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This belongs on codereview. — technosaurus 20 secs ago
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Q: Open/Close Principle in front GUI element C#

MikołajI'm working over project for my studies. It's a simple program about brewing coffee. I'm thinking about solution for showing single parameter in GUI. As follows: I have a source brew parameter class: public abstract class CoffeeParam { /* It's empty */ } public class CoffeeParam<T> : CoffeePara...

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Q: C Linked List algorithms implementation

Prav ElanI am a newbie to C and programming and I have attempted to come up with my own functions for a singly linked list - including create, insert, search and delete. I would really appreciate it if a kind soul could take a look at my code and spot any mistakes and point out how I could improve it :) M...

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If you're looking for critique on this fairly bad code, you should post it on codereview.stackexchange.com, not here, unless you have a specific question. — Andreas 28 secs ago
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Q: auto generate xlsx file error in ms office 2016 (not activated) others ms office are work

AtishI got this error message on windows 10 with ms office 2016(not activated) other OS or ms office are work while generate excel sheet.

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Q: Need help making some function to a def main()

ConquergoodI can't use collection, counter, or dictionary input is pooiiiuuuuyyyyyttttttrrrrrrreeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwqqqqqqqqqq the output is Sorted frequency of letters in code text: ('Q', 10) ('W', 9) ('E', 8) ('R', 7) ('T', 6) ('Y', 5) ('U', 4) ('I', 3) ('O', 2) ('P', 1) ('A', 0) ('B', 0) ('C', 0) ('D',...

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Q: To make a lock for a folder in python so that if a user open this then for opening this a password is required

Suraj pandeya password protected file or folder like in "Microsoft power-point" file a password can be set. and after set a password if this file opened ten a password window comes and required a password.

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Q: looking for explanation for a java instruction

dhia reznovboolean palindromeRearranging(String inputString) { int[] letters = new int[26]; for(int i = 0; i < inputString.length(); i++){ letters[inputString.charAt(i) - 'a']++; } int odds = 0; for(int i = 0; i < 26; i++){ if(letters[i] % 2 == 1){ odds++; } } if(odds % 2 == inputString....

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If this is working code that you'd like some feedback on, see Code Review. if not, please edit to clarify the problem. — jonrsharpe 53 secs ago
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No joy yet from code review site but I have found a workaround.. If I update the budget holder in the budget holder field in any one of the Pivot Tables (ensuring multiple selection is switched off), ALL the pivot tables update with the new budget holder (as they are all linked via the slicer?), and the loop takes about 2 seconds which will do me just fine. Gives me enough time to make a coffee while the routine runs for all 170 budget holders. Still seems odd there does not seem to be a quick way using the slicer route but I’m happy. — Chris 34 secs ago
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For x-in-a-row checkers, this article was once of great help to me. — Sven 20 secs ago
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Q: how [a, b] takes values as like variable works

Praveen Sonii found this code at codewar, as i'm new to programming, can anone help me, explain this to me function sumTwoSmallestNumbers(numbers) { var [ a, b ] = numbers.sort((a, b) => a - b) return a + b } what is [a, b] here, what it called, how it assign output to variable which inside a array....

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@CaptainObvious RBA
Monking all!
@CaptainObvious One more VTC.
Q: What does G_Define_Type mean in GTK?

Akbar Hashmiwww.pastebin.com/GtqY4DMH Im trying to understand the fundamentals of this basic GTK program. I can't figure out how G_Define_Type works. It looks similar to a function declaration like those in C

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@Mast That's the goal. :)
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Look for other questions for the schedule part, no need to re-invent the wheel here. i.e. a quick search yields codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/159817/…Mark Schultheiss 54 secs ago
Q: Date class in CPP

MichaelXThis is a date class in CPP, I didn't use CPP strings because I'm not sure if I'm allowed to. It seems to work fine, but I'm wondering if there are any errors I didn't detect. Note that I won't be using this class on its own, it'll be part of another class (it'll serve as a birthdate or something...

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Q: Precision of code causing problems?

AfterMathSo i have this code in MatLab(below.) The code looks at the linear function y=kx+f, where f=asin(0.376),and k=2*PI, and calculates the smallest positive integer x in which kx+f is within som error to its closest integer. The code does this for error values chosen as 0.1, 0.01, 0.001,... all the ...

Q: Advent of Code 2017, Day 1: Sum of digits matching the next digit (circular list)

mkrieger1I haven't used C++ for quite a while and wanted to practice a bit, so I decided to start simple and work through the Advent of Code 2017. This is my solution to Part 1 of the Day 1 exercise "Inverse Captcha": The captcha requires you to review a sequence of digits (your puzzle input) and f...

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The site of the national weather agency buckled due to an overload.
It's every year the same problem when we get our first batch of decent snow.
Recommendation for tomorrow is not to get on the road if you don't absolutely have to. Which isn't going to help for at least 80% of the country...
@Mast Oh really, interesting...
@skiwi Yea, so if you got to work tomorrow and can work from home, do it. NL is not used to snow and tomorrow we're all going to find out.
The snow won't be your problem, the madness will.
5:32 PM
I can walk in 7 minutes to my work :D
But I need to go through a tunnel, if it's icy I can get in but cannot get out :D
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@Kaz Have you ever researched making a bot that trades between exchanges?
If that even makes any sense, relating cryptocurrency
@Mast Do you have anything to say about a light that randomly turned on and cannot be switched off anymore?
@skiwi In a house? Computer? Car? Industrial building? Nuclear reactor? Context, skiwi, context is everything.
@Mast Ah sorry, in a house
Is it a LED light?
Well, it's got to be taking it's power from somewhere. Usually, flipping the switch breaks the circle so the current won't flow. Current obviously found a way to flow anyway, so you might have a short somewhere.
6:00 PM
The main power switch should detect shorts though..
What happens when you throw the breaker from that group?
Maybe if the switch simply broke and always stays on?
@skiwi Not from a live to a live wire.
@Mast Hmm okay, haven't tried throwing the breaker yet, I wonder if it could be dangerous right now though
@skiwi A breaker is basically a big switch, it will throw itself in a situation of overcurrent. Just make sure not to flip it a hundred times a week and preferably disconnect all heavy users before flipping.
Just don't touch anything that's made out of metal and you'll be fine. Modern breakers are super safe.
6:03 PM
Modern... house is 25 years old :D
Still pretty modern though I think
At least you still have breakers. I got D fuses.
Well, our main breakers from our power groups still need to replaced when something happens
I think that's similar to what we have
Do you have the old stuff I linked above or switches like these:
No the old stuff
OH, ok. Is there a black casing around it? Does it contain a switch-like knob just above it?
6:07 PM
I'm pretty sure yeah
At least the main one is something you can turn on/off :D
Flip those instead of pulling the fuse. Does the same but a lot safer.
I don't think the main one is doing what you think it does. Try to pick the one only powering the group, a part of the house.
For example, your kitchen alone already has 2.
Weeeeeeird, the light's switch was in the off mode and the lamp just switched off again, and now the switch is working again
@Mast I know what it does, but it's for all power
@OmairShafiq I would take the time to code review your own code and find ways to minimize your code if it's hundreds of lines, my rule of thumb personally, is if I have more than 10 lines of code , I try to minimize it by creating smaller functions as well as trying to locate or reduce redundant calls which is part of RefactoringMethodMan 49 secs ago
Yes. It is, in fact, one of the most basic arbitrages.

I haven't looked too hard at it, mostly because I assume it's already being done by people with far more domain expertise, knowledge, and expensive latency-reducing hardware than myself.
@skiwi It even turns off again?
6:12 PM
The most basic arbitrage being a 3-pair chain on the same exchange. E.G. EUR -> ETH, ETH -> BTC, BTC -> EUR, where the ratios are out of whack enough to give you free Euros.
@Mast Yes
Also, hi ^^
@Kaz But if you trade it between wallets at different exchanges there's also a processing time and a fee, right?
And hey
@skiwi That's slightly worrisome...
@skiwi Yes. This is why it's more involved than same-exchange arbitrages. You need to buy it on one exchange, send it to another and then sell it. In practice, what you'll do is hold balances at both exchanges, buy/sell simultaneously, and then send the stuff you bought to the exchange you sold it at to replace it, which takes time and network fees.
Which is also why, for serious arbitrageurs, they'll hold a large enough stack on each exchange that they actually exhaust the arbitrage before they exhaust their stack, and then only have to settle up between exchanges infrequently-if-ever.
Anyway, back to studying. See you all some other time ^^
6:20 PM
@Kaz This doesn't need an immediate response, but what are you studying at the moment?
6:44 PM
@Mast Bsc, Mathematics and Statistics. About halfway though year 2 currently.
@Kaz Best of luck, I think it will be a great addition to your path in finance and data analysis.
@Kaz Hmm that makes lots of sense indeed :)
7:06 PM
I really wish I had lots of time to look into this :/
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If this code works fine, then this question is off topic on Stack Overflow, but may be good for our sister site Code Review. — Joe C 20 secs ago
I think a good start would be to format your code and maybe add comments or more informative variable names. But I think this question would be more suitable on Code Review Stack Exchange — Fubar 56 secs ago
Good question but not a good fit for Stack Overflow. Perhaps Code Review would be better, but check if it's on-topic there first. — DavidG 53 secs ago
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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because questions asking to review working code should go to codereview.stackexchange.com — GhostCat 32 secs ago
@skiwi You and me both. It's on my list for January, once I'm caught up on my degree.
@skiwi Also, I have the following interesting observation about Bitcoin:
#FunFact Bitcoin's logarithmic price chart for the past 3 years is an exponential curve.
That is insane.
(and also really annoying).
@Kaz That's deep
Wall St gets its hands on regulated Bitcoin futures in just over 3 hours.
going to be fun to watch.
I read something about it
I guess it's probably safe to learn about cryptocurrencies while trading with them if it's only low amounts
@skiwi Pretty much. Though I have also put some money in it (mostly not in Bitcoin) because I believe in where it's going. Up ~50% so far.
7:49 PM
Q: Sorted set a Queue

maaartinusI needed a data structure offering both poll returning the smallest element and fast contains. A PriorityQueue has slow contains, so I adapted a SortedSet as a queue. I wonder, if I did it right and if using an iterator would be better. I'm not sure, if I'm bending the semantics of offer too far...

Q: Programming constructor: A global controller

user3053216I am writing a kind of text-based Tamagotchi game. I just made the basic structure and want to make sure my foundation is correct. The program features some global objects, for example pet and user. These objects should be able to interact which each other. I store these objects in a controller o...

@Kaz I don't really believe that Bitcoin will keep rising forever and never crash, but it's a too good opportunity to just pass on :o
And yeah well I'm talking about Bitcoin, but this really extends to all cryptocurrencies
@skiwi I would be wary of Bitcoin at current price levels. It's got a $300 billion market cap, whilst I could totally see it going 10x from here, I don't think 100x is at all feasible.
@Kaz Regulated? I thought the idea behind it was it couldn't be regulated.
Which also is the biggest problem many people have with it.
@Mast The bitcoin isn't regulated, the futures are.
Oh, so we can finally bet on the price of it on a large market.
7:52 PM
@Mast Wall St can now bet on it using a vehicle that has regulatory backing. So the total amount of money that is now free to enter the space (long or short) is about to get much, much bigger.
@Kaz Damn, you know a lot more th an I do :P
@Kaz Oh.
That sounds like very, very good news for whoever had already invested in it till yesterday.
Prices should rocket now, right?
@Mast Assuming that money goes long, yes. But it could just as easily all go short and crater the price.
Which will be balanced out somewhat over the next week I guess.
Turns out the underlying algorithms can't handle it and everything will break down massively
7:54 PM
@skiwi That is also probably a given.
@skiwi If you want my (highly summarised) advice on investing in Crypto at the moment: Buy some ETH and lock it in a vault for a few years.
By just about every count people have tried to do, ETH has more developers building on it than the rest of Crypto put together.
In terms of which economy is likely to thrive in the future, I'll go with developer share every single time.
Hmm right
I guess with currencies it's easier, but for other objects that are also rising in value.. when do you sell :)
The most difficult question in my opinion :P
@skiwi Personally, I sell 1% for every 5% rise in value.
Still leaves the majority of the upside there, but cashes me out enough along the way that I don't panic every time the price falls off a cliff.
How exactly do you that?
8:01 PM
And for BTC specifically, it's maybe 10/15% of my portfolio, and I have it set to cash out completely by 5x the current price.
@skiwi I just put limit orders in the order book.
Care to explain a little bit more?
Buy 100 @ $10,000 (say). Put in an order to sell 1 @ $10,500, 0.99 @ $11,025, 0.9801 @ $11,576.25 etc.
and then if the price ever reaches those levels, the order will execute and cash me out.
But you're constantly adjusting those orders? And if your exchange has a takers fee of 0.25% then you need to start at $10,025 or not?
@skiwi No. I just set them once when I buy in.
Q: Learn trie through Leetcode 212

Jianmin ChenProblem statement: Given a 2D board and a list of words from the dictionary, find all words in the board. Each word must be constructed from letters of sequentially adjacent cell, where "adjacent" cells are those horizontally or vertically neighboring. The same letter cell may not be use...

8:05 PM
@Kaz Ah okay and later on you buy again? Is this the actually the bot or are you manually controlling it?
@skiwi taker fee only applies if you're buying/selling immediately at market price.
Most exchanges have zero maker-fees (to incentivise people to put orders on the order book).
@Kaz True, but if you put in at $10,010 and the market just moved before you put it in, then you get the taker fee?
@skiwi Nope, I don't.
@skiwi In theory, maybe, but seeing as I'm working in 5% price increments, I don't worry about the fees.
Hm okay
That is my *investment* strategy.

The robot then does its own thing on top of that.
8:06 PM
But this is only monetizing a price increase then
@skiwi For the investment part, yes.
@Kaz But you have to keep setting new ones at every buy in, right? Or is it an automatic percentual thing?
@Mast I have a robot to do it.
Ah, that makes sense.
Especially since you let it play with a limited portfolio, so even in case of a major screw-up, not much is lost.

For: (amount, price, 1.05, 1.01)

n +=1

price = price*1.05^n

amount = amount * 0.99^n * 0.01

if amount < min_order_amount:
Post(limit, sell, amount, price)
roughly speaking.
8:21 PM
Q: Making a function more efficent

Andy OrchardI have some code for a assignment where the main marks are awarded based on efficiency. The program uses a given wordgenerator which generates random words and adds them to a user-made data structure. You also have to provide 3 methods, one to add a item, one to remove a item and one to count how...

@Kaz As long as you don't modify it, I don't see how that can go wrong.
@CaptainObvious Making a title more clear
9:05 PM
@Mast Guess who didn't check how much solder they had before starting...
@202_accepted Inconvenient.
I usually try to keep a good supply, never know when you need it.
No kidding. Gotta run to the store to get some. Lol
9:19 PM
@Mast Well, you could buy in at price $X, and then the price could crash and never recover. But apart from that, it's pretty solid ^^
Work just shut the office for tomorrow, in light of what the snow is doing to traffic.
Which would be awesome, except I'm going to London for a training course anyway :(
Have fun, leave on time.
You'll need it ^^
@Mast Well hey, if the trains are cancelled, I can just go home and call it a day.
(Well, realistically, go to the office and continue studying, but oh well).
@Kaz But you can't, because the office is closed.
@Mast I have keys ^^
@Kaz Why would you use those when the office is shut down?
9:29 PM
Because here I have a nice desk, a coffee machine, a computer setup I like, no distractions, and a strong mental association with getting stuff done.

Whereas at home I have a really nice, comfy bed, and Netflix.

One of those is far more conducive to studying than the other :)
@Kaz Oh, I understand.
It's just that I've worked at places where you weren't allowed to open the building if it was shut down for safety reasons.
Where safety wasn't just personal safety, but also information safety et al.
@Mast The safety reasons have nothing to do with the building, just the roads.
Oh, no, but I'm in engineering.
The stuff around my workplaces is hazardous to even look at.
As long as I let my boss know when I arrive, and when I leave so they know nothing's happened to me, they're happy to let me be here whenever I like.
And the information safety is ISO whatever certifications and IP protection.
@Kaz That's awesome.
9:32 PM
Ah, yes. I'm forever thankful we don't have to deal with ISO.
Hmm, I'm bright enough now to come up with ideas, but not enough to actually think through them... What if I put limit orders to buy 0.5% below market and once I have acquired the cryptocurrency I put limit orders to sell 0.5% above market... what do I miss?
@skiwi This would be market-making, shading into volatily-buying depending on how far away from the price you're putting orders.
So, if the price jumps around a lot, but returns to the same price, you make money.
Seems pretty jumpy
But, if the price moves significantly in one direction, and stays at that new equilibrium, you lose money.
I know you're obviously still subject to the changes of the market price in the end
@Kaz Why?
Gotta figure out how to set the orders though, as I want to have the limit orders moving with me
But I'm not sure if putting them anew every few seconds is a good idea
9:35 PM
Say, for instance, ETH is $10, and you sell at $11 and put in an order to buy at $9. But then they announce the EEA and the price goes to $100 almost overnight and never comes down again.
Q: Rounding error in MatLab

AfterMath:) So i have this code in MatLab(below). The code looks at the linear function f(x)=ax+b, where b=asin(0.376),and a=2*PI, with the purpose of finding values of x such that f(x) is "close" to being an integer. The code does so in the following manner: First we define an error E=0.1, and then we f...

Q: Implement 'Foldable' on NonEmpty

Kevin MeredithGiven: data NonEmpty a = NonEmpty a (Array a) I completed the following exercise from PureScript by Example: Write a Foldable instance for NonEmpty. Hint: reuse the Foldable instance for arrays. instance foldableNonEmpty :: Foldable NonEmpty where foldr f acc (NonEmpty a as) = foldr f ...

you have your $11, but missed out on the other $89.
And now consider the opposite.
you buy at $95, and put in an order to sell at $105, but then the price crashes down to $10 and never comes back up.
you've just lost $85.
But what if you renew the market orders every few seconds based on the current market price?
@skiwi how would that help if the price is moving against you?
Effectively at this point I'm trying to catch the ones that are selling too low and buying too high
And those could be actual people and not bots who panic when the price moves in either direction for example
@Kaz It won't, if you lose money you're going to lose money
9:39 PM
so what you're saying is more, "if the price moves >x% over some short timeframe, I'll bet on mean-reversion. Otherwise, I'll reset the orders"?
Doesn't really eliminate the risks, just shifts your timeframes in which they can occur.
It could monetize people buying outside the market price
As a rule: Market-Making is highly profitable in stable, high-volume assets.
and very very risky otherwise.
@skiwi Yes, at the risk that you bet against the major market moves as and when they happen.
You have to assume that the money you earn from mean-reverting spikes offsets the losses from major price movements.
Which could be the case, but you'll need to study the data in depth to decide if there's a potential strategy there.
If you want, I have a load of time-series data?
@Kaz I don't quite see how major market moves are a bad thing against the algorithm
Of course it is a bad thing if you look at your capital, but is there any way to minimize that risk even?
If you're going to have Bitcoin then you're going to be hit if you don't cash out completely when things go south
@Kaz Is that any interesting data? I have things as the Coindesk API for example
@skiwi The market dropped 5% in the last second. Is that because somebody fat-fingered a sell order (in which case you should buy because the price is about to stabilise again) or is it because the price is about to drop 90% (in which case buying would lose you a lot of money)?
possible answer invalidation by GregF on question by GregF: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/182365/revisions
9:46 PM
@skiwi It's the entire BTC/ETH/LTC/USD/EUR price history on GDAX, at 1-second intervals, up until a couple of months ago.
@Kaz Right, but that is just investing into Bitcoin... Assume you buy BTC now and look at it in 3 days time, or assume your bot buys BTC now and look at it in 3 days time, then the hypothesis is that the bot made profit over not doing anything at all
@Kaz Could be interesting but not looking at it right now, not a lot of time
@Duga It stinks. Opinions?
@skiwi It doesn't really matter what the asset is. Your strategy (buying below current market price, expecting to sell above market price) has the same risk/reward trade-off no matter what market it's in. It's just that some markets have bigger moves than others.
In, say, Apple shares on NASDAQ. You might be constantly buying 0.05% below market price, and selling 0.05% above, and a 5% move would absolutely destroy your profitability.
in crypto, you might do the same thing, but multiply all those numbers by 100 ^^
Q: Tic Tac Toe on Android

Florian WaltherCan someone review my Tic Tac Toe Code? I tried to make it as compact as I could. What could I improve? I save the state of the buttons by adding freezesText="true" in the XML file. This is for saving the state on orientation change. public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity implement...

(Just looked, at close of markets on Friday, the spread on Apple was 169.20 - 169.41 ~ 0.12% spread).
9:53 PM
@Kaz I still don't quite understand it, isn't that what would have happened anyway if I wasn't using the bot and just held shares?
@skiwi what do you mean by "would have happened anyway"?
@Kaz If I buy something and the price drops, then I also lose the money, the fact that the bot does that as well is nothing new
:41655706 well, yes, but if you buy something, and the price rises, you also make money. Whereas if the price rises, the bot will sell out early (expecting the price to mean-revert) and miss out on those gains.
Right... that's a valid point
So you can either buy-and-hold, in which case you make money if it goes up, and lose money if it goes down. Or do various forms of market-making, where you make money if the price bounces up/down around some stable equilibrium point, and lose money if the price moves sharply one way or the other.
9:57 PM
So you would need to buy directly after selling at which point you become a taker
What I do with my investments is one-sided market making. Where I sell (a bit) if it goes up, but don't buy again if it goes down.
which means I don't lose that money when the price falls, but I also miss out on some of the gains if the price rises.
Q: Mirror a stack of Integers

cody.codes Write a method mirror that accepts a stack of integers as a parameter and replaces the stack contents with itself plus a mirrored version of itself (the same elements in the opposite order). For example, suppose a variable s stores the following elements: bottom [10, 50, 19, 54, 30,...

possible answer invalidation by PGODULTIMATE on question by PGODULTIMATE: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/182401/revisions
@Duga I still need those opinions people.
10:15 PM
No, unfortunately I don't have time...You need to code and learn more. You can try to find help here: codereview.stackexchange.comlewis4u 44 secs ago
@Duga Rolled back. Part of the invalidation will have to stand, since it wasn't his first. The old one stays because there has been another answer in the meantime.
Which is exactly the reason we are against such invalidations, but it's too late now.
@Kaz Right, I'll think more about it next time when I have more brainpower available
Q: Checks if a job exists, and appends a bid to that job

Noah PhillipsI am very new to Node.js and Express and have been doing a "learn as I go" scenario by building craigslist style app where people can bid on jobs. I am looking to see if this is the best approach for appending a bid to a job. var _ = require('underscore'); var request = require('request'); va...

10:44 PM
Before ^^
After ^^
100% success, the thing starts up instantly now. :)
@202_accepted It may be optical illusion, but it looks like the caps aren't mounted straight.
Afar from that, those old caps definitely needed replacement by the looks of it.
@Mast They're not, apparently the replacements were ~10% wider, so I stuck them out a bit to make room.
I don't know why they're the same rated capacity but a larger physical build, but oh well. Worked like a charm and yeah, the two old ones were bad.
@202_accepted Oh, yea, that's something you need to keep in mind when shopping for replacements. Height usually isn't a problem, width is.
You can see corrosion or something on top of the one, so it's clear they were ready to fail / failing.
@Mast Yeah, I've honestly never tried to fit capacitors size wise, this was an interesting learning experience.
@202_accepted There's more to an elco than it's capacitance.
10:51 PM
@Mast Aye, and I always forget to look at the rest. ;)
Fortunately, I matched the stuff that matters: size, tolerance, voltage and temperature rating.
Size does matter.
You got a vernier calliper I presume?
No, unfortunately. :(
Get one, they aren't that expensive.
Around here they usually go for less than 10 bucks and they're worth their weight in gold when you need them. Like now.
With a calliper, you wouldn't have need to guess and saved yourself buying the wrong parts.
Oh well, now you learned something :-)
I forgot to test the circuit on this before I dropped it back in, but I think these two caps are in parallel, and I think the two empty slots below them are as well, so I could have easily put in a 1000uF and 470uF to make up the proper rating, but I managed to squeeze these in pretty well.
@Mast Indeed, I ordered them after investigation, and I didn't have parts to compare to anymore when I ordered them. ;)
I need to get a good caliper and then I can make sure next time to order the right parts.
At least you got the mounting size right ^^
10:57 PM
Yeah, they would have fit perfectly (mounting and all) if I had a little more room around the bases. :)
I remember a situation where I only had smaller caps. Luckily the legs of those caps are usually long enough to extend a bit. It wasn't pretty, but good enough for an emergency repair. It got fixed by a proper cap less than 24h later.
I'm not planning on opening this again until it dies again, but I definitely plan to do more investigation then and maybe reorder proper sized parts.
I even wrote a sticky note that I taped inside of it.
@202_accepted You left a sticky note inside a piece of electronics?
@Mast Yep. Taped it between the rear cover and the steel case. :)
(That's also where I put my password. ;) )
Better make sure it sticks and isn't covering any ventilation, or I know what will cause your monitor to burst in flames.
@202_accepted Your monitor has a password?
11:08 PM
Q: Filtering a list and printing results to a table

WulfreThis is a snippet from a program that filters through image boards and downloads the images based on certain criteria. I am printing the results of the filter to a table on the screen, but I am having trouble printing the table with a full row of 0's when my results are empty. for group ...

There's no ventilation there, if I need a VESA mount it covers the holes but that's it.
11:22 PM
@Mast Haven't figured out how to build what you mentioned, but if my rough math is correct, this bad cap is <1uF.
That can't be right
11:43 PM
ew.... I'm currently trying to merge changes from 9 basically major versions. ...
at least I get paid for this mess ...
but I think I'll roll back the work, grab the new linting practices and then lint the whole codebase before remerging ...
how are your experiences when integrating changes from upstream into a fork?
@202_accepted You got a couple of good caps around as well, right? From which you know the capacitance +/- 10%.
@Vogel612 Don't do 9 at a time.
Merge 2. Merge 2. Merge 2. Merge 2. Merge 2.
I need to touch about 15 files for version adjustments alone
also I can throw away most changes anyways, so big-bang merge is actually a viable strategy
Ugh, that means you have bigger problems.
probably. ..
wow ... nuking that stuff really was quite quick
@Mast These are +/- 20%, and the math worked out on the good ones.
11:54 PM
@202_accepted If the math works on the good ones, the math isn't wrong.

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