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1:43 PM
Q: Is St. Petersburg a good place for an ICM?

Ben McKayThere might be just enough time to pick another location, but I am curious what mathematicians think. Will Ukrainian mathematicians be able to attend a conference in Russia if Russia no longer recognizes their passports? To be clear: I love Russia, and I am not trying to hurt the feelings of Russ...

I posted something on meta about this: meta.mathoverflow.net/a/5261/25028. To me this is a very borderline quesiton for the MO front page: it is inherently subjective and political; on the other hand, certainly it is of interest to research mathematicians. I'm conflicted as to whether it should be closed. — Sam Hopkins 18 hours ago
A: News of potential interest to the MO community

Sam HopkinsThe American Mathematical Society (https://www.ams.org/news?news_id=6987), the London Mathematical Society (https://www.lms.ac.uk/node/1848), and the Société mathématique de France (https://smf.emath.fr/actualites-smf/23-02-22-icm-en-russie), and possibly other math societies around the world, ha...

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3:58 PM
Q: Misspelling of Cauchy-Schwarz

MahdiAs a comment of Dennis Serre, the correct spelling of Cauchy-Schwarz is Cauchy-Schwarz (not Cauchy-Schwartz): The spelling is Cauchy-Schwarz, from Hermann Schwarz. If you are interested in Fourier transform and distributions instead, then you probably mean Laurent Schwartz. A simple search ...

This seems like the kind of stuff we can request the developers to run an automated search/replace and not bump posts. I'd guess that it would be better if we can find a few other commonly misspelled phrases or some other variants of "C-S" (e.g. with en-dash or em-dash or no dash). — Asaf Karagila ♦ Oct 29, 2018 at 16:26
@AsafKaragila I just wanted to point out a recent question which seems related to your suggestion from a long time ago. (Since you commented on the previous question, I thought that you might also be interested in this one. I think the previous one was before you became a mod on MO.)
Q: The Cauchy-Schwartz inequality

coudyI would like to apologize because the top questions page is currently overrun by questions I just edited. I just noticed that Cauchy-Schwarz is often incorrectly spelled Cauchy-Schwartz and so I made a search to find questions where the word Cauchy-Schwartz appears and started editing these to co...

This also reminded me of this post on Mathematics Meta: List of commonly misspelled words
I am aware that the mods get a notification about each new question on meta into the moderator inbox - but since I have mentioned your suggestion in a comment to the new question, it seemed reasonable to let you know. (Comments can easily be overlooked.)
And here is a similar post from 2018: Misspelling of Cauchy-Schwarz. (Asaf Karagila made a suggestion to collect some common misspellings and then correct them in this way.) — Martin Sleziak 10 mins ago

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