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12:00 AM
12:11 AM
Andrew Kramar is really entertaining to listen to
What you listening to now?
I just watched his shockwave tutorial
Ah! That was a cool one
I just started his portal one
@NoviceInDisguise Yeah
someone tried to do it with Blender
It was a cool tutorial, but the result wasn't very good
@NoviceInDisguise nice. (@X-27 would like it)
12:21 AM
@TARDISMaker Not the best, no. I saw that tutorial too.
@NoviceInDisguise The biggest problem, I think, was that we don't really have a nice noise generator in Blender, and our compositor isn't built for that type of thing
He was using AE, right?
@NoviceInDisguise Andrew?
Or coarse
@TARDISMaker he did one tut in nuke
@David Which one?
I remember his Optical Flares plugin works in NUKE, and he worked a bit in it to promote it
12:24 AM
The burning building one was disappointing, it looked like crap. The fire was nice, but the rotoscope around the character was noisy and sharp
@NoviceInDisguise The city destruction one?
I don't remember a character in that
@TARDISMaker no
Do you mean the Train Explosion one?

In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate the basic setup of the plug-in and mostly pretend like I know what I’m doing inside of Nuke.

I think I’ll just stick to After Effects tutorials
12:27 AM
@David Lens flares ಠ_ಠ
I'm just going to color correct this to look like New York, cause apparently New York always has this color correction
I'm watching Cosmos Laundromat
its so beautiful
holy crap
Not bad eh?
12:40 AM
@Borgleader when you are done watch this:
The F***ing Hooves part was unecessary
Honestly I don't think I would've even heard it if no one had mentioned it.
I barely noticed
I actually thought it was funny
Tying a rope with hooves must be really annoying
12:41 AM
It stuck out like crazy to GCF and I
@Borgleader yeah but . . .
This First Cycle
was rendered with Cycles yes?
I thought the lighting was just so much better in this one
or maybe idk
Compared to?
12:43 AM
well the previous film projects
ToS was also cycles IIRC
ToS is VFX
When I say CG I mean Pixar full computer generated movie
I see
Still, there was a lot of CG in it
Like, almost everything except the actors
yeah but it was layered on top of live action stuff
Yeah, as in almost entirely CG
Except for the characters
12:45 AM
Also its stylistically very different from all the other ones, I found
I did not mean to do that :)
@Borgleader What would you expect, though?
It's supposed to be as realistic as possible, while the others are supposed to be cartoony
@TARDISMaker all the other ones have a cartoony feel to them, but ToS having real actors had to be more realistic (despite the sci-fi ness) so I dont want to compare it to the other films :)
you made my point for me :)
Okay :)
Big Buck Bunny, now THAT was a realistic film!
12:47 AM
@NoviceInDisguise Just look at the hair!
I like this trend of Rendering animated films in a more realistic way
@TARDISMaker lol
@GiantCowFilms Yeah, and making it the animation and the modeling that stylizes it.
@GiantCowFilms It is interesting indeed. Makes it harder for startups to get flying though
It's a lot like pixars style
12:48 AM
@NoviceInDisguise I don't know about that
for months
@NoviceInDisguise Internal wasn't super fast
or even years
@NoviceInDisguise That is nothing close the labor
@GiantCowFilms Especially once you want reflections
12:48 AM
Paying 15 people a years wage is easily a million dollars
@TARDISMaker Yes
@GiantCowFilms Compared to Cycles with thousands of hair particles it is lightning fast
@GiantCowFilms Yeah . . .
Quite frankly I think that you could build a machine for cycles and one for internal that would be very different in nature but have similar price tags an performance
Startup studios don't generally fork out that much cash even to "employees"
@GiantCowFilms Possibly
@NoviceInDisguise Still, you have to feed them
What if they are college kids?!
12:50 AM
Well they can't starve
That is the solution
All new, fledgling studios, take note: Ramen
Good name for a fledgling studio too...
I am trying to figure out how to rig a Bicycle wheel to make it more customizable
How so?
I know how to model it well for the base, but rigging it is interesting
12:52 AM
What exactly do you mean?
Basically change the number of treads, width, diameter, etc
Ah, tires are a pain....
But I have done that before
Can you give any hints?
12:53 AM
A totally editable spoke pattern might be a little challengling
@NoviceInDisguise Which parts
@TARDISMaker That was brilliant
I might need to watch it too
12:53 AM
@GiantCowFilms Yes
I remember watching it a year ago
Here goes . . .
He is an amazing speaker
@NoviceInDisguise The trick is to figure out what parameters you wan't, in then what the value of the modifier inputs are in terms of those paramaters
Its math/programming really
@NoviceInDisguise Do you think you could share you current file with me?
And I can see what I can do for it?
12:55 AM
@TARDISMaker Already brilliant XD
@GiantCowFilms Umm . . . sure
@NoviceInDisguise Yeah
@NoviceInDisguise Okay? pasteall?
I was like one or two minutes in when I decided that
Exact same here
That's also when I posted it
12:59 AM
I can't get rid of the render border???
Sorry :P
@NoviceInDisguise So what do you wan't to customize?
@GiantCowFilms Wheel tread number, width, depression, number of spokes, etc
@NoviceInDisguise Okay
Starting with spokes, since they are the easy game :D
1:11 AM
You don't mind a couple of extra empties?
That video just gets better and better
Okay got the spokes working
not entirely though
I have to do the center spokes...
@NoviceInDisguise Do you want the center spokes to always be one more then the outside spokes?
or do you want the values to be independednt
@GiantCowFilms ??
There are spokes that attach to the inside of the little disk around the axel and ones that attack to the outside....
1:21 AM
There should always be the same number
@NoviceInDisguise That last part didn't happen, well, actually the entire story is made up.
XD That cracked me up
I think Andrew Kramar could easily be a comedien if he one day woke up and decided that he hated VFX
1:28 AM
BTW, @GiantCowFilms You might want to have a look at this if you haven't already
@gandalf3 Yah, don't move things
@NoviceInDisguise How did you copy the spokes across the wheel, do you rerember the transform
I mean the oustide spokes, left and right side
Alt+D, 22.5 degrees
@GiantCowFilms Oh wait
Its trickier then that
I rotated by 180* on the Z axis I think.
Or do you mean the inside out part for one side?
1:36 AM
If that is what you mean, you need to run teh spokes in sets of two as they are different
How are they differnt
There are two sides, and then half on each side are inverted, however they are slightly different
@NoviceInDisguise Ah yes
that is not my issue
ok . . .
my issue is inverting them across the entire wheel
So it was R z 180 then (360/Spoke_Count/2)
1:39 AM
That is a spoke set
It is rotated 180* on the Z axis to populate the opposite side
Note quite
Anyway, I have the outside spokes working
That is pretty great too
Not as awesome, but it's still pretty entertaining
@NoviceInDisguise I have to go for a little bit, I will finish afterwards.
I have however, gotten the spokes working
Cool! Thanks :D
However it only works for even numbers...
I will fix that after supper too
1:48 AM
That is fine
I will share it with you momentarily
Pasteall put up a fight
2:07 AM
@NoviceInDisguise Oh BTW, you change the spoke count with the Spokes custom property
Few other bugs
1 hour later…
3:10 AM
@GiantCowFilms how do i format render.drawLine again?
Some hours later...
5 hours later…
8:03 AM
yay I wrote some documentation
5 hours later…
1:19 PM
@gandalf3 link
1 hour later…
2:38 PM
Filename: AwCrap.PNG
3:09 PM
@NoviceInDisguise Your wheel is quite tricky :D
Getting the spokes into the right pattern is harder then I thought, nearly there though
3:21 PM
This pattern
the way the spokes bend might have to be based on the count O:
this will be hard
BTW, the error was caused by overloading my GPU with a massive background image in live rendering mode
4:16 PM
Q: Funny Questions

X-27NEW CONTEST - FUNNY QUESTIONS - The rules of this contest are simple Write a funny question as an answer to this post. Put the title of that question following a #. You may use plays on words, you may make fun of noobs, regular users, or smart users. You may pretty much use any method you want...

We need lots of entrees, contests have been highly disappointing before!
(star the link to that post)
Ah right
gandalf3 @David @iKlsR I don't care who does it, but that post needs to be featured.
4:32 PM
@gandalf3 Cycles?
5:08 PM
A: Funny Questions

NoviceInDisguiseNoob Problem!! My blender isn't rendering! i have been trying to render gravel in my blender, and i can't figure out how to do it :P i tried clicking the button with my mouse, but that just turned on setting 7, which is pulse, and crashed windows D: i loaded it on my desktop and everything!!!! m...

So much fun to release all the uber noobness that has been building up . . .
@NoviceInDisguise Just wait until you see mine :)
I will probably make another at some point
btw, yours is too well formatted
Oh dear!!!
It needs more typos :)
5:09 PM
I don't have much experience with them :P
@TARDISMaker Fixed
oh man that is bad
oh wow
LOL stupid question contest!
@NoviceInDisguise Nice! :D
I expect that this will get lots of attention/entries.
What are you doing?
5:21 PM
Why can't I ping myself????
It doesn't work
You aren't allowed to
@NoviceInDisguise yes you can
It does work, watch
5:22 PM
@X-27 :-)
@David This just pinged me
@NoviceInDisguise see
@NoviceInDisguise If you hack it it works
yah :-)
You just need the message number
5:24 PM
@NoviceInDisguise exactly
@X-27 test
Precisely what I did
works too
5:25 PM
@NoviceInDisguise This is the one I pinged to, I just tried to do another message without looking it up
@NoviceInDisguise @nov
Why don't it highlight?
A: Funny Questions

DavidNeed Help FAST: Blender problem I'm trying to make an awesome sifi movie and I'm at this part where the bad guy shoots a gun (It is just a fake plastic nerf gun from walmart, but I hope that after vfx it will look COOL! I'm having my friend's older brother's baseball coach's uncle do the audio i...

that was FUN to write!
5:42 PM
@TARDISMaker No, smoke sim
The cycles docs are probably in the best shape, lots of other parts are a dire mess
@gandalf3 Nice!
@gandalf3 now I feel bad, while you were off writing blender docs, this is what we were writing.
I like that my question is the only one that wasn't upvoted by me, yet they all have 1 UV
@TARDISMaker you UVed all of them?
@David Yeah
I'm surprised no one has joined me
so you really like dumb noob ness
5:51 PM
A: Funny Questions

TARDIS Makeri wanting to 3d print a big robot type thing that looks a bit like pizza it's for a movie i making was asking everybody i knew about what i could use to 3D print my big robot type thing that looks like pizza (mbryyyllp for short). My brother told me about Blender, so I decided to download it and ...

It's fun to make fun of
@TARDISMaker hey do suppose that my OP could print a bullet?
@David OP as in Original Post?
If you wrote it in C it should
You might need a 3D printing though
@TARDISMaker yep well (Original Poster) as in the guy who asked the question.
@TARDISMaker hmm no he wrote it in english
ah, okay
Probalby not, but I hear the University of Africa has a program on translating English into Python, which can then be translated into C
@X-27 can I add another "answer" to your contest?
6:01 PM
Of course! The more the merrier!
6:13 PM
I have a feeling that we're all going to make multiple ones
I think I will
I just need to know what I'm going to do
@wuden Hi
@David Nice!
A: Funny Questions

DavidWhat kind of program cuts off the head of its monkey? HI, I'm not new to blender, but I have no idea what I'm doing. I started blender because it appeared to be the only 3D program that included a prebuilt monkey. WHERE IS THE MONKEY??? I have only found the monkey's head in my program. yet I...

I've applied subdivision surface.. there is nothing I can do now right?
realised that I don't need that
6:23 PM
@wuden Try CTRL Z
the problem is that I did that 2 months ago
If that doesn't work, try the decimate modifer set to unsubdivide, if that doesn't work, it's hopefless
@wuden Oh yes. Ctrl+Z or a Decimate modifier set to unsubdivide
We both were thinking the same thing
@wuden Probably hopeless then
I'll try
6:24 PM
@NoviceInDisguise Yeah :)
I just wish the unsubdivide worked better.
It seems to work less that half of the time
yeah, it can give some very interesting results
@wuden This is one of the reasons why you usually want a backup model without it applied on a trash layer
subdividing is bad only because it makes too many faces?
Also, do you have any backup saves from before you applied it?
@wuden subdividing is great, but it can make the geometry hard to work with if you apply it, or apply it at the wrong time
6:27 PM
It can make it nearly impossible to unwrap effectively (at least from my experience)
so if i want to change only a little things its not that horrible?
@wuden It's just going to be harder to work with, and possibly less smooth
I'm so mad right now :D
hi peeps
The more verts you have, the harder it will be to smooth it properly
@Jonathan Hi
@wuden :D
6:28 PM
you guys talkin bout uv unwrapping?
@Jonathan No, subserf
I just noticed: When you uv unwrap only some faces of a mesh (faces A) and put them in one uv map there is only these faces. When you want a UV map for other faces (faces B) the new uv map always has faces A and faces B while the first UV map only has faces A.
@NoviceInDisguise On what exactly?
@NoviceInDisguise Oh you were responding to Tardis probably
I'm not sure, but I have done it before
6:39 PM
@NoviceInDisguise so that the second uv map only has the second faces?
somebody check it and tell me how hopeless it is
@NoviceInDisguise not as bad as that, I was merely sighting the source for that quote.
lol, ok
@David lol
6:42 PM
@David hi David, are you that David Rosen?
@David someone once posted a video from a david rosen explaining procedural animation under one of my questions
@Jonathan never heard of him (so I highly doubt it)
@David aight ^^
anybody has seen my project file?
@wuden did you sculpt it yourself?
textures are so bad
i wanted to fix this thing because it all looks so wrong
6:54 PM
giraffe fur on the tongue ^^
but that subdivision modifier destroyed my hopes
I actually like it, I find it does look pretty good
I had problems with mark seems and all that
just 1 thing, I dunno about giraffe anatomy so much, but its chest looks a little bit too bulgy
but seriously it looks pretty damn fine
I know it's not good
also u might ask about short neck
but thats the idea
anyway, should I try to fix it or create a new one?
6:57 PM
It might be best to start over, keeping the other for reference on what you did right/wrong
@wuden nah why create a new one?
@wuden there's nothing about it which you couldnt fix
maybe you just need some more texturing skills
somebody said that subdivision surface will affect unwraping
like how to use the texture paint slots
is it bad to effect unwrapping? did you use a tiled texture for the fur?
i know its my first thing done with blender ever
well you can still save it and redo the texturing fast and easy
if its just about effecting the unwrapping everything you have to do again would be the texturing
7:00 PM
I wish u were lithuanians so I could explain everything easily :D
I dont actually understand how there is texture everywhere because the uv map parts are not on the picture ^^
@wuden That was me
It still works, it's just harder to work with
tu lietuvis? :D
btw wuden the subsurface modifier does not effect the uv map parts that much
it just makes them a little bit rounder
@wuden so do you actually want it to be more or less polygons?
I think being rounder for animal is great :D
7:07 PM
yes probably :)
so however you can actually bake the textures to another version of the model, if you make it higher or less in polygons doesnt matter that much I guess: youtube.com/watch?v=eeFnPg4YRbE
and if you like want to use it for a video game you can make a high poly version of it and then bake it to a normal map, then use the normal map on the low poly version to fake higher polygon amount: youtube.com/watch?v=ApzVWuPa4A4
7:29 PM
yay the documentation I made is now live
@gandalf3 Nice!
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