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8:00 PM
@Robusto I was frustrated to start with, but to be honest, many title do need editing. I'm glad someone is doing it. Roll back is there for a reason and we haven't had that taken away
Now, if this does get out of hand and we get to quibbling over tiny little differences that really don't matter, I'll have a word with SE (and by the way, this isn't Jeff's project, it's Joel's) and we can stop it. But for now, all three edits have been completely constructive.
She's only done 3, as well. Gaming got 8 in about 12 minutes and our fellow has been going light-speed and is still at it.
I think Jeff and Joel are mining for badges and this week it's Copy Editor
@waiwai933 She picked my title as one of three critical edits? Come on now, I'm not mad or anything, but it wasn't that mysterious.
And now I have a close vote on it.
8:05 PM
@Kit They weren't critical edits; it was just something that she saw could be improved. As far as I can tell, they haven't started looking at what needs critical improvement; it seems to have been a practice run this morning.
How irritating.
@Kit Is Chad 3k+?
@GraceNote No. It wasn't him.
no, chad is like 400
@waiwai933 She may possibly be putting her focus more on DIY, though really if I weren't lazy I'd just check that.
8:06 PM
@waiwai933 Oh well, that's OK then.
On Gaming, our fellow is mostly just catching a bunch of things that weren't even sentences and turning them into sentences. That seems to be the main guideline.
Q: Is this prober English?

Sandra SchlichtingAs a non-native English speaker, I would translate 1:1 the following I am wondering if you have seen that movie Is it correct to use if here?

I shudder to think what "prober" English is.
Must resist urge to upvote for lulz.
General reference?
@Kit — Let's see if Lauren Ypsilon catches it.
Don't nobody touch nothin'.
8:08 PM
@GraceNote Dupe, I think.
@Robusto You mean, Lauren Oops-ilon?
FWIW, I think there is a dialect of English called "prober" English, spoken by aliens who have a penchant for abducting rednecks and conducting extensive anal probing on them.
Q: When are "if" and "whether" equivalent?

Ivo RossiAre "if" and "whether" equivalent in sentences like the ones below? Example 1 How to determine if my saddle is too high? vs. How to determine whether my saddle is too high? Example 2 We should check if everything is okay now. vs. We should check whether everything i...

This one maybe?
@Robusto Wait wait wait, hold on, whoa! Since when is psi an ypsilon?
@RegDwight — I knew you were going to say that.
@RegDwight You're in a room filled with constant word play and playing around with what text actually says, and that surprises you?
8:12 PM
May 16 at 11:01, by RegDwight
You knew I knew you would say that.
@GraceNote I never said it surprised me.
Search the transcript if you wish.
@RegDwight Oh, so it is a psi.
I let @Rob lead me into temptation, apparently.
I dunno. It's all Greek to me.
Damn pitchforks.
@Robusto thwack
Apr 14 at 12:38, by RegDwight
user image
Ooh, and the plans to leave the prober bait have been thwarted by kiamlaluno
8:15 PM
@Robusto Graeca sunt, non leguntur?
@Cerberus — Iuventus stultorum magister.
@Cerberus The picture says Graecum est.
Mar 27 at 1:29, by RegDwight
Nobody may post any additional Latin sentences until everybody's memorized those already posted.
@Robusto Sed senectus senilium magistra.
@RegDwight Picture?
Above your post.
Two minutes ago.
Once Latin.SE goes live...
8:18 PM
@Cerberus — Who are you calling old?
I see no Graecum...
@Cerberus Haha. "Once Latin goes live." Hahahaha. You, sir, are very funny.
@Robusto That was just a general sententia, no need to get all defensive!
8:19 PM
@Cerberus You need a freehand circle?
@RegDwight No, I need Graeca!
@RegDwight Wouldn't hurt
@RegDwight Shi... I meant, once Latin remains alive, as it has been all this time!
@Cerberus — Ut semper optima defensio est bonum peteret.
So programmers, do I store something in viewstate, or in the viewstate?
8:21 PM
@Kit Thanks, I really needed viewstates back on my mind after finally passing over that hurdle.
@Kit — Don't get C# with me, buster.
(I think it's the former)
@Kit the
@Robusto I don't C#. I wear glasses.
8:22 PM
@Kit can I thwack you?
@Grace @Cerberus
@MattEllen Yes.
@Kit thwack
@RegDwight — Leave @Cerb alone, he's getting out his Latin dictionary.
@GraceNote @MattEllen Now you have to argue it out.
8:23 PM
@Robusto Ewwww
@RegDwight That's... hum. Quite the circle.
@MattEllen That was so deserved.
@Robusto I don't quite get that... "as the best defence is always...[anacoluthon] would seek the good"?
@GraceNote I knew you would say that.
@Robusto I need no freaking dictionary!
@RegDwight I'm too lazy to quote that which you should know I'd quote.
@GraceNote This?
25 secs ago, by RegDwight
@Kit Well if you store it in viewstate that implies you can say "I will store this photo in box". Viewstate is a container.
No, not at all
@Cerberus "As always, the best defense is a good attack."
8:25 PM
"Circle of Life" is a song from Disney's 1994 animated film The Lion King, composed by Elton John with lyrics by Tim Rice. It was sung by Carmen Twillie (female vocals) and Lebo M (opening isiZulu vocals) in the film as the opening song, and Elton John also sang a pop version with the London Community Gospel Choir which was included in the film's soundtrack and made into a music video. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Song in 1994 together with two other songs from The Lion King: "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" and "Hakuna Matata". "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" won the a...
@Kit Although, I did chortle at the pun :)
I'll consent to agreeing with @Matt, under the understanding that I generally omit words now and then in speech which is why I get away with skipping the the.
If you're talking zero articles, you should ping @Vitaly.
OK. As long as I don't sound like a dumbass when I say "I stored it in the viewstate" to my boss.
@Kit well, that depends. Is you boss often wrong, because then he might disagree with me
8:26 PM
@Robusto That isn't quite right. I see no "attack" unless it were somehow expressed by "peteret", "hits"; but then I have two unconnected clauses. I couldn't possibly translate it.
May 5 at 15:12, by Kosmonaut
If you name something, then you would leave out the article.
@Kit I think you won't sound stupid at all.
@MattEllen Har har har. He's very good-natured.
@Kit — A real professional knows his boss doesn't know enough to care whether it's "viewstate" or "the viewstate" ... why do you think these people get into management.
@Robusto You didn't... no, you didn't try to Google-translate Latin?
8:27 PM
I don't know what a zero article is.
@Cerberus — Well, see? That's the difference between you and Google. ^_)^
@Robusto Aha! Well, this shows how much Google sucks!
@Cerberus I always figured it was googleplusgood.
@Cerberus — I never doubted it. But you run me out of my meager Latin too quickly. You ought go slower on noobs. Really, dude.
@GraceNote Wha?
8:29 PM
@Cerberus Ne'er y' mind.
@waiwai933 so if i change the title partially or entirely in the spirit of the question that counts as valid editing. Poor titles are everywhere in SE sites Would that valid there too? Is this a new feature or perhaps encouraged now?p
@Robusto Why don't you take lessons! It would suit you.
@BogdanLataianu Fixing the title in the spirit of the question should be quite valid.
@Kit On the other hand - you could say "store in viewstate" if you were talking about viewstate as a concept rather than an actual implementation of the concept, so both are right.
yay for over thinking
@Cerberus — Yes. Why didn't I think of that?
8:30 PM
@BogdanLataianu By all means, do that! We have always been doing that, though not very often.
@MattEllen No overthinking. Follow that link I posted. Listen to what Kosmonaut says.
@Robusto I suggest that we start immediately.
@Cerberus — Uh, are there going to be exams?
@Cerberus What about other SE sites? This is not only at ELU
@RegDwight you've posted a lot of links...
8:31 PM
May 5 at 15:05, by Vitaly
“Umbrella came in handy” ← is that the null article here?
@BogdanLataianu The other sites usually need this a lot more than ELU does. It's generally been valid as well.
I think only Math has ever been opposed to it, and that was out of one or more users not liking any of their content edited, rather than any actual policy.
ok thanks
As it stands, fixing a title is an improvement. Improvements are always welcome.
oh, I see the one
@Robusto Of course!
8:32 PM
@RegDwight I say that kind of thing a lot. Except I might skip the "came in" part.
Plus an inversion.
@Cerberus — No deal. [Bangs the doggie over the head with a TV set.]
@GraceNote You mean brella instead of umbrella?
That's antonym, not inversion.
@RegDwight you mean brolly, not brella
<---salivating at the thought of plethora of points for title editing
@MattEllen You have no idea what I mean.
8:34 PM
@RegDwight No, I mean "Handy umbrella.", rather than the otherwise subtracted result of "Umbrella handy."
@RegDwight that's why I'm here
@GraceNote — Careful, if you "plus" an inversion you are likely to cancel it out. Didn't you study waves in physics? Or music?
@Robusto I was primarily on combustion and projectile motion.
@GraceNote Handy is German for mobile phone.
@Robusto What the... barbarian!
8:34 PM
@BogdanLataianu Keep in mind the limit on reputation gain ♪
@GraceNote — Wait, you think you can achieve self-propulsion by lighting your own farts? Interesting ...
@GraceNote I love you, Gracie!
Mar 7 at 18:22, by RegDwight
Back to reading comprehension class for you.
@Grace I was joking, you get a meager 2 points for an edit
@BogdanLataianu I've got 500 reputation of edits on Game Development. It's a useful pursuit.
With enough effort, you could earn a Mortarboard badge via title edits without ever posting a single question or answer on a site.
8:40 PM
@RegDwight — I'm allowed to misinterpret things for the sake of humor. That's not just for mods, you know. Besides, this room needs a good fart joke every now and then.
@Robusto Just, please, no white boys dancing in public.
A sensible conclusion.
@RegDwight — How about white asparagus?
I knew you would say that.
8:44 PM
@RegDwight I'm glad I wasn't the only person thinking about that.
@GraceNote I dunno what makes you glad about that...
(asparagus based) misery loves company?
@RegDwight — Really? Your knowledge of asparagus is usually so appalling ...
Well, I did cut down that one asparagus growing next to your house.
Aaaaand... AFK.
I've found the secret to getting up votes on EL&U: english.stackexchange.com/questions/35806/…
8:57 PM
Need more rainbows at work.
can't unicorns make rainbows?
Need sunshine.
Too tired to make rainbows.
Buried in piles of useless paper.
someone doesn't know the difference between unicorns and Pegasus
@aedia We could give your our hailstorms. They might make you some rainbows.
(it's in the names of the image)
9:00 PM
@MattEllen Aww, thanks.
@GraceNote Do not want!
@aedia no probs :)
@aedia They're only ping-pong-ball sized!
@GraceNote so, they only break windscreens?
@GraceNote Um. I mean. Thank you very much but I am sure you need them there.
@MattEllen Unless they are as dense as a ping pong ball, though.
@aedia Oh, we've got a lot of surplus, there's plenty to spare for you.
9:03 PM
I'm gonna motor. Byeeeee.
@Robusto Adios!
Later, @Robusto
@GraceNote I like thunderstorms, but hail is not so nice.
@aedia After the horizontal lightning show last month, my respect for nature has improved greatly.
9:07 PM
@GraceNote Sounds scary. Separate from your tornadoes?
@aedia Not even a week after, as it were.
It was more impressive than scary, though we still unplugged everything. It's brilliant and mesmerizing.
@GraceNote It's good to be safely inside and all when that stuff happens. I used to live on the ground floor and would always peek out the door and try to take pictures.
@aedia Haha. Some days I wish I had a camera, though honestly lightning is pretty difficult to snapshot.
Now I just look out the window, but it's not the same exactly.
@GraceNote It is!
@GraceNote You must have some camera? Like a phone one or something, I'm sure?
Not the best for long exposures, those things.
@aedia I cannot extract from my cellphone camera, and that's... roughly it. That's why I don't have any pictures of myself since I got my license picture 5 years ago.
9:15 PM
@GraceNote Oh my. I can't imagine not having a camera with me anymore, really. I've been a shutterbug ever since my first 110 film camera.
@aedia It fills me with regret a lot when I see something I'd really like to take a picture of.
I do end up prodding my friends to take pictures for me, though, as a result.
@GraceNote Cannot extract? Why not? Is it an old phone?
@Cerberus Never bought the hardware, not paying for the software.
@aedia That probably costs money.
Get one. They're cheap now. Nobody wants 'em sniff poor babies.
9:19 PM
What kind of hardware?
@GraceNote Pfft, poor art students can afford 'em!
@Cerberus Wires to connect to a computer or printer.
Ahh... but can't you e-mail them to yourself, then?
@aedia I'm too busy saving a lot of money for big stuff and then blowing away what I have left over on trivial stuff.
I am using the phone my brother used two phones back, in 2008 or so, and I can e-mail photos without any software.
9:21 PM
@Cerberus I'm not going to pay extra to allow email from a tool I will rarely ever email from.
Oh, your phone has no internet access...
I could pay for it.
Yeah I'm paying 15 a month for that.
@GraceNote You manage to live without internet access on your phone?
@aedia It is intriguing, isn't it?
9:22 PM
@aedia I used to do it by carrying a lot of maps and planning ahead
@aedia It... just is used to call people? I mean, that's what a phone does, after all.
@aedia Perhaps Grace eats cake...
We had phone service before the internet, after all.
I find internet access on my phone a great boon.
I need no maps, no planning, no boredom.
@Cerberus I only really use when I'm bored or lost
9:23 PM
@MattEllen So did I but I couldn't go back. I would give up, um. Hmm. I already gave up tv and going out to most movies. I would give up Netflix?
ooo, how did you know I would say that?!
@MattEllen I.e. always—at least for me.
@aedia I gave up television too!
@Cerberus me too!
Reading maps was an important skill that I had from an early level, so I kinda stick with those.
why have streaming media someone else controls?
@GraceNote reading maps is an important skill I have because I'm male ;)
9:26 PM
@GraceNote Well, I have a paper road atlas in the car, but as I don't usually drive the car, I need the bus maps and schedules from the internets. It was hard a few phones ago.
@aedia We've got GPSes up the wazoo.
So if I do happen to lack the appropriate map, there's always that.
@GraceNote Ohhh. I don't have one of those. I use my phone for that too.
@MattEllen Hah, I'd trust that but for the longest time, I could read a map while my brother couldn't.
@MattEllen Isn't that like, the definition of streaming media?
@MattEllen Yay! It is my prediction that television will become marginal in the next few decades. Everyone will be watching internet channels.
@aedia My phone tells me everything about public transport.
9:28 PM
@aedia I mean, like on TV I have to wait for the film to come on, but with blinkbox or whatever I choose when it comes on
@MattEllen Ohhh.
@MattEllen Recordings have largely fixed that issue for me.
Exactly. And commercials are just unbearable.
And unlike a net show where I must watch the commercials, I can skip 'em on my recordings.
Must watch commercials? Where?
9:30 PM
@Cerberus I know. I even get annoyed with the short ones on some YouTube recordings.
Are there commercials on Youtube? I have never seen any.
@Cerberus Hulu, also, has commercials.
Adblock blocks them, I presume.
Just block them all.
@Cerberus yeah, sometimes. the Vevo music channel has them
@Cerberus On any video service I've used that allows you to watch full shows on your computer, they require you to watch commercials either at the very start for a bit, or in segments throughout the episode.
9:31 PM
@GraceNote Hmm... I don't watch a lot of shows, and those I want to watch I download.
But perhaps Adblock blocks those commercials for you too?
@Cerberus That ain't streamin' then.
It does at least on Youtube.
@GraceNote True.
@Cerberus I doubt it, they're part of the stream
9:32 PM
@Cerberus I don't think it'll affect some of these services, but I don't know how it works with that kind of medium.
@MattEllen Hmm could be.
In any case, I imagine such streams will be paid and without commercials in the future.
blinkbox does a paid service, I hope that would nix the adverts
I don't want to pay and see ads
If you pay for the service, you probably get it without commercials. I'd rather take the commercials than pay.
@MattEllen One of the services was trying to do that. I can't remember which one.
9:34 PM
@aedia That's a junky service
It seems silly to even think people would pay and still see ads, until you wonder how tv has survived.
I'd rather not watch anything or download stuff than be forced to watch commercials. I would start foaming around the mouth.
@aedia Oh, right, you guys don't have BBC :D (a subscription service with no real ads)
@aedia Long as you don't buy those premium channels, then it's not unlike paying for internet access.
@Cerberus I suppose I could go read a book instead.
9:35 PM
any way. I'm off to dream of a netopia where everything is uncorrupt
@aedia That was because there was no functional competition, more of an oligopoly. Just as with the enormous riches telephones companies rake in from us: no real competition.
@MattEllen You have to pay for BBC? It's not like a public service?
Oh, bye, @Matt!
Long live BBC! But that is (partially) paid for by billions in taxes...
Later, @Matt
9:36 PM
Bye Matt!
I did not have any idea about television licensing. Curious.
I think I would rather have that than infernal pledge drives.
This article makes my head swim
Public broadcasting includes radio, television and other electronic media outlets that receive some or all of their funding from the public. Public broadcasters may receive their funding from individuals through voluntary donations, a specific charge such as a television license fee, or as direct funding by the state. The extent to which public broadcasters can be considered "non-commercial" varies from country to country. In the United States most public radio and television stations are licensed as non-commercial educational (NCE) broadcasters, yet many stations transmit underwriting ...
One of my math courses we had a whole lesson on television broadcasting and ratings and a whole lot. It was very taxing to understand.
A: Standard format for questions on difference between two specified words

waiwai933I'd like to take a quick look at this old topic again, or more specifically: Are we against using full sentence question titles in favor of the 'word1' vs 'word2' format for purposes of simplicity? Ignoring the topic of "vs" vs "versus", "Caps" or "lowercase", quote type, or other punctuati...

^ I suggest you all read that, so that if you agree with me, I can have a quick word letting CHAOS know. Or maybe I'm the exception—I have no idea since I was the only one to ever vote on anything in that post.
9:51 PM
@waiwai933 To look at this more broadly, perhaps we should organize a dedicated chat session to discuss how to format things in general. This is not the only issue, there are a few other common ones as well. What does everyone think?
@GraceNote What course was that?
@JasperLoy A course on general concepts that I took because I completed the AP Calculus BC course at my high school a year early.
@Cerberus My handphone is very primitive. No internet, no camera, only the basic stuff. I purposely chose it that way to fit in with my simplicity.
@JasperLoy But you are not so simple...
@waiwai933 The reason may be that most people don't have a strong preference—at least I don't.
@Cerberus I am simple but not simplistic. There is a difference!
9:58 PM
I'm not sure what to do about this question:
Q: Can the word "special" have a negative connotation?

UrbycozI am involved with a group that works with children aged about 7, who've been through some difficult things. One of the sessions focuses on how "every one of you is special". Recently, somebody's teenaged son pointed out that in his school the word "special" is used as an insult. I guess it refe...

@Cerberus Similarly there is a difference between childlike and childish.
@Martha The title is OK, but the answer is a simple "yes". The way in which it is turning out to be a single-word request bored me too much to read on.
All of the answers answer the question in the title. The question body makes it clear that the poster already knows that answer, and his real question is "is this common, and what can be substituted".
@JasperLoy Yes... but simple has a negative connotation for me: lacking sophistication, education. But that might be just me.
@Martha Perhaps... or the OP wasn't sure how common this was (just at her school?) and wanted to find out...
@Cerberus I think the more interesting question is the "is this common" part. Anybody feel like diving into nGrams? It would require some serious following up of hits.
10:02 PM
@Martha This question falls out of the scope of my interest, but I agree that the "is this common?" part is the only valid part.
@JasperLoy But don't you like saving time and alleviating boredom?
(As in, it's not enough to search for the frequency of "special"; you have to see what the context is.)
Yes, you'd need to read every single hit.
But frankly I can't imagine it is not common...
Even I know it.
@Cerberus I guess I can't multitask, so doing too many things at one time is no good for me. And I am never bored. Just walking and looking at the sun, sand and sea brings joy.
And I don't have children, don't watch television—nor have I ever lived in an English-speaking country.
@JasperLoy How about sitting in a packed train in the dreary rain?
@waiwai933 I don't have a strong preference either. I think "word1 vs word2" is enough, but if other people want to make sentences, I don't think it will hurt anything.
10:05 PM
Q: Would the Stack Exchange network be better if titles contained complete, grammatical questions?

Joel SpolskyWe have had quite a few discussions here in the past of whether titles should be phrased as complete questions. For example: Should question titles be phrased as questions? (A straw poll) What's in a Title (line)? How can we get more people to make their title a question? Our guidance is a li...

@Cerberus Well, I have a lot of thoughts to sort out, so I can retreat into my own inner world. Even now with no work, no school and taking a long time off to deal with some crisis, I don't feel bored. Of course, I spend quite a lot of time here now!
Q: Style guide for questions, answers, and comments

SidStyle guides such as those on Wikipedia, Stack Overflow, Ask Ubuntu have been greatly helpful for me (and many in those communities) in creating well-written, well-formatted, easy-to-understand, easier-on-the-eye content. So, I would like to propose a style guide for this site. Yes, I understand ...

There are a number of formatting options listed above. When will we come to a decision? If so how can it be implemented?
@JasperLoy I understand... but what if you could be here and in the train at the same time?
10:15 PM
Sometimes I am here and in the train at the same time.
And I do hope this crisis is going to to blow over?
@aedia Or at a bus stop.
@Martha I tried COCA but then I couldn't figure out how to find the sarcastic utterances and got tired.
@Cerberus It will be spoiling the eyesight to read in the train for instance. And reading all the time is too tiring as well. Yes, that's the answer.
@Cerberus I really don't know. I can only keep hoping, keep trying, keep praying, keep doing whatever I think will help, and take one day at a time. You will be shocked if you know what I have gone through. I need a miracle.
@JasperLoy Well, OK, as long as you're not bored!
@JasperLoy That does sound bad... is it something medical or otherwise?
I won't inquire any further.
10:30 PM
@Cerberus It's complicated. I won't provide the details here. But if you ever email me, I can share more stuff with you. It is very bad, and I hope such things don't ever happen to you my friend.
@JasperLoy OK I sympathize, whatever it is. I would pray if I were religious.
@Cerberus OK thanks. I am not religious either, just spiritual in a philosophical way, if you know what I mean. :)
Not exactly... but I'm sure it is something good!
Anyway with regard to the formatting issues, I think it will be hard to come to an agreement, and even if so, hard to implement uniformly and consistently. So I'll just wait and see what the others have to say.
Goodnight everyone!
10:52 PM
@JasperLoy Oops, good night! You are not seeing this, but I am wishing it in any case.
@Jasper I guess I missed you. I am sorry for whatever it is you are struggling with. I hope you get the miracle you want.
@Jasper Have a good night!
What she said.
@Cerberus just about at the next bus stop now!
hi @aedia and @Cerberus
I have one transfer minimum, even if I do not take train at all on my trip.
Hi @simchona!
10:59 PM
@aedia See?
@simchona 'lo!
I'm always awake when there aren't a lot of new questions...
Life's a biatch...
You could browse through old questions and earn that Necromancer badge?
@simchona Everyone says that. Perception bias.
You could write questions!
I'm afraid of writing a bad question
11:07 PM
Robusto has complained about that. I have complained about that. On the exact same day. We are like 12 hours apart.
@simchona That is a great plus in and of itself.
People who write bad questions aren't.
11:19 PM
@simchona Reversal would be a hard challenge too. Nobody has that.
Maybe because we don't really have -5 questions sitting around unclosed. Hmm.
Oh, I have Necromancer
OoOo look who's special :P
This and this are the only two still-open -5 or less questions I can find at the moment.
@Martha ShreevatsaR is closer.
A: Axiom: Literary usage and Mathematical rule - other examples?

ShreevatsaRIt is impossible to properly answer this question. A complete set of words "that have meanings in both literature and math" would be immensely large, since almost every word used in mathematics tends to come from general language. Off the top of my head: group, set, field, ring, rational, real,...

+11 on a -8 question.
And at this point it's pretty much open for no other reason than someone finally getting that badge.
Well, I just noticed that it's not open anymore, but still. Not locked or deleted.
@aedia Don't forget to stick a ribbon on him.
11:30 PM
BTW I have no idea what to do with this:
Q: Difference between "remember", and "remember this"

ThursagenIf someone was to say, "Remember, it pays off to be polite," would it mean the same as "Remember this, it pays off to be polite?" Is there a difference in meaning between these two ways of saying things, or do they refer to the same action?

That one is open.
I don't think the question is that bad. Borderline for me.
@RegDwight Not sure why all the vitriol: "remember, [blah blah blah]" vs. "remember this, [blah blah blah]" is a perfectly valid question. Dunno if I can write an understandable answer, though, at least in my current fried-brain state.
@Martha Yeah I don't understand why they were all so aggressive either. I mean, I'm not a huge fan of it, but it might be acceptable.
@z7sg Oh my God... what is that guy on? He is crying. I mean, it is a nice rainbow—but cry?
pins blue ribbon on @simchona and sticks post-it of feminine pronouns on @Cerberus
11:41 PM
@z7sg There's only so much of the, um, orgasmic narration I can take.
@aedia Uh, thanks!
@Martha Yeah I couldn't finish it either.
@z7sg Yes, that far I might go too, but...
we saw a double rainbow at my friend's place the other day and everyone was aping that and i'd never seen it i was like, you guys? wtf?
@Martha I know, that's why it's still open. And Kosmo went with a comment rather than a close vote, too.
11:43 PM
@Cerberus you seemed to be missing them.
anyway rainbows yay! i'm goin to bed now just checkin in, everybody like wishin u nice dreams yeah ez
I got a ribbon?
@z7sg That always makes me laugh :) Yay rainbows!
@aedia I was missing feminine pronouns? Eh... I'll take that as a compliment, or something? Night!
You called simchona a him!
11:45 PM
@z7sg Nighty-night!
@aedia Oh, shit did I do it again! My apologies to you both.
Haha, I don't much care if you call me thon or he or ze or they or late for breakfast.
Nor do I!
And I hope she doesn't either.
Night all! Over and out.
G'night Reg!
Great, pizza ads in the junk mail. That's going bye-bye before I have time to think about not eating my salad.
Better go eat dinner. TTFN!

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