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4:38 AM
34.5 questions per day. Great job guys
for now..
And 96% answered.
@DantheMan I was speaking to @RolandiXor about answering questions with valid answers, since we are small, the site will occasionally push these questions up into the main view obscuring newer more important questions.
Amongst other things, it boost our site stats on area51
Say what?
9 hours ago, by iKlsR
Oh, I'm just trying to keep the area51 page looking good, I encourage everyone to do so
4:42 AM
To do what?
Answering questions with valid answers because the site will occasionally push them to the top obscuring more important questions
Sorry, I don't understand that.
Read the link, I have said it to everyone who has come in here
9 hours ago, by iKlsR
@RolandiXor before you go, please accept an answer if it answers your question. I keep going through the Unanswereds and seeing answered questions with valid answers!
its something I learn't over on Anime.SE
Do you mean the action of ticking a question's answer
or answering questions?
Accepting an answer but only if it suits what you asked
4:45 AM
Ah ok
It keeps remindine me of SO where new users ask questions and just leave.. never to return.. ;)
I wanted to say something about that the other day
Yeah... how OBNOXIOUS.
Does this answer seem noobish?
A: How can I make sharp geometric 3d models look more realistic?

RolandiXorThe Bevel method iKlsR mentioned is the fastest way, but possibly the most realistic method is to use two subdivision modifiers. You need to have two subdivision modifiers, one as "Simple" (the first one in the stack) and the other as "Catmull-Clark". NB: Subdivision modifiers are pretty heav...

The latter unfortunately has been proven to not work so well, some users still don't understand SO after a year. had a good chuckle at this
@iKlsR happens on the larger sites A LOT
On Ask Ubuntu we have to run clean ups regularly
4:47 AM
@RolandiXor but we are small, so we should start encouraging people from early, I even forget sometimes too.. heheh
@iKlsR indeed
@RolandiXor It doesn't to me.
@RolandiXor subsurf would be overkill in a scene like the one he described in his question
@RolandiXor while acceptable, I try to tailor questions mostly to what the user asks..
@iKlsR well one of the goals of our answers is to be of use to future users, so it can be useful to others.
It gives him an option in case he needs that level of realism, which he can use later, and which others can use if they want to as well.
true, I answer first then add general or additional stuff after
I need to cut down on the sizes of my images.. hrrm
A: How do I take a flat model and wrap around an axis like a wheel?

iKlsRI originally wrote this as a worded response but thought to make it a bit more visual.. One way is to just add an Array modifier to your tread or flat object, bump up the counts a bit and add a new Bezier Circle to the scene. Then add a Curve modifier, select the correct axis (it sometimes wa...

kinda looks like a tutorial but it isn't, the images give it that impression
4:52 AM
We will have a lot of those, it will be a fine line we walk
Very but it was ontopic as he did not ask about how to actually model it, he asked how to curve a mesh around a circle.. I just had a little time on my hands. ;)
There is the wrap thingy (forgot the name of it off hand)
but that only works for flat things I think
alt+w or something
very few alt shortcuts if any
I haven't used it in a bit
What are the main differences between Blender Internal and Cycles? — iKlsR 1 min ago
5:11 AM
How does it look?
A: Can Blender "un-smooth" a mesh?

ObsessiveSSOℲUnsmoothing with a negative modifier is sufficient for a roughening effect, but not to fully undo a smoothing operation. To test this, I rendered Suzanne and smoothed the mesh(factor 1.0), applied the modifier, and then unsmoothed with factor -1.0.

^ Click
Night all.
o/ ?
imagine a hand waving
Haha nice one
o7 <- salute
5:19 AM
lol <- guy worshiping
stretching to wave
/o\ <-- hail falling, sheltering head
o resting on a chair
/ \
(o) <- guy about to bang on drum
5:24 AM
ox crossed arms
1 hour later…
6:25 AM
Huh, people are still talking about the tutorial issue
That will probably drag on forever
@Leathe what?
aedaksod. I know how to type today.
Tutorials answer How To questions. For some reason tutorials here are presented as lengthy things, but personally I see also lots of minituts.
@iKlsR on the meta site, people are still going over the issue if tutorial questions are okay
6:30 AM
That very strongly blur the line
@Leathe links(s)
admittedly this is over 12h old, but the question was originally an comment to an answer in another question. meta.blender.stackexchange.com/questions/29/…
an comment? really? pffs. words, so difficult today.
I agree with your answer in that question, about certain tutorial questions being okay. As long as they don't include complete how-to walkthrough. Such as a "how to create a house" e.g
hmm. maybe there could be a "short-tutorial" tag. which has a description of what kind of tutorials are really acceptable
nah, that wouldn't make much sense.. SE sites aren't for tutorials, answers should be concise and ontopic, If we start taking any for of tutorial questions the place will soon be overrun with said questions
If I can remember, I will write a full length meta post tomorrow on how to distinguish and ask questions without them being interpreted as tutorials
It's a very thin line, but it must be drawn.
6:41 AM
blender.stackexchange.com/questions/182/… is IMO tutorial q. But if someone answered with a node setup and an explanation as to why certain nodess are used, how they contribute to the final effect, I'd argue it to be good for this site.
Yes I noticed.. It was extremely subjective and I asked him to change it
Perhaps the q could be rephrased to: what makes a good matte shader for cars
Here is another example of one that stopped right at the line
Q: How do I take a flat model and wrap around an axis like a wheel?

JohnI am making tread for a car and I made a simple pattern for one section and then duplicated it a bunch of times using an array. What I want to do now is take the model that is flat and wrap it around an axis to turn it into a wheel. How do I do this?

The title is vague but the question is actually ok. In the question, the user specifically asks how to do the task using modifiers.
That narrowed the scope alot
My answer also looks a bit tutorialish but it's the size of the images I can assure you :), the text only version was depressing.
yeah I was just about to mention how it looks like a tutorial :P
but I think answers with pictures in them can help a lot, even if it makes something look tutorialish
It makes sense to add images where possible, but I would say that going for short only will be hard to maintain. Especially when there are questions like lamps in cycles vs bi
6:47 AM
just because you can actually show visually how something looks, and the person asking the question will instantly see if they're doing it right
If someone posts an in-depth explanation with pics
Another thing which I will explain tomorrow. This isn't code per say, we are dealing with a 3d application. Some things might be extremely hard or tiring to translate into words
@jesterKing agreed
I try to add an image as deemed necessary to all my answers
I even edit them into others
this made me think of something. is it okay to have an answer that's pretty much a tutorial, even if the question doesn't ask for one
imho that should be just fine
6:51 AM
@Leathe I prefer the term indepth explanation
well yeah
but tomato.. uh tomato
that doesn't work very well when it's written.
or maybe it's "tomatoe, tomato"
o.O What's that "174" under my name now
Tom ate a toe. Tom ate a tomato. Tom ate tom
@Leathe days left to live..
6:56 AM
well, it's pretty high then.
It's your total SE rep
most of that comes from superuser.SE :b
hm. gaming.SE is really quiet
everyone's asking questions about candy-box
silly place.
but back on topic: what would distinguish a guide from a tutorial?
is it just more specific?
@Leathe I am working on it now?
7:10 AM
alright alright :P
here is a small one I just answered
A: General 3D Graphics

iKlsRTry not to ask overly broad questions, questions that may numerous solutions, be too subjective or too open to interpretation or likely to start a discussion. - Best lighting for a specific set? This is too broad and the title is extremely vague. There will be numerous ways of doing it if the a...

7:48 AM
>.< that makes me a bit mad
why? :O
it is a great picture of Finland!
yeah :P
<3 Finland
now if they only got the name of the country right on the poster
But yah, why they'd call it Norway WC Print... :)
I live in Finland
meh, no /me in here. How stupid is that?!
7:53 AM
i live in finland aswell :b
so where does Leathe hail from? I make the old capital more lively.
hki :p
Finland has many great Blender developers (both active and inactive)
too bad I'm not a Finn by origin :(
where are you from originally?
finland is all over stuff that's open source :P
I'm Dutch
8:04 AM
But I've been living in Finland since 1997. And started studying Finnish accidently in 1995 (in the Netherlands at Groningen University)
how does one accidentally study a language?
Simply be actually wanting to study something completely different, notice that the first year of a language study for it is required, really hating languages still at that point, deciding to create a list of not-so-popular languages like Chinese, Japanese, Arabian, Finnish etc, then picking up a pen, closing eyes and letting fate decide.
Two weeks into the study I just fell completely in love with the language. It's AWESOME.
8:33 AM
@jesterKing I had a HD 5570.. loved it immensely
@iKlsR I have 2x HD 5550 with 4 monitors
@jesterKing I saw the setup in the link on a question and you showed me the monitors this time on irc ;)
GTX 660 \\o
need to buy a hdmi cable so I can go back to my dual monitor setup
@jesterKing now rocking 8GB Gskill DDR3 - Win7 x64 - A8-3870k w HD 6550 :3
and i ordered a HD 7850 last month, getting it soon!
8:35 AM
I must say I dislike the vendor-lock situation that's come in Blender through Cycles
that's why I rarely use Cycles
Upgrading my machine has to wait until I've got the monnies for it again.
that always sucks .. :/
Haven't done any upgrades since 2009 :O
8:37 AM
well, I got the monitors, but no other extras.
I hadn't done any since 2008 :p just got all the new parts a few months ago
so maybe next year is my turn!
yh HD 5xxx is getting dated
I had a HD 4870 ;b
Well, as a coder I don't really need an uberpowerfull graphics card
8:38 AM
I want 8gb more of RAM and a third monitor hopefully
@jesterKing I work with Java :P
I have 3 monitors in my room, but can't use them because I lack cables ;P
But I do like the 16GB RAM I have in my machine
@iKlsR so do I. http://www.renderfarm.fi backend is in Java
@Leathe lulz
need to get a hdmi and a dvi-i.. I think
not exactly sure which it is
ah no, it's actually a DVI-D
google images for the rescue
@jesterKing ah, i remember when starting. swing didn't thread well, had me scratching my head for days, high cpu usages etc
@Leathe there are several variations of DVIs
but apparently I have a DVI-I. My GTX 660 only has HDMI, DVI-I and DVI-D connectors
@iKlsR, fortunately this is more 'just' server programming. Tomcat7 + Java (BURP is the backend code)
@iKlsR yeah there are dual links and single links, etc
8:43 AM
repcap sucks.. I'm not really driven by it though, I still go about my normal duties but I cry when I see the lost rep.. щ(゚Д゚щ)
@jesterKing well, now I NEED to get my 3 monitor setup running .P
need to order the cables next month
@Leathe, yes, of course you need 3 monitors. I can't understand why people use still only one or two (or three)!
:O epic.. :D
the fonts are hideous
the fonts make it look like you're on Microsoft Server 2008 or something :P
sweet, I see me respawning in irc, (first window top right) :D
so much vim
8:53 AM
arrrg. Assembly Summer 2013 on my birthday again
can't really bother to go this year either
9:07 AM
I was at assembly in 2010 or so, talking about rf.fi
oh, 2009
nerd. :P
it takes one to know one, eh
@jesterKing no recordings?
There should be somewhere
oh Campbell and I talking about some stuff in #blender-podcast , we feel that the quality of the questions especially from some users are very poor
Please guys do some moderation if you have the time, if a question is lacking, edit for flag for low quality.
9:14 AM
heh, podcast. Haven't been there in a long time
too many IRC channels already anyway
and now this :O
Sometimes I forget I have a Google+ and Fb
and twitter?
every now and then, I tweet like every 2 weeks .. :S
this is why I use pinned tabs :b
9:31 AM
argh. can't remember what that one blender tutorial thingy was called
the one you pay for
it has like a crap-ton of stuff
Wow Factor?
well, it
asdjopgfjwpad stupid enter key
It's more like a course than a tutorial really
Wow factor doesn't ring any bells
Nature Academy
ah yes, that one
What about it?
9:37 AM
was just trying to remember the name :P
might look into it one day
@ideasman42 welcome :)
hey there :)
9:59 AM
hmm. other browsers could actually mimic IE with color coding the tabs, depending on where they originated from
but even in IE that color coding is gone if you move the tab
two places with lots of stuff that you can pay for: cgcookie.com/blender and blenderguru.com (latter is nature academy guy)
10:33 AM
I'll probably use free tutorials to catch up with blender. haven't been using it for months
or, to catch up with my knowledge, rather
always a Good Plan
back when I had my Q9450 cpu rendering took a crazy long time
5 hours later…
4:01 PM
Hi everyone :)
Q: How can the Blender API be used to access Blender from another application?

RolandiXorTake Openshot for example. It has some form of Blender integration and is written in Python. I'm not sure if it directly accesses Blender's API or if it simply generates a .blend file and then launches Blender (as it seems to do with Inkscape for SVG titles). What I would like to know is: a. C...

I hope my questions don't seem too random/contrived - I really want to know these things lol.
Although I do have other intentions as expected ;)
4:24 PM
huge meta post coming.. I will need some suggestions.
4:43 PM
@RolandiXor @Leathe
Q: Regarding questions and answers as tutorials

iKlsRSince I proposed the list of possible topics that should be off-topic, it seems it has been well received and people are working with it. However, there have been several discussions in chat, numerous comments and several other posts about #1. 1. Requests for tutorials Can anyone show...

Feel free to leave comments and I will improve as such, I might be well off on some parts
Aight checking it out now

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