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12:00 AM
There are 1390 unanswered questions
PING codereview.stackexchange.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.
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Man, your connection is fast. The lowest result I've gotten is about time=125 ms.
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both 12.13 and 13.13 ping in about the same time for me ( < 7ms)
It's a >20K privilege ;'-)
(can you tell my nose is growing...?)
Wow, trying to ping with over 1024 bytes gets me a timeout error and 100% packet loss.
crosh> ping -c 4 -s 1024 codereview.stackexchange.com
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PING codereview.stackexchange.com ( 1024(1052) bytes of data.

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What's solarium?
the name of the computer I am on
solarium:~> uname -a
Linux solarium 3.13.0-52-generic #86-Ubuntu SMP Mon May 4 04:32:59 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Ah, clever name.
My computer's name is MagicalBilly.
12:07 AM
It's in my solarium ... not so clever now?
Oh. Okay.
I also have a computer called "silent".... guess what .... it's silent ;-)
I am... not so creative with my computer names.
Do you not use "silent"?
12:08 AM
I do, "all" the time.
So it's "used".
it's a mythbuntu install on an intel chipset with a huge heatsink on the CPU, an SSD, a fanless powersupply, and a fanless NVidia graphics chip.
no moving parts at all.
it's in my bedroom, and runs the TV there.
Ah neat.
Linux silent 3.13.0-51-generic #84-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 15 12:08:34 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
I have an Alienware laptop hooked up to another monitor, which coincidentally, I have this window in, and a RPi hooked up to the monitor so I can switch between the two easily.
12:11 AM
@rolfl Mythbuntu? Is that like Ubuntu - Mythbusters edition?
Mythbuntu is a media center operating system (OS). It is based on Ubuntu, integrates the MythTV Media center software as its main function, and does not install with all of the programs included with Ubuntu. Following the principles of KnoppMyth and Mythdora, Mythbuntu is designed to simplify the installation of MythTV on a home theater PC. After Mythbuntu has been installed the MythTV setup program begins in which it can be configured as a frontend (a media viewer), backend (a media server), or combination of the two. Mythbuntu aims to keep close ties with Ubuntu thus allowing changes to be moved...
At work, the file servers are named for Greek gods. The SQL servers are named for robots. The web servers are named for beers. When they asked me if I had any ideas for the server to wirelessly distribute the iOS apps, I said "Why not AppServ?"
So, that server is now the least creatively named server on the entire network... but...
No one has ever confused it.
That would seem inconvenient.
And never mind.
So at work, if you want to install one of the in-house iOS apps, you just open Safari and go to https://appserv and tap a link for whatever download.
I think the idea of an "accepted" answer is a little strange. The more I think about it, the more I'm assured I'm right in thinking this.
quit thinking about it then.
12:25 AM
I'm not too bothered by it generally.
But, SE gives the person perhaps least likely of being a competent judge the power to pin an answer to the top. This aspect is not quite a big deal here on Code Review, because questions are significantly more personal (accepted answer is still strange on CR for other reasons).
I think the idea that accepts are personal, is in many cases a good thing.
It's kind of opposite of what Stack Exchange sets itself out to be though, right?
it is the answer that is most useful according to the asker. It helps you tune your answers to the asker.
It's quite the opposite of the entire point of the voting system.
in a sense, yes.
the community votes the way they want to, and the asker has a super-vote.
you can choose to ignore that accepted answer if you want.
12:29 AM
Actually, I think my problem is not that the accept vote is there, just in that the accept vote pins the answer to the top (unless it's a self-answer)
When the accepted answer has a negative score, it shouldn't stay pinned. And any answer that outscores the accepted answer by a significant enough margin should float above the accepted answer.
Like this example: stackoverflow.com/questions/3498158/… (which is my goto example for several things).
This one is of course slightly skewed by meta effect
But the "accepted" answer now sits at -2
While there's an answer with +72 and another with +50 and a bounty reward.
Well, if you want something important to consider.... consider pizza.....
it's just come out of the oven, and it's tasty, and hot.
12:47 AM
...and the good stuff rises to the top?
@Mat'sMug He must've been too busy eating/thinking about pizza to finish the thought.
Must be it :)
I've seen a couple times Accepted answers get put below higher upvoted answer(s), but I think that was SO. Might behave differently in Beta
No, that only happens if the accepted answer is a self-answer.
Oh. My bad.
1:00 AM
A: Comparing generic struct types

nhgrifTaking some inspiration from Sebastian's answer, I came up with this solution: func sameType<L,R>(left: L, right: R) -> Bool { if let cast = left as? R { return true } else { return false } } This works even if nested within a function accepting generics: func compare

So... yesterday we had a guy come in from 10am-3pm trying to learn iOS development.
And then today he didn't show back up.
I think this might be when some Americans say that "the penny drops"?
(might be wrong, I'm just a French Canadian)
Q: SPOJ giving WA for this dynamic programming approach for FPOLICE

NamanI have been struggling a lot with http://www.spoj.com/problems/FPOLICE/ on spoj. I am using DP approach. I am able to get correct answer for all the test cases but still getting WA on spoj. I have checked atleast following edge cases: 1) No overflow, I have used long int which seems to be suffi...

I've been hearing this phrase "the penny drops" lately, but I'm not sure I know what it means actually.
@nhgrif And what might that imply? ^^^
I used to hear people say stuff about a pen or pin dropping
As a reference to how quiet it was
1:08 AM
Also, I here people talk about dropping the mike..
Oh, I was talking about the guy not showing up.
I'm not sure...
Q: SPOJ giving WA for this dynamic programming approach for FPOLICE

NamanI have been struggling a lot with http://www.spoj.com/problems/FPOLICE/ on spoj. I am using DP approach. I am able to get correct answer for all the test cases but still getting WA on spoj. I have checked atleast following edge cases: 1) No overflow, I have used long int which seems to be suffi...

I mean, when he left yesterday, he seemed like he was making a
@StackOverflow wut even is dis
1:09 AM
He was making a ...?
Hello @RefathBari
Oh, we have a feed set up for SO's tag.
Hello, @Ethan ,Any Web Devs here?
Why the hell does SO have a tag?
1:11 AM
@RefathBari Oh, I'm not a web dev. It's just something I hack around with sometimes.
@EthanBierlein It hasn't been burninated yet. Trogdor's been busy.
@CaptainObvious off-topic.
@EthanBierlein Oh,I see-Am I free to discuss a <b>Project</b> Im working on?
I'm a web dev, for some values of web dev. Not many.
1:13 AM
Meh.Im a front-end web dev.
^that too
Im working on a project called Newtonian
Cool, what is it about?
Welcome to Newtonian! Newtonian is a weather app devoted to providing it's users information about the weather to the best of it's ability.Thank you for choosing Newtonian! We hope you will find it useful.
Interesting. I'm working on a project called: Ol' Tony-Anne
1:14 AM
Newtonian not only provides it's users the tools to access weather data,but also gives it's users the best course of actions to execute in the case of a weather emergency(i.e.tornado/tsunami)
@nhgrif Nice,elaborate please?
@RefathBari Sounds interesting. Did you have a specific question?
@Phrancis you mean why I mentioned it?
@Phrancis Ah,I merely wanted to promote it.
Oh ok
1:16 AM
You see,it's a pretty big risk to start a software startup at **.
My age=**
Not allowed to discern it
Probably not the best channel, but if you have a website or something sure. Have you tried Twitter?
Nope,but the thing is my product isn't even ready for public testing.
My company followed me after I (at)-ed them yesterday.
I havent put it up on any web servers.
On the good side-Newtonian has an undoubtedly beautiful UI
1:18 AM
Might be a bit early to promote, unless you're looking for help, in which case you should post a link to your repo
#define INFINITY 1000000000L
@nhgrif Yeah.LOL
Undoubtedly merely means without a doubt.Or did I dodge your question?
Are you guys testing out Newtonian's P2 Homepage?
So, what makes this thing special?
Alright,let me see if I can sell my idea.
You see,Newtonian isn't like any other app.
@RefathBari As far as I can tell, the thing only shows animated gifs...
1:21 AM
@Phrancis I just started developing the redesigned Homepage today,here's the original one:
Q: Using a dictionary to index words in a document per line

DavidC85I'm trying to create a dictionary by indexing word occurrences. The index will be the word and the item will be a list of the line numbers that it is on. So far I have this and it works, kinda. It is doing what I want except that it is saying that every word in the list is on every line. def i...

Q: Python | Pygame | Space Invaders

Registered UserI made a program that runs my version of Space Invaders. I recently finished it. I just want to make it more pythonic, and streamline it so it uses less memory and performs faster. The basic outline of the program is at this website. import pygame, sys, random from pygame.locals import * # se...

#define INFINITY null // have fun!
@Phrancis Here's the Natural Disaster home page:
1:23 AM
int t;
int N,T,time_array[105][105],risk_array[105][105];
That's right. We've got t and T as different variables... of the same type.
Anyway,Newtonian not only warns the user about a forecoming disaster,it even tells the user what actions to EXECUTE in the case if such disasters.
I don't even know how you're supposed to define infinity in CS...
You mean CSS?
No, computer science.
Just do this:
1:24 AM
@RefathBari So, what my smartphone already does?
@RefathBari That's all well and good, but the website is really just a UI, it doesn't do anything. Other than dizzying spinning icons
@nhgrif LOL.Really?
@nhgrif you saw the wiki excerpt for SO's tag?
> Code Reviews are done in various forms such as pair programming, informal walkthroughs, and formal inspections.

On Stack Overflow, questions to review code are generally off-topic. It is recommended to post such questions on the Code Review sister site.
I just proposed and edit to the tag, @Mat'sMug
1:25 AM
I mean, how do you represent infinity? It's just, well, strange...
Q: Why, why is there a [code-review] tag?

Ethan BierleinThere is Codereview site. Why on earth does Stackoverflow need a code-review?

Does your phone tell you what to do in case of a tsunami? How about how far away it is?
I think it was used to mass-migrate posts to seed CR at the beginning
@RefathBari If there's a tsunami in Arkansas, ever, I'll let you know.
I get areal flood and tornado alerts on my phone, with links to radar and such. Accuweather app.
@nhgrif Please do. No like seriously,your phone can't have the capability to tell you what to do,can it?
Oh what?
"AccuWeather is an American media company that provides commercial weather forecasting services worldwide" according to google.
1:27 AM
My phone goes nuts any time there's a flood or tornado warning.
Nothing about earthquake,or hurricane alerts =D
And anyway,it's all about the EXECUTION of the idea.
Also winter weather advisories.
I'm sure it does, we just don't get those in midwestern USA
And yes, that.
1:28 AM
But your phones dont have an earthquake or hurricane alerts,do they?
Im quite sure the former is unavailable.
I'm not in an area where I will get hit by an earthquake, tsunami, or hurricane.
How are you so sure?
Apologies for overusing LOL.
I feel like I had to give almost the exact same review to this question as I did to the first one.
1:29 AM
@Phrancis See?
I definitely missed a LOL-fest.
It can determine your location yet obviously it cant from a Earthquake
Q: Why, why is there a [code-review] tag?

Ethan BierleinThere is Codereview site. Why on earth does Stackoverflow need a code-review tag?

1:31 AM
Q: Reorder parameters in VBA

Hosch250Rubberduck now has a reorder parameters refactoring, since version 1.4 (uncompleted at the time of writing this). Before: After: Dialog: This is the IDialogView implementation: interface IReorderParametersView : IDialogView { Declaration Target { get; set; } List<Parameter> Par...

You have control over the stars. Everything is in your hands now.
I don't think you can predict an earthquake.
1:31 AM
@nhgrif There are quite a few signs of an earthquake
My phone has alerted me for every severe weather event that has been even remotely in my vicinity.
I sincerely despise your phone
And I'm more likely to see an alert if my pocket is buzzing or if my phone makes a noise, etc.
Earthquakes AFAIK can be predicted only on a very short scale, i.e., when the ground starts shaking violently, you know that tectonic plates are shifting
First of all,an increase in Radon Gas emissions,as well as electromagnetic impulses,although the latter has proven to be slightly unreliable.
1:33 AM
I'm only going to check a website if I already suspect the weather might be bad.
Also,animals are known to behave as if they are in an undesirable condition.
@Phrancis New Mexico already has it in place
If you want to discuss the specifics of meteorology, that ^ is a better place
1:34 AM
If you want to talk about your code, then let's talk about it
@RefathBari - not here.
How does that relate
How does meteorology relate to the only thing you've discussed here?
@rolfl What do you mean "no here"?
I wasnt talking about the weather
Only earthquakes
@RefathBari - I have been scanning the transcript, trying to figure out your angle.
1:35 AM
I see
At best, you're trying to promote your app.
Sorry if I wasnt very concise or clear
at worst, you're just trolling.
I wasn't under the impression that you were talking about the weather. I felt as though you were laughing about the weather...
Anyway,@Phrancis,my code is mostly simplistic,except for that one where I used JS to determine the user's location
1:36 AM
@EthanBierlein I had to cast that vote...
@RefathBari Well, that's all fair and good. If you're seeking for a review, post in on the main site
@RefathBari Sounds like interesting code. If you post it as a question here on Code Review's main site, we can discuss it in here.
It should be somewhere here....
@Mat'sMug I casted a close vote on my own question. LOL
It's just that "promotion" is not what the Stack Exchange network is about, there are other things like Twitter, Facebook, Google Ads and such for that.
1:38 AM
Ahh,there we go!
Thank you for your clarification,@Phrancis
@RefathBari I deleted that link
When I say post the code, I mean ask a question with the code embedded in it, as a Creative COmmons share alike license
Ah,I see...
1:40 AM
hmm now I feel like posting some code up for review
Also... I highly recommend, if you're truly interested in taking this website seriously, that you stop by ux.stackexchange.com
@Mat'sMug What's stopping you? ;)
@Phrancis Hosch already did
1:41 AM
Oh, gotcha
Im already aware of the User Experience SE,but thanks or letting me know
I think they will have some great advice for you from the end user perspective.
NO, not really
If you are interested, we will have some great advice for you from the code perspective.
And the more you post links, the more you look like you're spamming/trolling.
1:42 AM
that ^^^
Thanks,@nhgrif,sorry for "Trolling"
Can you clarify,please?
45 secs ago, by nhgrif
And the more you post links, the more you look like you're spamming/trolling.
^^ that ;-)
Also, how come rule 1 on "10 usability crimes you shouldn't commit" isn't "Don't have a 37 foot tall banner across the top of your website that doesn't scroll away"?
Ah,I see.Thank you Mat.
@RefathBari - I am coming to a decision here.
1:44 AM
Don't have a 37 foot tall banner across the top of your website that doesn't scroll away
I dont understand,are you referring to Newtonian?
It appears that the only reason you are in chat is to promote your website
@rolfl I shall hopefully dodge that soon.
Can I promote my website?
If not,why dont you ban me? =D
in Sandbox, 56 mins ago, by Refath Bari
Sorry,not trying to spam.
@RefathBari I am thinking I will.
1:45 AM
@Ban me?
kicked. gets the message?
in VBA, 38 mins ago, by Refath Bari
Hello! Any web developers here?
I don't think he was an intentional troll.
But... that had definitely gone on too long.
I think he was just trying to get attention.
in RPG General Chat, 47 mins ago, by Refath Bari
Ah,I see.I wanted to discuss web development and a project I was working on.
1:47 AM
Jeez, maybe a week-long chat ban?
I mean, seriously, I doubt programming in general comes up in RPG General Chat, if at all.
Why wouldn't Real ProGrammers talk about programming?
@rolfl Shall action be taken master monkey?
in Charcoal HQ, 56 mins ago, by Refath Bari
I see.Im working on a project called Newtonian.It's basically an app(for Web+iOS) that will save people's lives by giving them a forecast of any forecoming natural disaster which will occur within their proximity soon.
1:49 AM
I'm going to create an app that will save people's lives by giving them something to do when they are bored.
Still deciding. He's been a member of code review for a long time. This is not obvious spammer/troller.
I think that the message is just getting through, and that's OK.
@nhgrif I think SE's got you beat on that one.
@RefathBari - it is not OK to bombard chat with almost/maybe spam.
I should make the importBlogKit app... but what would it do?
you have to stay on topic for the respective chat rooms.
if you are new to the chat room, then get a sense of both the site that the chat is attached to, and the culture of the room.
1:51 AM
@nhgrif It would do the same thing as the website.
How is that different from the website then?
It's not.
@nhgrif Push notifications to remind users that you want them to read your blog?
@RefathBari - I have annotated your account (so that other moderators can see) that we have had this chat.
I'm going to bed..
1:53 AM
> iSleep
so, how was pizza @rolfl?
Good... watched a "Castle" too.
Slowly catching up.
This solution is broken in at least three different ways. As such, I don't believe it can be reviewed. — JS1 2 hours ago
Hmmm... @JS1 - it is not as obvious to me. In the close review queue, and I can't see any of the three, and your comment does not help me to decide. Voting to "leave open". — rolfl ♦ 1 min ago
I ran the code.... works for me.
now I am feeling .... stupid? What am I missing... like a fermat margin call.
2:04 AM
Bahhh BrainF'd already
@EthanBierlein LOL FTW
You're going to have to do better....
write a LOLCODE interpreter in BrainF.
You know what, I accept that challenge @rolfl. It may not be complete, but I'll give it my best shot.
You have to give at least a month though. That's going to be a lot of work.
Just don't ask for it to be reviewed here ;-)
@EthanBierlein July challenge?
What if it's commented and cleanly formatted?
2:06 AM
fair enough .... ^^^
But, then, is it BrainFuck KTHXBYE?
Maybe? I don't know how many people would be up for that extreme of a challenge though...
in TCG Creation, Aug 23 '14 at 20:53, by Simon André Forsberg
OK, perhaps FizzBuzz in Brainfuck isn't the best thing to do to get a job...
in TCG Creation, Oct 29 '14 at 22:51, by Simon André Forsberg
@Phrancis Would brainfuck be alright?
in TCG Creation, May 13 at 16:49, by Simon André Forsberg
@skiwi say that the next time I'm writing Brainfuck!
Seriously, I would consider hiring anyone who could write a useful program in brainfuck in an interview.
It's uncanny how often the combination of Brainfuck and Simon happens.
Then again, I would consider hiring anyone who could write a useful program in an interview.
2:09 AM
It'd be cool if BF would have using directives, and file IO. Then it could actually be used, somewhat well.
Always depends how long the interview is... ;)
@EthanBierlein Uhm.... what do you expect...?
With that background and contrast, I suppose we're not really supposed to read it.
@EthanBierlein OMG it's 1997 all over again!
2:16 AM
No blinking.... not 1990's
@rolfl A better background. That's what I expect.
@EthanBierlein They should use this, tiled, as the background, that would be thematic:
This question is off topic for Stack Overflow, since it doesn't actually have a problem in the code that you need help answering. You might give codereview.stackexchange.com a try, though you should search around there first for "how do I ask a good question" or similar. I don't frequent that site as much myself, so I can't give you advice in how to ask a good question there. — yshavit just now
@yshavit thanks for actually having a real close reason. too often we see "I'm voting to close this question because it belongs on code review" - that said, this question would actually be a good CR question. It would be an even better one if the fluff at the top would be replaced by a short description of what the code is doing. — Mat's Mug 48 secs ago
This the first night in ages that I'm not watching trash on TV.
2:37 AM
#VBA "reorder parameters" #refactoring implementation is up for review on @StackCodeReview! #csharp #oss #codereview http://codereview.stackexchange.com/q/91221/23788
the tweet has more impressions than the CR post has views, and has more engagements than the CR post has votes. what's up?
CR is sleeping :/
tagged ... what do you expect ;-)
I told @Hosch250 to remove "VBA" from the title, as it might scare reviewers away...
Hi, y'all.
Dishes time, so bye, y'all.
Yikes: 72 bytes from icmp_seq=34 ttl=54 time=1004 ms.
2:58 AM
@Mat'sMug People must be too busy with #TheFlash #VoiceFinals and others to look a #C#
I also think we should start calling it C-hashtag. It's more hip.
what of #csharp then?
@Phrancis I merged from 'next' into my dev branch; there were conflicts so I resolved them, but badly - I took the "target" when what I needed was to cherry-pick blocks of code between the two versions (ps - how do I do that?!). I haven't pushed yet, so it's stil only locally committed... but VS doensn't allow me to revert the merge. it I push, will it let me? or that would just make things worse?
3:25 AM
Q: How broken does code have to be to for a question to be closed?

JS1I recently voted to close this question: The longest subsequence with specified difference between min and max Originally I though the code was really bad because the OP claimed a linear solution so I didn't see the array sort at the top. But even with a sorted array, the code still had what I...

3:52 AM
So ... Is this working code? If yes, you might be better served posting this on codereview.stackexchange.com. — mgilson 51 secs ago
@Mat'sMug would you mind taking a look at the last paragraph here: codereview.stackexchange.com/a/91227/44723
> This came along with anonymous types and LINQ. Given var limitations it's clear that it is not intended for arbitrary, willy-nilly avoidance of explicit type declarations - and especially not for "clarity", "maintainability" or other nonsense.
also this
My only real argument is your suggestion of the use var. I have been on four programming teams that used C# and everytime we all agreed that var should never be used. It decreases maintainability and ease of reading. One team even fired a user for using var in place of explicit type declaration. To be more concise, using var is poor programming practice; just because a feature exists, doesn't mean it should be used. — Krythic 8 hours ago
One team even fired a user for using var in place of explicit type declaration.
i didn't know you could fire users, that's a great idea
3:56 AM
Q: Python factory method with easy registry

David HallMy aim is to define a set of classes, each providing methods for comparing a particular type of file. My idea is to use some kind of factory method to instantiate the class based upon a string, which could allow new classes to be added easily. Then it would be simple to loop over a dictionary lik...

@mjolka That's a great idea.
@mjolka so... I take it that you agree with the statement and find that I'm abusing var?
@Mat'sMug i can't tell if you're being sarcastic

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