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7:02 PM
@Mat'sMug More like "switching On a candle" ;)
I'd like to add another perspective to this: is it too easy to down vote questions? Too many times I see down votes on questions but little comments on why these are given and what the author should consider to avoid further down votes. It may not always be a lack of compliment to the rules of SE but rather a subjective dislike of the character of a question by some reader behind a down vote. It's kind of lazy to down vote questions without leaving comments. It discourages asking questions when in fact asking questions is the one and only thing that makes sense on SE sites. — Kristofer Gisslén 8 mins ago
7:24 PM
I'll add, perhaps this belongs in codereviewTed 42 secs ago
Q: Rolling in the... dices

TopinFrassiThis JavaScript object is part of a mobile application that rolls dices for our D&D games. Here are some example of possible inputs from user : 2d4 2d4 + 3d6 2d4 + 3d6 + 12 function DiceRoller() { this.rollDices = function(input){ var parsedInput = input.split("+"); va...

If you're not having an issue (ie everything works) this question is probably better suited for something like codereview.stackexchange.comTim Lewis 54 secs ago
7:39 PM
Q: Carpet Calculator Program

MaryThis program is supposed to have 3 parts to it. 2 classes and 1 test program which I have created. My code for the program runs and works fine. However, I based my program off a different UML diagram. I had to go back and add more modules based on the UML diagram that my professor gave the class....

codereview.stackexchange.com is more stable for this type of question, also put the line of code that's causing the error. — vihan1086 1 min ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is about a code review.rlemon 1 min ago
Can't I post a code review? My big code is making my website heavy. — meninadeluz 48 secs ago
Looks like the code works good. You're welcome to delete your question here and post it to Code Review, we have several people who are knowledgeable with Bootstrap CSS. — Phrancis 25 secs ago
Yea! It works gud!
Q: Android Movie Class With AsyncTask

SteveI've got a class called Movie and within this class I use an AsyncTask to get a Bitmap from a url passed in the constructor. To store the image I use new DownloadImage().execute(url).get();. However I'm concerned about this blocking the UI Thread as now its a synchronous call. Is there another w...

@vihan1086 Looks like the code is not working correctly. This would be closed as off-topic on Code Review until the code works as intended. — Phrancis 1 min ago
@meninadeluz We have a Code Review site dedicated to this kind of question. You are welcome to delete your question on Stack Overflow and post it to Code Review and we will be happy to help you lighten it up! — Phrancis 19 secs ago
7:51 PM
Q: Multiple animated jquery buttons - Simplify code

meninadeluzI've been working on this day and night and, since I'm a newbie, I can't seem to figure this out. I have a map with 27 states. Each, on click, show the highlighted state and an info box. Also, I have 27 links that, on click, do the same as the above. So, I wrote a huge code and got it to work fin...

Exam... done, only used up 70 minutes out of my 3 hours though
Pretty much 70 minutes of writing with barely any thinking
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this should be on code review — Toby Allen 21 secs ago
7:59 PM
Is MSE the best place to post bugs related to question/answer formatting?
8:13 PM
Lol, I think I'll try emailing a paper letter.
What would that be, a fax?
@nhgrif Then I guess I'll need to talk to someone in a soundproof Faraday cage, or something.
Talking about a Faraday cage...
@Hosch250 No, a fax would be "phoning in" a paper letter
@Duga ¤/"()¤%/"("%¤)/(¤"$@££€$€£{
Spotted this thing on university today in the auditorium
Looks to be a Tesla Coil?
A section of scaffolding?
A Tesla coil sounds interesting.
8:20 PM
@TobyAllen This question is asking for help with additional implementation, it does not belong on Code Review. Please read Be careful when recommending Code Review to askersSimon André Forsberg 1 min ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because for codereview we have a specific SE site for that. — rene 1 min ago
8:38 PM
A: Scaling the last column in a table (with input) to match the container

FlambinoThe 7px padding issue can be solved by adding box-sizing: border-box to the input. That'll make the input's 100% width include the input's border and padding. As for using a read-only input, I'd say that's a fine solution - at least for the data. Besides scrolling without requiring a scrollbar, ...

^^^^ Not enough lovin....
Q: Long lines in quoted code block scroll bar issue

PhrancisI saw some question like this but they seemed to be specific to iPad or Android. This problem happens on the main site as displayed in a regular web browser on a computer. I took screenshots of the same problem on Code Review and on Stack Overflow. It behaves a bit differently. But both of them...

8:59 PM
Seems like @Duga has another purpose:
in The Whiteboard, yesterday, by Robert Harvey
I've closed a lot of questions that Duga identifies. About 95 percent of the time, if a Duga entry appears here, the SO question is close-worthy.
@Mat'sMug lol (I love that I can see removed messages here)
I wonder if the above referenced issue posted to MSE is due to the OP's broken code block formatting... does anyone know how to fix that?
9:15 PM
Q: Java 8 String find and replace method optimization

RanPaulI am trying to find a string from messages.properties in an errorMessage and if the errorMessage has the string I need to replace it with corresponding value I have messages.properties as below inv_date=INVOICE DATE inv_id=INVOICE NUMBER cl_id=CLIENT ID lf_matter_id=LAW FIRM MATTER ID inv_total...

Q: Chebyshev polynomial evaluation class using C++1z fold expressions

cartographerI've been messing around with templates in c++14 and c++1z recently, and since I have somewhat of an obsession with optimization (and since my field of work relates to it) I decided to try to implement and optimized class for evaluating Chebychev polynomials of the first kind. I eventually want ...

9:32 PM
It seems like what you need is a Binary Search Tree Check This Outnem 54 secs ago
Pretty sweet, HTML formatting in code blocks!
Hello @A.J.!
I am digging that code block!
This might be a better fit for codereview.stackexchange.comIan McLaird 6 secs ago
@EvanBechtol Pretty cool, isn't it!
9:47 PM
I wasn't aware that you could nest the code block inside of the block quote. I wonder if a mod would edit that in a post / answer? :x
Eh, doubt it. People on meta SE suggested that you were able to do that
I'm going to find a reason to use that next time lol
The links also work. The link formatting is overrridden by the Prettify formatting, but Test is clickable in the above displayed block
Now that is likely to get edited out!
Breaking stuff again @Phrancis?
Breaking stuff is what I do best. ;)
9:57 PM
@EvanBechtol This is fairly common practice on Code Review answers when we want to separate code we've copied from the question we're talking about from code we're recommending.
@skiwi This what they do with students who also don't pass their examination retakes.
@Mat'sMug I beg your pardon? What are you blowing off?
An NES cartridge I hope...
<strike> works in code blocks too. But not <u>.
Later all, finally the weekend!
NVM, not really related.
I need to take a video of myself, well, one video with myself in two locations, not moving the camera..
I am then supposed to clone them together, but the background light keeps changing, making the videos perfectly useless.
I've been trying this for probably half an hour now.
Your question is confusing. I'm voting to close it as unclear.
I've started to compose an MSO question that will hopefully garner plenty of upvotes from Code Reviewers. @SimonAndréForsberg I am going to recommend that typing things like "voting to close as belonging at x..." Be disallowed. They already disallow the comment "what did you try?"
10:33 PM
sup guys
my second flight got delayed wtf
apparently theres too many storms in atlanta
Trying to get a video taken.
Not much luck.
1 hour later…
11:44 PM
Q: Prevent "I'm voting to close this because it belongs on..." custom close reasons

nhgrifWe already have prevented posting the comment: What did you try? I suggest we also somehow prevent users from referring to other websites in the custom close reason. Per this Meta Stack Overflow question, potentially being on topic on another Stack Exchange site doesn't inherently make a...

11:59 PM

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