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11:00 PM
What? The tag?
I don't know why it's so difficult to get 5 year olds to eat.
Q: When is an edit considered enough to be acceptable?

Ismael MiguelA mod edited one of my questions I've made today (For the curious: Class Object to create objects of type Object, in a dynamic way, with magic methods). The changes are so minimal that I have no idea how and why the edit was accepted (maybe because he is a mod and his edits don't wait in the poo...

Yeah. .Net. I was just looking at the 50 most recently active, and I don't see one that applies at a glance.
And because they're 5 @nhgrif. No other reason...
My girlfriend's kid has made 3 trips to the restroom and he's barely more than halfway finished with a sandwich.
I've no advice. Tried practically everything with our youngest.
If it's not chock full of sugar, forget it.
He started eating like 10 minutes before I went to kitchen. Since then, I put away dishes from dishwasher, reloaded dishwasher and started it, heated up my dinner, and completely ate it, and came back here again.
Is this guy seriously offended that his post was edited?
11:10 PM
Q: Execute script on remote host and obtain variables on localhost

DevonSo the idea is simple enough, execute a predefined script on a remote host, and somehow retrieve variable values without affecting STDOUT and STDERR. My idea was to encode the data in JSON, write it to a file, then read the data in a separate request. The cons of this method are that: I would...

Yeah... We finally had to set a time limit. If she's not done by time everybody else has cleaned their plates off, we take her plate. It's provided a bit of motivation.
Otherwise she would sit there for two hours...
I sometimes work on my food for half an hour
Maybe she's just really enjoying it
No, @JeroenVannevel, you obviously don't have children.
They look for any excuse not to eat.
Mostly, it's eating is boring and they'd rather play.
So instead of just eating and it taking 15-30 minutes of eating and then play.
It's 90 minutes of eating and pouting about not getting to play.
@nhgrif Yes. That @JeroenVannevel.
Logic... not a skill many that young have yet.
If this kid had his plate taken away from him when everyone else was done eating, he wouldn't eat anything.
And we'd have to make another plate for him later when he's starving an hour past bedtime.
Actually, the biggest problem is that he's been away from our house a lot recently. By Friday, he'll be better about eating and minding and such, just a generally better attitude. But when he's been with his dad or with his grandparents, he's not well-behaved at all after that.
By the way, @RubberDuck, this has limited applicability to Code Review, but part of the reason I think that has some value is because of this: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/289230/…
11:24 PM
@nhgrif I go through that ever week. My symphathies.
A friend of mine has a girl about that age, and a younger one (2yo). Getting them to eat is always a problem, apparently.
Before Swift, everything about OS X or iOS development was, by default, tagged . Some of that is inappropriate tagging though, as it has to do with the framework or the interface builder or whatever.
> It is tagged with swift, but it has nothing to do with Swift. It is marked as a duplicate of another question. The other question is tagged with objective-c, but it has nothing to do with Objective-C.
That doesn't really apply to Code Review.
But they always eat in the living room, so the kids expect TV to be on their shows, even when the parents are eating.
11:27 PM
Hi, @IsmaelMiguel
@nhgrif Greetings dude
@sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ We have to turn the TV off so that eating can get finished in under 2 hours.
@IsmaelMiguel Are you offended by Jamal's edit? Not sure what the big deal is here honestly.
@IsmaelMiguel Hey there!
11:28 PM
@nhgrif I'm not. Yes, his edits annoy me. But when well placed, I agree with them. But this one seemed a too small edit.
@sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ Greetings
@IsmaelMiguel Would it help you to know that Jamal makes edits to almost every question that gets posted?
@nhgrif That's what annoys me
We really like really high quality questions. Our traffic volume is low enough that we can touch up virtually every single question.
@IsmaelMiguel Sometimes a small edit is all it takes to improve a post
@SirPython But was the edit REALLY worth it?
I've beaten Jamal to an edit once or twice, doesn't happen very often though ;D
Code Review has roughly 22k questions. Jamal has over 14k edits.
@IsmaelMiguel I believe so; it improved the quality of your post, which contributes to the quality of this site.
@IsmaelMiguel What bothers you? The fact that his icon shows up on your question? Or do you think his edit made your question worse?
@SirPython How did it improved the quality THAT much? I would notice it sooner or later.
11:31 PM
Jamal noticed it sooner. Can you just explain exactly what is bothering you so much?
@IsmaelMiguel It might have not improved the quality THAT much, but it improved the quality.
@nhgrif The edit itself. It's almost negletible. I mean. It's SOOOOOOOOO tiny that I had to make a question about it.
What about it offends you though?
Does it make your question worse?
Why is the edit offensive to you?
Do you not want his icon to appear on your question?
@IsmaelMiguel You didn't have to make a question. If it's so tiny, does it really matter?
@SirPython Would the website quality drop any visible bit with the edit?
11:34 PM
@IsmaelMiguel This is not a matter of how much it is or isn't improving the site, it's a matter of why you think that this edit was bad.
We're here to improve our site, and you explaining why you didn't like the edit will help us improve.
@IsmaelMiguel I think it was pretty minor edit as well, and the question would still be fine without it. It just reads a little better with the edits in.
@nhgrif It doesn't offend me. I don't mind the icon showing there. But come on... It looks like he is trying to extract every single bit he can, trying to get every single edit. That is annoying. But we aren't discussing my annoyance, we are here to discuss the edit.
I agree that it was pretty minor. But what I don't understand is what is so bothersome with the edit.
@IsmaelMiguel If we had a problem with it, we would have said something to Jamal 14 thousand edits ago.
@IsmaelMiguel: by editing your question it has been bumped to the top of the frontpage
@SirPython I didn't like because it is near useless. The edit is too tiny.
11:36 PM
That edit did more good than bad for you
So the edit did:
- Remove bullet points, which are designed for lists, but were used for complete sentences;
- Removed "The code:" because it was obvious it was the code (since it's in a code block);
- Fixed a grammatical error.
Exactly. It improved the quality of the post and it bumped it to the top. (It was probably already on the first page)
"Remove bullet points, which are designed for lists, but were used for complete sentences;" --> this was a bug. There was no such bullet points.
@IsmaelMiguel I think perhaps that's your misunderstanding. It doesn't matter how much it was improved, but only that it was improved.
What do you mean "this was a bug"? Do you mean the bullet points appeared as a bug?
11:38 PM
@IsmaelMiguel Ah, okay. In that light, yes the edit would appear very minor indeed
No, the edit of the bullet points is a bug: there were no bullet points.
@IsmaelMiguel No such thing as an edit that's too tiny.. did you read the blog I encouraged you to read?
@RubberDuck Not yet, I'm going crazy with so many people talking at the same time here. But I will in a second
@sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ Yeah, that is my problem. Nothing else
@IsmaelMiguel Perhaps you should read that blog and come back to chat if you still have any questions?
And if you're going to come back talking about "too minor", then expect to be asked to define what you think is the minimum threshold for significant enough.
A: When is an edit considered enough to be acceptable?

Simon André ForsbergLet's get one thing straight: There's no such thing as 'too minor' edit anymore. When approving or rejecting edits, there used to be a "too minor" reason for rejection. This reason does not exist anymore. Additionally, 1k+ users does not need to have their edits approved.

11:40 PM
Q: Beginning idiomatic F# - small console app

NWardI'm learning F# and functional programming, from a background in C# and imperative/OOP. I've ported a small, one-off console app from C# to F#. The port worked (the app behaves the same way), but I'd love to get some feedback on writing more stylistic F# and thinking about code in a functional wa...

@nhgrif This isn't the first time @Jamal's name has come up with regards to his excessive editing. That behavior has caused annoyance before.
@IsmaelMiguel Ok. I can understand your feelings on this. But, I still think it did not do anything that did not improve your question or hurt it in any way
@SimonAndréForsberg on meta?
Hey guys. Let's give Ismael a chance to read the blog. Quit pinging the poor guy for a minute.
@nhgrif The minimum threshold should be something that actually does improve the question. A single spelling mistake or to remove a line are really too minor.
11:42 PM
@sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ There was no bullet points. Those are new paragraph indicators. See: codereview.stackexchange.com/revisions/86009/2
@RubberDuck I skip-read it
I have, some time ago, posted a question (on a different SE site) that was edited to the point even I did not recognize it as my own... Was pretty bad
No such thing as too minor anymore. The bar is "Any improvement what so ever" now.
@SimonAndréForsberg But no new paragraph was created...
11:42 PM
And I think that's a good bar.
@sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ That was a bad edit... really bad edit.
Please, lets stop talking about my feelings.
@RubberDuck IKR.
@IsmaelMiguel Fixing spelling actually does improve the question. Fixing one spelling error means the question now has one less spelling error. How is this not an improvement?
If I like or hate or can't stand or something annoys me that is outside the scope of the question isn't "required" to be said here.
@IsmaelMiguel I agree that the edit is minor. Extremely minor. But to be honest, it is an improvement. A really small one, but an improvement it is.
11:44 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg But is it a good reason to edit?
@IsmaelMiguel As long as it is an improvement, I'm afraid I'll have to tell you that it is a good reason to edit.
@nhgrif I would do it myself. Sooner or later. Exactly how I did with the meta question.
@SimonAndréForsberg Is the bar set THAT low that any barely-existing improvement is an edit?
That seems counter-intuitive
@IsmaelMiguel yes.
@IsmaelMiguel You may have, but you'd be in the extreme minority there. And with only 200-something site rep, you've not established a reputation of having an eye for improvement on posts.
Personally I can't understand how @Jamal possibly can edit all the things he does. But it's not up to me to decide how @Jamal spends his time.
11:46 PM
If Jamal left it up to users to improve their own questions, we'd have a lot of terrible looking questions on the site.
For the record, I've edited Stack Overflow questions purely to fix the capitalization of words.
@nhgrif I find that remark slightly offensive.
Instead of editing something so simple, he could pass the ball to me and edit posts that are really bad.
With formatting issues and wrong titles or something more serious.
@IsmaelMiguel He IS editing those though.
Although some questions are unsalvageable.
11:48 PM
Yes, some are
Is Jamal himself around? He might be able to share his opinions on the situation.
He's making minor edits like yours IN ADDITION to major edits to horrendous looking but salvageable questions.
@Jamal was pinged earlier, so I don't think he's around at the moment.
He isn't.
He isn't even in the chat list
So, help me understand here. What's the problem with improving a question, even if it's just a minor improvement?
@nhgrif This time, I think the edit was too minor.
11:49 PM
no such thing
The "minor" part
No such thing.
(That came out wrong....)
You still haven't defined "too minor" at all.
I did.
A "long" time ago actually
11:50 PM
Okay... so.... where's the bar then? What's not too minor?
You didn't define it in a way that qualifies your edit as too minor.
Hey all
Hey monkey
Well, give me a few moments and I will give a "level"
3 mins ago, by nhgrif
For the record, I've edited Stack Overflow questions purely to fix the capitalization of words.
11:51 PM
@nhgrif Depending on the words, and the language, that would be a very acceptable edit.
Ismael - in terms of edits, anything that improves the quality of a post is a good edit.
@rolfl Even a space?
the concept of commenting so that someone else can edit it, is somewhat redundant, and relies on the other person doing it, which may not happen.
even a space
@IsmaelMiguel You're at Code Review. White space is of course crucially important...
(although, a non mod would probably not be able ot make a single-space edit).
Code Review is not like Stack Overflow.
11:53 PM
I know it isnt like SO.
I think the issue here is one of degrees.
I'm almost aware of the differences. (I can't know everything.)
Sorry everybody, but this is getting me confused.
What you consider too minor is something that someone else considers "worth fixing".
That is subjective
11:54 PM
But shouldn't it be objective?
As @rolfl always tells me, most things aren't black & white.
Why? What would the benefit be in that.
How could you even define "too minor" objectively?
How? I don't know yet
The 'line' that is drawn is: an edit is "worth it" if it improves the post.
11:56 PM
^ good line.
In my opinion, that is a very bad line that leads to minimal edits.
Of course, without changing the op's intent.
@IsmaelMiguel Your meta post would probably be more interesting if you actually had a well thought out defensible "line" you wished to propose as what counts as "too minor".
@IsmaelMiguel What's wrong with minimal edits?
@rolfl Their size
@nhgrif The goal of the question was to know where 'the line' is for edits.
And if it was actually a good edit or not
Here, I'm discussing why I think it is a too minor edit
11:57 PM
If anything, I would be more worried about "big edits" than "small edits".
And that's been answered, right? The line is "any edit that improves the post" and the edit to your question, while minimal, was good.
@IsmaelMiguel That's exactly what @rolfl asked. What's wrong with the small size of minimal edits?
@SimonAndréForsberg Their size.
For the discussion of too minor to be very interesting, you need a more clear definition of what an acceptably sized edit would be...
What size do you propose?
A word, a sentence?
11:58 PM
If someone types "IOS", I can't make a one-character edit into "iOS"?
1 grammatical/spelling mistake is too small.
No, it's not.
Let's define an acceptable edit positively instead of negatively.
Just to see where it takes us.
@RubberDuck That might be easier
11:59 PM
If I fix 1 grammatical or spelling mistake, the post now has one less grammatical or spelling mistake, and the post is now one grammatical or spelling mistake better than it was before my edit, is it not?
Okay then. Where's the line?
But I can't stay for more than half an hour.
It's good that this is being discussed now, rather than later when the site could possibly have people swarming around with problems.

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