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Monking- from an altitude of 34,000 feet / 10.4 km
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@Peilonrayz even though he doesn’t work, drive or roll on those days Walter Sobchak might still have a drink then
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Please post on codereview.SE for code review questions. — ddejohn 42 secs ago
I’m voting to close this question because it belongs on the CodeReview SE — ddejohn 8 secs ago
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Q: Mongodb connection retry

SrikanthCreated a MongoDB client which is handling the retry in case of server connection failure. Please review and how I can improve further. package db import ( "context" "errors" "log" "time" "go.mongodb.org/mongo-driver/event" "go.mongodb.org/mongo-driver/mongo" "g...

5:50 AM
Q: Generating prime numbers quickly in rust

kbroseI am attempting to re-implement this algorithm for generating prime numbers in rust. I am able to make a solution that works, but I have to use a couple .clone() calls which I believe are killing my performance (the rust solution ends up ~8x slower than the python solution). I would love some adv...

6:40 AM
Q: Making horizontal table in a bash script

khinI am working on a bash function that prints a number of strings on a single line, in a way that each argument entry uses the same width. I am having difficulty making the argument entries to print on same line. Have done a simple implementation with two strings sa and sb. bashtable () { wlen=2...

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Better suited for code review SE? — Fildor 40 secs ago
This question would probably be a better fit for codereview.stackexchange.comMatthew Watson 35 secs ago
I’m voting to close this question because it quite literally asks for Code ReviewFildor 18 secs ago
Q: Use getter/setter to get values from ENUM

Peter PenzovI use this ENUM to keep different mapping for statuses: import com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation.JsonCreator; import com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation.JsonValue; import java.util.stream.Stream; public enum TicketStatus { N("new", "New"), A("assigned", "Assigned"), IP("in_progress", "I...

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If you have solved this, then you could post in codereview.stackexchange.comsukalogika 11 secs ago
10:18 AM
Before you post at Code Review, make sure to read A guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users, as some things are done differently over there - e.g. they need to see complete code in the question, rather than a minimum reproducible example. Be sure that the code works correctly; include your unit tests if possible. You'll likely get some suggestions on making it more efficient, easier to read, and better tested. — Toby Speight 50 secs ago
The Last time I posted buggy code I was told this is not the right forum and sent me to code Review. I think you need to decide. I said I did some research and that should be enough. If you do not believe me fine. — Pam 1 min ago
Q: How to optimize method with nested if condition

mecab95Hello i want to improve this method with many nested if else performance side or structure side also , here is my code : if ((inPropositionEt != null) && (inPropositionEt == "true")) { if ((inQuestionsEt == "true") && (inQuestionsEt != null)) { ...

Suggestions on how to optimize code we can't see are kind of impossible. But if you have a working solution and want help optimizing it there is a special Stackexchange for that: codereview.stackexchange.comOH GOD SPIDERS 6 secs ago
Q: Find potentional sponsor for every animal

DemonCZInput: The first line contains 2 integers: the number of animals 1 ≤N ≤100 and the number of their potential sponsors 1 ≤M ≤200. The following are N lines with information about each animal: the unique integer ID of the nth animal 0 ≤In <N and its one-word name. Animal names are also unique. Behi...

I’m voting to close this question because it belongs on Code Review (and has already been posted there). — Adrian Mole 29 secs ago
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I think this question is more suitable for codereview.stackexchange.comGuru Stron 16 secs ago
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Q: Task Manager C++ Implementation

CabbasI have been working on task manager implementation. Could you please give any opinions/suggestions! Here is simple usage of my Task Manager auto testFunc = []() { using namespace std::chrono_literals; //std::cout << "testFunc is running" << "\n"; std::this_thread::sleep_for(1000ms); ...

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Q: implementing abstract classes vs interfaces

user1181226I am new to using interfaces and abstract classes. The team I am working with came up with an implementation of what they call a base class that will be implemented by all view model classes. This is what they came up with: public interface IBaseViewModel<T> { #region public properties ...

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Q: Resource manager code improvement

BoofiSo I'm making a utility class to find resources and read them as JSON objects using the GSON library, the code below is working good but I don't really know how good it is, so I would like to get opinions about it and maybe some things I can improve and make it more efficient? public abstract cla...

I’m voting to close this question because it contains code that works, and it is only about optimizing performance. It is better suited on codereview.stackexchange.comTerry 30 secs ago
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See Code Review if you want code review — Mad Physicist 29 secs ago
Q: Java Solution for an interview coding requirement

David TarvinYesterday I was attempting to get help with a problem that many people assumed was a homework question. In fact it is an interview problem. And before you say it, yes, I am now aware that I have many weak spots in Java and need to do extensive review before tackling any more interviews. Having sa...

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If you have working code and what you seek is to make it "better". You should check out : codereview.stackexchange.comJonSG 48 secs ago
3:58 PM
If your code works but you are looking for improvements, it might be better suited at Code Review. Note: it is not off-topic on Stack Overflow per se, but over there are the experts in reviewing code and suggesting improvements. Also, the rules of their site ensure that you will actually get a proper review and not just a dozen "Here's how I would do it" one-liners. Speaking of … cars.group_by {|car| car[:make]}.transform_values {|cars| cars.sum {|car| car[:value]}}. — Jörg W Mittag 54 secs ago
Thanks @JörgWMittag, I'll check out Code Review. Also thanks for your input. While it doesn't teach me anything, I can still research how .transform_values, for example, works. — codian 37 secs ago
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@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ where were you flying yesterday? I checked the tallest mountain is less than 30,000 feet
@pacmaninbw Santa Barbara to Portland
I thought you drove to Santa Barara.
4:51 PM
we drove a rental car down from San Luis Obispo, after visiting my wife's grandparents
we are planning to drive down for the holidays in a couple months
@CaptainObvious @pacmaninbw did you see the link to the challenge was added, as well as a translation?
5:14 PM
If the code works, this belongs on Code Review Stack Exchange. — AKX 59 secs ago
If you do post on CR please read the How do I ask a good question? - the requirements are a little different for that site. — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 26 secs ago
@AKX No. Stub code is off-topic on Code Review. The question would be deemed stub code. — Peilonrayz 42 secs ago
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@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Comment removed.
@pacmaninbw cool
This site is not for code reviews. Here you ask a specific narrow question with the shortest simplest code snippet to illustrate. — Basil Bourque 27 secs ago
Q: using pandas and numpy to parse dirty .csv

Jason LeaverI'm relatively new to Python have been writing for a few months now. I've started a Pandas Numpy project that starts with parsing large and somewhat sloppy formatted textfile, its not exactly csv but its pretty close. ... Basetime: 2021102206Z Forecast Hours: 0hr 1hr... 144hr Sf...

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Such questions should be asked on Code Review Stack Exchange instead. — Alex F 21 secs ago
7:23 PM
@AlexF Absolutely not! This is hypothetical code, explicitly off-topic on Code Review. Please familiarize yourself with their scope before making any such recommendation again. — Mast 12 secs ago
@Mast I don't see how this post doesn't fit the formula suggested/expected by Code Review SE. This is a real piece of code, and OP has an actual question about the Application of best practices and design pattern usage. What's wrong here? — Alex F 9 secs ago
@Mast, I am sorry. My English is not good yet. I cannot ask here, and I cannot ask on Code Review, right? — Lisbeth 16 secs ago
7:57 PM
Q: ASCII-based OOP blackjack game in Python

e1630mI'm new to programming and have been teaching myself to code for about 6 months. Since I have no one to ask about any of coding-related questions, I may have developed bad habits in the meantime, but I can't tell myself. As such, I wrote a simple blackjack game in Python, to demonstrate how I usu...

Q: Which option is better? (python OOP style)

LisbethI am absolutely new at OOP. Could you please tell me, which option is better? I am confusing mostly about self.a variable. First option: class Foo: def __init__(self, lst): self.lst = lst self.size = len(lst) self.a = self.func1(self.lst, self.size) def func2(...

8:13 PM
If you have working code but are just looking to optimize the results or see alternative approaches to the problem, your question is a better fit for Code Review SE. — Taco タコス 17 secs ago
8:55 PM
Your question is unclear. You should post something concrete. This actually might be better suited for the code review website, but you'll need to provide the full code. — mozway 58 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by Golden on question by Golden: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/269375/revisions
@Duga rolled back
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Q: How to limit user input to exactly one argument in Bash Script?

Andrew Chmielewskiso I am trying to write code that takes in a number entered by the user and checks to see if it's a prime number. I have this part figured out but I want to make it so that the user only enters in one argument. So the user can enter in "2" but not "2 19". I assume this needs to be an if statement...

10:43 PM
I think this question belongs to Code Review. — enzo 45 secs ago
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Holy guacamole! There is a lot more inefficiencies here to take care of, outer apply is not the worst of it. In general you want a set-based approach and will want to reduce the number of repetitive sub-queries. Pre-processing the skus into a temp table or variable would help, even a CTE could clean up the repetition in the code and reduce the chance of errors in the logic. Consider posting this on [se.codereview] — Chris Schaller 9 secs ago
@ChrisSchaller I see this might go to DBA SE but when suggesting users post on CR it would be great if there was also a suggestion like "Please read the relevant help center pages like 'What topics can I ask about here?'". In the current form the code above would likely be closed as off-topic because it is missing info - the sql tag has specific guidelines and OPs should read the tag info first to include sufficient info. — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 8 secs ago
I'm not suggesting in the current form it will be appropriate for any SE site, but answers to this will be opinionated, and code review tolerates opinions on the code, thats what it is for. There is enough here for instance for me to make some simple yet obvious suggestions. Would be a good session to post on codementor.io... — Chris Schaller 12 secs ago

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