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3:15 AM
hah, @David's hat list meta has exactly 5 downvotes - just enough for that sun wukong hat
8 hours later…
10:46 AM
Do you guys think that there gonna be stackoverflow results in the blog? that will be posted few days later.
3 hours later…
1:28 PM
My hair feels naked.
We... at the end, we still don't have exact criteria for those three secret hats.
You want to know?
1:50 PM
@Catija Yes!
2 hours later…
3:56 PM
Due to lack of interest, trigger reveal has been cancelled.
4:11 PM
2 hours later…
6:39 PM
Q: Suggestions for Winter Bash 2019

jknappenWinter Bash 2018 is over now, and no one has opened this recurring question for the next round, so I'll just do it. Please post your suggestions regarding how to make Winter Bash 2018 even more fun than the previous Winter Bashes. New suggestions for hats and hat triggers (either regular or se...

1 hour later…
7:41 PM
Q: Will Winter Bash 2018 site be available all year?

Ver NickI didn't know when Winter Bash will end, so when my hat disappeared, I thought that the site will be closed, too. But it was still opened, so I could add a new animated knitting to my answer. Will it be available, so I can knit a winter knitting in summer?

4 hours later…
11:26 PM
@Feeds the above one (two above) is super question now (actually, not that super)

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