleration" they do.
Remember my font problem?
3:35 AM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Amazing discovery. Does it mean I should do that always?
@JasperLoy That depends. Are you impacted by the problem?
This one is only for parties: 🜬
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Yes.
@JasperLoy Do you have the fonts installed? I installed the Google Noto fonts.
3:36 AM
Hm, I think I missed crocus veneris.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Ah, I turned off but still no show.
@JasperLoy You have to restart FF.
Then there’s the one for women with their private parts pierced: 🜫
I think we should change the topic now, before the flaggers come.
And once you think you’ve exhausted all possibilities for the evening, finish it off with a bang: 🜹
This is the morning after: 🜻
3:38 AM
@tchrist All these years, I have used one thing only: Me on myself.
That’s 🜚.
However, the details of how I do it are too much for this chat, so they will be omitted.
What’s this: 🝰
I'm so glad I installed extra fonts so that I could see tchrist's pervy symbols
I am cackling loudly enough to make the kitty want to know what’s got into me.
@JasperLoy Don’t worry: flaggers don’t have pervelicious fonts installed.
3:44 AM
Somehow I should have known that tchrist's answer to "How to explain Sex to Jasper" was to use Unicode.
Jasper, I can tell that what your life is missing is a good old-fashioned sextile.
My friends used to visit massage parlours for naughty activities, and they will ask me to join them. I never did. I am so proud of myself, lol.
They say you can do that on your phone now.
Yes, there are apps that let you search for such stuff.
Although it’s cheaper with unlimited messages.
You need no longer go to a parler for bespoke messages.
3:47 AM
Actually, there are sites I can join too if I really wanted it, with several local members.
Why do I try?
But I think I will reserve it for Maria. Hmm, that's sweet.
The language used in this chat is very interesting: Maria, LOL, QED. Actually, my language.
@JasperLoy I'm not sure she will be impressed.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Yeah, Maria will have probably lost it long ago.
I still think you should just get out of the house and try to cultivate some real-life friendships with no expectation of sexual relationships. It's good practice.
Take a cooking class.
3:52 AM
Tell me, Jasper: which do you regret more, the things you have done or the things you have failed to do?
@tchrist The latter.
Then you know what you should do now, don’t you, eh?
Stop not doing things.
Start doing things.
Yes, I know. I am going to bed, good night.
You will regret them less.
I should get going too. cya
3:57 AM
And there were none.
@tchrist Except me and you.
... and skully.
4:12 AM
I never recognize your new icon.
I just adopted it.
@JSB gave it to me.
This is so funny, but sad, that I have to put it here before it vanishes:
A: "1 out of 100 chickens is" or "1 out of 100 chickens are"?

lollyWhenever I have something to search on the web, I usually landed on your page; however, I always find the explanations too complicated and I tend to switch to another page. I suggest to provide more direct and simple explanation. Thanks.

Chickens are very complicated.
For us. Other chick pages are slicker.
4:18 AM
How is the new job?
Well, her name is Lolly.
It is fine.
The whole world of software today turns upon framework stacked upon framework stacked upon framework.
People think they are building something complicate to make it simple.
They aren’t.
They are just building things that are complicated.
And I am not even talking about my company’s product.
Just the toolchain, which is 20,000 leagues long.
It reminds me of the old gag about shooting yourself in the foot in this or that programming language.
With frameworks, a shot is fired on the other side of the world not by you but by random cosmic rays, and seven weeks later you die but there is no one to blame.
That’s like 20 years old, but you get the idea.
Indeed, sir, I have lived it.
So so so many moving parts interacting in unforeseen ways, with so many layers of abstraction getting in your face twisting things into butterfly deaths in New Zealand caused by somebody flying over the International Dateline running IE7.
Randy is literally sitting in my face purring me to death so I cannot see nor type. He wants me to go to bed, or at least pay attention to him.
4:34 AM
Hello @kitfox! Well, the Maria I told you about that day, seems it is over, lol.
@tchrist See you in your dreams.
@JasperLoy Hi.
@KitFox So you changed your mind and decided to return to this chat?
It was an accident.
Well, since the accident happened, you might as well return.
english.stackexchange.com/users/82239/peter seems to be an English prof where I studied.
4:45 AM
Did you recruit him?
Recruit? Is this some joke I am missing? I should look up the meaning of recruit...
Hello everyone!
@KitFox Oh, I think you meant to the site, I thought to the uni, lol. No, I did not.
@JasperLoy I meant, did you encourage him to participate on EL&U.
@JasperLoy oh
Yesterday my aunt bought salmon sashimi for me. There were 20 slices.
Oh she's gone again.
1 hour later…
5:58 AM
There is suddenly a whole bunch of crap questions on the site.
6:44 AM
Q: A word describes the person who tends to stereotype people

hawkIs there a word/adjective (single word) that describes the person who likes consiously or uncousiously to stereotype people? I was thinking that there might be a word such as stereotypist, but such a word does not exist. The word I'm expecting should describe the type of people who are very inter...

1 hour later…
8:11 AM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Surely he has some proposals or promised reforms that people liked? Deport all immigrants? Free hamburgers?
8:46 AM
Why have they locked up hamburgers? Is this hamburger racism? "All you hamburgers look alike, there's no way to tell which one of you is the hamburglar"
@JasperLoy suddenly?
@MattЭллен Haha, yes, poor hamburgers.
But they were a danger to society.
Especially the good ones.
As I was writing that, already saw the switch from infinitive to adjective was potentially jarring...
English is a harsh mistress
Harsh, but good.
I forgot, did you like the Civilization games? I think not?
8:58 AM
I haven't played them.
Turn-based strategy.
Master of Magic? Master of Orion?
I might like them, if I tried them. I liked Master of Orion 2
Then you may very well like Civilization!
I have another TBS game that I haven't played yet... what's it called...
I think there was some other turn-based game you didn't like.
9:00 AM
@Cerberus possibly :D I'm difficult to please sometimes!
I think we had a discussion about games once.
This is Endless Legend.
It gets good reviews and it looks nice.
That's the game. I backed it on kick starter, but I still haven't played it yet
or indiegogo
I mostly backed because I'm friends with the guy who invented the table top version
@Cerberus yeah, looks very pretty
@MattЭллен Looks like fun!
Cute two-legged robots.
But it's cool that you know the guy.
Is he also involved in the electronic version?
9:36 AM
He's had input, but I don't know how much
He's in the UK and the devs are in Australia
10:08 AM
I thought I heard an Aussie accent...
11:04 AM
@Cerberus Is it some kind of Civ V clone?
@Robusto Well, yes, but more like Master of Magic.
And good morning!
Good morning to you!
Have you played Civ V?
I've come close to beating it, but after conquering half the world I got beat by Russia. Kind of soured me on the game.
It's kind of too big. You need to come back to it, and if you do that after too much time off you forget what's going on everywhere.
11:32 AM
@Robusto Right, I have already disliked the late game in Civilization games.
One thing that helps is playing on a very small map.
Another advantage is that each city will be meaningful to you.
Turns go faster.
Everything is more streamlined.
Less boring.
Less waiting, less micromanagement.
11:45 AM
Yeah. But then you get sucked in by all the grandeur.
@Robusto If each of my cities is full of wonders and holy sites...
@Cerberus Sunnier. Sparkier. Lower maintenance.
Are you describing me?
@Cerberus It's a game you really have to devote an entire weekend to, non-stop.
I am the Greek Empire.
11:52 AM
@Cerberus You are indescribable.
Thank you.
@Robusto That is, if you don't, it will take it from you anyway.
It takes what it wants. You have no say over it.
Only your alarm clock telling you you need to go to work now may have some influence over you.
I just think it manifestly unfair that Russia could build an empire without me even knowing about it. I was playing Rome, and thrashing the barbarians admirably, and then these commies run in and spoil my fun.
But woe him who goes to work by train bringing his laptop...
@Robusto Totally unfair.
Next time, you will crush the iconoclasts.
11:55 AM
Maybe. If there is a next time. I've been having too much fun on the PS4 lately.
By the way, I read yesterday that Greece is overpowered in Civ V and America underpowered.
What game(s)?
@Cerberus Sounds like anti-Americanism. Or Greecey Europeanism.
Most likely.
@Cerberus My favorite from the last couple of months has been The Last of Us [Remastered].
The game is unpatriotic and must be renamed Freedom-ation.
Hmm I have heard of that. Genre?
11:56 AM
Post-apocalyptic "zombie" AA.
they should make a game mimicking 911
I'm sure there are such games.
Action Adventure
11:57 AM
Ah Ah
What I like about TLOU is that it's really hard, and presents you with lots of different challenges that you have to think through. It's not like you can just amp-up on a single strategy and coast through, like in some games. You have to learn—and use—many different strategies.
Most games have a bubble point, where before you reach it you're underpowered and once you reach it you are godlike. TLOU always leaves you feeling a little behind the curve.
That is good.
Many games become too easy after a while.
Once you have all the cool items and stuff.
12:00 PM
not chess
If you have two queens, it becomes too easy.
I almost gave up on the game, when I had to negotiate a graveyard full of "clickers" — I tried it about ten times and then shelved the game for a while. It was when I was showing the game to a friend, and saying "I'm going to fail getting through this graveyard but at least you'll get to see the game" that I suddenly got through. Color me surprised (and pleased).
@Cerberus If you have two queens, you're probably in Amsterdam!
Hah, that happens. Isn't it Murphy's Law or something?
@Robusto Most likely!
So what are clickers?
sounds like the opposite of murphy's law
"Whatever can go wrong, will"
"This jar is impossible to open, look. <jar opens easily>"
Then what is it called?
12:02 PM
Yes. I think in both cases it's nature conspiring to thwart whatever you had in mind.
Let's call it a "reverse Murphy" or something like that.
Inverted Murphy?
But so what is a clicker?
not be confused with uncle Murphy :-)
@Cerberus See, there's this infectious disease that ruined the planet. And there are stages of the disease, in which a fungus takes over someone's body. A "clicker" is a human who is in an advanced state of infection, where he's totally blind but finds you through echo-location: "clicking" . . .
12:04 PM
Ah, lovely.
Clickers are more bad-ass than regular infected. But they're not the worst.
There are also "floaters"—about which I'll say nothing beyond . . . "Damn!"
they just never flush
And let's not forget the humans.
@MattЭллен No toilet humo[u]r in chat.
no dual spelling in chat :D
12:07 PM
Embrace the duality.
By the way, what was this game again where you had monsters that had sex in front of you while attacking you?
Shit I forgot all about the humans
Warped-human-like monsters.
@Cerberus Huh?
Is this a game I mentioned?
Probably not.
I once saw a video.
It was a mainstream game, though.
12:09 PM
attack of the homophobes?
@Mitch They must be eradicated!
It was called Dual Duel: Attack of the Homophones!
It was Silent Hill, never played it.
The no. 1 is the one I mentioned. Doesn't look super impressive, but anyway.
1:03 PM
@Cerberus He had policies that didn't make sense, that he couldn't possibly fulfill, and also he's demonstrably a pathological liar, so there's no reason to believe anything he says. Not to mention he and his brother had been in office the previous year and got nothing done.
But.. but... but.. he's so ... dreamy!
He's not the mayor you want but he's the mayor you can't afford
I'm so funny
His campaign slogan was "Ford more years"
and yet people wanted to vote for him?
It's completely inexplicable to me.
1:13 PM
even Canada has unreasonable people, I suppose
That's a hard lesson to learn
a bitter pill to swallow down our smug throats
hi pal @Arrowfar :-)
@IceBoy Hi pal :-)
1:19 PM
^finally something Google can't find
I want to remember it for later
It's how Mike Rugnetta pronounces gif
@MattЭллен hi . There was no writing exercise yesterday in Overlook Hotel chat.
technically I suppose it would be /ʒaɪf/
but I'm not American
@Arrowfar yep
@MattЭллен So, sometimes it is skipped? That is okay I guess.
1:25 PM
if noöne starts the exercise, then it doesn't happen
okay :D
It is a good thing that we can take our own initiative there.
you artists are so ... creative :-)
you can be an artist, you just have to start the exercise
1:27 PM
I used to think that only mods could decide the 'topics' for Tuesdays :)
oh! no no. anyone can :)
Yeah, apparently!
Jasper did last time
he's no mod
and the time before, in fact
@IceBoy Hi
@MattЭллен Yeah, I saw that.
1:29 PM
@IceBoy How are you?
Fine thanks, how are you?
I'm good thanks
@IceBoy :)
hsm.se! I wonder if there will be an fsm.se
1:35 PM
Flying Spaghetti Monster
since there is a pastafarianism proposal
18 hours ago, by Robusto
Wow, Princess Diana ranks above Darwin, Shakespeare, and Newton (!) in the BBC's 100 Greatest Britons list!
Don't know if you saw this one.
@Robusto I did, thanks :)
I vaguely remember the TV show
Princess Die.
Cuz that's really all she did.
She gave birth to a future king of England
and charity something or other
1:40 PM
I'm sure there were other princesses who did the same and are not even mentioned.
But the idea that Newton isn't at the tippy-top of that list is ludicrous.
It should be Newton by 18 lengths at least.
Newton was not a nice person.
King Arthur is at 51
NARP is #51.
Where does Thomas the Tank Engine come in?
1:43 PM
Ringo Starr doesn't feature
No, Ringo Starr is Mr. Conductor.
I was asking about Thomas the Tank Engine.
He read them, so technicaly he was all the things
Now you're confusing me. Are you saying Thomas wasn't a real person?
oh... um... no, I mean the news reports about Thomas the tank engine were read out by Ringo Starr...
Oh. That's better.
1:45 PM
JRR Tolkien is at 91
JK Rowling is at 83
I could never get through a single Rowling book.
I haven't tried
C.S. Lewis doesn't feature
I tried when my son was of a Harry Potter age.
@MattЭллен Does this sentence look grammatical?:- "So, today whenever I am laying on my bed I am feeling feverish. And when I am getting myself busy with easy tasks like 'reading' I am feeling relatively better".
@MattЭллен Boy George beats out T. E. Lawrence. Boy George!
How is he even on the list?
1:50 PM
I... can't explain.
@Arrowfar "getting myself busy" should be "busying myself", and change the progressive of the first sentence into the simple present.
also, the end of the second sentence should be simple present
"I feel relatively better"
@MattЭллен So all "-ing" versions (gerunds) look odd here? I mean normally is it odd to talk in progressive tense?
@Arrowfar all the progressive parts, except busying, seem off. Talking in the progressive is normal, but it depends on context.
okay. Thanks Matt.
I am very sad today.
1:59 PM
What's up, @JasperLoy?

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