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3:52 AM
Q: Feature request: add short "about MathOverflow" section to the front page

Vitali KapovitchUntil a few years ago MathOverflow front page had a short section at the top describing what the site is for. I am not sure when it disappeared or why but I would like to see it restored. Currently new users have no idea what kind of questions are appropriate here. One has to dig through Help cen...

A: Feature request: add short "about MathOverflow" section to the front page

Tim CampionWhen I log on in private browsing, here's what I see (after I've accepted cookies): Is the suggestion to try customizing the black banner at the top?

@TimCampion My guess would be that having a banner in the sidebar - similar as on Law or Medical Sciences, but with wording customized for MO - could be relatively close to Vitali Kapovitch's suggestion.
A sidebar element as on Law, Medical Sciences, etc. seems to me to be an attractive option. — The Amplitwist Apr 20 at 9:51
@TheAmplitwist That would be in the spirit of this feature request: Feature request: add short "about MathOverflow" section to the front page. That post got no response from the MO moderators. — Martin Sleziak Apr 20 at 10:00
4:32 AM
From your list of counter-arguments, I gather that the main motivation of the suggestion is to reduce the number of low-level questions by new users on the site. But actually, I'm thinking that doing something like this would probably be more useful for more experienced users -- as a sort of "review" kind of thing. This could be interesting. I'm not sure precisely which FAQs you have in mind. — Tim Campion ♦ 7 hours ago
@TimCampion By FAQs I meant primarily the posts tagged faq. Many of them are collected here: What are the Frequently Asked Questions on meta?Martin Sleziak 20 mins ago
@MartinSleziak Oh sure, I understood that much. But there are 20 questions tagged "faq" -- I suppose we could do each of them, one after another. If each one lasts 3 weeks that would take a little over a year. — Tim Campion ♦ 7 mins ago
To be honest, part of the reason why I posted this feature request was that Vitali Kapovitch's did not receive any reaction from the MO community. So if the suggestion at least helped the other post getting noticed, I would consider it useful.
I have posted this suggestion: Might featuring some FAQ posts on meta be useful? I don't expect a lot of response there - but maybe it might direct a bit more attention to your post. I have mentioned some sites which have customized information in the banner in the sidebar here: Which elements of the frontpage can be customized per site? (If you consider that useful, feel free to include examples of such sites into your feature request.) — Martin Sleziak Apr 20 at 9:07
If the mods would consider featuring occasionally some older post from meta - for example, some of the posts tagged - I'd say the choice would be up to them. (The main question is which FAQ-posts are not widely known - or maybe they are known, but the advice is ignored by MO users.)
But I posted the feature request (Might featuring some FAQ posts on meta be useful?) fully aware that it is unlikely to happen. (And I included several arguments against it myself - which shows that I am not really sure whether it would be a good idea.)
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6:24 AM
@TimCampion Just a minor suggestion - you can discuss with other mods whether this could be useful.
Maybe bumping it to the frontpage will get it noticed a bit. (And it is linked also from a post which is currently in the .)
Still, if you hope to get some feedback from the MO community on the answers which are currently posted there, I thought that maybe adding the tag could help getting more attention to that question.
Since the question is older than 14 days, it won't get into the community bulletin "on its own". (Details are explained here: What criteria are used to select the links that appear in the community bulletin sidebar block? But the fact that only questions "posted in the past two weeks" are displayed there excludes this question.)

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