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Q: A Sub-string Extractor Implementation with Given Vocabulary Words in Java

JimmyHuThis is a follow-up question for A Sub-string Extractor Implementation with Specific Keywords in Java. As AJNeufeld's answer mentioned, the test case getTargetString("Where the start is before here.", "start", "here"); will return "". I am going to fix this with the vocabulary word comparison tec...

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Maybe try Code Review. The way to test your code is to test it against answers that you independently know (either because you have worked it out by hand or because it is from an authoritative source). Your question is a bit to unfocused for Stack Overflow. It is unlikely that anyone is going to spend the time needed to look over your code because it might contain an error. You are essentially asking for someone to perform a service for you rather than asking an actual question. — John Coleman 53 secs ago
@Adam This isn't code review, he's asking a specific question. — Hashim Aziz 44 secs ago
This should probably be on Code Review. — Fiddling Bits 47 secs ago
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Q: Pointers and arrays

TomI just started to learn pointers so I'm interested if I used them correctly in this task where I check if the absolute value of the greatest element in an array is two times greater than the absolute value of the smallest one.My code works properly; I'm just interested if I used the pointer corre...

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I’m voting to close this question because it belongs on CodeReview. — jwdonahue 34 secs ago
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Q: optimize binary classification method for speed

horcle_buzzI have the following code for determining TP, TN, FP and FN values for binary classification given two sparse vectors as input (using the sparse library): def confused(sys1, ann1): # True Positive (TP): we predict a label of 1 (positive), and the true label is 1. TP = np.sum(np.logical_an...

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If I understand correctly what you're trying to do, then I think this question would be much clearer if you add the word "yet" to the end of the first sentence. I think you simply want to use the code review features of a PR without completing the PR, "yet". Later when more changes are added, you could continue reviewing those new changes and then finally complete the PR. — TTT 10 secs ago
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Q: Replace string based on multiple rules, don't replace same section twice

A_VGiven a 2-column CSV dictionary file that contains translation of certain words, this c# code needs to replace the first occurrence of a word in the dictionary. Once a segment of string has been replaced, it cannot be matched or overwritten by a new dictionary word. This sounded like a fairly s...

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Is there an ifdef for checking if it’s being compiled as a dll / so / dylib file, or as a normal executable file? I need it to reduce the number of source code files I’m using. I want to have an executable file that has the same code plus a main function that tests if everything works correctly.
But I don’t want the main function to be in a the dll / so / dylib file because it seems like that might cause problems
Someone on codereview said I should try to reduce the amount of source code files because they’re unnecessary with ifdef
@Peilonrayz Those bugs are why I use indentation for code-blocks instead.
@Peilonrayz Sounds nice, but I'm probably as bad as it (if not worse) than you are.
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Q: JavaScript: Parking lot simplified OOD

JojiI was trying to designing a simplified parking lot management system. It has three types of slots (s,m,l). The goal here is that we want to make the placement/release of cars as efficient as possible, ideally O(1). The way I implemented is to use 3 separate stacks to hold empty spots for small, m...

Q: Comma Code (from Automate the Boring Stuff)

EricI've read some other people's answers here but I'm confused why that level of complexity is necessary. Could anyone tell why the the following code does not fulfill the task? Thanks :) def task(first, second, third, fourth): print(first + ", " + second + ", " + third + ", and " + fourth) spam = ["

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Q: Count complete trips to the basement and back to ground floor

user235906An elevator starts on the ground floor 0 and moves up or down by one floor at a time as described by an input string travel. Here's an example travel string udddudduuuuddu where u is a move up 1 floor and d is a move down 1 floor. count-basement-trips takes a travel string and counts how many tim...

What does that intricate regex do? Data helps illustrate your input/output. Look into a single UPDATE...SELECT query which SQLite supports and avoid the other queries of millions rows. If code works, you should be asking this on CodeReview SE. — Parfait 33 secs ago
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Q: Printing pyramids in C (CS50)

xdxtI'm taking the CS50 course, and we're asked to create a program which takes an input (the total height of the pyramid) and outputs a pyramid of that height. i.e Here’s how the program might work if the user inputs 8 when prompted: $ ./mario Height: 8 # # ## ## ### ### ###...

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Q: How to resolve N+1 query problem for native query?

MukuI have a @ManyToOne relationship between CarModel and EngineType in my code. I have written a native query to fetch the data since I want to filter on engineCategory which is in another DB table that does not have an entity, but when I return the entity it performs N+1 query to fetch the data fro...

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Q: best data structure to implement priority scheduling algorithm

HarryI'm learning priority scheduling algorithm and trying to implement it using std::vector. But the current performance of my code that's partially implemented is not that good since I'm performing sort operation every time I add a new process to std::vector list. Can somebody suggest ways I can imp...

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Q: Industrial Practices for Time-Series Forecasting

Jasper TanHi I have wrote a code here for predicting temperature across months. This is the dataset that I was using: https://www.kaggle.com/sumanthvrao/daily-climate-time-series-data I have used a SARIMA model and looking at the predicted results, it does seem to be pretty decent. Given that I just starte...

Q: Character Picture Grid

EricSorry, I'm new and not confident. This is right, yes? It seems to work but, again, other people's answers seem more complicated: grid = [ ['.', '.', '.', '.', '.', '.'], ['.', 'O', 'O', '.', '.', '.'], ['O', 'O', 'O', 'O', '.', '.'], ['O', 'O', 'O', 'O', 'O', '.'], ['.', 'O'...

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@larsks I want to have code reviewed only(adding comments). — overexchange 17 secs ago
8:29 AM
1) that's a much, much, muchbetter fit for code review. 2) before asking there, precisely define what exactly you mean by "efficient". — Franz Gleichmann 27 secs ago
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Q: Inject content into html served by nodejs expressjs

flenI have an Express server. It serves a static HTML file that uses Vue. I don't want to render the HTML in NodeJS (e.g., using Pug), Vue already renders it on the client side and spares my server's resources. But it requires some dynamic data. Instead of polling the server for this data after the D...

10:03 AM
Q: Advent of Code 2020 - Day 3: tobogganing down a slope

L. F.Previous: Advent of Code 2020 - Day 2: validating passwords Problem statement I decided to take a shot at Advent of Code 2020 to exercise my Rust knowledge. Here's the task for Day 3: Day 3: Password Philosophy [...] Due to the local geology, trees in this area only grow on exact integer coordi...

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If the code is working then this is a codereview.stackexchange.com question. — Roamer-1888 9 secs ago
@Lurch Could be.
12:07 PM
@Mast Yeah that's quite a compelling reason. I personally use ``` because it gives syntax highlighting in my editor. Python without syntax highlighting just looks like an alien language...
@Mast No problem. Thought it'd be worth asking just incase :)
1:00 PM
If you have a container, I can host it.
Making bots and containers myself has proven to be quite a challenge.
1:23 PM
@Edward About the documentation. I'm a senior software engineer from the software side of things. Documentation helps me scope the size of the project. If anyone did want to help I wanted documentation there so that the project could be coordinated.
I need to keep my documentation skills sharp just like I need to keep my coding skills sharp.
1:38 PM
1:57 PM
@Mast Not going to lie, I was looking into K8s and the amount of reading to get a container fills me with despair. All this reading for something that's going to be like 20 lines of code and use 0 bells and whistles :/
@Peilonrayz Yea, if a container file is over 20 lines, you're doing something complex.
If a project is container-ready, you only need 2 lines.
1 to import and 1 to expose a port.
I write one tiny answer and all of a sudden it's accepted and HNQ...
I rarely write reviews anymore.
2:12 PM
@Mast Noooo. You're really making my reading / value gained meter 500. I might just just 'look' at some docker files on the webs
@Peilonrayz Example
That's Edward.
Q: Greedy algorithms to find minimum number of coins (CS50)

xdxtI'm taking CS50, an Introduction to CS, and we're asked to do the following task: Suppose that a cashier owes a customer some change and in that cashier’s drawer are quarters (25¢), dimes (10¢), nickels (5¢), and pennies (1¢). The problem to be solved is to decide which coins and how many of eac...

@Mast Oh that's pretty cool. I read your conversation the other day. So the worker and builder makes some sense to me now. That's pretty cool, I'm assuming if I get a local CheeseShop it'd be a simple apt get python python-pip pip install ... and I probably wouldn't need a builder
2:31 PM
Well, you'd be putting some parts that should go in the builder into the worker, but if it's small enough it matters not.
Meanwhile I'm still not containerizing my Python projects enough with virtual environments, so...
@Mast Yeah I think you have a point I'm so used to source builds. If I was installing NumPy or something from source then having a build step would be useful.
@Peilonrayz It depends. If you only start your container every 3 weeks and don't mind waiting a minute before it's done...
There's no harm.
But there's a separation for a reason and it usually helps to do things the way they are intended, yes.
Yeah that makes sense. Probably will have a build step just in case pip decides to do a source build for anything. Last thing I want is to wake up one day and go "why's this container taking 20 minutes to boot up"...
Exactly, might as well make use of it.
3:11 PM
Q: HTML CSS 2 columns project

LV98Goal I am aiming to create a page with two columns, left side to be a summary section and the right side just an image. I'd like to hear some reviews to where I can improve my current html and css code :) It is not yet media responsive, just wanting to improve each step at a time. * { mar...

Is there anyway to automate the date in an MD text file, say use the actual date of the file in the code? last update DATESTAMP_OF_FILE.
Is MD Markdown?
Yes, and specifically github markdown.
3:28 PM
I don't think MD has it. GHMD may because it has lots of 'non-standard features', but I don't know it enough. If I were to try get that I'd extend a document generator with it. I've added things like that to Sphinx for example.
Welcome (the song from the rock opera Tommy in the background).
"We're drinking all night, never sleeping...."
What software geek ever sleeps?
@Mast is this on topic or off topic
3:45 PM
@pacmaninbw Grey area at least, left a comment.
Oy, another machine learning question.
Wish I could my Tommy album on now, but it's only 7:45 AM and I live in an apartment.
I was never that into The Who. Led Zeppelin is more my speed.
@pacmaninbw I have headphones for such situations.
@pacmaninbw After reading it a third time, it appears to violate the "works to the best of authors knowledge".
They don't know, so no.
My first LP purchase was Tommy. My first CD purchase 15 years later was the Led Zeppelin box set of their entire catalogue. There may be no better rock standard than Stairway to Heaven.
3:52 PM
I like Immigrant Song
Voted to close when you said Grey.
@Mast I agree, this "my softmax output values dont move" part makes me think the question is off-topic.
Could be a follow-up of this, which apparently wasn't closed.
@Edward For some reason that song always reminds me of Tom Sawyer, by Rush.
I don't know why. Completely different tempo and all.
I need to create a machine learning robot to assess machine learning questions.
Talk about circular dependencies.
3:56 PM
Then post the code as a CR question so it can learn about itself.
Maybe I already did but it voted to close?
And should we count that as failure or as success?
Q: Calculating Cartesian Product too slow

LukasB97The method gets called extensively throughout my programm, is there any way I can speed it up or improve other aspects? public static IEnumerable<T[]> Product<T>(T[][] items) { T[] currentItem = new T[items.Length]; static IEnumerable<T[]> go(T[][] items, T[] currentItem, int ...

4:04 PM
If your code produces expected results then the question is more suitable for codereview.stackexchange.comSergey Berezovskiy 1 min ago
@Edward @Mast Thanks! You guys got me laughing so hard I started coughing.
possible answer invalidation by Luca Argenti on question by QuantumDot: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/169554/revisions
Glad to be of service.
@Lurch Sssssh, that's fine. Editor is also the only answerer.
@Lurch How are you so fast @Mast :O
@Peilonrayz I live here.
4:07 PM
(Psst, I think @Mast is a robot, too, but he doesn't know it.)
True artificial intelligence?
Passing the Turing test?
He hates those tests.
@Edward No, that's Malek
Which reminds me, I haven't seen syb0rg in a while.
4:14 PM
Long while.
Sep 19, 2018 looks like last question or answer on CR.
Last seen November 2019.
@Edward My last answer, not counting the one from today, is from July '20.
That doesn't say much.
I'm just faster looking at a profile than doing a SEDE query
The profile includes the last time seen.
4:18 PM
Apparently I'm not good at reading or SEDE queries.
Curse you magic 8-ball!
I've never been called a magic 8-ball before.
Sorry, ask again later.
4:35 PM
@Edward Don't feel so bad, apparently today I can't read code.
So we all failed the Turing test... now what?
Hey @Brug.
We're only human.
Speak for yourself
4:36 PM
@pacmaninbw If failing the Turing test is only human, what's it for?
This day is getting more and more meta.
Any more philosophy and I'm gonna have to reboot myself.
I guess I can't process while I'm laughing.
You need more cores
Need an upgrade that can use all the cores.
4:39 PM
What would be a good way for a novice hardware enthusiast to start learning about the hardware side of things? I was thinking of getting a Pi, cause it's cheap and I'm poor.
There's a couple of Electr(on)ic Engineers in here, what's your real question?
@pacmaninbw laughing.exe is normally quite bad at releasing locks on time. Can easily cause your entire system to lock up for several minutes
I don't really know... I have no real experience with that side of things. I like C++ and am leaning more and more into wanting to do embedded systems.
@Peilonrayz Ask the watchdog timer to reset after 2 minutes lock-up.
I would love to learn how to build my own... things.
4:42 PM
You can do that with a Pi, an Arduino, bare metal, there's a lot of options.
Well the real question is, is there a specific place you would recommend someone start down the learning path?
I got started in electronics as a kid. I'd suggest something like this: adafruit.com/product/…
@Mast One of my favourite scenes is the "I'm not a window cleaner". "Oh do you work with Macs", "nah I mostly work with windows"...
@Edward Lacking more context, that would probably be a good fit.
I started with a soldering iron.
And you can always add a Pi or Arduino to it later.
4:44 PM
An Edison if you prefer x86 systems.
That looks perfect.
If you prefer going bare metal, try an ATmega 328P. It's basically the core of an Arduino, without the peripherals.
I started with a Heathkit Junior 35 in the late 1960s.
You'd need a programmer and AVRstudio.
@Edward I don't know what kit that is, but I guess Heathkit is the US version of Velleman.
4:48 PM
The associated manual had detailed circuits with explanations.
I learned a lot.
@pacmaninbw Apparently you're not the only one with questions
@Edward @Mast You don't want to see what I can do with a Soldering Iron. It is at least 40 years since there has been one in my hands.
For me it's been ... about 10 minutes..
I've had one in my hands since I was 8.
Literally. In my hands.
4:52 PM
Pro tip: don't grab the hot end.
Oh, now you tell me.
@Edward unless you are into that
Q: The sudokus I am generating has more than one possible value

fartgeekI am making an amateur sudoku application with tkinter, and I just completed the logic of the system (the generator and solver), and it seemed to me that it worked perfectly, until I checked the original sudoku that my program generated, and my solvers solution for the sudoku. As it turns out, th...

Q: Fast Risk Battle Simulator

mcgowan_wmbI have written some code in python to determine the outcome(including the remaining troops of both sides) of a Risk battle fought until one side is defeated. When using the Numba's njit decorator the code can simulate one battle's outcome in ~ 0.2ms. This is not fast enough for the application I ...

Q: A postfix (a.k.a. Reverse-Polish Notation - RPN) calculator

Luca ArgentiAs an exercise, I put together a postfix calculator using modern Fortran. Language apart, I am interested in knowing your take on the algorithm. As far as I remember from my freshman year (chemistry - long ago), the problem has a standard solution in C, which I imagine is optimal in some sense. H...

Q: Software driver for analog to digital converter

L3sekI have been developing a software driver for the internal a/d converter on this platform. The a/d converter peripheral is described in following document. The driver is written in C++ and is build upon existing driver which has been developed by the platform manufacturer in C language. The reason...

And if you do, do it with the back of your hand, not with the piece of flesh between your thumb and index finger.
That swells a couple cm in half an hour.
4:53 PM
eww back of hand is soft.
the palm is tough and leathery. much better for burning yourself.
heals quick too.
Wax play is one thing, but a soldering iron? Shiiii.....
Maybe it is from years of burning myself in kitchens.
Oh, I've burned myself on a soldering iron sometimes 3 times a week. Doesn't mean I recommend it to anyone.
I'm a bit clumsy and overconfident at times.
This will hold, this will hold, this will hold, this gotta hold, carp this is getting hot.
I like touching hot things. Not much feeling left so I need to go to extremes to feel anything.
I like motorsports and I'm always amazed when they change the brakes at LeMans in less than a minute. Those things are literally glowing red when they pull into the pit.
4:59 PM
That's what gloves are for.
That's going to be some fine gloves.
@Edward Why was the plastic still on the screen?
That sure is impressive.
Yeah, the plastic had me amused too.
Pretty fast to have the time to pull it off though.
Easiest way to remove bugs from the windshield.
@Mast Those are "tear-offs". Over 24 hours, the windscreen picks up a lot of oil, dirt and dead French bugs.
They change the brakes but not the tires?
5:02 PM
@Edward Ah, so it's cleaning a windshield gone extreme.
They start the race with a number of them and then tear 'em off at pit stops if needed.
Yes. F1 uses them too, but on the helmet visor.
Maybe I need that for my spectacles.
Do you often go 200 km/h on your bike?
Not yet. I've been up to about 135 in my Z4 roadster.
If that's miles/h, that's impressive. If that's km/h, I do that every day.
5:06 PM
Thought so :-)
I don't think I've ever hit that speed in a covered car.
I have, but only on a racetrack.
How about a convertible with the top down.
I thought 170 on a Blackbird was nuts. 216 in a convertible...
Near Las Vegas you can find places where the speed laws aren't enforced.
5:08 PM
@pacmaninbw Yea, we use Germany for that.
Some of the regions there don't have a speed limit, although your insurer will look at you funny if you go above 160 km/h
Last time I drove on the Autobahn in Germany, I had a rented Ford Ka.
I'd pull out to pass a truck with nothing behind me and have a half dozen Mercedes, Porsches and Audis flashing their lights at me within seconds.
Taking a time out to make breakfast.
@Edward That one I could see coming.
The Ka motor was screaming for mercy. I showed it none. :)
5:11 PM
I can imagine.
I transferred from a 1.0 gasoline to a 1.6 TDI last year. Oh my...
Coming from a 1.4 Starlet (a racecar in disguise), so the 1.0 had always been a bit of a let down.
Economic though...
I was hoping to take the TDI to Scandinavia this summer, but we'll have to see what Covid does.
6:15 PM
possible answer invalidation by mcgowan_wmb on question by mcgowan_wmb: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/254848/revisions
@Lurch Should probably be rolled back. Pretty minor and not even code related, but mentioned in the answer.
6:36 PM
Q: Hashtable with separate chaining and auto-grow

Oliver SchönrockAn attempt at a clean implementation of this important data structure in C. It's hard to make such structures generic in C without losing performance, so this specialises on char* keys and int values, but uses some type aliases, such that only a few places need changing to change the key or value...

Q: Functions that Find Tokens, Replace Tokens, and Retrieve Property Values from Dictionaries

AdamThe module has three functions: get_property_from_dict, retrieves a dictionary property's from a given path. token_collect_from_dict, builds a list of tokens and their location from a given dictionary. token_replace_in_dict, replaces a tokens in a dictionary with supplied values. I want to use ...

7:01 PM
Q: Namespace list to directory structure

René CarannanteNamespace list to directory structure Motivation I have a list of namespaces I extracted from types, and I which to create a directory structure, that represents these namespaces. So that I can place a file at the namespace path of each type. The simplest method would be to replace the . separato...

7:16 PM
@CaptainObvious That smells broken, despite OP claiming it shouldn't be closed as such.
7:33 PM
@Mast dammit. german insurers usually start looking at you funny if you go beyond 130km/h
@Vogel612 130 used to be the default here, until they brought it down to 100 in most places most of the day.
interesting :)
It took 15 years to raise the limit from 120 to 130, now it's mostly 100...
All to combat nitrogen emissions. Like a couple of cars going a bit slower on paper is going to fix that...
well, considering that a general speed limit is a pretty good tool against traffic deaths
We don't have many traffic deaths on the snelweg.
Most traffic deaths are people killing themselves in one-sided accidents and people killing others in the city.
Snelweg is relatively safe, deathtoll-wise.
7:43 PM
@Mast Snelweg = Dutch motorway? Google seems to say just "motorway" but I'm assuming there's more to this than that
Our version of the Autobahn, yes.
Some call it a highway, others a freeway, I'm not 100% what the correct translation is.
It's all A- roads.
Which really, really far simplified looks like this.
@Mast I've heard of the magical Autobahn. I should probably learn what it actually is...
@Peilonrayz The German federal motorway.
More and more parts actually have speed limits nowadays though.
They used to be unrestricted, parts still are.
Ah I've looked it up and yeah it looks like they are just the motorway (UK) / freeway (US) equivalent
8:11 PM
@Peilonrayz there is a bit of a difference in the fact that they don't need to span such mindboggling distances and are better maintained as such
at least compared to freeways
@Vogel612 Yeah I can imagine there's some per country differences from the 'norm'. Unfortunately I don't really know much about American road networks, but that would sound about right.
Most of the US Federal Highways I've driven on have been well-maintained.
What I'd like is for US drivers to be as good as German drivers.
8:27 PM
@Edward I don't think US Federal Highways would be the American equivalent as it's not only controlled access highways. However the Interstate Highway System is.
You're right. I meant the interstate highways.
I always thought it was funny that Hawaii has interstate highways.
8:45 PM
If your code works and you just want someone to review it, post it over at Code Review instead. — Magnus Eriksson 9 secs ago
9:09 PM
Q: Checking is one number is the part of the other number

TomThe task is to check if the second input number is contained in the first input number. For example: Input: 2357 35 (YES), 2365 35 (NO). My code doesn't work for a=1 b=0 and I don't know why. How can I correct it? #include <stdio.h> int nwn(unsigned int a, unsigned int b) { unsigned base...

Q: Need help optimizing functions to read a log file, save the different matrices to files and then create a color map of the values as well

Ruben FernandezI appreciate any help or suggestions My name is Ruben and I am seeking tips on how to improve/optimize these functions. I picked up python last year and I am at a point at which I can code scripts to do what is needed, but as you will see I am for sure a beginner especially when it comes to parsi...

9:35 PM
Q: Parse proxy strings to array of objects

DevHigleyThe goal of this module is to take in a string (user input, someone copy and pasting a large list of proxies) and parse it into an array of objects. I appreciate any and all feedback, but I'm specifically interested in improving the stringToProxy function. Namely I'm unsure about mutating the str...

Does it work? Is there an issue? What's the question? Stackoverflow is more about troubleshooting. Code Review is more suited for improving working code. — Ouroborus 18 secs ago
@Ouroborus "How to fill an array from user's input in terminal with readline() in JavaScript?" sounds like the OP is asking for code, not asking to improve correctly working code. And so is off-topic on Code Review. — Peilonrayz 45 secs ago
9:59 PM
If code is complete and working, it should be on Code Review instead. This site is primarily for fixing broken code. Note though that they also like a small example to show how code is used, and some background about the purpose. — Carcigenicate 15 secs ago
10:14 PM
@Peilonrayz How are you defining ‘controlled access’?
Some U.S. interstates are toll roads, and that’s what I think of as “controlled access”, but not all are toll roads.
@DerKommissar Access is through an interchange. So no traffic lights, intersections and property access. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Controlled-access_highway
Then yeah, interstate system is equivalent.
Some of them are not in a condition to have high speeds though (but they still do)
Why would some of them not be in a condition to have high speeds?
What specifically is the question being asked? Just a code review? (There is a site for that if your code functions correctly.) — JaMiT 48 secs ago
Q: Generating random permutation with forced change of order (Secret Santa)

YksisarvinenI wrote this function to generate random permutation of input vector, while making sure every element has switched place (for a Secret Santa like purpose). std::map<std::string, std::string> getPermutation(const std::vector<std::string>& participants) { auto permuted = participants; std::rand...

10:42 PM
@Peilonrayz imperfections in the road make it dangerous to drive high speeds
@Vogel612 I'd assume that goes contrary to what Edward previously said. So I'd have thought things like steep incline/decline, road breadth, lighting, curvature, visability, etc may be a reason
I think Most of is accurate but Some of are not is also accurate. It depends on where as well.
@Peilonrayz I live in the southeastern US where winters are mild. Up north, however, like where @DerKommissar lives, winter weather is hard on roads.
@Edward Ah that would make sense

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