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9:11 AM
@AndyPutman I don't find most MSE questions too interesting either, and rarely use it (not that I'm a heavy MO user either), but occasionally there are questions I like. So I wouldn't say the site is completely useless to "senior" mathematicians, though I agree there is too much "noise" to make me want to browse MSE. — Kimball 13 hours ago
There were some suggestions how to find interesting questions on math.SE. I will post some of them here, as not to add too many comments to the post where this is not relevant. (Feel free to add other suggestions.)
Some questions are manually picked here:
Q: Interesting (and not sufficiently answered) questions on math.SE

arjafiIn light of the generally positive response to this meta-thread, I am creating this to help advertise (and hopefully fully resolve) "interesting" questions on math.SE. I'm not really certain what the guidelines for this should be, but the following are likely uncontroversial: Each answer should...

Some suggestions were given here:
Q: What can users do to improve their Math.SE experience?

user53153Some of recent discussions on meta revolved around various ways to deal with the growing number of questions posted on the site. For example: Is the interest in this community falling? Feature request: hide specific questions Proper use of the (homework) tag redux I started this thread to co...

This answer mentions a bookmarklet developed with this purpose in mind:
A: Proposal: make the "interesting" tab the default on Math.SE homepage

sandwichA recent development, potentially relevant to this site: Stack Overflow may be moving away from the "interesting" sorting of questions. The new front page interface, imagined by SE VP for Engineering, looks promising: So far the discussion of the interface involves only SO, but if they actu...

I guess that questions with a bounty tend to be more interesting than the average question: math.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=featured
9:33 AM
@Kimball There were some suggestions on how to find interesting questions on Math.SE. This is not exactly related to this discussion, so I have posted some that I am aware of in chat. (We can continue this discussion there, if needed.) — Martin Sleziak 17 mins ago
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