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Q: Can I use a custom Splash screen?

RolandiXorThe default Splash screens are cool, but I'd like to add some of my own work to remind me of how awesome I am (no, not really). Is it possible to customize/change the splash screen?

will add a link in a bit, getting some chow
done :)
Oh I might change my accepted answer
You have a screenshot, but he had a link
I have several links
All more specific than that one :)
6:12 PM
ah, thats it, in the tutorial, Sebastian goes over everything, i also added a template
Sweet :D!
@RolandiXor Sorry guys, I fixed changed realistic to matte :P
spastik! :)
Random word generaters ftw :D
6:19 PM
Q: Is there a draw mode that can show all faces as edges?

RolandiXorI sometimes like to view my models in wireframe mode, but it doesn't show individual faces, only lines representing the general formation of the object. With subdivisions (especially) this does not achieve what I'd really like to see, which is more of a "blueprint" look. Is there a draw mode tha...

wireframe.. lulz
wait.. faces as edges?
I worded that poorly now I think about it
faces and edges are two separate things
(I tried at least)
(I know what I mean)
6:23 PM
@RolandiXor you mean like solid but with an outline?
or like this? ^
But outside of edit mode
there's only one way i know how
you could draw it solid with a wireframe overtop?
that wouldn't show the faces, but it would give a better representation of the form
like that ^
@CharlesL well I know how to do that, but I wish there was a transparent view, like wireframe (which gives better performance and allows me to overlay it on a background, like a blueprint)
Maybe someone knows how to achieve it?
that looks tricky
kind of a weird problem
6:31 PM
@RolandiXor your question and what you are asking here is different
And Blender only has two draw modes, edit and object..
Since you say outside of edit, that would mean it has to be in object mode
@iKlsR oh?
How so?
@iKlsR aren't the drawmodes "Textured, Solid, Wireframe, and Bounding Box"?
Or am I using the wrong term?
@iKlsR and it has weight paint, etc.... those are not draw modes.
actually yes.. my mind was elsewhere..
@RolandiXor I think jonathan answered it.
@RolandiXor that was what you wanted?
@iKlsR Yesh
6:38 PM
you explain horribly..
Not everyone has stellar explanation powers...
heh, and @CharlesL even answered it above and you said no..
@iKlsR no...
Those are two different things.
See my screenshots in the question.
you could draw it solid with a wireframe overtop?
@RolandiXor I don't see a screenshot
6:41 PM
me neither
@RolandiXor that drivers question if off-topic
Oh I just noticed the edit hadn't gone through
I had clicked the button but it didn't post it as I thought
@iKlsR kk
Hardware questions are off as there can only be so much wrong on your end. Say you might have a driver or service that interrupts it.. etc So someone could actually answer it correctly and it still not matter
Can I ask something?
hmm. sure
Do you guys know each other outside of this site (like on the Blender Artists forums?)
I am not known that much in the wider community :P
6:43 PM
@RolandiXor you guys?
like you and @CharlesL
and the majority of users here so far
I'm kind of small out there
I saw some people said already "I'm glad to see you here"
Oh, yeah, some of us are hardcore geeks from irc :P
I used to be slightly active years ago, but some less than friendly community members drove me into hiding :P
(I was a teen back then lol)
6:45 PM
IRC, twitter, the forums, each other's blogs, fb etc
Oh I see
I used to run a Blender community site, but then Ning shut out free users...
But if your interested in my stuff... here's the link to my profile: (shameless self promotion)
and some users are well known like Jonathan since he runs one of the largest Blender sites
@iKlsR speaking of which, I've never been able to connect to the irc :(
Mike Pan is another professional too that does amazing work with Blender and ideasman_42 is one of the lead developers
6:47 PM
Oh I see
@CharlesL #blender #blenderchat #blendercoders #blenderpython #gameblender
I know I knew ideasman from somewhere
I'm not a fan of IRC, so I avoid it
@iKlsR sweet thanks
I know, but I don't like IRC... period
to each their own
6:48 PM
I am confused as to why the general open source community hasn't fully adopted XMPP instead of IRC as the standard "chat"
IRC is... archaic
dungeon like
not really
at this time, there are hundreds of users here
it feels that way
its more serious and has more standards
The number of users doesn't change anything to me
@RolandiXor You could always get a frontend GUI
6:50 PM
I have used a frontend GUI many times
I use it raw text in Emacs
but I still can't grow a love for IRC... and don't get me started on Emacs!
It's 2013!
The RMS age is over!
6:51 PM
@RolandiXor As a developer, those editors are amazing, such speed, to code with a mouse is slow, clicking and dragging etc
I hardly use my mouse when coding
@iKlsR Yeah, VI is more my thing
Emacs and Vim offer wicked speed, I can site and write hundreds of lines of code and not have my hands leave the keyboard
and I can use a commandline editor when needed
but there comes a time when one must move on
become modern, become "normal"-ish
I rarely use a window manager, build archbox from scratch and just run around toying under root :3
6:52 PM
iKlsR lives dangerously
@RolandiXor Dude, there are tons of devs still using VI and EMACS
So let me guess,
those editors rock
to run Blender,
you just startx and then start blender from a tty?
6:53 PM
startx actually
my slip up
i have a box with putty and other boxes so I adopt
(not that I didn't know what it was, just that I rarely use it)
ssh ftw
@iKlsR this explains why I seem lenient then :)
6:54 PM
@RolandiXor my arch boots into text, to run gui i run start.. openbox ftw btw..
nitrogen etc etc
It's an unwritten, but proven fact, that people who use a GUI are more human and more compassionate and understanding of regular humans ;)
openbox is probably (one) of my favorite GUIs ever
(I'm an alien, but that's beside the point)
Well, I can't argue that openbox is awesome
that explains your leniency then..
@CharlesL ! ikr
It comes about from understanding that "Not everyone is a computer expert who eats, sleeps and... sits on the throne... command line"
It doesn't mean I'm not comfortable on the commandline myself, because I am.
6:56 PM
i hate clicking.. so slow..
type + tab
my fingers are fast
@iKlsR I do this as well
On the real though,
I encourage fellow computer "experts" to get more into a routine of seeing what life is like for "the average person"
It goes a long way
experts is a strong word.. damn too many if you ask me
@iKlsR I see what you did there... ;)
@iKlsR lol
the point still stands though
lulz, i get over my head at times.. + it really doesn't matter does it ;)
We run into this problem on Ask Ubuntu sometimes.
For example, average-user-001 shows up:

AU001: How do I do abc?
EXPERT: Did you.... Google it? Noob!
AU001: ???
EXPERT: Big baby. Google it.
_Question closed._
@iKlsR it does ;)
trust me
I used to think it doesn't (I know I'm getting too deep and philosophical, but it's all for the good of mankind!)
/stops self
7:02 PM
we were all once 'average' weren't we?
A: Python tags and versions

iKlsRPython is the scripting language used in Blender, any questions related to it can stay under python, no need to start derivations. Let's try and keep everything as clean as possible.

yep :), and we should never forget that!

But! I will leave this alone, so I can fit in ;)
heh, do you have a choice..
yeah :P
7:19 PM
I'm leaving shortly too
@RolandiXor before you go, please accept an answer if it answers your question. I keep going through the Unanswereds and seeing answered questions with valid answers!
@iKlsR lol
I usually accept quickly, but for some reason there is a 5(?) minute delay before you can accept.
Oh, I'm just trying to keep the area51 page looking good, I encourage everyone to do so
7:25 PM
(I've accepted all of my answers though btw).
(So before asking me to do that check and see that I'm not one of the culprits :P)
It's small things like this that can affect our stats

Beta Q&A site for people who use Blender to create 3D graphics, animations, or games.

Currently in private beta.

I see two in your list, even one by you
I see none.
Another thing is that the site pushes Unanswered questions up and they sometimes pass new ones with low views so it best to avoid it
Oh I see now
@RolandiXor it might be on my end then
7:28 PM
I can't accept mine till tomorrow
Site limitation
ah, its valid tho..
SE doesn't allow the OP to accept their own stuff for two days :/
you know, I have no idea what OP means.. .
original poster?
lucky guess
7:35 PM
good guess :D
when I didn't know what it was, I was completely stumped
well, I gtg
cya later today or so
7:59 PM
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9:32 PM
@jesterKing if you have over two lines of additional information, you can work it into an answer itself. :)
multiple answers per question are encouraged
@iKlsR, I'll try to remember that :)
@jesterKing you can press the up arrow to edit the last typed message. :)
probably doesn't work too well with pentadactyl addon in FireFox :)
Oh, found out small workaround - bit awkward, but works!!
You know, I'm just so much more an IRC user :D
9:39 PM
Well this is IRCish
even stricter!
hello aain
Hey, go document some tags.. if you have the time :)
@iKlsR, I mean UI-wise. My IRC usage is using a SSH tunnel to a tmux session with irssi in it running :)
@jesterKing ah, well color us the same, emacs :) but it's kinda refreshing
vim for me though :D
not that I'd use IRC through vim :O
9:54 PM
10:06 PM
signing out for now. laters!
Whoo. Just got a bunch of tags done.
nice, key point is to not copy directly from sites like wikipedia etc, you should more or less summarize it into your own words.
and making them relate to blender
well not really, some are very general.. like modeling, ngon etc
10:10 PM
some can, like modifiers
btw are you going to mark this one as answered:…
Hey @jesterKing :)
@CharlesL the OP (asker) accepts the answer if it suits them
Oh, wait, that's not u
10:13 PM
we just provide edits, comments or upvotes to clarify if it was a good one and donvotes and flags otherwise
And minions to do our biding
yes sire
@RolandiXor haha
make --me -a sandwich
undefined request on line 0:32
10:17 PM
sudo make --me -a sandwich | enforce --now
sudo -s
sandwich "ham, cheese, lettuce"
if sandwich.exist:'sandwich')
@RolandiXor enforce? lulz
@iKlsR it's a custom command ;)
I see *strokes non-existent beard
it makes minions do as you say at the specified time
10:22 PM
i need that
enforce --now
gtg folks
see ya
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