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9:15 AM
Actually I have the problem that sometimes I want to vote to a question for migration, but this accounts as a closing vote too, so if 3 other people vote to close it, I'll be part of those who closed the question. This is absurd. — YCor 19 hours ago
By the way given that after clicking close, the option between "See MathSE for general questions..." and migration, which first requires clicking on "The question belongs on another site", is not very transparent; at least it was initially unclear to me. One reason being that as non-native English speaker, I didn't know the distinction "belongs to"/ "belongs on". — YCor 19 hours ago
I want to point out that there are quite a few related past discussions on Meta Stack Exchange.
This was posted very recently and it seems to be closest to YCor's comment.
Q: Migrate to another Stack Exchange site without closing

FatihAkiciThe current process of flagging a post for migration to another Stack Exchange website is as follows: Flag It should be closed for another reason Off-topic because This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network Clearly, the request to close is a prerequisite to mark the q...

This also seems related:
Q: Can we differentiate between migration and full closing?

Lunivore Possible Duplicate: Show all voted close types when a question is closed Distinguish votes to close by reason I've just unintentionally voted for this question to be closed, because I voted for it to be migrated. It was an excellent question, and I felt very comfortable answering it...

Notice also the two question linked there as duplicate targets: Show all voted close types when a question is closed and Distinguish close votes by reason.
This is also relatively close to what YCor's asking in his comments:
Q: Vote to close as off topic should be a separate category

MartinI think the current system doesn't make sense: TL;DR - Vote-to-close as off-topic should not offer a target site. There should be a separate vote-to-move-to-different-stackexchange-site category. Why should this question be closed? exact duplicate (OK) off topic (misleading) ...

There is lot to say about migration, if somebody wants to know all details about it, they could be discussed for hours.
Looking at the statistics, which show 35% of Mathoverflow -> Mathematics migrations rejected in the last 90 days, I'd guess that the way question are migration from MO is probably not optimal.
This older discussion on MathOverflow Meta seems also somewhat related - although perhaps not exactly the same as the comments I quoted above:
Q: Migrating to Math.SE: too many close reasons

Nate EldredgeAs everyone knows, we get a fair number of questions on this site that are not research level, but would be appropriate for http://math.stackexchange.com. As a frequent Math.SE user, I have an interest in seeing that they get there (particularly because sometimes I want to answer them!). We hav...

@YCor I will just add link to older discussion which is related to the issues you raised in your last two comments: Migrating to Math.SE: too many close reasons I have posted a few more links in MathOverflow chat room - I chose to post them there since I do not want to start long comment exchange about something which is not directly related to this question. — Martin Sleziak 17 secs ago
@MartinSleziak thanks! I was going to say that I was not aware of the first link but I did a comment there 3 years ago. Most likely the problem will not be solved and it will be discussed somewhere else in 3 years :) — YCor 1 min ago
You may notice that quid's answer also has some stats from the time of that discussion:
A: Migrating to Math.SE: too many close reasons

user9072While the specific example could have been a solid migration, I disagree that anything should be "improved" to have more migrations. If anything, still less migrations should happen. First, some data: 18 percent of the migrations to Mathematics got rejected (in the last 90 days, this is the nu...

> First, some data:
> 18 percent of the migrations to Mathematics got rejected (in the last 90 days, this is the number from math.se).
> 17 percent of the questions on Mathematics get closed (this is 14days number, the longer one fail to open for me).
> Thus, the questions migrated do not fare better, maybe even slightly worse (but there might be some artifacts in the data), than the normal questions. It seems we do not do a good job at selecting questions.
We can compare this to stats today. I hope I am looking at the right data (and if not maybe somebody will correct me). The links I post should be visible to everybody with 10k+ reputation at Math.SE.
If we look at last 90 days, 35% of migrations MO -> MSE were rejected.
If we look at closed questions on MSE in the 90 days window, it says: "Close percentage: 17.75 %".

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