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12:59 AM
The WIPs to this comp look better then the last few, I think they may be a fair number of good ones
@NoviceInDisguise Nope, got other work ;D
I finally have a good way to make irgularly edged objects line up perfectly when using an array with constant offset
Maybe I'll write an answer (if it isn't already there) if I have time
1 hour later…
2:22 AM
Modeling tires is tricky
2:57 AM
@iKlsR I did not realize it, but I got the discussion tag badge one year (and 6 days) after you did. Why do more people not use the meta?
3:08 AM
@GiantCowFilms will you please add a box to the blend-exchange login to keep loged in. also because of the way you have the js work the form submit, the browser will not save the login (lots of typing every time).
7 hours later…
10:15 AM
@GiantCowFilms Modelling tires is fun :D
@GiantCowFilms What method are you using?
3 hours later…
1:35 PM
@David I'll have to check that... there is a bug
@NoviceInDisguise Array, curve, curve
The bend modifier just wasn't playing nice
I've managed to get a tire, but its distorted, and the whole thing is a bit of a mess
@David huh?
I know the login doesn't last very long (no idea why) but what do you mean about the JS
1:59 PM
The extended login will be quite a bit of work D:
I've made it last 24hr though
2:36 PM
@GiantCowFilms why? just add a if statement where it checks weather or not I want to login every time, then change the expiration time on the cookie accordingly (2147483647).
@David Its not quite that simple
keeping session cookies for that amount of time is a no-no
@gandalf3 @iKlsR do you think we need the new tag?
Then I have to do the hash/un-hash thing
@GiantCowFilms I know, the more proper way to do it, is have the cookie last for say 3 weeks, then every time the user visits the site, the cookie's date gets updated.
Yes, but then I need to has a verification token, store it yada yada yada
I know how to do it
Its just really irksome todo
2:40 PM
@GiantCowFilms what do you mean? the cookie is hashed, but anrt you already reading it?
@David PHP session works differently
its a build in cookie function that allows you to send no data to the client
@GiantCowFilms works differently from what? what are you using?
@David PHP session, look it up, its a built in feature set
I know what a php session is (and have used it)
I can't make it to long
2:42 PM
I could make the session hold for a year if I wanted, but that is not a good idea
I would not mind
beats logining every time
@David Not a good idea server side
I'd need to add my own system :/
@GiantCowFilms That is how I do it too, works slick
@NoviceInDisguise Odd, it makes a mess over here
be back in a moment
2:49 PM
@NoviceInDisguise Okay, I'm back
Got a screenshot?
one sec
@NoviceInDisguise now I do
odd . . .
@NoviceInDisguise D:
3:01 PM
Doesn't do it for me
The other irksome thing is that the mesh when not under the influence of modifiers is upsidedown
That is annoying, and does happen to me
@NoviceInDisguise Using smooth shading?
Because of what this is for, I really need an elegant method
not some scrape it together hack job I'd normally settle for
3:21 PM
@GiantCowFilms If you apply and remove doubles, does that fix it?
That would mean applying the modifiers
I need to sort out the bend modifier, I have an idea if I can get it to work
Just try it on a duplication, then you can do it when you are ready for final renders. just see if it works
@GiantCowFilms ok
3:28 PM
@iKlsR You have me tutorial?
@GiantCowFilms sorry, been swamped!
:D :D :P
I started writing
I'll try to get it done later
work has been hard
@David I don't think so
these are all cycles related
1 hour later…
4:51 PM
@iKlsR I didn't think so either, will wait to delete, till @gandalf3 has said something.
5:04 PM

Proposed Q&A site for any roller coaster enthusiasts with a desire and need for speed, G-forces, and adrenaline!

Currently in definition.

I never would have thought
Me neither
My steampunk machine is going to be over 1 million polys easy :/ already half way there and am still blocking out main parts
Might have to render a lot of different layers. I can't imagine what the environment is going to be like :/
5:23 PM
Finally got the bend modifier to play ball
It requires four empties to do on eye balling on this though, not quite neet
But using four empties and no curves I can make a perfect tire circle!
5:51 PM
user image
Current progress
502k verts
Almost half way done with the modelling I think, took two days so far
Any ideas?
Especially crazy ones
6:07 PM
@NoviceInDisguise That is beautiful!
Coming along anyways. Hoping to go all procedural on the materials
@NoviceInDisguise with the back wheels like that first think I think of is old tractor. So why not add some old farm equipment on the bottom middle part, maybe a ploy, or york rake.
@David That is the feel I was going for, kind of a super tractor of sorts. Good idea!
It still needs a cab...
Maybe a couple of small rocket thrusts on the side...
Driver's seat, I don't think I'll enclose it. We'll see
@GiantCowFilms Hmm . . .
Maybe attached to the main beam on the back
6:11 PM
@NoviceInDisguise I'm not sure how you are going to make the back prop and cage fit in.
it looks to modern for the rest of the machine.
I think I can do it, we'll see. I do agree about it though, looks like an air boat
Maybe if I add some more ornamentation or something, change the blades a bit, and ditch the stupid safety cage it will look better
Thanks for all the ideas :D
the safety cage is probably needed, I would not want to sit in front of it without one (especially with rockets)
Hmmm . . . some ornamental victorian era metalwork might be in order
6:16 PM
interesting idea. looking at your model, and the contest, I almost want to enter.
You should! almost a whole month left to finish!
maybe, but I have so much to do next few weeks, and I rarely finish a blender project.
@David I do to, @NoviceInDisguise's work is rather inspireing, but I've got to finish this silly tire first
@David I rarely finish, it is one of the things that pushed me enough to finish. Two big projects
Never would have finished them otherwise
6:56 PM
Great news, we will be graduating sooner than you think!
Which means the site will be having elections to decide our permanent moderators.
@iKlsR You will certainly be one
@NoviceInDisguise Thank you. :) I would like to continue banning people!
lol XD
Maybe the mighty Gandalf would be one too :D
I hope @gandalf3 and @David throw their hats in the ring. I am positive they be successful. I will put in a good word.
They sure would
7:15 PM
@iKlsR Agreed
@NoviceInDisguise Looks sick
Thanks :D making really good progress!
@iKlsR i'm guessing SE just gave you a date.
Be sure the give them this:
Q: Things to address with Stack Exchange upon graduation?

GiantCowFilmsOur site is wonderful, and I love it, but I'm sure we all realize that it could be improved greatly! Now that SE is going to develop a custom design for us (Which will be soon, they have $40 million) they are probably going to be as willing as ever to make the changes that we need. What are chan...

Please please please :D :D :D!!
@GiantCowFilms More or less, when it's time for the design someone will drop by, I think his name is Yin.
I will feature that when the time is right.
@iKlsR Okay, remind me to prepare my bear traps
7:26 PM
Q: Calculating an object's speed with x,y, and z?

blackholeI am using a script to get an objects velocity with x, y, and z. Would speed just be the sum? Would I just add x, y, and z to get the speed? This doesn't seem right as I might get negative numbers.

tag anyone?
7:49 PM
Question: when in textured solid mode, as soon as you "attache an image in to face" (open it in the UV image editor with image selected) the entire mesh turns white. how can I undo that?
I don't think you can if you are in textured mode
@GiantCowFilms learn how to use Blender.
@NoviceInDisguise Dang
@iKlsR lol
@iKlsR I know how to use blender, @iKlsR
7:52 PM
No you don't.
You're a cow, what do you know?
@iKlsR Sure I do, I bet you I know how to do something you don't
@iKlsR giant cows are smart
ey m8
@iKlsR huh
7:52 PM
I know what I need to know
I do to for the most part
I know Obama
You aren't working hard enough if you don't ever find something you don't know how to do (my philosophy anyways)
@iKlsR -_-
I'm what you call a generalist.
Drop me in any field and I'll find my way based on the basics.
I'm generally specialized
7:55 PM
Give me an Arduino now or FL Studio.
@NoviceInDisguise Agreed
I know I'm doing real work when I hit problems
ey what?
I know I'm doing real work when I go through seamlessly
Using experience
7:59 PM
I beat you with lols I think
You got a ways to go to catch up :/
@iKlsR Your about to make my eyes spin out of my sockets... how can you be this obnoxious (and why always to me D: )
lol, maybe he is Canadian
@GiantCowFilms lol get rekt m8
I don't even know what that means
or care
it does get annoying after a while though
8:02 PM
(troll laugh)
Q: Make materials colors show on textured solid?

GiantCowFilmsIn solid mode with textured solid checked, A model will show the material color until any face on the model is "attached to an image" (have the face selected, and open an image in the UV image editor). The model will then turn white. Is there any way to revert this?

@NoviceInDisguise oh ! you can decipher @iKlsR messages ?
@Chebhou He can!
I got a memory :/ He translated it himself once
@NoviceInDisguise I remember too
I even remember when he used to talk normally
8:09 PM
lol, good
anyways, I'll leave, got work todo
8:26 PM
i rather delete my last post than continue conversation with blackhole :)
I know the feeling
: )
@zeffii Sounds familiar
@GiantCowFilms Here are some wheels: i.imgur.com/0pgkYDQ.jpg
i think guy (blackhole) did this before... it just felt like a time sink
8:36 PM
neat wheel !
What did you do for the tire?
I didn't make it
I got the tire working though
I just need to but some extra effort into the treads...
Those always were a pain for me
The hubs are a pain too, but I'll manage
praise radial array and mirroring :)
8:45 PM
@zeffii I use them, but then I have a bazillion empties to keep track of
I like it when only one object is needed, oh why oh why does't the array modifier have a rotational offset as well....
@GiantCowFilms you don't need that much for a tire ?
yeah, it's a pitty emtpies cant be coloured uniquely
@iKlsR If you finish that compiling tutorial (for visual studio) I'll give adding radial offset to the array modifier a try...
@Chebhou They way I do I end up with between 3-7
@Chebhou how hard it will be to make automatic retopology tool, something like in Zbrush?
one to parent everything to, one for the hub array, and two for to measure the width of the tread segment
8:50 PM
@Denis I have no idea : P , I'm really not that good
@Chebhou it looks like you are :) though will be nice to have something like the decimate modifier with the option to control density
@Denis can you give me an example ( or expand on the idea ? )
@Chebhou I meant remesh modifier with control of density with weight paint, or vertex groups to control the direction of the faces, or overall curvature and convexity
9:11 PM
@GiantCowFilms I am using empties too, as hooks to control the hoses on my rocket booster for my tractor
g2g, maybe post a screenshot when I get back
9:21 PM
Okay cool
I use alot of empties/drivers in blender .. more since I started using after effects (I use more nulls then layers)
9:55 PM
@iKlsR we have one and a simlink but no plain old math.
@GiantCowFilms each null is a new layer in AE.
@zeffii I know how you feel, I'm stuck answering most of his questions, and that guy is really special when it comes to not getting perfectly simple answers...
10:24 PM
@David You know what I meant, (I see it has Layer (Footage/Solid), Null and Camera, even though a null is technically a layer)
11:04 PM
@Radish of the Opera It's not the time. Do that somewhere else. It's not going to happen here. — blackhole 5 hours ago
look who's being a grouch.
@RadishoftheOpera He means, that if you use linear velocity, the moment that is triggered your character is instantly going at max speed.
@RadishoftheOpera new name!
Q: Clamp velocity along local axis

X-27In the attached Blend File, I have a representation of a airplane/jet fighter (cube scaled at one end to indicate direction of flight). I am using torque to steer, and adding Linear Velocity along a local axis for thrust/brakes. What I want to know is how to clamp the velocity along the plane's l...

that is what he is looking for, I just didn't bother answering
@GiantCowFilms watch phantom last night. very inspiring.
@RadishoftheOpera I saw it a couple weeks ago (slightly mistimed birthday present for my sister)
Real cool...
11:10 PM
insane voices.
I can't even hum the tuen
I hurt just listening to some of them.
@X-27 oh... lazy <jk>
@RadishoftheOpera yep
btw guys, goran has a tut on networking BGE, but it was way beyond me.
@RadishoftheOpera link?
I should be able to crack it
I can't find the video
oh so you can just use a socket variable?
yay this looks really simple :D :D :D :D
@GiantCowFilms my gosh, how could you say that???
I've written apps that do this kind of stuff... I mean this isn't as easy has doing it with Node, but not far off
I watched it three times and was still boggled.
Oh wow
11:36 PM
three hours of my life
and you screw me over in two minutes...
I felt the same way when @NoviceInDisguise posted that future tractor
Let me try somthing
well you make the gaem, send me a client end, and we'll see if it works.
I'm just going to see if I can send a stringgy
Looks like websockets are tcp, I'll write for that now since that is what I know
@RadishoftheOpera Do you know how to see print output in blender
I don't even know what that means. try the python console built in.
I need to write something to test receiving this
Be a moment
11:51 PM
that's why I use Linux...
you want to just send me something and I can be your test?

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