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Q: Real Estate Auction with java Socket programming

Kardinal KaosI'm a first year undergraduate and have been asked to make a mini project about an Real Estate Auction with java Socket programming, although i have done some java, i have never done networking related programming and it is difficult to proceed. I am to provide a client server implementation and ...

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I added a few more comments. One gets seduced to go in more details, but this site isn't meant for code reviews. So I'll leave it as it is. — qwerty_so 14 secs ago
Q: Does this Javascript code violate production code logging principles?

ADTCHere's a stub version of a piece of Javascript code: try { /* code that could throw an error (but normally shouldn't) */ } catch (err) { console.error("Houston, we have a problem:", err) } Our code reviewer (on the pull request) said that console.log should not be left in production code, wh...

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Q: SDL2 engine base implementation

Asmir ZukićI would like a little help with the implementation of my SDL2 engine. It's actually not a real engine nor does it strive to be but I don't have a better word to describe it. The purpose of this project is to serve as a base for other things to be built on, like a visualization of fractals for exa...

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possible answer invalidation by kjo on question by kjo: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/269333/revisions
Q: Why does this code work while no new keyword is used

bart sI have a situation in a PLC programmed in C++ that runs VxWorks. The compiler is a crosscompiler for C++98. Given the header file MyDescriptor.h #include <string> class MyDescriptor { public: std::string description; MyDescriptor() { this->description = "dummy"; } M...

Q: Python functions to serialize nested data structures human readably

Xeнεi ΞэnвϵςSee Serializing (nested) data structures in a human-readable format for more details. In the last two days I have significantly improved my function, and wrote seven implementations of it. I have written an updated version of the original function, updated function with list appending replaced by...

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possible answer invalidation by kjo on question by kjo: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/269333/revisions
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@Duga That last one doesn't seem to be invalidating anything, but what do you think of rev4? @TobySpeight
@Mast The EDIT says the OP has AIed. I've checked the code and there is AI.
Rolled back to rev 3.
:) ty
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@trincot ... I kindly asked for a code review mainly in terms of meeting the requirements as one so far could have gained a common understanding from. — Peter Seliger 29 secs ago
Q: Check if a website is in a certain language and if so, block it

AlkalixI try to block all websites in Hebrew. Given that many (most?) webmasters don't add lang="X" meta attribute to all webpages of their websites I can't use it to block websites which appear in a certain language. According to one work the most common letter in Hebrew is Yod ('), parallel to the Ara...

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Ryan Donovan on October 25, 2021
Here’s why JavaScript has been the language of choice for front-end and back-end web dev.
Yes, more information is required. Are you having any problems with the program? If not, this is more suited for codereview. — Quimby 39 secs ago
3:15 PM
Q: Ensuring user input (double data type) is within a range of values as well as making sure it is a number and not text. C#

JaikHow do I modify this code so that i can include a range validation from user Input. WriteLine("Please enter car price: "); userInput = ReadLine(); while (double.TryParse(userInput, out carPrice) == false) { WriteLine("Not valid price. Reenter: "...

"I am concerned" is not a question. Try Code ReviewMad Physicist 33 secs ago
Another hint this should be on Code Review is: "The code works fine.". — Thomas 36 secs ago
3:40 PM
Q: Does this Java code for the Socrates Object Oriented problem need any changes or improvements

David TarvinI was assigned the following problem: You've gone back in time to 500BC Athens and Socrates wants you to build him an app to help classify animals. Build the classes Animal, Cat, and Bug. Define the properties "color" and "leg_number" on the relevant and necessary classes. Have them be initializ...

If you're asking for how to improve existing, working code, you should ask on Code Review. Such questions are off-topic on Stack Overflow because they are opinion-based. — TylerH 31 secs ago
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You might want to checkout Code ReviewEyeslandic 35 secs ago
Q: Why does this lamda not give me the desired output in Python 3?

AnonymousWhen I write this: def calculator(operation, n1, n2): return operation(n1, n2)` print (calculator(lambda n1, n2: n1 * n2, 10, 20)) I get the desired output of 200. But when I write this: print (lambda n1,n2: n1*n2 (10,20)) I do not get 200 as the output. Why is this so?

Q: Helper get_all_neighbors (in a grid) function - python

Sergio BostSo a little context to understand the code: This is a helper function to solve a bigger problem here Quick summary: A Knight is in a dungeon/2D grid of Ints, starts at 0,0 and must reach the last cell at the bottom right to find the princess The purpose of this helper function is to return all n...

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lol, a down-vote. im not asking for a code review. i proposed a solution to better explain the problem — enneppi 59 secs ago
What is the problem of the switch? Do you have to change it because of a code review? — MaartenDev 59 secs ago
4:38 PM
@Peilonrayz Agreed - rollback+comment looks correct here.
Yes, you were told to go to code review because this exchange is for broken code. Code Review is for working code that needs opinions on how it could be made better. If your code is not working, explain in detail what the error you are having is, what the expected behavior is, what it is/isn't doing. We don't need the whole text of the assignment. — zero298 just now
5:31 PM
this new one is a good reason for a down-vote. from your first comment i only understand this: "i downvote your question becouse it seems a code-review question to move in CodeReview site" — enneppi 58 secs ago
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Q: A java program that searches for a specific color/RGB value in a 400x300 pixel area on screen

GoldenI've only been able to find a way to check if a single pixel is a certain color on the specific screen coordinate with this: Color color = robot.getPixelColor(x, y); red=color.getRed(); green=color.getGreen(); blue=color.getBlue(); if(red>230 && green<100 && blue<100) { System.out.print("Foun...

6:35 PM
Q: Function that measure complexity time of functions

KermitTheFrogHello everyone! I would like to introduce you to my function that measures complexity-time of functions, and also their N's operations. I would like to enhance my function (as separate file f.e test_module.py) with drawing graphs as example make_plot or something like that. Any help how to add dr...

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Here is the code where the posts are being mapped and passed to the component {posts.map((post: any) => { <CodeReviewCard key={post.id} title={post.title} createdAt={post.createdAt} createdBy={post.createdBy} upVotes={post.upVotes} />; })}Shashank 34 secs ago
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If you want want feedback on your coding solution, the best place to get it is on a sister forum: codereview.stackexchange.comBob Dalgleish 31 secs ago
7:46 PM
working code should goes to codereview.stackexchange.comapple apple 41 secs ago
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Q: How do I increase the speed of this loop or pixel color finding process?

GoldenI've been working on a program that should find the color red on the screen and then send out an alert. The issue is that the red color moves around a lot and the color finder moves too slow on the screen to find the color accuritely and in time before the color dissapears to another location on ...

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Q: A recursive_depth function for calculating depth of nested types implementation in C++

JimmyHuThis is a follow-up question for A recursive_count Function with Unwrap Level for Various Type Arbitrary Nested Iterable Implementation in C++. A function recursive_depth for calculating depth of nested iterables is mentioned in G. Sliepen's answer. I am trying to implement recursive_depth functi...


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