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12:49 AM
I so love it when people say, "I tried to save the data on the page, but it gave me an error message. What's wrong?"
... without telling me the error message
I'm tempted to reply with YOUR FACE! But, I don't think that would help much.
7 hours later…
7:59 AM
Is this question on-topic?
Q: Does any of English dialects engage non-English foreign letters in their alphabets?

vgv8For example, In 1990 Portuguese alphabet was extended by 3 foreign letters which are K (capa, pronounced as "kappa"), Y (pronounced as "ípsilon or "ipsilão" or "i greg"), W (pronounced as "diáblio"). Hmmm, Portugueses certainly hate W. There are many English dialects. For example, I know abou...

8:10 AM
Well, it certainly is about English.
That's true, but it asks if other letters will be added to English alphabet. It is about fantasy romances as well. ;-)
Let's say nobody can answer to that question, as nobody has a crystal ball to see what will happen in the future. If they answer, then every answer is equally valid (if they don't have a time machine, and give proof of that ;-)).
8:30 AM
Nah, I don't read "does any of them plan" as "will any of them be planning that in unforeseeable future". I read it as, "are there any plans right now".
So basically, the answer to the question is "No. And no." But that alone doesn't mean that the question is invalid.
When I ask "do you plan to take a trip to New York?" I don't ask to the person if he is leaving for New York in 5 minutes. Apart that, it seems to me that the question is implicating there is somebody that plan such things, like if adopting any of the letters used in Modern English was planned.
Well, it certainly can be, at least theoretically. See the Portuguese or the French. Or what happened to Russian in 1917. It went from like 50 letters to just 33.
In Italy, it was an academy to decide that "euro" is singular; I don't see a similar academy for English.
There isn't. But that should be part of the answer. Possibly with a link to this:
Q: Regulatory bodies and authoritative dictionaries for English

JonikSome languages have a "regulatory body" issuing recommendations and guidelines regarding the use of that language. For example in the case of Spanish it's the Real Academia Española whose status is recognised in all Spanish-speaking countries. The Academy, among other things, publishes a diction...

That's the point: it's theoretical; every answer can give a different theory.
8:41 AM
I don't think that a good answer should be giving any theories at all. Again, it should be basically saying, "No. And no." and link to that question on regulatory bodies. Done.
Oh… If I reply that is not possible to answer to that, would that considered a correct answer?
I wouldn't go with "not possible to answer", I would go with "to the best of my knowledge, no". But actually, I would wait for our linguists to show up as I am not sure if there ain't a dialect that uses some funny letters.
In the mean time, of course, people may continue to vote to close as they see fit.
I'm just saying that I'm not sure that I should be leaving my close vote there.
I just wanted to hear the opinion of somebody else (other than me). I didn't mean that the question must be closed.
I'm not saying that it's an excellent question. Then again, it might turn out to be just that. Imagine some tribe in New Zealand actually uses ю and д, and I just don't happen to know. Oh, and then there's leet speak.
I can't believe nobody mentioned leet speak just yet.
How did ю migrate to New Zealand? :-)
8:54 AM
By boat, I'd wager.
Stupid chat doesn't accept the combination key for copy.
If I press command-C, I get the usual sound that Mac uses when I am using the keyboard where it is not allowed.
I don't have sound, but copy-pasting works just fine (Firefox, Ubuntu right now).
It could also mean I used a shortcut that is not understood by the application, but Safari uses that shortcut.
That is something that happen only on Safari, it seems. I have to click the right button (if that makes sense on a mouse that is just a big button), and select copy.
Ah, ah! I got it!
The content of the DIV is set as not editable; between the properties of the HTML tag, I read contentEditable: "false".
9:02 AM
You are copying some strange `div`s...
That means Safari will not accept the shortcut for "copy"; it seems strange it shows "copy" in the popup menu.
No. It's what the HTML inspector shows for this page.
I was trying to copy the letter you wrote, and I could not copy it using the usual shortcut for "copy".
If I try to copy text from this chat, and I select any text, I cannot copy it using the keyboard.
Heh. Can't touch my letters, bro!
Them's are protecteds!
Actually, I can. ;-)
Well, then stop complaining. :P
I was just wondering. There isn't an authoritative entity to fill complains to. :-)
9:07 AM
Write to the Académie française.
CC Jeff.
Voulez-vous me laisser copier toutes les lettres de RegDwight.
I thought to write to the "accademia della crusca".
I wonder why the academy name sounds like "bran academy".
You forgot to link to that other question in your answer, kiamlaluno.
For sure it will sound funny for who literally translates its name.
I thought it was not polite to do it, as you suggested it. I still have to write to the Académie française. :-)
It is polite! Go do it! Now! Thanks!
See? Much better now.
Anyhow, back to business: "Disambiguazione – Se stai cercando l'istituzione linguistica, vedi Accademia della Crusca."
La crusca è un residuo della fabbricazione della farina di graminacee frumento, orzo, segale, avena e altri cereali per il consumo umano, costituita prevalentemente dai tegumenti esterni dei semi. Ha un aspetto simile alla segatura di legno. Viene usata anzitutto nell'alimentazione animale, in particolare per i bovini, equini e, in minor misura, per i suini. Ai bovini, in quanto ruminanti, viene somministrata senza problemi in quantità giornaliere fino oltre il kg, in funzione del prezzo; ai maiali, in quanto onnivori, le dosi somministrate sono molto minori. Oggigiorno viene loro sommin...
I added a comment about who suggested the link. :-)
9:19 AM
Oh well, if you insist... I don't think it adds any value other than being free advertising for myself.
Geez, what's with all those write-only questions?
In Italian is called "to give to Caesar what Caesar owns" (free translation of dai a Cesare quel che è di Cesare).
Q: Meaning of "Render onto Caesar the things which are Caesar's"

TCL Render onto Caesar the things which are Caesar's What does this sentence mean?

It's called like that in every language I'm familiar with.
The Bible is omnipresent.
Do you have a handy list of questions? :-)
Those "write-only" questions start to get boring.
I mean that you have been fast to write the link.
9:23 AM
I just remembered that question, searched for "Caesar", and there it was.
The list is in my head.
OK; I should have said "do you have a mindy list of questions?"
Haha. Yes, that one I do have.
I find funny his reply to "I wonder why you think write-only can be applied to humans".
I... find many of his replies entertaining.
His reply is something like "who has spoken of humans?"
9:26 AM
I tried to be just as entertaining in my reply to him here:
A: I propose to elect by 3 quotas, each per one-thirds-contiguously of time-zones

Jeff AtwoodNo, we don't support this. We look for great moderators wherever in the world they come from; enforcing time zone restrictions would be too limiting. Most elections in practice produce at least US and europe, which is adequate coverage.

@RegDwight: love that comment
Thank you @FX_. Wasn't sure if I was beeing a bit too snarky.
the guy and his rantings are seriously annoying, though
some of his questions are good
some could sure be salvaged
I don't think he gets what you wrote. :-)
I actually hope he does.
His grasp of English is not that bad.
9:28 AM
Hope is the last to die, they say. :-)
@FX_: yeah, a whole bunch got deleted just recently, but he also has a few highly upvoted ones.
I wish I was called Hope from my parents.
oh, and there's a brand new one:
@kiamlaluno Надежда умирает последней, in Russian.
Q: Why wasn't compassion sexy?

vgv8Subquestioning my answer to question: What is the word for the emotion I feel when I see someone being humiliated?. What did Philip Pullman mean by writing the following sentences? Rapacity was sexy. Compassion was not.

9:29 AM
@kiamlaluno Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt, in German.
French has a twist on it: l'espoir fait vivre (hope sustains life)
Yes, yes. I just wonder who first coined it. Perhaps the Bible yet again. Too lazy to research.
I think it's dated from Pandora.
Hello Englishers...
Hi Jez.
9:32 AM
Hello Englisher
logged out of 'everywhere' but still logged into chat. weird.
I think hope was the last one to go out from the Pandora's box.
@Jez I think that's kind of a separate account.
It's funny that it is box in English, and vaso in Italian.
In Russian, it's a chest.
9:34 AM
For sure it was not a jar. :-)
Kind of a separate account, but not actually a separate account.
no log out link
or log in, for that matter
Isn't there a "leave" link?
that leaves rooms but i dont think it 'logs you out'
one can rejoin
What is that "leave all" link?
Never tried any of those.
i'll try it
9:36 AM
I remember that in one occasion I was asked to log in, but I don't remember when it happened, and why.
Yep, left all rooms but can rejoin
@Jez: stackoverflow identification is quite tenacious if you have a HTML5 browser with persistent storage, because it stores some sorts of über-cookies which are quite hard to get rid of
If you are logged in another SE site, or the browser has cookies from those sites, you should not be requested to log in.
as I discovered when I tried to get a friend to create an account from my computer
Gotta get some [c|C]oke. Brb.
9:46 AM
It would be nice, I sometimes think, to be able to /ignore a user. At least for a while. Is that wrong?
Q: Ignore Users Script.

Jonathan SampsonIMPORTANT - Read before using... This script is not meant to be a solution for bad behavior on Stackoverflow. If you feel somebody is violating the rules of this site, please contact the proper authorities (team@stackoverflow.com). Remove any instance of a particular user or group of uses fro...

Setting up a hit on a user is wrong. Wishing you could ignore one is not. Everything in-between is a gray area :)
And [status-deferred]:
Q: Add the ability to ignore users

KipStack Overflow has successfully borrowed at least one XBox feature (Achievements). I'd like to see another feature borrowed as well. Let's say I'm playing Halo online and another player is being a bigot. I have the option to add him to a list of ignored users. After doing that, all the racist...

Interesting links, TY
I see it's perfectly possible ignore users in chat
Yeah, that's by popular request.
Feb 10 at 16:01, by Robusto
Yeah, but who has time to read all of @RegDwight's crap.
Also, do note what Marc Gravell says.
A: Add the ability to ignore users

Marc GravellSee here for my thoughts on this; short version: I genuinely don't think the team should add this if an individual post offends you: flag that post it the mere existence of another user offends you: grow up

A: Ignore Users Script.

Marc GravellI actually find this thread pretty offensive. I would express myself by voting "offensive", but unfortunately my ♦ means that it would delete the entire post - which isn't my intention. Posting a script to ignore somebody by name is clearly inappropriate Choosing to use a script to ignore any s...

10:14 AM
Marcs comments, actually I find them somewhat patronising, with all respect to Marc.
I'm just going for Fair and Balanced here.
He supposes that a user might want to ignore another because "the mere existence of another user" might be offensive. That's a straw-man argument.
I must say that I don't know the background story. Note how he says "we all know who the target of your ire is". Well, I don't. But that certainly puts his answer in perspective.
I mean, It's not like I have never disagreed with Jonathan.
Yes, I don't know the background story either. Probably Marc's comments are spot on as usual, but when out of context (as above) not so helpful (to me at least)
It's interesting that both the above questions were posted on the same day, and another very similar one just four days before that.
Q: Can we get a [block] or [ignore] feature so we never have to see someone's posts again?

Michael PryorI'm not really sure the details on how this would work, except to make the person disappear as though they never existed (so remove all their comments, questions, and answers). It might make some comments seem out of place, but oh man, would it make time on SO more wonderful if you could magical...

By Michael Pryor, no less. Another mod.
10:21 AM
My use-case would be to temporarily ignore a user so that I'm not distracted by their low-quality questions, therefore having more time to contribute to higher-quality questions, thereby improving the quality of the site. Of course all this is subjective, but then what else can it ever be.
You can edit stuff here.))
Feb 8 at 13:24, by RegDwight
Hm, the Help says "You have 120 seconds to edit your messages."
btw @RegDwight, while you're here, know that I endorse your moderator nomination :)
I'm humbled every time someone says that.
Thank you.
At least Martha is now running too. Seen her nomination yet?
yes. Not been thwacked yet though. Need to work on that.
Give her a break, she's way too busy thwacking Robusto already.
10:25 AM
oo er
10:46 AM
Interestingly, there is not a single mention of either delegable or delegetable in either BNC or COCA.
TMC has nothing, either.
RedDwight: That is because they delegated to somebody else the task to mention those words.
I felt like a non-committal greeting this morning.
If you would have waited 4 minutes to greet, I would have said "g'afternoon".
10:58 AM
Obviously you exist in an inferior time zone.
"Committal" as "made to a committee"?
But let's start things off on the right foot:
13 hours ago, by Robusto
27 secs ago, by RegDwight
2 hours ago, by RegDwight
yesterday, by RegDwight
Feb 7 at 15:38, by RegDwight
In the foundations of mathematics, Russell's paradox (also known as Russell's antinomy), discovered by Bertrand Russell in 1901, showed that the naive set theory created by Georg Cantor leads to a contradiction. The same paradox had been discovered a year before by Ernst Zermelo but he did not publish the idea, which remained known only to Hilbert, Husserl and other members of the University of Göttingen. Let R be the set of all sets that are not members of themselves. If R qualifies as a member of itself, it would contradict its own definition as a set containing sets that are not member...
On noes, not @RegDwight's crap again.
What do you mean? It says 13 hours ago by Robusto
11:00 AM
Actually, a positive number is greater than any negative numbers.
Your crap has been appropriated. If there is a clearer case for eminent domain, I haven't seen it.
@Robusto Sorry, I didn't mean to not insult you.
But I think your time is better spent reading the last hours' protocol. We were so funny and informative, OMG.
No, that's not right; it's not clear that you didn't not mean to not insult me.
@RegDwight — Still got a burr under your saddle about that "@RegDwight's crap" remark, eh?
How do you say "thin-skinned" in po-Russki?
Meh, gotta get me some coffee.
11:21 AM
Should this question be CW?
Q: Do people perceive a difference between "phantasy" and "fantasy"?

kiamlalunoWhen I started to learn English, I was used to write phantasy instead of fantasy, and I was always corrected. I recently noticed that phantasy is an English word too. Do people give to those words a different meaning?

I dunno, what makes you think it should be?
Because I realized that I am going to get answers that are variants of the same one.
Then, that "do people" makes it seem subjective.
11:54 AM
So I see Martha weenied out a little and added actual content to her nomination statement.
But at least she kept the important parts.
Yes. At least the incognoscenti cannot sledgehammer her nomination now.
Molto bene.
My swimming in the dump unearthed this excellent question:
Q: Letter to my professor

mouseyHi I recently graduated and got a job in a good company. I did some research under my professor and I want to write a thank you letter to him. Can some one help me how to write the letter. An example letter is very much appreciated.

Voted to flush.
You mean to earth?
11:58 AM
I say put it down for a dirt nap.
BTW, I've decided what super power I want if I ever become one of the X-Men.
The power to revoke people's driver's licenses on the spot. No appeal: "Give me the fucking keys, you're walking home!"
That's not X-Men, that's called constables.
Nah, constables have to give you due process.
12:00 PM
The Revoker just has to point.
What if you're an X-Constable?
Q: "I watched anime 3 days straight" - What does it mean?

threefivekyuuWhen some one says "I watched anime 3 days straight", Does it mean they watched anime for three days sitting in one place without taking bath, brushing teeth etc for three days or does it mean that they watched anime for three days including personal grooming, eating etc but didn't do any other u...

It means you have no life or you have transcended this earthly sphere.
Ain't that the same thing?
There is a subtle distinction.
Too subtle for communists.
12:02 PM
We capitalists rely on that failing in y'all.
Much of what we say goes right over your Socialist-Realist literal-minded little noggins.
I don't see how that's a bad thing.
I dunno whatcha mean, but just keep talking, while we'll keep drinking and singing. You'll see who ends up having spent a happier life.
Hey, we drink and sing too. Only more subtly.
You wouldn't understand.
Subtly and drinking don't mix.
12:05 PM
Not if drinking means tumblers of vodka, no.
People say Russians drink vodka like it's water, but I say, well, I doubt if a true Russian has ever drunk water in his life.
See my comment here.
I know you too well, tovarisch.
That, in turn, reminds me of this:
Q: Cross Origins of Comrade and Camaraderie

mfgIf "Comrade" and "camaraderie" are from Spanish and French, why did the Russians and particularly Soviets (and later the Chinese and South Africans), come to adopt Comrade for usage? Also, does using camaraderie carry the same socio-political baggage as Comrade might? In contemporary usage, has...

And here's your new vocabulary word for the day: shower: a spray of water under which one washes ones body and hair. Going to take one now.
12:13 PM
(I wonder what incognoscenti means, and I will keep to wonder it while I take a shower too.)
Have fun wondering.
1 hour later…
1:38 PM
What up?
Google just freaked me out. It puts my real name in plain text on every page.
Wow. Hate that. Hate that.
BTW, I just edited this, but I think I screwed it up:
A: Pronunciation of "hypokeimenon"

e.JamesThe word is Greek in origin, used by Aristotle to describe "something which can be predicated by other things, but cannot be a predicate of others". To be certain of the correct pronunciation, we would have to consult someone who speaks native ancient Greek, which may be difficult. The best refe...

I changed the link to point to 1m 23s, as @mplungjan suggested in his comment, only to realize that he was probably giving general instructions, not referring to the actual place in the video.
And I don't have sound right now, so I can't check.
I don't see the problem.
The problem is that the link is supposed to point to the exact moment in the video where that dude says "hypokeimenon". I have no idea where it's pointing now.
1:45 PM
Ah. Can't help with that atm, sorry.
It's okay, just venting my frustration with myself.
Or the absence of sound here.
I'll check it at home.
2:09 PM
Fuck IE7.
And I think E&U.SE owes me a badge.
Outscored the accepted answer of at least 10 by more than 2x.
That script runs once a day, if I'm not mistaken.
So you'll have to wait.
I want moar!
(I wonder if it was supposed to be incoscienti, instead of incognoscienti.)
Also (and it doesn't apply in this particular case, but) the wording is actually wrong.
The correct wording is to be found here:
A: List of all badges with full descriptions

Popular DemandRegular badges (M-Z) Jump to A-L Mortarboard bronze; awarded once; same family as Epic (silver), Legendary (gold) Exceed the rep cap Exceeding the cap is defined as earning ≥200 reputation in one day from a combination of upvotes and accepts, but not bounties "Exceeding" the cap is not the ...

I helped write that one.
@kiamlaluno no it wasn't supposed to be that.
Feb 10 at 13:03, by RegDwight
That was supposed to be that.
Sigh! I guess I don't win the Winnie-the-Pooh doll.
2:22 PM
Ah, thanks.
@kiamlaluno: Stop being so OCD about this. All right-thinking people, Americans and Communists alike, understood incognoscenti perfectly well.
It has to do with OTAN.
We are playing way past that now. Keep up or get left behind.
@Robusto: I am always OCD.
That's what I said: incosciente.
Actually, the movie is titled Inconscientes, and that's so totally not what you said.
I meant that unconscious means incosciente, in Italian.
2:27 PM
"There're two kinds of people in this world, Tuco: those with loaded guns, and those who dig." [Throws shovel toward Tuco]
In Italian, incosciente has two different meanings: senseless, and without a conscience.
Those crazy Italians. When will the ambiguity stop?
If they are not crazy, we don't want them. :-)
Be advised: Tuco is my new name for @kiamlaluno.
Damn, I have a boring Friday meeting...
2:30 PM
So there are interesting Friday meetings?
I would say there are.
I wonder why I keep to handle a PedEgg like if it would be the mouse.
I guess it means I should not place one close to the other.
There we go. Popped my cherry on the gold badges.
You populist, you!
That's me all over.
2:48 PM
How should I wake up the list of the starred posts?
I tried with a picture of mine, but it didn't help.
I showed my PedEgg, but it didn't work too.
It's amazing: I enter "crossed fingers", and I get "duodenum". That's not bad, for an etymology website.
Pardon, what do you want to do with the starred-post list?
The top post is currently yours.
I mean to refresh it; it still says I posted that 34 seconds ago.
I think you'll have to log out or something.
I dunno.
I see "4h ago" there, and I haven't logged out.
I know the concept of time is relative, but that is too much relative.
I think it just refreshes whenever it feels like it.
2:58 PM
I had to refresh the page.
That could explain it. I thought it was used to update itself more frequently.
The gravatar row on the right is very loosely based on reality.
Please elaborate.
Ah you mean that right. I mean the left right.
Oh well, they could be lurking.
Sometimes I've been off chat for a day and my gravatar will still show up there.
That's B.'s right.
As the Germans say, "Right is where the thumb is left."
3:06 PM
And the left doesn't know what the right does.
<gestures in a way that indicates the ordering of three scotches>
Anyhow, when you actually sign out rather than just close the browser (tab), then your gravatar disappears immediately.
Otherwise it's kept there for historical reasons.
<gestures in a way that indicates to whom give the three scotches>
So that people can say, pheww, thank God I don't have to talk to those folks. It's a courtesy.
Does that mean that when I sign off I am not doing a courtesy?
I leave all to wonder when I will be back.
3:10 PM
Well, the gravatars are ordered. Chronologically.
See? I just took the lead.
They are ordered basing on the last time you posted.
Or entered the room.
Note how FX_ is hanging out there 4th, even though he hasn't posted anything since he last entered.
Is there a badge for enduring IE7 hell?
There should be.
3:48 PM
If I post a Unicode letter, do all users see it? For example, if I write a schwa, do other users see it?
I wonder who keeps to mess with the CoCA site.
@RegDwight: I can't post much because I'm supervising practicals
I suppose the students expect a little attention from me :)
Attention is overrated.
Geez, and now I'm polluting the starred list.
2 days ago, by RegDwight
Hey yo, stop starring me.
It's the contrary of an auto-realizing prophecy: the more you ask not to be starred, ...
4:04 PM
Oh peoples.
What should I say then — please do star every single post of mine?
I choose to believe there is no such thing as IE7. IE went straight from 6 to 8, there was nothing in between. (And of course 6 is now dead. If you try to tell me otherwise, I'll plug my ears and sing la la la la la I'm not listening la la la.)
I still have IE6 installed in a Win2000 virtual machine.
la la la la I'm not listening la la la
Most of my CSS and JS code is still IE6-compatible. Not on purpose, mind you. It's just that when I laid the foundation for our sites, IE6 was still alive and thriving. (Heck, I still see visitors with IE5.5 these days.) But any new sites, I don't really check them even in IE7.
IE7 exists; I took IE8 and changed its code to make it appear as IE7.
4:16 PM
"Opera 99.5%, Webkit 98%, FireFox 71% (oh dear), IE hurr IMA BROWSARRRR".
Back when I was doing the markup completely, I took a very simplified approach. Now I'm somewhere where we're using Liferay CMS and it is totally fucked. I have no control over markup so I get a lot of weird issues with overlapping tag closures etc.
Short version: It sucks ass.
And how I have to rush home. Seeyalaterz.
Wow. That picture is... something.
What should "she watches with voices in Russian" mean?
Heya, Martha.
4:31 PM
Hey Robusto. I wimped out a bit on the moderator writeup - I broke down and included some actual content.
I saw that. And I died a little.
Also, I received an email from Rebecca Chernoff asking whether my nomination was serious. Tee hee. :)
Serious as a heart attack.
@kiamlaluno, more context please?
@Robusto, I told her that the nomination is serious, even if the writeup refuses to be.
Q: Who was mockingbird?

vgv8My wife is now watching the movie "To Kill a Mockingbird" I did not join her because she watches with voices in Russian and I saw it already in original before. Though I recall I did not understand: who was a mockingbird linked to the word "kill" in the title?

4:33 PM
I think it means that the wife was watching it in a dubbed version.
Gah, it's another vgv8 question.
Not that I quite understand what he's asking, so perhaps "question" is overstating matters a bit.
I posted the correct answer, as did someone else.
It seems that somebody didn't like the picture of the mockingbird.
Robusto, I've read all the answers, and I'm still not sure what the question is trying to ask.
(I want to edit it into something more closely resembling English, but I don't want to change the meaning, if there is any.)
He is asking who is Mockingbird, essentially.
It's kind of a literature interpretation question, and it's a little relative I think.
Not exactly EL&U...
4:45 PM
What he's really asking about is what does the title mean. He's not fluent enough to understand that the mockingbird isn't a literal person.
Well, I answered to both.
Anyway, people cannot answer to something he is not asking.
Tuco, it's not spelled "mokingbird" btw. Maybe someone with a spellchecker downvoted you.
Surely the question is off-topic in any case since it's about a work of literature, and should be closed instead of answered.
Can we find an on-topic question in there somewhere?
@Robusto: In that case, the question should get many down votes, if the same user would use the spell checker for what he wrote.
As a matter of fact, I wrote mockingbird four times, and I made a typo just once.
4:56 PM
People obviously expect more from an 8K-rep user, idk. :)
A typo is not related with the reputation, as far as I know.
I wouldn't sweat it. It's two points. I get downvotes almost every day for no apparent reason.

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