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Oh wait, is that If linha >= x And linha <= y Then chunk copy+pasted so many times the procedure length actually goes beyond the limit? If so, then yeah @Ralph's link has your answer, and your question is a bit unclear. That said, if you're looking for help breaking it down into more manageable pieces and making it more efficient altogether, Code Review remains the place to go. — Mat's Mug 14 secs ago
I just saw a re-open pop-up.
first post as well
I can't get the icon inside the popup to work?
Who needs icons?
in my pop up
Posting up a on Meta, does anyone have any ideas? (If so, I'll make it for May instead of June.)
5:10 PM
make it for June, the meta is for collecting ideas
That's what I figured.
@EBrown A Trumps and Immigrants game. Spec to be determined (something involving one team building walls and one team for trying to dig tunnels or otherwise get past the wall).
I was going to make it for May if anyone here had any ideas.
@Hosch250 lol
@Hosch250 Let's not make CC's political.
5:12 PM
I understand. We can't all be immigrants; no one wants to be a Trump.
@Malachi SE API is easy. :)
@EBrown I found it, but I haven't gotten to the part where I need to use it yet.
I love the SE API.
It makes it really easy for a data-gatherer like myself to get good stuff.
(There's a "w" word I should be using instead of "gatherer", for those that get me.)
5:15 PM
@EBrown Don't you mean an "m" word?
> The instruction at 0x00007FFE5D8C4FD2 referenced memory at 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. The memory could not be read.
@Hosch250 No?
I don't think so.
5:16 PM
No, not "m".
I said "m".
57 secs ago, by Hosch250
@EBrown Don't you mean an "m" word?
Yes, you did. And I said, "No, not "m"." :P
It is definitely a "w" word.
@Mat'sMug No lol
Q: Varnish - HttpClient Exception Handling

Ga SacchiI'm consuming some messages from a rabbit queue. Within the consumer/processor I need to invalidate a varnish cache and requeue the message if the purge failed. I'm using a local purge proxy. The consumer is a Dropwizard microservice but I'm using a BasicHttpClient because JerseyClient doesn't a...

Q: Is facebook chat sistem check database each time in the while?

JordanI know that they use long poll and comet but I want to learn that does they check database each time?

Q: Count words in a string

CodeYogiContinuing my TDD from exercisn. import java.util.Map; import java.util.HashMap; /** * Counts the word in a given string. Ignores any punctuation. * Example: * "one two, two# ??three" === {"one": 1, "two": 2, "three": 1} */ public class WordCount { private final Map<String, Integer> wo...

5:17 PM
got my icon back!
It's a term that refers to one who takes money for certain favours. (Illegal in many places.)
No, that wouldn't be the right word.
@CaptainObvious you gotta be %Q@#&@%$# kidding me
I'll put it in The Nth.
@Mat'sMug Don't we have the "generally crap" close option?
5:18 PM
@Hosch250 I use UWYA for that. ;)
@EBrown on-topic please. it's a term that refers to people that dump their answers in chat saying "please vote!" :)
@Mat'sMug Ah yes, that too.
I put it in The Nth, anyway. For those not getting it.
I wanted to do VLQ, but I went for TB.
Basically, I am very greedy for your datasets.
5:20 PM
@Phrancis What about animated JPGs? My phone can actually take those, it seems.
@EBrown aren't those called MPEGs?
@Mat'sMug No, it's a .jpg that has a few frames to it.
It only happens sometimes, though.
never seen that. must be a virus.
Basically, occasionally when I take a picture, and then go back to my "Photos", the picture will actually have ~1 second of animation before it goes to the actual picture I took.
It seems to take ~1 second of video for certain pictures.
5:22 PM
Sounds like a bug.
The interesting thing is that it doesn't send the video portion when I send the pictures via messages.
It only sends the final frame.
Are you sure you don't have it on Video mode as long as you touch the screen?
did you click some interesting.jpg.exe file?
I might video-record it and upload it to Youtube sometime.
5:23 PM
@Hosch250 They are .jpg extensions.
Is this the Windows Phone?
@Hosch250 Yeah, Lumia 950.
> JPG does not animate.

You either saw a series of JPG images rendered with javascript or you saw a GIF file named as a JPG. A web server and browser might still recognize the correct GIF filetype, even if the wrong extension has been added to the filename.
@Phrancis Well on my phone it does.
5:24 PM
My 520 I notice sometimes takes tiny bit to render the image correctly.
It gives it a slight animated look.
@Hosch250 That's not what's happening.
shrug Well, I've never had that.
I was driving down the road, and took a picture of the field to the right of my car, and every time I go to look at the picture now it literally has a short clip of the field moving past my car as I'm driving.
Sounds like an MPG.
It's not, because when I send it via messages, it only sends the last frame.
5:27 PM
It would be super wasteful to use full MPG format for short animation
There's even an option in my hone, "Show as a still image."
I'd wager it's probably a device trick
> Pioneered by Lumia, living images are magical photos that extend the image with a bit of video. So if you snap a photo of your child waving his arms, you’ll see a snippet of that movement in the resulting Living Image.
> This new sharing function is made possible because content is now encapsulated into one JPEG file, not two, said Karl.
I'm right, you all are wrong. ;)
Q: How can I make my alphabeta search more efficient?

user3561871I have made an implementation of Alpha beta into my Kalah game, but it isn't efficient. def alpha_beta_search(board, depth, player): minimum = -500 maximum = 500 v = max_value(board, minimum, maximum, depth, player) return v Max_Value def max_value(board, alpha, beta, depth, ...

Q: June 2016 Community Challenge

EBrownI don't see one of these yet, so here's the question for the proposals for the June 2016 Community Challenge! (I skipped May, as there wasn't enough time to get a good pool of suggestions.) It's time to choose a community-challenge for June 2016. Post your challenge as an answer to this ques...

5:31 PM
> What’s also cool is that the video portion of these photos has been extended from 0.6 second to one full second so you can see even more of a moment captured in time.
> But what if you take an image of a stationery object, such as close-up of a flower, or notes on a whiteboard? The camera now automatically detects if there is motion in the scene. For scenes with motion, living images plays and adds emotional value to your pictures. Your whiteboard pictures are still shown as regular static pictures.
3 mins ago, by Phrancis
I'd wager it's probably a device trick
@Phrancis It's a Windows 10 trick, not a device one.
And the video is embedded in the JPEG file.
@EBrown so, Harry Potter style then?
@Mat'sMug Yes, definitely magic.
It's actually really cool.
I like that feature.
I was taking a picture of my dog, and she was tilting her head up, and it's a 1 second video of the actual head tilt.
What kind of dog?
5:36 PM
Shih Tzu.
Oh. We have one or more in our neighborhood.
I prefer my girly.
Q: Convert Hours to minutes and seconds

Lúcio CardosoThis is a very simple program. My only questions about it, are: Am I overusing PRI? Is using the inttypes headers actually good practice? And, of course, if I can improve the program. #include <stdio.h> #include <inttypes.h> int main(void) { int8_t n_hours; int16_t n_minutes; int32_...

Q: Minimum Refills from A to B

BlackMI am studying algorithms and I had to solve this algorithm: Consider the following problem. You have a car such that if you fill it up to full tank, you can travel with it up to 400 kilometers without refilling it. And you need to get from point A to point B, and the distance between them is 950...

@EBrown the copy/pasta-fu is strong with this one
> At the end-of-day on Wednesday, September 30th, the top-voted post will become the next challenge.
> The challenge runs throughout October (but nothing stops you from posting an entry later on).
Maybe better for code review? — Tuvia 1 min ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it should be moved to codereviewFlorent 34 secs ago
Questions like this one belong here codereview.stackexchange.comMichal 38 secs ago
5:55 PM
@JonSkeet, ok I'll add some code. I meant that the shadowed field was inaccessible because it was superseded; effectively re-declared in the subclass. Your reputation is 861k; my argument is invalid :-) — toddmo 6 mins ago
> Your reputation is 861k; my argument is invalid
6:10 PM
possible answer invalidation by Cyclops on question by Cyclops: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/126597/revisions
6:22 PM
The ‘Just-got-back-from-a-conference’ effect
6:50 PM
You really shouldn't use your own salts on password hashes and you really should use PHP's built-in functions to handle password security. Make sure that you don't escape passwords or use any other cleansing mechanism on them before hashing. Doing so changes the password and causes unnecessary additional coding. — Jay Blanchard 51 secs ago
where branch_name not like '%DO NOT USE%'
I hate test data in production DBs
anyone else noticed weirdness with spoiler tags?
Q: Spoilers no longer "stick" when clicked

Mat's MugNot sure if this applies to all sites, but anyway before the recent CSS update, clicking a spoiler block would make it "stick"; now... ...well, not consistently at least. Using Chrome 49.0.2623.112; sometimes it seems to stick for a while, and then fades back away after another page element...

for those of you that use chrome, I have created a chrome extension for the Review Queue notifier, it currently only works for Code Review --> github.com/malachi26/ReviewQueueNotifier/tree/ChromeExtension/…
my development branch is currently Extension-Dev
@Mat'sMug I clicked it and it stuck
I just repro'd again... I'm not seeing things.. I'm not.... ...seeing..... .... .... — Mat's Mug 1 min ago
Works fine on my machine as well
6:58 PM
it's not constent. sometimes it sticks. sometimes it doesn't.
carp, do I need a new mouse?
When I click, it sticks, when I click again it stops sticking
Time to work...
wtf, can't repro anymore
deleted the post
I'm pretty proud of my SO answer here. I'm totally sure it's a dupe of something Jon Skeet probably answered even better, but still.
Q: Invisible Plots after running a macro using a large dataset

CyclopsI have created an automated macro which takes vehicle crash data from a .csv file and automatically creates a pivot table and plots and compares it to the previous year. The code is approximately 1400 lines long and the data of the uploaded .csv can be anywhere between 2 to 100 MB .csv files with...

huh, how did Evaluating Parser State go hot?!
I made a boring title on purpose, to stay low-profile...
@CaptainObvious borked
7:18 PM
Volkswagen isn't the only cheater. Check Mitsubishi: msn.com/en-us/money/companies/…
I think this question belongs to Code review (codereview.stackexchange.com) — CarlosCarucce 42 secs ago
Q: Tight coupling & DI threshold

sitilgeI have a code that goes like class A { public $b, $c; //Inject D and E here? (B $b, C $c, D $d, E $e, ...) public function __construct(B $b, C $c) { $this->b = $b; $this->c = $c; } public function main() { if (rand(0,1)) { new D()...

Q: query column names and then using them in a statements

jmugz3I currently have a table with over 250 columns, in which ~10-15 columns have column names that have a specific prefix, namely EQP_ Assume that you do not want to type the names of these columns, but still want only a result set containing those columns. Some possible solutions I thought of Us...

Q: Speeding up code (beginner)

WillSo I've written some code that I'm sure can be done quicker and more effectively on my micro, but i just can't my head around it. (using TM4C1294xl in CCS) I have an interrupt which I want to read the ADC, place the value into the array. Then have a second array which holds the same ADC value but...

7:42 PM
Q: socket.io and garbage collection

ghortI have developed a realtime text web app using socket.io that continuously displays text on the web page. When I run my code below with multiple clients connecting the memory usage for the V8 javascript process on the server continues to grow and garbage collection doesn't appear to happen. Is it...

Kevin Montrose on April 26, 2016
My colleague set off a little bit of a benchmarking contest...
@Mat'sMug The code is working as intended. But somewhere in the code or its just excel that makes plots invisible trying to read large datasets. I have even read that its excel 2013 that crashes a lot due to this. I think this is a relevant question as the entire code is written. I just need some advice regarding the best practice to eliminate this glitch. — Cyclops 9 mins ago
Doesn't look like OP is asking for a review. Thoughts?
Good grief, VBA code looks really borked now with the new colors, since it's showing comments as strings
(which it was already doing, but it was more subtle without the green color)
@Phrancis Of course it is borked.
I wish VB and all its evil descendants had never been invented.
7:52 PM
@Mat'sMug I left a comment
Team effort, who wants to help fix Code Prettify for VBA? (and maybe also for Clojure while at it)
> HTTP Error 500 Internal server error
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Property validation
@RoboSanta @janos is it intentional that selfie answers are included with this?
8:09 PM
Q: I implement p0-Pollard

FedorI should implement p0-Pollard with c++14 and good algorythmic. How may improved my code: #include <iostream> #include <assert.h> template <typename T> T gcd(T a, T b){ // printf("step1\n"); if(a<0) a=-a; if(b<0) b=-b; T c = 1;// -> decltype(a+b); while((a%2 == 0)&&(b%2 == 0)...

Consider code review please. — Tuvia 1 min ago
Code review is not for explaining code someone else has written. — Juhana 37 secs ago
@Duga thank you
@Mat'sMug Yea, but stack overflow is not for that either. When what is code review for? — Tuvia 46 secs ago
@Tuvia the Guide to CR for SO users should answer all your questions and more =) — Mat's Mug 20 secs ago
8:30 PM
I may have found the culprit, possibly... any JavaScript wizard around? line 900 in prettify.js & lang-vb.js
It looks as if it's matching the generic multiline string pattern before it even gets a chance to parse it as VB code to see that it should be a comment
The regex itself for matching VB comments is fine
(for some values of fine)
It even takes into account comment line continuations with _ lol
8:53 PM
          [PR_STRING,  /^(?:\'(?:[^\\\']|\\[\s\S])*(?:\'|$)|\"(?:[^\\\"]|\\[\s\S])*(?:\"|$)|\`(?:[^\\\`]|\\[\s\S])*(?:\`|$))/,
           null, '\'"`']);
Q: Celebration Party Problem - Algorithm

BlackMI solved the following problem: Let's consider the following situation. You've invited a lot of children to a celebration party, and you want to entertain them and also teach them something in the process. You are going to hire a few teachers and divide the children into groups and assign a teac...

Q: Tic Tac Toe (Player vs Computer)

TCGHi I am looking on how I can improve my writing style and/or how to simplify how I write my code. Thanks in advance! # USER: TCG # Tic Tac Toe (User vs Computer) import random def place(num,x): # Returns all the moves made for i in range(len(x)): if x[i] == num: pos...

You might consider posting this instead to the Code Review stack exchange. — Thriggle 58 secs ago
@Quill pretty ridiculous isn't it
It might even be worth it to write a userscript just to grab the text, clear the prettify formatting, and then add on a different formatting
The one I use in my blog is really nice
Seems like a clunky workaround though, if Prettify can be fixed then SE can just update their version and it will fix all sites
9:03 PM
Your code works already; there is no issue other than style. Try asking questions like this on codereview.stackexchange.com instead. — Peter O. 16 secs ago
Does a single ' character open a comment block in anylanguage
Hm, I wonder why there is a function sourceDecorator both in prettify.js and in run-prettify.js (line 1119)
@Quill Only in VB-family, and it's line comments not block
(VB does not support block comments AFAIK, since it parses source code line-by-line - not sure if VB.NET is also like this)
Q: Commenting code in ASP Classic

Developer JayThe way I know of hashing out code within ASP Classic is <%-- --%>. Would this be correct? Or is there another way?

@Quill REM statements
are they multiline?
9:06 PM
Also, deprecated
It'd be easy to add it to the VB regex though
There's a check for a single quote character in the multiline regex of the first link (the main-prettify file you linked), but the lang-VB's regex seems to work fine
Right, we'd need to somehow override the multiline (and possibly single line) patterns if the language was vb, I think
do you have a specific post example or something?
I don't know if Prettify "knows" yet what language it will be when that function is used, I would think it does but not sure how to confirm
Q: Invisible Plots after running a macro using a large dataset

CyclopsI have created an automated macro which takes vehicle crash data from a .csv file and automatically creates a pivot table and plots and compares it to the previous year. The code is approximately 1400 lines long and the data of the uploaded .csv can be anywhere between 2 to 100 MB .csv files with...

41 mins ago, by Phrancis
user image
This feels like it could be the same user
@Mat'sMug thoughts?
Is this right to reopen? My powershell is lacking ;-;
9:19 PM
IDK, the editor has about 150 different IP's, no way I'm going through all of 'em to dig up a match
okay fair enough
Just leave the standard comment saying they can merge their accounts if necessary?
I have reposted the script here with the updates: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/126796/…Collin Stump 55 secs ago
@Phrancis My intent is solely to get feedback on the plot part of the code which I included. It does the intended job of creating it. — Cyclops 5 mins ago
@Mat'sMug ^^ thoughts?
Thank you everyone for the advice, i will delete this question from stackoverflow and reupload it to codereview. Could you please have a look and give me some feedbacks? much appreciated! — Tony Stark 34 secs ago
9:24 PM
@Phrancis fine then
@Duga incoming JAVA
Question about the community challenge
Q: Optimize: Advent of Code Day 6 w/ Powershell

Collin StumpI am using the "Advent of Code" series to help with my Powershell education. http://adventofcode.com/day/6 I am confident that this script will produce the right answer. However, it is going way to slow. I am interested in optimizing this script for improved performance. I am not against coming ...

It was pretty exciting to see it in the sidebar
I'm thinking of writing up a post about simplifying deterministic finite automata
should I explain the standard approach to simplification?
Or should I make it hard and let you guys figure it out yourselves? :D
9:28 PM
@Phrancis awesome edit, you made me upvote the post!
@Mat'sMug Thank you :)
@Quill I added the details we found on the issue
Q: Letstalkdata Python 3 writing a text adventure TypeError: __init__() missing 1 required positional argument: 'enemy'

James BurnsI'm interested in developing my own understanding of Python while simultaneously fulfilling a long-standing desire to write my own text-based adventure game. I stumbled upon Phillip Johnson's little guide on how to do it in Python with an object-oriented approach that seems great for building a h...

Yes, I use Courier New in the VBE. It's "vintage-style", don't judge me. — Mat's Mug ♦ 7 secs ago
9:49 PM
A: VBA Code Prettify is broken

QuillThis isn't necessarily a bug, we can fix, unless you want to PR a fix to the Prettify repo. The bug has been around for a while, however, we've left a comment on the issue, and hopefully a contributor gets back to us with a solution. In the mean time, feel free to edit the language hint comment...

It's kinda pointless to leave a comment and then delete the post :p
My inbox excepted
Is it just me, or is Eric Lippert a bit sassy?
@Quill the post had no vba tag... I'm just blind... there is no bug :-/
There's still a bug, it shouldn't do that ;-;
@Quill the question deserved that
Back to the question about the community challenge
A: June 2016 Community Challenge

Vogel612Simplify a DFA Understanding and simplifying a formal language can be difficult. Doing it for a visual representation of that language is a well-understood phenomenon for "regular languages" (RegEx anyone?). Your task is: Given a Deterministic Finite State Automaton, find the simplest represent...

^^ is this understandable? Would it be helpful to have a pseudocode solution to the problem given?
10:04 PM
Q: Python 2.7 Web Scraper using Beautifulsoup 4

Valerie SharpI wanted to create a database with commonly used words. right now when I run this script it works fine but my biggest issue is I need all of the words to be in one column. I feel like what I did was more of a hack than a real fix. Using Beautifulsoup can you print everything in one column without...

> Using Beautifulsoup can you print everything in one column without haveing extra blank lines?
Feels hypothetical
uhhhhh formatting bug is gone on CR at least o.O
Missing the VBA tag eh
Q: Tracking jobs an estimates

HiahsA file paintingJobs.txt shows Estimate Number, Estimate Date, CustomerID, Final total (in pounds), Status(E for Estimate, A for Accepted job, N for Not accepted), and Amount Paid (in pounds). Requirements: Display 4 options for the user to select: Option A: Search for an estimate, Option B Disp...

10:30 PM
possible answer invalidation by Ga Sacchi on question by Ga Sacchi: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/126769/revisions
@Duga seems a-okay-ish.
either case... TTGTB.
good night
11:00 PM
possible answer invalidation by Tunaki on question by CodeYogi: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/126771/revisions
nope that's okay @Duga
11:28 PM
There's nothing really fun about splitting delimited strings in SQL, but now I have a function for it :D
@Vogel612 Uhm, could you dumb it down for the people without a CS background? I know a thing or two about state machines, but this goes right over my head.
I've never seen an alphabet for a state machine.
11:49 PM
Probably this is better suited for codereview.se, but you can always just make a list of the functions and use List.mapJohn Palmer 53 secs ago
Well this is annoying...
It works, it just won't stop showing this "error"
reboot and/or re-assemble your graphics card
@Phrancis I assume your IDE doesn't recognize it.
Perhaps you need to add a certain file to your list of sources?
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