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8:20 AM
I see much more spam post on MO than usually: chat.stackexchange.com/search?q=mathoverflow.net&room=11540
Q: What should I do when I see a spam post on MO?

Martin SleziakWhat is the correct way to handle spam on MathOverflow? Can regular users do something when they see a spam post?

A: What should I do when I see a spam post on MO?

Martin SleziakAny user with at least 15 reputation points should flag the post as spam. After 6 spam flags, the post is deleted. In addition to being deleted, even for users who can see the deleted posts, the content of the post is hidden - although they can still access the revision history. The same thing ha...

9 hours later…
5:05 PM
And now there were a few spam posts on meta.
in Charcoal HQ, 3 mins ago, by Martin Sleziak
As discussed a few times in the past - those posts haven't been scanned by SD - since they were posted on meta.
in Charcoal HQ, 1 min ago, by Martin Sleziak
There are a few per-site-metas which do not require a minimum reputation for posting. They are listed in an answer here: What are the reputation requirements for privileges on sites, and how do they differ per site?
Q: Change reputation required to post on meta back to 5 reputation points

Martin SleziakTypically, Stack Exchange sites have the restriction that only users with at least 5 reputation points on the main site can post on meta. In this regard, MathOverflow is different. (It is listed also in the network-wide FAQ among exceptions: Reputation requirements compared, current revision.) A...

Q: To which extent should spam posts on meta be considered a problem?

Martin SleziakMathOverflow is one of the few sites in the Stack Exchange network where users with reputation 1 can post on meta.1 Clearly, this has some advantages2 and some disadvantages. Probably one of the disadvantages is that occasionally spammers can post here on meta. Main question: To which extent shou...

The spam posts on meta that I've seen are gone now.

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