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2:48 AM
@X-27 its got 1000 views, so its not going unoticed.
2 hours later…
5:05 AM
Q: FCC is using Stack Overflow icon to download a PDF on filings website

ahsteeleWhile preparing to file my own comment on FCC Docket 17-1078 Restoring Internet Freedom (whether ISPs should be treated as common carriers under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934) I noticed that the filings website makes use of the Stack Overflow icon from Font Awesome. The icon enables...

Anyone else notice this when writing in for net neutrality?
@gandalf3 No actually. I did want to write in, but then I saw it would be a "public" filing, and that made me nervous.
Same, you know me :P
I decided to do it anyway however
I wonder if they realize they are alienating a bunch of us anonymous internet creatures from even submitting feedback..
@gandalf3 Indeed
@gandalf3 your name turned up blank in the searches, lol. Either I have the wrong name, or you used a fake name
so you must have at least taken some precautions.
I don't feel right using a fake name and address, and the last thing I want is people getting my address as soon as they get my name
5:45 AM
@GiantCowFilms for reference, my starwars questions were'nt good either, but got many UVs
Q: Why were there no Bothans in Rogue One?

Vince ScaliaIn Return of the Jedi Mon Mothma says in her briefing of the rebel troops Many Bothans died to bring us this information. But the team of people who went the the information base were almost entirely human, and I didn’t see any bothans among their ranks. Now I know the Bothans are stealthy...

Q: What are the odds of surviving a direct assault on a Star-Destroyer?

Vince ScaliaIn The Empire Strikes Back, during the scene where the Millennium-Falcon's crew is valiantly trying to escape from an Imperial blockade, C-3P0 begins to tell Captain Solo what the odds of survival were. He never finishes. “The odds of successfully surviving an attack on an Imperial Star Destr...

however, a possibly more intruiging, but not starwars question
Q: Did Lewis Carroll make up these creatures?

Vince ScaliaAre the unfamiliar creatures in Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" as transcribed in Alice through the Looking Glass (p. 15-16, chapter I, looking-glass house) of his own creation, or are they preexisting mythological/fantastical creatures in a nondescript form? The wording is ambiguous. Later, in Ch...

the system is rigged i swear
still one of the best comments ever
Well lets consider only the evidence we have actually observed, since anything else is just hearsay. We have seen the Falcon attack a star destroyer once, and it survived once. So the odds are 1 out of 1, or 100%. QED :) — JK. Jan 27 '15 at 23:07
@Scalia What really stood out to me was the actual real video of the tiger getting scared by the attack rabbit. I don't know which behavior is more incredible, that of the rabbit or the tiger.
i think the rabbit was running at first and then he was just like "**** this im ded anyway"
and then the tiger was like waow respect
@GiantCowFilms likewise im super surprised the chicken didnt run
our chickens run from large bugs
6:09 AM
@Scalia I thought chickens ate large bugs...
@X-27 chickens eat smol bugs
17 hours later…
11:01 PM
bitcoin is over 14k wtf . . .
@VRM Lol, I think my dollar of bitcoin might be worth around $40 now. I wonder if I still have the private key.
I wanted to buy a decent amount so badly back when it was 400. Required too much ID stuff and parents said no. Nothing worse than seeing an investment you actually wanted to go through with pay off massive dividends.
Got a free 10$ worth a while back, it's worth $55 now
@GiantCowFilms ikr . . .
I was actually going to buy myself some for christmas last year but I was short of cash
I was going to buy some and had the cash
11:11 PM
At this point it's hard to say how much more it will expand. Early this year was really a great time to buy :(
I would not buy it now
hopefully something goes horribly wrong and it crashes again
Okay, apparently my $1 of BTC is now worth 30 bucks
that is actually seriously cool
That's pretty good
Soooo . . . if all the bitcoins in the world were distributed evenly everyone would have .002763 BTC
Ironic, I have 0.0023 bitcoin
I also wanted to buy Ethereum at $12 and its now over 400 :/
Ethereum is going down, Bitcoin stole the limelight
Might be able to catch another wave or it may become obsolete
We shall see
@VRM Indeed. I will soon be able to buy it myself, whatever my parents say. I intend to make small investments in every single wave.
11:17 PM
That's really the way to do it. Or if you have large capital just invest a large sum and pull a percentage out for every so much growth until you recover your initial investment
@VRM if you buy crypto currencies just after their inception, you can expect at least a 100x return if they catch on. That means if you invest in 99, and at least one succeeds, you will make at least some profit.
that seems like solid odds to me.
There are thousands already though, I doubt anything that isn't an obviously better system will catch on very much
TBH, I think the wave as already come. My only hope is that something causes to price to collapse briefly.
It's quite the hockey stick, that's for sure
I have as much in it as I want to risk, just a fun watching game at this point

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