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4:00 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg see if I can figure this out while I run the help desk over lunch, but I am going to lunch right now. Thank you!
Q: Have I done PubSub and Two-Way Data Binding .. Correctly?

iLikeProgramsSo I looked up how to use the PubSub pattern in JS and came across a few articles. I wanted to have two way data binding, so when a one of an Object's Properties value was set, it would update x ammount of subscribers. Sounds confusing but heres the relevant sections of my code: // data-cluckle...

@Malachi I personally think this repository is more interesting, but that might be a bit too much for you right now (and is in Java, and not JavaScript)
(sudden epiphany that Zomis is Simon backwards, with a N turned on its side)
Can't imagine how it would be like to do it in Javascript... brrr...
@Phrancis Correct. Pretty lame, eh?
Actually I thought it was clever
4:02 PM
Wow double epiphany!
@SimonAndréForsberg I saw that, and will fork it as well if only to translate to C#....LOL
People tend to pronunciate it a bit differently, I'm not even sure how it should be pronounced myself...
@SimonAndréForsberg Stop linking stuff from github! Now I got more things to look at!
4:03 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg And I thought 'rolfl' was 'smart' .....
@Marc-Andre You just provided me with my first star on that project!
Have you not seen my CR question?
Q: Analyzing Minesweeper Probabilities

Simon André ForsbergCalculating probabilities in Minesweeper might sound like an easy task, but I've seen so many probability calculators that's either incorrect, horribly slow, or with ugly code (or all of them) so I have to share my code for this. This code is used within my Minesweeper Flags online game by the A...

@SimonAndréForsberg Really ?
I got a small answer on it :P
@rolfl ... Rolling On Le Floor Laughing ?
@Marc-Andre That's what I thought... so then it is technically nothing new for you. (Although I have improved it a bit since the review)
Still waiting for a review by @rolfl on my follow-up question, where I work with even more probabilities
yeah yeah.... I have work, and then there have been some time-consuming things to do, like meta posts, and flags, and chaos..... and books to read, and kids to feed, etc. ;-0
4:08 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg I've never look at everything! And there is still some things that I don't quite understand (no that good with probabilities and algorythm).
Q: Sql service broker and threading, this code works perfectly but does it make sense and can it be optimized?

VolearixSo basically my code waits for database table a to have an xml string inserted into it. The sql query parses the xml string and stores it into separate columns (this has to occur this way because the insert is actually happening from elsewhere, I just rewrote if for testing). The service broker l...

This title works perfectly, but does it make sense and can it be optimized?
@rolfl no worries :)
Rewritten the GroupValues yet?
You currently working?
@Marc-Andre I'm actually considering utilizing the Github wiki system for it to explain the algorithm better
4:11 PM
^^^ good idea.
@Marc-Andre algo rithm != rhythm :)
@rolfl not yet, no. Been doing a lot of stuff lately with the TCG project @skiwi and @bazola, and I are working on.
Although, Algorhythm would be a cool song title.
And next week I will have some real work to do it seems...
OK, I just had a thought..... for your chat bot (in Java), I can recommend something....
4:13 PM
@rolfl I'm listening
@Phrancis Thanks for the correction!
Although technically, @skiwi made most parts of the bot. I just helped a little.
Bluemix - a beta service from IBM, looking for novel ways to use cloud services.
short-term, it will give you free on-the-web application hosting
4:15 PM
kind alike google app-whatever-it-was-called?
In essense, yes, but can run Java, node.js, and others. Includes many backend services, like databases, etc.
free for 30 days... and then what?
Oh, really? Hmmmm....
I'll go AFK now for a few hours, back later
K, never mind. I thought it was free free.
@SimonAndréForsberg - free if you keep your application relatively small, 'freemium service':
You are charged for the time that your apps run and the memory that is used, calculated as GB-hours.

Runtime is free during the 30 day free trial.
(Up to 2GB maximum in total instance memory.)

Up to 1125 GB-hours are free each month after the trial.
(Enough to run multiple apps each month. Allowance varies depending on runtime.)
which is a 1.5GB memory app running 27/7 on 1 cpu.
4:27 PM
27h, is that a monkey day? Like... dog years?
uhm.... apparently
@rolfl You can't make us have it free free? ;-)
@rolfl What exactly does it offer though, the promotional page is a bit unclear to me ind eveloper terms
@skiwi Good question. There's some ethical things to consider.... I can't do it myself, but I work with these folk.... if there was a 'sponsorship' angle I could approach them with....
@skiwi in essence, you build a cloud application. The application is essentially myapp.ng.bluemix.net and is globally accessible. The backend of that can be one of a number of languages (Java, Node.js, etc.).
I'd be interested to experiment, but I've never used a cloud-based solution before
What's the 1125 GB-hours? It only measures memory usage, no cpu usage?
being globally addressable, and having no restriction on bandwidth, and being able to create socket/network connections anywhere..... allows you to, essentially do anything you can on your own server somewhere, except you no longer have to manage your own infrastructure....
in addition, you can link to backend services (databases, etc.) that are managed by other people too.
you just plug in to what you want, and then expose your app to the world.
4:40 PM
Where's the catch?
How is this profitable? By putting in on companies moving applications over there?
In theory, as long as you keep your utilization at the free level, there is not one.
Isn't 1.5GB a lot actually?
I am trying to find public information about why they are doing it the way they are.
@Mat'sMug I'm still laughing at this:
17 hours ago, by Mat's Mug
> I’ve been considering changing my legal name to O’DELETE FROM users.
bobby tables.
4:45 PM
What about moving your services as company to such cloud? Does it bring out risks? Assume it's a server handling some kind of messages, if you make sure data comes in encrypted and goes out encrypted, do you have a risk?
@rolfl Context: I have aspergers. My ability to sense this harshness is impaired.
Many thanks for the edits, by the way; I just dumped the question on meta and then rushed home, you really polished it up good.
I'd want to test that service, but don't know what to run on it and worried about wasting my free trial :P
You could... make a program that writes a new FizzBuzz number every second? I'm not sure either.
I'm not pushing it, all I know is that IBM is trying to create an environment where people move their applications to the cloud, and then IBM sells the service... ;p
@Phrancis And link it up to this room?
There must be something useful I could make apart from the chat bot
The point is that currently most of our stuff can run on @Simon's server as well
4:49 PM
The requirement is that there needs to be a free-to-play level of service for everything, and then you make the money on the people who use it for business/mission-critical.
IBM can do it relatively cheap because: they have invested in multi-tenancy systems (lots of people securely using the same resources), and they also own SoftLayer.
cheap enough that they can carry the expense of the free-tier, as a loss-lead.
Still wondering how safe it really is
As we had a discussion a bunch of days ago about moving your code onto Github for example
@skiwi probably safer than Simon's machine ;)
Q: Is this a design pattern for a Haskell main function

awashburnAfter developing several Haskell applications I've found myself rigorously segregating impure code and failable (partial) functions from their pure & total counterparts. These efforts have noticeably reduced maintenance cost associated with the applications. I have found myself over time relying ...

But from a company point of view :)
Hm. Interesting question @CaptainObvious but sounds like it would fit better on Programmers...
> This has become a pattern in the code base,
and I would like feedback on whether this is a Design Pattern or an Anti-Pattern?
4:58 PM
@Phrancis Doesn't exactly sound off topic either though.
It doesn't.
I'll just mention it in passing in a comment
Q: Authentication Cookie Handler Class Improvements

Kid DiamondThe following class handles all my HTTP cookie authentication processes. Can it be improved? Readability, usability, clean code. Any other suggestions are always welcome. namespace Model\Application; use Http\HttpCookie; use Model\Domain\User\User; use Library\CryptoRandCharGen; use Model\...

@SimonAndréForsberg do I need the Commons Repo for the Minesweeper analyzer?
5:14 PM
I am looking at Stack Overflow, but everything is in Japanese. This .. is pretty awesome.
Back in the 70's I used to watch TV in black and white. Then everything was in colour, it was pretty awesome. You know what else would be awesome? Looking at Code Review Stack Exchange in full colour too!
Saw that tweet too ! Was wondering if it was a reference to a new layout with i18n
A: Why would clipping a wire cause a bomb to explode?

placeholderI suspect that there is an ISO standard that bomb makers follow. As evidence of this is the fact that in about 50% of the movies, there is a statement like "remember to clip the red wire and NOT the blue" or some similar statement. SO I suspect that embedded in the ISO document is a standard tha...

> So, a bomb maker would ensure that their are many wires, so it isn't obvious which one to clip.
5:18 PM
> A few bomb makers taught others to make them there way and they taught others and so on.
Apparently, electrical engineers are not that great at grammar.
Q: Reading an xml using HTML/JQuery and making a table

Rusty ShacklefordI am in a bit of a pickle. I have an xml which I want to read and make a table using AJAX/HTML/JQuery. The data from the xml is categorized. Any help would be great. Thanks!!

Why does japanese SO says "em Protugues" ??
5:24 PM
I'm pretty sure Mat's knows that one ;-)
I'm searching for "Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--", what do I get? — Mat's Mug Jun 16 at 20:30
haha yeah
Netbeans 8.0.1 update is good, Glad I downloaded it.
(Updating from 8.0 doesn't work, need to download it again)
Q: c Implementation of Inheritance

user3817250I'm trying to figure out a good way to do semi-inheritance in c. This is what I've come up with //statemachine.h ... #define CHANGE_STATE(newState) \ do { \ printf("[%s]->", stateStrings[state]); \ state = newState;...

5:48 PM
Q: Positioned elements acting weird

EvauI'm looking for some tips on how to properly organize my code so I don't run into as many errors as I have been lately. One of my problems right now is that my elements are positioning weirdly. My fonts move on top of each other when I resize the window, my widgets don't stay centered like I thou...

??? You mean ... right
car, carpet.. same thing.
Q: Positioned elements acting weird

EvauI'm looking for some tips on how to properly organize my code so I don't run into as many errors as I have been lately. One of my problems right now is that my elements are positioning weirdly. My fonts move on top of each other when I resize the window, my widgets don't stay centered like I thou...

It makes me wonder if we have other wrongly-tagged questions like that.
5:51 PM
haha well done!
probably not.
super-ninja-search for [java][html]
9 results
most are legit though
@rolfl quick question, got a sec?
Um.... yes
I have a varchar field in my source, that I need to bring in as a decimal(10,5)
but one of the values is '123456.79'
and it overflows
So then you can't. ... ;-)
5:55 PM
how can I ignore that record?
That's an interesting one. Depends on your ingest tool.
Most bulk tools have a 'failed-to-load' report.
is it best to put its ID in the where part, ...I'd rather exclude "all values that might overflow"
my tool is called a "T-SQL script"
it bombs on that record, but there are like 40K more rows to process
You could probably do it with a where clause.
where f28 <> '123456.79'?
(yes, the field is called f28)
ah, no.
where len(rtrim(f28)) <= 6 would be better
where (CharIndex('.', f28) = 0 OR (CharIndex('.', f28) < 6 and CharIndex('.', f28) >= LENGTH(f28) - 6)
5:59 PM
(yes, f28 is a varchar)
or something ... ;-)
thanks rubbermonkey :)
@rolfl Area 51 has plenty of proposals for localized Stack Overflows, but curiously, "Stack Overflow (in Japanese)" is not among them.
Yeah, and the front-page includes a link to a non-existing page.
wait a minute - where's the beta-blue??
6:02 PM
Click that to go to: http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/lookup/ja.stackoverflow.com
@Mat'sMug - another thought......
How about convert to a bigger decimal, and compare...?
where convert(decimal(19,10), f28) < 100000.0
actually I'd like to still have the row, but insert a 0 instead of the invalid data.
so I'll go with a case when
^^ good alternative.
But there's no reporting option.
reboot time.... windows.... :(
crazy how all these values went in like butter in a frying pan (comme du beurre dans 'poêle) on ...
@Mat'sMug you wanna check out this answer and the comment about Curly Braces from the op? codereview.stackexchange.com/a/63273/18427
@Malachi busy here... but yeah, later :)
6:09 PM
@Mat'sMug cool
any other C# people want to take a look at that answer? and comments OP added another one I am a little iffy about...codereview.stackexchange.com/a/63273/18427
Q: Multiple mysql queries in php code causing page to load too slowly

GregI have a php page for a weather station that I'm trying to build. I run multiple queries to pull out data from a mysql data base for min/max/average values for temp, pressure, humidity etc. All of these are done by multiple mysql select statements - here are 2 of them: $sql_dht22_temp_max = "...

Haven't heard that expression in a long time, @Mat'sMug
@Phrancis I'm sure there's an English equivalent...
PostgreSQL also throws an overflow. MySQL is... wonky
like a hot knife through butter perhaps
6:18 PM
^^ that
care to join us in The Second Monitor chat room? — Malachi 12 secs ago
You could probably rig up something that counts how many digits are after the decimal point, and add zeroes where it needs it
@Mat'sMug can I get the pronunciation please....
Hack? Perhaps. But it's better than losing data
@Malachi oh gosh.. uh, ...... nope!
6:20 PM
"Come doo burr dan poo-ah-le" is the closest approximation I can come up with
pretty good
the last part ( 'poêle ) is what I didn't know how to pronounce
Poo ale
I only took like one semester of French in College, I would love to learn it though!
I think I still have the book.
Yeah! Just got security clearance to have admin rights on my machine.
I might read it one of these days, and argue with my wife about the pronunciations....lol
6:22 PM
Very happy Duck over here.
I just saw the new pin and I have to agree....
Is there no "u" in English? ... everything I can think of sounds like "oo"
lol Nerds and Geeks
long "u" or short "u"?
"u" like "ça pue"
Noun: poêle m (plural poêles)
  1. (religion) pall
  2. poêle m (plural poêles)
  3. poêle f (plural poêles)
Verb: poêle
  1. first-person singular present indicative of poêler
6:24 PM
"ew" comes close
It's special seeing French in here
that is a short u sounds I think or a w sound
off topic!
@Malachi No. The Minesweeper analyzer is completely stand-alone
Well @Malachi there are 3 native French speakers here so you're in good company to learn ;)
6:29 PM
as long as I can figure out how to type everything....lol all those fun accent marks..
We're all from Québec though so our French is broken (according to people from France)
Damn them, our french is awesome
@200_success @rolfl @Mat'sMug and yourself @Phrancis? et tu @TopinFrassi?
Et toi* Yeah, I'm french and from Quebec too
@Marc-Andre also ... Didn't realize you were from QC too @TopinFrassi !
6:31 PM
et tu is greek or something isn't it?
et tu brute
er... maybe not
'et tu' is Latin
Don't ask me about anything that isn't english or french, I don't know
6:31 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Ding ding ding we have a winner
@Malachi winner = star?
@rolfl That sounds like quite a lot of free GB-hours
Ceasar says it in the that Shakespeare play
@SimonAndréForsberg YES!
Yeah @Phrancis, I'm near Montreal
@rolfl Hey! Just because my machine is using Windows and have teamviewer up and running 24/7 ?
6:35 PM
> avoid using unnecessary open/close braces, vertical space is usually limited
@Mat'sMug The phoneme exists in English, as in "pure", but it's diphthongized.
thongs in code review chat?
@SimonAndréForsberg well, those are strong indicators that you may be at risk ;-)
I'm originally from Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, lived in Montréal for 3 years while attending college. Apartment was across the street from the big TVA building on boul. de Maisonneuve
@SimonAndréForsberg I always thought 'et tu' meant 'and you, too?'
6:38 PM
@rolfl et tu, Brutus?
6 mins ago, by Simon André Forsberg
'et tu' is Latin
'et tu' is 'you too', not 'Latin'.
@rolfl ha - ha - ha
I didn't say that it was 'Latin' though, I said that it was Latin.
Names in Latin are declined. "Brute" is vocative — used when addressing a person.
@rolfl yes, I should really make it run Linux instead... some time... :)
That ^^^
6:42 PM
@Malachi I looked that over. Does appear that it leans to the 'no brackets' direction... but for vertical space? Is that up-to-date? I mean on old console screens I can see it, but I can easily get 100 lines on my screen and we all use the same monitors here.
Local rules rule... always.
@200 ah! I knew there had to be something that came close!
Q: Lemonade Stand Menu Program

EasyEThis is an assignment which C++ class asked me to make. I have one main menu with four other menus branching out from it. If you guys can please review this program I would be grateful. I am perusing a bachelors in programming and I would like to make my code as clutter free as I can. So plea...

@Volearix I think that it is up to date, I am looking over it myself, I don't think I have ever read a standards paper on any language except for or
@Phrancis I've always lived near Montreal! It's pretty cool to be near everthing
6:44 PM
but I haven't coded a single thing in either language.
Convenient, but noisy and usually smelly. goes back to work
all that I know about standards I have learned from CodeReview.StackExchange.com
@Topin yeah! Qc is taking over CR!
@Mat'sMug Slowly we'll take over the world! There's already way too much people from Quebec in Scotland today :p
@Volearix Only reference I have found for C# style: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff926074.aspx
does not cover the {} case.
6:50 PM
@Malachi As sad as it might be, could be referencing the old Doom standards. Lol. That's the only place I can find insisting on use of {}
@Volearix Doom is a video game man
I know. @.@
@rolf it's actually f34.. does that make sense?
			cast(case when isnumeric(f34) = 0 then '0.00000'
				  when convert(decimal, f34) > 9999 then '0.00000'
				  else f34 end as decimal(10,5))
(it works!)
@Volearix yeah Egyptian bracing style is a Java coding standard IIRC and C# doesn't like it
^^^ that's all that matters.....
Are we talking about nested usings vs placing them on the next line?
oh but it does use Egyptian Bracing style for if/else statements
@Malachi That is going to create consternation.... and is against C# standards.
If the link you sent me is the most up-to-date version, I will have to change it up. I can't find anything stating otherwise. Always made sense to me due to the lack of confusion when checking out if blocks, but better go with what the standards say.
6:53 PM
@RubberDuck Bracing styles
Yeah, there C++ standards.
@Volearix That mono-project style is not common C# code style.
@rolfl is that not a valid place to get standards from?

if (a) {
    code ();
    code ();


if (a)
    code ();
    code ();
^^^^ That will piss of every C# guy here ;-)
6:54 PM
^^ good JAVA-style; bad C#-style
Right, but no info on the braces there, right?
Q: Voxel based Chunk Manager

Duckdoom5I'm creating a voxel based game and have been working on it for quite a while. I've come to a point where I have to load and unload chunks on the fly. I've created a chunk manager class and its working, but its quite slow and I would like to improve its speed. (This is my first post here so I'm...

@Volearix just look at the samples.. they all put the scope-starter brace on the next line ;)
@Volearix it doesn't talk about stacked using statements. but does show bracing style
6:57 PM
@Malachi Which all have braces if I'm not mistaken.
@rolfl I prefer the first one (even if I am a C# guy), the fewer pointless code lines I see, the better it is
this shows an if else without braces
11 mins ago, by rolfl
@Volearix Only reference I have found for C# style: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff926074.aspx
foreach (var ch in laugh)
    if (ch == 'h')
@Volearix What standards are you looking for?
6:58 PM
@rolfl lol
-- @Mat'sMug MySQL more like WtfSQL...
select cast('123456.79' as decimal(10,5));
-- Result: 99999.99999
@TopinFrassi C# and Bracing around stacked using statements
@CaptainObvious There's a bachelor's in programming?
using (Font font3 = new Font("Arial", 10.0f),
            font4 = new Font("Arial", 10.0f))
    // Use font3 and font4.
but that is if they are the same type
Oh, well, I'm no help! I'd be tempted not to put brackets but it's just an opinion, nothing official.
Well, it is officialy my opinion
7:00 PM
@Malachi don't do that
@Mat'sMug DO WHAT
declare 2+ variables in a using statement... it's asking for trouble
ExecuteNonQuery instead of ExecuteReader.
<h1><b><i>@Malachi THAT!!</i></b></h1>
you missed an ending tag @Phrancis
7:02 PM
Q: Software Key Generator

jordanHi I have created a java program which generates a key (for activating a piece of software for example) my code works correctly however there are parts of it that I know can be improved. In particular inside the createKey method were I have repeated an if statement in multiple places. I would ap...

@Phrancis I don't have anymore stars
@Malachi RSA'd :)
@Phrancis It's HTML, it's forgiven you already.
I found this, but no link to a doc saying it actually is preferred.
A: Nested using statements in C#

SLaksThe preferred way to do this is to only put an opening brace { after the last using statement, like this: using (StreamReader outFile = new StreamReader(outputFile.OpenRead())) using (StreamReader expFile = new StreamReader(expectedFile.OpenRead())) { ///... }

7:06 PM
using (SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(db))
using (SqlCommand cmd = CreateCommandWithDependency(SYSTEM_AVAILABILITY_QUERY, con, SystemAvailability_OnChange))
@Malachi Updated queries to this. ^^^^^^^^
is db your connection string?
@Mat'sMug Yep.
I'd rename it to connectionString.. db is utterly confusing here
@Mat'sMug they do it in this SO answer from 2009 stackoverflow.com/a/1329751/1214743
@Malachi so what?
7:08 PM
@Mat'sMug just an FYI
@Mat'sMug It's actually db(DatabaseName) it's from a helper method so we don't have to type the connection or encryption methods.
isn't your connection string in your app.config or web.config file?
this answer says that they are statements and not blocks and that is why you can omit the braces.... stackoverflow.com/a/1329906/1214743
7:09 PM
what does visual studio's auto reformat tool spit out, I wonder
Monkernoon @janos
@Mat'sMug This is a console app.
then app.config
Can you use C# braces in JAVA?
@janos I saw a post somewhere that said that IDE's will leave them alone if you stack them.
7:10 PM
monking @janos!
@Phrancis they're allowed in JAVA.. but offensive in Java.
@Phrancis <movieScenario> I tracked down your IP address, hacked into your ISP to find your contact info to call you. </movieScenario>
Oh, comment's been removed ahah
Must be the fudging Banque Nationale du Canada calling about my student loan. I hate those guys.
@Mat'sMug, nope, all of them are in a dll... >.<
7:12 PM
ok enough standards stuff for me for today, time to do Business Analyst stuff instead of coding, maybe I can get it done and out of my hair
@Malachi maybe there's an option to force re-format
like in eclipse control shift f or something
in intellij I haven't figured out yet (which is annoying)
@Malachi it does
ctrl + k + d in Visual Studio
I stack them all the time though, and if Microsoft will let you do it, then it must be right!
Huh, it has been a quiet hour or so at work.... ;-) It helps that I rebooted my machine, and 'forgot' to restart my mail client.....
Someone actually had to use the sneakernet.
@Malachi Microsoft lets you use IE8 ....
@rolfl fair point.
7:17 PM
@rolfl oh yeah it does huh. and it lets you use Vista but gets rid of XP
And this funny VBA thing, and access.
@rolfl you mean VB* ? LOL they do have some good products though. I like SQL Server....and C#
@rolfl VBA is awesome! ...till you learn C# and realize you've wasted 10 years of your life.
I am 5 rep points ahead of @Rolfl for the week....don't mod slap me please
@Mat'sMug lol
what is a pull request?
7:23 PM
Q: How to send an email every half an hour if certain condition is met during that period?

WebbyI have my below method which will be called every one minute from the background thread. In my below code, if my unauthorizedCount and badRequestCount is not equal to zero, then I send out an email. private void callMetrics() { // .. some other code // send an email for unauthorized ...

@Malachi I have spent my CR time debating meta issues.... not answering ;-)
I finally got in another review! :-) I'm glad to have all this free time on Thursdays.
@rolfl My Evil plot to pass you in Rep Points! Muah ha ha ha ha. JK
I just found github.com/Microsoft maybe we can fix some things now....
> dotnetsamples

Contains samples and documentation for libraries and tools of the .NET framework. Pull requests welcome!
Aka, we won't do shit with it!
look at that one, it's a runtime library!
I don't know what it does, but would love to play with it and figure it out!
if only I could get them to pay me to do that.....
7:30 PM
Thanks for the tips, I'll use them but not edit the post as it will invalidate you answer. — Duckdoom5 4 mins ago
Not just a thanks, but this (new) user is already aware of answer-invalidations. :D
@Jamal - found a way to both moan about beta status, and kill your flag-handling cash-cow:
Q: Turn the "closed without comment" flag into a queue

GabeOne of the moderators on Stack Overflow in Portuguese was complaining about the number of "closed without comment" flags they had to deal with, considering the community has plenty of users who could provide guidance to newcomers and not leave all the work to the mod team. That flag only exists ...

is there a SEDE query to see the tags where I'm near the top?
(for the record, as much as I like handling flags, I hate having my numbers inflated by this wretched auto-flag)
7:34 PM
(and if not, please respond: challenge accepted)
@janos let me think.......
> Some sites can stay in beta for a long time and have pretty mature rules.
@Jamal Nice
are our rules pretty, or mature? pretty mature? or pretty and mature?
Sad day when I have as much rep on meta.se as cr.se:
7:46 PM
I got +70 today and I can't explain 60 of it. Well, checkmarks aside.
See, being nice is nice ;-)
Oh, thanks... santa(s)!
user image
@Phrancis Saving that one for a rainy day
7:57 PM
> You have fully used your vote allowance for today

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