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12:03 AM
@Phrancis sounds like an excellent idea. I'll reload in bed.
insert into Mouth values 'Foot';
@Phrancis, I make sure that people use a synthetic key rather than a composite key on their name. The appostophe shouldn't be an issue so long as you're not concatenating strings.
The biggest mistake I see is assuming you'll not have two people with the same name.
I also like to make sure there's an "old key" field, so I can keep track of name changes.
Nobody gets updated, they get marked historic and inserted new.
Ah, makes sense. Not very economical, space-wise, but handy for audits and such
@RubberDuck that's a "type-2" update, used in data warehousing
Space is not a concern in DW
well, shouldn't be
@RubberDuck table has EffectiveFrom/EffectiveTo dates?
12:28 AM
Typically, yes. I've found it's easiest to deal with. EffectiveFrom is required, a null in To indicates that it's an active record.
I've seen weird things with statuses and all kinds of crap, but some simple dates work best IMHO
And partitioning the data keeps the run of the mill active user queries pretty quick @Phrancis.
OK sounds good. (looks up partitioning)
12:48 AM
Working on wrapping up a rap instrumental that would probably appeal to people who are akin to Final Fantasy and other such RPGs (talking about old FF, new stuff is way different)
Phrancis Uematsu?
My music partner used way too much copy & paste... plain simple chords throughout... I've been working on improving it for a couple hours...
1:04 AM
3 & 7 had killer soundtracks.
I think my favorite is "To Zanarkand" from FFX. I tried to learn it on acoustic guitar a number of years ago
It's got a bit of a 7 sound to it... By 3 you mean 6 right? @RubberDuck Super Nintendo was 3 but it was really 6
But either made you want to mute it after a solid 8 hours of playing... Damn those games were good.
@RubberDuck FF6 yeah ;)
No. I mean III. It wasn't released here until it came out on play station.
1:05 AM
Oh and "Terra's Theme" is timeless
Oh, the actual 3. Don't come across that one very often
Wait... Is that the cold medicine talking?
Yeah. It was 3 I think.
Haven't got to play 3 that much at all. It's one of the few that fell through for me because it was hard to find
Some of you guys might like this, I made that in 2013. Combines Battle music from Final Fantasy I-IX:
All orchestrated & stuff
And I swear I wrote every single note on there, save for one song at the end that was insanely difficult (so I got a MIDI file)
2:03 AM
Q: Project Euler #4 in Ruby

J. Thomas ShortyChallenge: A palindromic number reads the same both ways. The largest palindrome made from the product of two 2-digit numbers is 9009 = 91 × 99. Find the largest palindrome made from the product of two 3-digit numbers. This code yields an incorrect answer of 698896 but I can't determine why. Ca...

posted on September 18, 2014 by bigt_123

I'm trying to implement a little beginners Java project, but I don't know how to really denote and generate code great. I'm using a Scanner class to work on it. I'm just totally confused and stuck. I really need help. The little project I'm trying to do is: "The input consists of four positive integers (s, n, m, r). Your program will use these input values to gener

2:29 AM
@Phrancis Ever listened to The Black Mages?
Oh yes
I find them lovely
I actually like the Chrono Trigger OST more than the FF soundtracks
Chrono Cross also has a good OST
Chronos have awesome STs too
I'll have to have a listen to what you've done when I get home
It was in the works close to 10 years before I put it out there, hope you enjoy :)
2:54 AM
Q: Change Return Program F#

Caster TroyI am learning F# by doing. My methodology is to attempt a problem using imperative code and then to attempt the problem again using idiomatic functional code. Here is the problem I am working through at the moment: Change Return Program - The user enters a cost and then the amount of mone...

3:36 AM
Q: Trying to make a scaling United States flag that changes size(resolution) with user input in python

saifibuggerfrom graphics import GraphicsWindow userInput = input("Please enter height: ") Height = float(userInput) userInput = input("Please enter width: ") Width = float(userInput) win = GraphicsWindow(Height, Width) canvas = win.canvas() win.wait() So far this is our code and it allows us to put in o...

3:56 AM
Q: Please give comments about this

RaniThe question is to generate all possible permutations of the string. Secondly I am not able to understand the time complexity of this problem . Can someone please explain me the complexity? Appreciate your help. import java.util.ArrayList; public class permutations { public ArrayList<String> p...

4:11 AM
Q: How to Refactor bunch of while loops into switch statements?

geographerI've been working on a project in C and my code looks bit messy. I have bunch of nested while loops that perform certain operations, but I don't like the way it makes my code look. I would like to switch statement instead. Can you someone please help with this. Here is a glimpse of what I am tal...

4:28 AM
4:43 AM
morning @all
aaaa, you broke the monking streak
1 hour later…
6:03 AM
Q: Console class that handles multiple buffers

remyabelI'm working on a 80x25 terminal that splits the screen into two. The top half gets the first buffer, the bottom half gets the second buffer. I'm concerned about readability and accessibility. For accessibility, what I'm trying to do is hide as much of the implementation as possible so that othe...

Q: What is error in my Java Android code?

Mokhtarabadi(I newbie to java and android) I write this code for an activity , i want when user clicked on Share Application option menu , a send intent opened and user can share application . package com.example.test; import java.io.File; import java.io.IOException; import org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils...

What is error in my Code Review title?
Monknight @skiwi
And going to work
that aws a short period of time ;)
Wow. I've just found someone on SO who's every answer is code-only.
@Jamal Ugly
6:06 AM
Better call it a night... drops
Monking @all
6:51 AM
Heh... there is a proposal to make Java usage like Python, etc.? bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8043364
goddamn network level proxy in my school, permanently logging me off on CR..
You're not at internship now @Vogel612?
you got the wrong idea of training it seems--
it's like a full-time employment
with (max.) a quarter of the salary and school interjections.
7:07 AM
Gold badge!
Q: In the word "Scent", is the S or the C silent?

PimgdSo I saw a post on a funny pictures site... "In the word "Scent", is the S or the C silent?" And I thought I could ask about it here. In particular, how does the pronunciation of "scent" differ from "cent" and "sent"? Small audio references would help me in particular.

> You've earned the "Famous Question" badge (Asked a question with 10,000 views) for "In the word “Scent”, is the S or the C silent?".
@Vogel612 I'm still confused, you are working or still on school?
I'm also not awake at all
@skiwi it's... complicated??
Something along the lines of 80% work and 20% "school"
Okay... and you are doing both by yourself? Or does school make you do work, or work make you do school?
the latter.
Ah i see now
7:13 AM
but the cool thing is, after the whole story I got a certificate.
is the certicoffee worth something? ;)
yes it is. Most companies treat it as largely equivalent to a completed university grad, though you won't get quite as much money
It's a "prerequisite" to getting a job here in Germany
well one of the possible prerequisites...
7:28 AM
Then it's very nice
but the quotation marks around school are killing me
and at work nobody gives a darn about what I (and the other trainees in my company) are doing..
aaand the "programming" teacher called us away from our computers..
sounds like a whole load of fun
Wondering if anyone else ever created a shortcut using Maven
Also very much fun to google for that
right now its ddl (data definition language),...
using phpmyadmin...
or access-.-
phpmyadmin... access...
Q: How to save page scroll location?

Arshad RafikHow can I save the location of the scroll in wp8? I implemented a listbox in my page. When a user scrolls and leaves the page, the scroll location should be saved into isolatedstoragesettings. When the user opens this page again, it should open it at the same scroll position. How can I achieve t...

7:41 AM
Help: I got a file that is called like compname-tools-tool-0.1.jar (or ...-0.2.jar, etc.) and I want to add it to the start menu in W7
Any clues how? Without modifying it every time a new version gets released
Q: Implementation of Command Pattern

barbaraI'm trying to implement Command Pattern, but it's much harder than I thought. Main marker interfaces first: public interface Invoker {} public interface Receiver {} Receiver specifiers: public interface Printer { void print(); } public interface Configurer { void configureAndPrint();...

^^ there is a close vote review for this one ? (unclear reason)
Or I create a shortcut to a batch file selecting a file that matches a regex
@vba4all hello
Hi @JaDogg
Thanks santa(s) :D
7:55 AM
Batch Scripting is truly horrible
@skiwi yes it is
But there are no other native alternatives, are there? I believe PowerShell is also horrible
Q: Seeking feedback based on correct design practices and how I checked for a double parameter using Big Decimal

Michael Jamesimport java.math.BigDecimal; public class Statistician { //instance variables private int length; private double sum; private double last; private double max; private double min; //choosing to use public b/c they are constants public static final BigDecimal doubleMax = BigDecimal.valueOf(Doubl...

Holy, I managed to get it working
for %%f in (target/dpc2-tools-dashboard-*) do start " " target/%%f
8:02 AM
@vba4all hello there..
Wait, someone really named himself VBA for all?1
Q: calculate the count about C#

kyokoI use Hashtable and arraylist put into some information Now I can get some information (just like output) output: j is : 1 filekey = "1" filename = a j is : 2 filekey = "2" filename = b ----------------------------------- j is : 1 filekey = "3" filename = c j is : 2 filekey = "4" filename ...

@skiwi formerly known as mehow.
placed the last del-vote on this one: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/62585
8:17 AM
is there a law stack exchange site ?
@JaDogg seems no...
but there is a proposal in definition: area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/67858/law
yeah found it
Question @Mat'sMug why did you delete your lolcode rps question?
@JaDogg eeeeh??
why that??
Need to ask you something

Proposed Q&A site for experts in the law, and those who want to find our more about specific local, national or international laws, or those who want to find out about concepts regarding laws in general. The site is not for specific legal advice.

Currently in definition.

8:32 AM
@skiwi yes
is that funny or a problem?
@vba4all LOL, I think he was just curious. VBA reviewers being active is a good thing.
Q: Mirror image java

MetteI'm looking for at bit help to solve an assignment in my programming course. I have to mirror an image in BlueJay (java) I have the following code, which i know is correct, but it is missing a little bit. My instructor gave me a hint. He said that i have to use the setValue() and getValue() m...

@CaptainObvious off-topic, broken. "which I know is correct, but it is missing a little bit"
8:58 AM
Total time: 24.456s
Finally, 15 projects build with one click... Rather than 15 clicks
good morning!
s/good morning!/monking
9:19 AM
@rolfl Lol, I just noticed that org.jdon exists on mavenrepository as well
@skiwi n or m?
@Vogel612 an n
hmmm... might lead to confusion..
If I have a Maven dependency that has a dependency as well, then that dependency should be automatically copied to the classpath, right?
To answer myself; yes
But getting an annoying issue, I include bridj-0.7-SNAPSHOT as dependency and get that jar-name as well, but the classpath requires bridj-0.7-20140629.160052-71.jar
9:39 AM
Am I too impatient asking for some more input on codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/63066/… ?
@Christoph You've got two answers
What are they not providing that you are looking for?
The second answer re-raises a point I'm not sure of (problems with the overall container-ness of my container, as it might suffer from the same problems as vector<bool>) and asks anyone with experience with this for clarification (last paragraph)
I dislike your way of whitespace really, it's distracting me
You've got too much newlines between different sections
and too little whitespace between operators
good example is this

    class const_proxy : public proxyT<true> {};

    value_type* data() {return data_.data();}
    const value_type* data() const {return data_.data();}
    void clear() {data_.fill(0);}
I also don't like your variable names, you use i as argument here and there
Point taken, the spacing is not consistent. How many newlines between sections do you prefer, and what do you refer to with "section"? the pair of bidirectional operators for example?

Variable names could indeed be clearer, I've already worked on that in my current version
well I'm used to java which is mostly 1 class 1 file
But I'd have maybe 2 newlines between classes and 1 newline between implemented functions
I'd also NEVER make implemented functions exist on one line.
9:52 AM
implementations in one line are already spread out. Also, as I have added a lot of comments for doxygen, members are now spotted more easily and don't stick together any more
value_type* data() {return data_.data();}
unclear or does it just look silly?
it's on one line, I'm not sure it should be.
Q: Better way to check for null value

GibboKI would like to know an alternative, more elegant way to write the following method. Specially I am not enthusiastic of the nested if statement. hasUserSavedCredentials: function () { var userName = Storage.get(CONFIG.app.storageUserName), password = Storage.get(CONFI...

I don't know C++ standards
I can tell you how I like to read my Java code and some of it will help you and some of it won't
I don't know which piece of advice fits in which category, though.
9:57 AM
well no problem! Thanks for pointing out the layout inconsistencies
Monking @all
Q: Should I add a function that takes as parameter a ptree?

sopI have a class ConfigFile that reads some values from a json using boost and store them in variables. Everything is done in the constructor: ConfigFile::ConfigFile(const std::string& configFileNamePathIn) { PTree tmpPT; std::string path; /// reading aws config file /// json::rea...

@vba4all, there's been some interesting questions lately. vba & unit testing
10:13 AM
Q: php svg drawing code

Stijn BernardsHow Could I optimalize this code / make it look better? Any advice / things I'm doing wrong? class SvgChart{ private $_settings; private $_data; private $_countValues; function __construct($pdo, $settings, $data){ $this->_settings = $settings; $this->_data = $da...

It's alive! Only too bad that's in a livelock...
It's going nowhere mighty fast =D
I don't get why
if (depth == wordSymbols.size() || !matcher.hitEnd()) {
wordSymbols.size() >= 0 and never changes, depth == 0 at start and then increases by 1 every recursion
It simply cannot not work.
@Mat'sMug - recently seen on Meta.CR:
@rolfl What nice of you to indentionally slow down such that @Mat'sMug could catch up!
10:27 AM
@RubberDuck yep I've seen it all just don't have time to play with it at the moment
@RubberDuck you are the meta user with most participation...
10:45 AM
Q: check string(line) in a file and send email

user3270425[ OS= Centos 6.5 , Python 2.6.6 (r266:84292, Nov 22 2013, 12:16:22)] Greetings! I want to check some lines from a log file named "status.txt" (size is always about 3-4 KB) eg. => Slave_IO_Running: Yes Slave_SQL_Running: Yes if any of these two line's value is 'No' then email is sent to alert@...

back. @Pimgd any more layout suggestions or did you address everything that struck you?
@skiwi it's actually the monkey that caught up with the meta-mug ;)
yaaay, german lesson incoming..
@Vogel612 and that is good!?
@Vogel you'd review it?
I thought a lolcode fizzbuzz was enough ;)
Well, I've undeleted it now.
11:02 AM
Can recursion be so bad that it almost kills your program? Even though it doesn't use full resources of the PC
11:15 AM
I don't know exactly what is going on here, but I did mess up something badly
@Mat'sMug not yet
I think we should be careful what we recommend/redirect to SO:
IMO this question is off-topic, since it involves "How to add a feature to or solve a problem with your code". It would be a better fit on StackOverflow. — BCdotNET 3 hours ago
It's a gimmeh-teh-codez question
Not good anywhere on SE
I mean... it goes both ways right?
@Vogel612 Really?!
11:24 AM
@vba4all I know that feeling.
What tool would I use to check the amount of stack frames in my thread?
@Mat'sMug Don't migrate crap!
Back to german lesson..
@rolfl Did you happen to run anything worth optimizing on Java 8 yet? My Metaspace is getting full and I'm trying to find out the consequences of it
Appereantly it's supposed to be like 90% full
11:42 AM
@rolfl look at the "This Year" users page (rep)
I may just rewrite this recursion to iteration
Wow... this bug
I had a bug that was caused by a infinite-length regex match
Not sure if that's the best explanation
(?i)^[a-z]{2}\\d{2}[a-z0-9]{11,}$ <-- But here the the full regex can be an infinite amount of characters
Well not really a bug, more a performance issue that made it took days if not years, which possibly worked hand in hand with using recursion over integration
12:10 PM
@Mat'sMug Hah, thanks. first to 50K? hmmm. Maybe not.
@skiwi I am not writing anything work related in Java8 yet.
IBM Java 8 is not yet released.
1 more month
(I have pre-release versions, but no IBM product is on it yet
As a consequence, there's no slow stuff yet to optimize ;-)
@skiwi I think we went over this in this chat a couple days ago... and you said "it works fine, it doesn't match infinitely at all"
or something along this lines
@rolfl Fun times for you!
@Pimgd Must've been 2 weeks at least... but I might vaguely remember something
Well it does not match infinitely... it just matches for a very long time
Sep 11 at 9:10, by skiwi
Does anyone know how to specify a regex that never matches? Situation: I am using a regex to determine if I should wipe out a character or not, in the default case I do not want to wipe out any character
@Pimgd Ah no, it's not that part that's at error now
@skiwi That makes no sense.
That regex should run very fast
12:14 PM
The regex itself runs very fast
But I'm searching a huge graph with it
And when it's a length-bounded regex it can stop once it knows it will not find anything anymore
But this thing will not prematurely stop
OK, so that one can stop after 16 or so characters?
Oh, no, it can't. sorry.
Back to the IBAN number specification
> The IBAN consists of up to 34 alphanumeric characters, as follows:

country code using ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 - two letters,
check digits - two digits, and
Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN) - up to 30 alphanumeric characters that are country-specific.[1]
So there is an upper limit which I didn't consider before, but it's still high
34 is not high.
It is if every symbol has about 6 alternatives attached to it, say 3 on average
Then you get 3^34 paths to follow worst case
It's an automaton.... not ideal, but faster than the alternatives.
12:19 PM
I should put this code up for review, but it might not be explained well enough to actually see what is going on
And it depends on a bunch of classes that are just data holders but would also need to be put up on CR
My code is exploding somewhere and I'm unsure of how to solve that
The issue that I have one sentence, and due to the nature of my program, I paste every symbol after eachother and remove whitespaces, and then the graph suddenly gets huge
But your regex is anchored at both ^ and $ .... it's not exploding from there?
Might the anchor be the issue?
I have this sense of deja-vu.
There is nothing in your regex that requires backtracking. Your regex is an O(N) operation on your string.
@200_success you didn't like my rewrites?
Yes, the regex itself is fast, I believe you need to see the full code to understand what I am doing
12:29 PM
The poblem with ' exploding' performance is in how you are setting up the regex, how you are feeding it stuff
The amount of possible paths my code needs to follow overflows inside a long, that might be why it takes so long
I'll do a final try to explain what I am doing without showing code so far
@Malachi You took a question that says "How do I do unit testing", and made it "what do you think of my code"..... Next time you ask a question on Code Review I will happily edit the title and say: "does my ass look fat in this thong?"
@skiwi The regex is not the problem, the surrounding code is....
We just hung up an XKCD print. We now have a real programmers office.
though the regex could be faster with a limit on it if you apply the regex a lot to long, non-matching strings.
In steps:
1. As input I have a `List<Word>`, logically formatting a line of text
2. Each `Word` consists of a `List<Symbol>`, being the letters
3. Every `Symbol` has a `List<SymbolChoice>`, being the alternative letters which it could also be -according to the OCR-
4. I create n-grams of all the words I have
5. I convert the obtained n-grams to a `List<Symbol>`, consisting of the symbols inside the words of th en-gram, without spaces
6. Of every `List<Symbol>`, I construct all possible symbol-choice-sequences via recursion
12:35 PM
OK, so you have a trial and error system of evaluation, and you want to identify success soon.
And the IBAN consists of alphanumeric characters, and regular letters also are alphanumeric characters
Qhy the n-gram? Don't trust the space-recognition of the OCR?
Also, how many ;'n' in the n-gram?
@rolfl It's a combination of not trusting it and clients that randomly place spaces as well
@rolfl I don't know, the maximum can be the length of a sentence and it will happen
OK, so your problem is that, with just a few words, and a few 'choices', you suddenly baloon up your number of words....
12:41 PM
That's not the fault of the regex.
I think I can do nothing else than limit the choices? (They have a confidence level attached)
You can prioritize them?
It's not the fault of the regex, but it can be solved by supplying a bounded regex that is as narrow as possible
my IBAN is like NL## INGB 000# #### ##
@rolfl Yes, OCR provides one
@Pimgd If it only were so easy as just supporting Dutch IBANs ;)
12:42 PM
No, I mean to show that the IBAN can contain spaces in text
He's stripping the spaces.
@skiwi powershell seems pretty descent
Ah, to make it more fun, I actually strip every non-alphanumeric character before even applying the regex
(Because people also tend to pot dots (.) or hyphens (-) in their data)
@skiwi - sounds like you know what you need to do, but not how to do it.
You need to convert your alternate symbols in to a generated stream in descending priority order.
@rolfl Kind of, limiting the possible choices to 3 might prevent explosion, but it is kind of crappy to not use everything you have
12:44 PM
@janos It moves down in a fashionable manner?
A 'generator' of sorts.
Then you can filter that generator on the regex match.
and limit it to a bound of generations
Limiting might be the only solution
@Pimgd what do you mean?
Other question, if I have this regex: [^a-zA-Z0-9], and try to match # with it, then it should match, right?
@skiwi yes it should
12:48 PM
@janos pretty descent
Somehow they are still appearing in my string
well, then you code ain't doing what you think it does ;-)
the regex will match # .....
@skiwi I would first check only for lines containing the countrycode and digits (for accounting number).
After isolating them (including alternative characters) I would provide country specific regexes as e.g in germany you only have numbers in the BBAN. Also recognizing digits with ocr is most of the time done good.
And last I would change the ocr engine ;-)
@Heslacher I think you are oversimplifying the situation :) Though the call on going down from a generic IBAN to country specific IBANs is an option
12:53 PM
Interesting concept of reversal.... @Heslacher - I was assuming that the 'candidate' recursion was happening to check for more than just IBANs
But, you can build your own automaton that does an IBAN-valid descent of your data and only reaches the end if there is a valid IBAN.
@skiwi what ocr are you using ?
@Heslacher Tesseract OCR
@rolfl Yes, this will need to work for every possible regex and/or predicate, hence it's not IBAN-specific, though IBANs are currently the most challenging case
Then you should for sure check alternative characters ;-)
On the plus side, I noticed why my # appears in the string
because you did not remove it?
12:56 PM
^ Yes

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