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12:00 AM
So long and thanks for all the hats!
this is the end...my friend...
all hats are back in the box!
looking forward to see you all back at Winterbash 2019
Looks like I'll finish with 23.
@MarkMeyer made it onto the 1st page of Meta Stack Exchange, with 11 hats
@Vickel I am same rank as you.
@U9-Forward yes I know my friend, was a tough comp :)
12:04 AM
no more hats
[feature-request]: year-round competitions
@EriktheOutgolfer and IT development goes down by 50% worldwide :)
actually no
these competitions encourage participation
@Vickel #11 -- 23 hats!
@MarkMeyer congrats
@Vickel I said this many times, my final rank is 3rd on SO earning a last minute Pizza Hat on SO, actually i answered a question when accepted answer is 0 up-votes, then my answer became 5 up-votes, and accepted answer only 1 up-vote, big hit for pizza, stackoverflow.com/questions/53994982/…
A: Checking if a number is the sum of 2 other numbers

U9-ForwardYou could also do itertools.combinations, little shorter than @bitto's solution: import itertools def f(lst,num): for x,y in itertools.combinations(lst,2): if x+y==num: return True return False lst=[1,2,3] num=int(input("Give me a number: ")) print(f(lst,num))

@MarkMeyer I earned 23 on SO, and 26 on all sites, little more than you.
12:08 AM
@U9-Forward I know and you did a very good job considering last year you were practically not around here..
@Vickel Yup, then i had only 63 rep, this year 10k~13k earning 23 hats on SO, and 26 on all sites.
@U9-Forward I'll remember you for sure and in case I start some python projects and have questions, would you mind if I contact you?
@Vickel Sure! i'll be happy to help, of course you can.
@U9-Forward great, let's see what the future brings
@Vickel Yup, hope good!
12:13 AM
@EriktheOutgolfer would be nice if we could see some stats on that...
come over to PPCG, where WB has no effect! :P
@Vickel Did good! 66th rank!
@U9-Forward yes, reasonable taking in consideration I am most active in codeigniter (php framework)
@Vickel Lol, i am only active in python.
which is relatively low on traffic with good questions
12:18 AM
I was #1 on Super User with 5 hats more than the #2 :)
@Vickel Python is the biggest and most popular tag now, well first top tag is still javascript tho, but you see the number of question per week, python is much more.
@DavidPostill Good job.
@DavidPostill congrats
@DavidPostill Best record i could get is 3rd on SO.
And last year 0 hats, this year 23 hats on SO
Earning last minute delicious pizza
I wonder if we missed any secret hats???
12:21 AM
@Vickel I didn't miss any. let me see yours
@U9-Forward what was your pizz's flavour?
I think Cheese! and Tomato!
no I mean if we, all here at winterbash, missed any hat because it was never discovered
@Vickel I see and see, everyone didn't get undiscovered secret hats, some point i tought there was undiscovered Doolots, but then it became totally discovered, so i didn't miss any.
@U9-Forward Thanks. I managed #36 overall which is also not too bad.
12:24 AM
@U9-Forward if none of us discovered the "super-trooper" secret hat, no one would get that hat and we wouldn't know about it (until the offical blog comes published be SE)
@DavidPostill Wow, i managed #7 overall.
@Vickel Lol, that's true
I think that happend some years ago
@U9-Forward Indeed. Nicely done!
@MarkMeyer Yup, my first winter bash.
@Vickel Really, i don't know.
@U9-Forward Last year I was grinchy and clicked the 'I hate hats' link.
12:27 AM
@MarkMeyer What! where does that go, and what happend?
@MarkMeyer "watta mistaka to maka" (from alo alo)
@U9-Forward I think it just opts you out of the whole system -- no notifications, no hats.
@MarkMeyer Why you did that? don't wanna compete?
@U9-Forward I found the notifications distracting and didn't really want to play.
@Vickel Can you see: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/319838/… compared to your secret hats?
@MarkMeyer Okay, this year i didn't wanna do that :-)
12:30 AM
@U9-Forward Me neither. I enjoyed the hat search.
@U9-Forward yes I know that page, but it is user driven, so it only contains what we have discovered so far
@Vickel Well, that's end of winter bash, so those are final discovered and only earned secret hats.
@U9-Forward wait for the official call (blog)... there might be surprises
@U9-Forward if you check here, in 2014 was Eureka awarded for all who got all secret hats... stackoverflow.blog/2015/01/06/so-long-winter-bash-2014
@U9-Forward I found this: meta.stackexchange.com/a/288608/251777, which practically means undiscovered secret hats will never be disguised
so we are all good :)
12:46 AM
MY HATS HAVE BEEN **STOLEN!!!** Somebody help me!
Oh wait, Winter Bash is over. Never mind...

I'm still sad, though.
@EthanK Nooo the hats were not stolen, they are back in the box :)
@Vickel ...FOREVER
@EthanK until winterbash 2019
I have to wait a year???
I knew that.
I'm going to edit my profile to always contain the Rubber Ducky Hat. Please Stand by...
@EthanK I once asked a question how about a summer bash, it was not very welcomed :) : meta.stackexchange.com/questions/246871/summer-bash-2015
@EthanK I already decided to keep my favorite rubber ducky hat a little longer
12:52 AM
@Vickel I saw. Sorry about that.
@EthanK you'll see we are all here in a snip of a time, summer starts in 5 month...
1:07 AM
@Riker noooooooooooooooooo!
it's still fresh
@Riker I hope you are joking...
1. both of you need to know there's a reply button the right of a message 2. yeah I'm joking lol
@Riker I was 90% sure that you were joking, but you know.
Oh, cool reply thingy!
I will use that from now on.
1:17 AM
@Riker I've learned something new, really didn't now about it, will make live much easier, thanks
@Riker you didn't use it :)
yea since i'm not directly pinging people and we're talking right here :p
plus my mouse is awol right now
what's gonna happen to this room, when it becomes inactive?
Will it be gone and turned into dust?
generally just freezes
1:29 AM
we'll need to prepare for a good start of WB19, in just a bit more than 11 month from now
1:46 AM
@Vickel I really hope this room stays longer, and the leader-board stays longer, hey BTW do you guys know when the SO Blog gonna appear?
@Vickel I L O V E T H I S R O O M!!!
2:02 AM
@U9-Forward give them some time :) there was a party going on yesterday :) the 2014 blog came out on January 6th, 2015 stackoverflow.blog/2015/01/06/so-long-winter-bash-2014
@Vickel Party?
What's NYEP, No or YEP :-)
new years eve party
I came home at 5am
@Vickel Oh yesterday was already 1st of january for me
Wow, so late!
2:16 AM
@U9-Forward which timezone are you in? yes it was late and it is late again tonight and I'm a "dead man walking", kind of :)
Dead man... Walking... A ZOMBIE!
yeah zombying around, more 10 min. and I'm off
Okay, have a good night sleep :-)
I am going somewhere too.
1 hour later…
3:37 AM
I has a big hit yesterday (very end of WB, almost when WB finished) with a fresh delicious pizza, kinda over-earned that pizza hat:
A: Checking if a number is the sum of 2 other numbers

U9-ForwardYou could also do itertools.combinations, little shorter than @bitto's solution: import itertools def f(lst,num): for x,y in itertools.combinations(lst,2): if x+y==num: return True return False lst=[1,2,3] num=int(input("Give me a number: ")) print(f(lst,num))

4:00 AM
It was altogether a really nice and fun Winter Bash! Looking forward to seeing you all next year! Have a productive year and achieve the goals you plan!
@alecxe You too, i had a happy first winter bash being 3rd! On SO!
@U9-Forward really not bad for the first WB! Congrats! :)
@alecxe I was thinking you gonna win on SO WB, but i realized that coldspeed won.
No problem at all, coldspeed deserves that much more
I've got a +6 answer there but then got that "great, thanks" comment, and then one more upvote
But still, you won with eLRuLL, Eran, Pandas, Alexander O'Mara on All Sites, i am 7th rank there with 26 hats altogether, 23 on SO
@alecxe So unlucky
I earned my James Bond on:
A: How to convert number mixed with character to integer in pandas

U9-ForwardOr use pd.Series.str.replace with regex of '\D+' being replaced with '' in each string: df['idInt']=df['id'].str.replace('\D+','').astype(int) And now: print(df) Is: id idInt 0 Q001 1 1 Q021 21

4:06 AM
Nice one :)
one lesson I learned during this WB is that people really like to discuss things and present their opinions everywhere :D
@alecxe Lol, nice WB tho.
Thanks for upvote :-)
sure np
wish there were more hats this year
^had fun a little bit
Lol, :-)
I posted a grand total of 0 questions and 1 answer during this bash. I got 10 hats.
My one answer was the knitting one XD
@alecxe Updated my profile about section, see?
@David-27 I answered more on MSE, and much much more on SO.
1 hour later…
5:27 AM
@U9-Forward yep, looks good
2 hours later…
7:26 AM
@alecxe Yup, good record i think.
@AlexanderO'Mara Opened a PR for minor updates.
@SouravGhosh What ya mean?
@SouravGhosh Those are actually the official descriptions.
Capitalization and all.
@AlexanderO'Mara Btw, good job for #1 rank on WB
@AlexanderO'Mara Yep, know that, still, from a collection point of view, makes sense to have those changes.
7:50 AM
Nog Shine has frozen this room.
Oh chee, this room is gone! have to wait till nest year, Nog freezed it.
ey.. wait a sec, how come the room is stil alive?
@U9-Forward Test message.....
@SouravGhosh Works, did Nog really freeze it?
@U9-Forward cache?
@SouravGhosh Got your msg still.
8:00 AM
@U9-Forward yup
@SouravGhosh got trough again, maybe that this room is still alive.
I thing this room suvived.
8:16 AM
Searched up the meaning and got it.
8:36 AM
I am gonna go now, Bye!
9:16 AM
Came back to my computer
anyone wants to chat :-)
Wow, i managed to do multiple lines in on msg:




aI realized
2 hours later…
10:56 AM
Still alive.. :)
11:36 AM
Q: When does Winter Bash take place?

Ver NickWinter Bash 2018 took place from December 12th through January 1st. Are all Winter Bash competitions take place at this time? Where can I look it up?

2 hours later…
1:36 PM
Congratulations to @alecxe, @AlexanderO'Mara, @Eran, @Panda, and @eLRuLL who all came in first and got all the hats!
I know that took a lot of work.
First time for a 5 way tie in first.
And now I'm back at work and get to cry that hats are gone. R.I.P.
1:53 PM
@David thanks!
Thanks @David. It does not feel right to not have you at the top of WB leaderboard.
@David Thank you!
2:04 PM
my first time, I want to cry, thank you everyone :')
@David Oh, and I should thank you for accepting some old answer of mine on MSE. That's what got me the Guru hat
2:40 PM
Q: Does accepting your own answer count for earning the "Rep Hunter" hat?

Ver NickIf I ask 5 questions and answer them all, and then accept them, will I earn the Rep Hunter hat?

2:53 PM
@Feeds um... WB is over... no?
3:17 PM
Hey everyone, don't worry, we can still do our winter bash knitting, we just need to use the Wayback Machine (I think. (I hope))
actually, no
winterbash2018.stackexchange.com is still accessible
it's still up
welp that's all I wanted to say here, goodbye everyone until decemberrrrrrrrr
2 hours later…
5:04 PM
Q: Winter Bash 2018 Hat list

DavidHere we go again, the Winter Bash is here and the hats are listed below. The list has the same format as always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be updated as we learn them. Only edit the secret hat answer with definiti...

Q: Winter Bash 2018 Knitting

eLRuLLThis year's Winter Bash got us great hat challenges, but it also gave us a very nice tool for knitting on the main Winter Bash site. Is there a challenge related to this knitting tool? Here is my knitting and it would be amazing if you could share yours too.

Q: Show off your hats! (2018 edition)

GlorfindelSince 241,378 hats have already been earned by the time I'm writing this, and I think I found the perfect hat for my avatar already, why don't we start showing them off like last year? Post hats, hats, and more hats! Those that you're especially proud of, or that you simply look good in - all ar...

Above are the 2018 Winter Bash Highlights. Enjoy!!!
5:19 PM
A Happy New Year to Everybody!
2 hours later…
7:32 PM
Q: Announcing Our Amazing 2018 Stuff-A-Way!

Tim PostDid you receive any gifts this year that you'd appreciate a lot more if they were actually something that you could use, or even wanted? Do you still have some from the last few years? Don't feel bad, we've got you. Curious? Read on. If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you've got,...

@Feeds aww... <3
Seeing activity here is a little like an extra scene during the closing credits of a movie.

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