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RELOAD! There are 6377 unanswered questions (90.0770% answered)
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possible answer invalidation by user6916458 on question by user6916458: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/236133/revisions
possible answer invalidation by Peilonrayz on question by Progrmming is fun: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/235974/revisions
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possible answer invalidation by Caleb jones on question by Caleb jones: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/235883/revisions
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possible answer invalidation by Linny on question by oscarfrederiksen: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/236097/revisions
3:45 AM
Any code that uses scanf("%s", ... ("%s" without a width limit) should fail a code review. Don't do that. — chux - Reinstate Monica 48 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by user6916458 on question by user6916458: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/236133/revisions
This will probably get closed as "opinion based", you should consider reposting on the Code Review Stack ExchangeErty Seidohl 45 secs ago
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8:28 AM
@Duga Rolled back, final warning, next time a moderator can take care of it.
@Duga Fine
@Duga Rolled back, final warning. Had already tried posting the code as an answer. For some reason, didn't listen to the advice in the comments on that now-deleted answer.
@Duga Fine
@Duga That was already handled.
9:12 AM
@BaitChan I would encourage you to take the code over to codereview.stackexchange.com. Your program has a bunch of issues. I only addressed the main one in my answer. Also, post the assignment so we have a better idea of what you need. — Matthew Gaiser 57 secs ago
9:38 AM
Q: Display Child View and Subscribe to its event on ReactiveUI

nyongrandI am very confuse what the best approach to display child view and subscribe to its event on ReactiveUI WPF, so far I have 2 implementation that somehow works for my case: Implementation 1: public class ChildWindowView { public event EventHandler<bool> Closed; public event EventHandler<...

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possible answer invalidation by Sebastian Nielsen on question by Sebastian Nielsen: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/236129/revisions
10:45 AM
Q: Unit test for Builder class

user217223everyone, I'm working on a project that deserializes JSON file and Builds then Process the data and store them in database I'm trying to write a unit test for my Builder class but I have a problem I don't know how to use Mock because this class is connected to the database what should I do? this...

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Thanks. I will try Code Review — jmf just now
Q: Typescript + express OOP approach

tuckiHello I am new into Typescript and I found a tutorial where the author took a OOP approach to creating API with express where I always used to use a functional programming. So i created this very simple example that you can find here: https://github.com/Tukczyns/express_ts_test and I wanted to as...

12:26 PM
Q: C: Tokenize a string with escaping

Leonleon1I am learning C and therefore decided to build my own, little shell. Currently I am concerned with input parsing. I want to split a line of text into tokens with delimiters. But it should be possible to escape the delimiter. A simple example would be: Input: "echo Hello World" Output: [echo, He...

1:07 PM
Q: Are there ways to speed up this string fuzzy matching in Golang?

telex-wapI have a piece of python code doing fuzzy matching which works very well and is pretty fast. For reference, it uses the following files: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/datasets/s-and-p-500-companies/master/data/constituents.csv https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nlintz/pyBros/master/sp500/sp50...

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@Mast We moderators get the guidance to never use "threats" when doing moderation tasks
I've taken the liberty of removing the sentence around requesting a lock from your comment to avoid deleting it
Q: Improving a question - when to post a new question

user6916458I'm new to the code review site (but not to SE in general). I posted my first question in earnest after reading the "about" page and noting that code must be working. The code I posted worked locally, but the entire program is thousands of lines long, the part that needed some TLC was maybe 20 l...

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why can I only use 200 characters of flag response???
@Peilonrayz "Don't vandalize posts, if you want something deleted you can flag you post. there's a button in the bottom left corner of your post, that has a button named "flag". Press that and select the "in need of moderator intervention" and fill in the description with that you want your post deleted and why you want it to be. If a moderator agrees with you then you post can be deleted. However, I see no point in deleting your post. "
Thank you Vogel612 :)
If you want a review of your code, SO isn't the right platform. Move your question to codereview.stackexchange.comAjay Dabas 46 secs ago
As a new user you probably should have at least read the tour. Stack Overflow specializes in problematic code; you should post this at Code Review instead. — usr2564301 57 secs ago
~sigh ... and I can't mark comment flags as helpful without acting on them ...
it's such a damn pain
3:46 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs to Code ReviewForceBru 57 secs ago
@Vogel612 Fine.
@Feeds That's just attracting people to whine sigh. Tempted to flag Oliver's comments as rude, but, you know. That would only reinforce misconceptions.
Sorry I'm gonna put the topic in Code review! — kilsk 56 secs ago
@Duga Rolled back and closed already.
@Mast At first I thought maybe I'd been unfriendly accidentally. Maybe my first sentence could have been nicer starting with a "please". But it seems like moderation is just seen as unfriendly.
4:01 PM
Yup. Keeping up the quality of the site is unfriendly.
We should be a dumpster.
It's one of the reasons so many people have left the network.
@Vogel612 I wasn't trying to threaten anyone with anything, just stating the obvious consequences. But in hindsight I can see it could've been worded better.
I wouldn't tell users about locking before the post is actually locked
but that's just my personal thing
4:18 PM
@Mast Yeah, pretty much confirmed by the OP.
:53351128 IMHO I'm on the fence about that one.
It will result the amount of common factors, not the actual common factors by the way.
10 25 gives 2.
@Mast I know, I edited the post to only contain that.
@Peilonrayz And made it sound like a feature-request.
I left the solution in the comments. If it hasn't been handled after I've finished dinner I might just write a pity-answer to get it over with.
That's one way to keep the zombies down...
@Mast How so?
4:51 PM
Q: Python Basic Calculator

kilskHello I made this calculator in Python, I know it's pretty basic but I want your opinions if I made it well or not, and if you find any mistakes or not. P.S ( I know I could do another better than this one if I looked in internet but I want to evolve that's why I'm here ) #Commands print("Operat...

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5:52 PM
Q: Sales System Calculator

George Austin BradleyI'm a beginner programmer and I was hoping someone would be able to review my program. Everything has been tested for user validation, error-checking and conforms to the specification with a few slight additions of my own. I want to know what I've done well, what I haven't done well, improvements...

If you need a review of your code, you are better at codereview.stackexchange.comvasil oreshenski 8 secs ago
6:23 PM
Should this question be answered or not?
Q: Count common factors

Utkarsh SharmaI have written some code for calculating a count of common factors. Please help me remove anything unnecessary and shorten it. Please tell me if any function in Python 3 can calculate common factors directly! # a string of 2 numbers # is input e.g. '10 15' a,b=str(input()).split(' ') a,b=int(a...

I have prepared an answer, but am reluctant to post it because the question has already two close votes. Apart from the (obvious) typo at Print(n) it looks fairly OK to me.
@Mast ^^^ Any opinion?
(Computing the gcd is one part of the solution, but you still have to compute the number of divisors of the gcd.)
@MartinR I think it should be rejected, but it's a grey area. It's basically asking for alternative implementations with a code that can't work with a description that was flawed to begin with (with that description, the code doesn't perform the request at all).
@MartinR Yes, that's why I removed my comment.
Honestly, I don't think the question is worth the effort. But since it also doesn't look like it will be closed any time soon, I won't hold it against you if you post an answer.
Questions like that are going to be the end of CR though...
If it is a bad question here then perhaps it should not have been migrated from SO?
@MartinR Exactly.
Closing it will cancel the migration.
But whether it should be closed is apparently a bit of a grey area.
But, of-course, I might be getting jaded.
Q: Asteroids using pygame

Marieke PaskerI made the looks of asteroids using pygame. I still need to implement collisions but since it is running incredibly slow with 'amount' anything above 10. Please rip my code to shreds and explain why it is bad so i can improve. :) import pygame import pygame.locals import numpy import random ast...

Apparently I don't review enough, since I had 18 today. 1 short of 2,5k total on CV.
6:37 PM
@Mast I am tempted to “fix” the code (Print -> print) as an obvious typo (and this would not invalidate existing answers). Then we have at least working code (and there is something to review: coding style, program structure, ...). On the other hand, if OP did not fix the code after 6 hours then it might not be worth it.
6:53 PM
Q: App that Builds a list of "targets" for a Text-Based RPG using the games' API

Kyleall! I am developing a web "app" with JavaScript and jQuery with the help of a couple of other libraries for ease of use. Its purpose is to collect user ID's and to build a list of "attackable" targets for the game at https://torn.com Details for the API can be found at https://api.torn.com, ...

The second one would fail code review because of reliance on Magic Numbers. — user4581301 43 secs ago
I didn't see any one key mistake. I just saw a whole bunch of mistakes that would be rather unhelpful to the Stack Overflow community at large, to correct here. I find that what's more helpful is to address the solution to the given problem rather than spend this time as debugging exercise or code review session. I'm sorry if that isn't helpful to you, but I'm just trying to adhere to what's best for the community at large. — Sherif 24 secs ago
7:14 PM
Q: calculate time in data processing into XML and CSV

Černý AdamI made a program (C#, .NET) that calculates time for XML and CSV export and please I have a question for improving my knowledge in programming. Do you think that I can improve the structure of the program? Or what do you think about code refactoring? Way of solve... Is it good? I uploaded the pro...

7:24 PM
@MartinR Honestly I'm not sure what the appropriate action would be here.
Especially considering this "all moderation is unwelcoming" vibe that's going on.
Should we put it on meta?
7:47 PM
@Mast No it's not, it's the inverse of which is 100% on-topic.
If you get it to 4 VTC I'll finish it off. It's defo off-topic, but I don't see the point in a migration rejection over P vs p.
8:27 PM
Meh, it's answered and low scoring. It doesn't really matter what happens with it now, does it?
The quality bar is lower than I'd like, but we abide by the rules of the community. Not by our own.
Q: Given an integer array A and a range, find a subarray within the range with a minimum sum

AnatoliiProblem You are given an array A of n integers. You have to perform m queries on the array. The queries are of 2 types: Modify the i element of the array. Given x, y print min{Ai + Ai+1 +....+ Aj | x <= i <= j <= y}. Input Format The first line contains an integer t d...

Q: Pythonic attempt at conversion of length

AlanKI'm trying to learn Python, so I started with a program to convert length units, mixing imperial and metric. First I wrote a bunch of small simple functions, but then I wanted to solve the issue of having an intuitive way of calling one function with some easy to remember parameter values in orde...

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9:57 PM
Q: Langton's Ant in Java

chrysaetos99I've wrote a simulation of Langton's Ant in Java, and hope you have some suggestions to improve the code. The class Control.java contains just the main: import java.io.IOException; public class Control { static boolean exit = false; public static void main(String[] args) throws Interrup...

Q: Generates HTML to show current Bootstrap screen size

James A MohlerWhen I am developing in Bootstrap, I need to make sure that what is on the screen looks good. Bootstrap have various cutoff points where the flow can change. So to help with the visual debugging, I have created this tool that just shows what the current screen is according to Bootstrap. <cfscript>

10:17 PM
Q: How to make this C code for checking checksum shorter?

FeatureaThis is function for checking if chechsum is OK. It is working fine, but the code is awful. I was trying to make loop in loop, but is wasn't working. card[] is char with 12 characters, which together are hexadecimal number. Checksum is OK, when XOR on four first pairs gives as fifth pair. So I'm...

10:35 PM
@OliverSchonrock If you have ideas on how to fix things, you should open a new meta question instead of pulling the comments into a tangent. if you just have a bone to pick, you might want to go somewhere else.
Q: Command Pattern: Does my implementation make the point?

TMOTTMAsking for a review of my implementation of a command pattern. In a Editor, words can be entered and the entering of words can be undone. General purpose Interface public interface Command { void execute(); } The concrete write word command // Command public class WriteCommand implements...

Q: Is this the right way to use abstract classes at Python?

Andressa CabistaniI have a project that will evaluate Object-oriented programming with Python. Following, there is a summarized paragraph that I wrote to identify the objects and methods for this part. A hotel chain is composed by three hotels, Lakewood, Bridgewood and Ridgewood. Each hotel has different t...

11:37 PM
:53352619 Well I never got the impression that anyone thought anything was broken. I have tried to raise the same issues several times and all I got each time was deadly silence. The issue for me is very very simple.

1. There are almost no users on this site. It's tumbleweed. But there are huge numbers of very active moderators, who are "enforcing the guidelines and rules". This leads directly to

2. The experience as a new contributor (which I was 2 months, now top3 for Jan apparently which I find very surprising, but it's evidence of 1.). The experience is... "I can't use this
You need to convince people something's wrong before you can expect them to change...
@Vogel612 No i don't. I can just leave.
and I haven't seen anything but "anecdotal evidence" to your claims
@OliverSchonrock you leaving doesn't change their behaviour ...
just saying :)
@Vogel612 No it doesn't change their behaviour. The site will juts continue to waste away. If people don't see that basic problem (no users) then I am wasting my breath.
soo ... I have access to some moderator only stats that show me numbers on active users
11:42 PM
ok, sure, that's interesting
and the weekly averages are pretty steady over the last six months or so
how long has this site been around?
there's a huge dip towards the end of december and around new year's
I don't get the impression this "culture feature" (shall we call it that), is new
the site overall has been around since January 2011
and it graduated on July 14th 2015
11:44 PM
OK, and the long term trend is...
and the size relative to other formats?
I don't know the stats of "other formats"
well anything in the SE family
again: I don't have the stats for the other sites
here is asimple graphic for you: stackexchange.com/sites#
Comparing against graduation, the number of users that did more than just show up on a single day in a week is pretty steady
the lines in the graph I got here are pretty much flat
11:47 PM
right... a website flat.."low level" of traffic....hmmm
there is also a separate line for users that "visited on at least one day", which peaked around mid 2018
Until mid 2019 there was basically a plateau and since then it's a downwards slope
Interestingly the number of questions and answers has been on a steady decline since graduation
Here is a another take on it: The experience. OK, I am interested in C++ at the moment (I have done many other in past, but for now)I recognise it's not as "mainstream" as js or python or whatever, but it's significant when you scroll down "all the questions list". First of all I would expect the "all the questions list" to be completely overwhelming...
why would you expect that? Code Review is not Stack Overflow
but it's not..and when I filter to C++...well there was a 2 day period last week when I was the only to post a question tha didn't get shut
Code Review gets literally 20 questions a day
11:50 PM
yeah..and that's the problem see
no users
splice that across multiple tags and you get maybe 5-10 c++ questions a week
that doesn't even account for questions getting closed because the code just doesn't work
pointless? I can get more input by "calling a friend"..I don't need a global website for that
this is exactly what I mean. tumbleweed
sooo ... what's your at least semi-actionable suggestion to fix that?
I mean we can lament all day, but fixing it takes more than just noticing something
11:52 PM
see point 2 above: stop putting off new users by "over moderating" them...help them instead. build a community one person at a time
it's a really really smple point
honestly the new users seem to be mostly affected by the overall changes pushed from the company
I don't know what that means..
the company Stack Exchange Inc has implemented multiple different changes recently
right...go on
some of them were rather controversial and resulted in bad press
11:54 PM
i have no idea
how recently?
Stuff spilled into hacker news, reddit, places like that
I am ignorant...I heard something about some person "Monica"???
@OliverSchonrock 'bout half a year, which nicely coincides with a change in the data I can see about new users
@OliverSchonrock yea, that's one of the things
yeah..but hold on...you said the lines were flat (and low) since "graduating"
@OliverSchonrock different graph.
11:56 PM
so what are these "changes"..in less than 50 words (I don't care about the gossip)
or a link?
for one "low" is around 1000
and I'm talking about new user signups as compared to existing users sticking around
@OliverSchonrock kinda hard to point to a single link, because it's a bit of a complete mess with multiple different things intertwined in non-obvious ways
well fine... So we are not going to change company policy., unless you have a hot line to "what's his name"
fundamentally what did the company change? They didn't "overtly choose to hate their users"..that makes no commercial sense.
I don't even have any idea how they make a buck TBH.
Q: SE seems pretty set in their path to change the sites as we know them and the testimony of former employees are proof of that

Script47A Tweet from Tim Post that always stood out to me was the following: We never manage through sharp sticks, ultimatums or threats. I honestly believe this is why we have the most professional moderation team the net has ever seen — even when, or especially when, people make mistakes. We’re alw...

maybe they don't an that's the problem
^ this might be a place to start....
@OliverSchonrock the most money they get from selling enterprise instances and SAAS versions of Stack Overflow
there's also a pretty substantial job platform integrated with SO
and they also sell ads

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