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8:00 PM
I just really really want to legitimately create
class GrumpyCat // standard library class that does absolutely nothing
(or can be used as nop)
@ptwales i was just messing with @rolfl because he spent maybe 2 hours monday explaining be that O(2n) was the same as O(n)
I hope it comes with a "gimmetehcodez compiler" that transfers a programming objective into an executable.
SO should get LOLCODE support in that snippet feature
@TopinFrassi Sorry, didn't know
8:03 PM
No prolems, no need to be sorry
My edit is not submitting? I guess I've finally reached the edit cap...
@Jamal LOL
I was wondering how long it would take.
This is pure genius.
  OMG "R"
  OMG "Y"
  OMG "G"
  OMG "B"
Hm. I was able to edit one post, but not a certain one.
8:21 PM
@Mat'sMug: The comments can probably be killed once another mod (probably 200) chimes-in. I wasn't even the one who closed the question, though I do agree with the closure. I'm not even sure why that user is so concerned with this, considering that the OP has already been helped. Maybe he doesn't quite know what we expect.
@Jamal haven't had a minute today, but yeah I also agree with closing it.. seems SE-wide, no matter how nice we are as a community...
He did not once even quote the Help Center, so maybe his stance is also subjective. Clearly we can review example code and non-working code, but that doesn't make them on-topic.
Have faith in me @SimonAndréForsberg - 60% of the time my code works 100% of the time! — Haney ♦ 10 mins ago
Alright, I'm back in this room... as I have another question for @Jamal.
If I want to refer to a class member in a function definition, how would I do that in C++ @Jamal? I tried doing void foo (&myitem) { but that gave my a syntax error.
Okay, this question must be cursed or something. If I try to edit in while logged in or as an anonymous user, the edit does not submit. I'm gonna need an exorcist up in here.
8:30 PM
> Multi-line comments are begun by OBTW and ended with TLDR
@hichris123 In a function definition, you'll also need the class type (before the object).
@Jamal So: void foo (MyType &my_item) {?
Q: HttpSession Wrapper Class

Kid DiamondAre there any aspects I could improve of my HttpSession wrapper class? Other suggestions are also welcome. namespace Http; class HttpSession { private $data; public function __construct($name = null, array $iniSettings = []) { if ($name) { session_name($name); ...

@hichris123 Yes
8:34 PM
why am I actually reading this? lolcode.org/1.2_spec.html
is it better than trying to read the Brainfuck specs?
probably shouldn't search that at work.
@Jamal Alright, one last question since you're here: I'm declaring this in my header file. When I declare it in my main .cc file, should I do the same? void foo (MyType &my_item) {?
k, thanks.
Q: Channels vs. "for loop" prime number generator

DippoI've found a question on SO (here), which is a prime number generator that uses channels. First of all, I had some trouble to find out how this code works, but later on, I saw the fun of it. Then, all the sudden, I saw the light! The code can be used perfectly to benchmark the difference between ...

> In LOLCODE, strings are called YARNs.
8:43 PM
> Since I am not an actual formal standards body, I don't have a nice pronounceable acronym that one could prepend to "-compliant" to form an adjective to describe a conforming implementation. In lieu of this, then, I hereby suggest that a Brainfuck implementation that is compliant with all of the constraints listed here should be described as "nice".
@Jamal One last question: foo has 2 parameters, one from when I call it and one from the class member. When I call it with one parameter, it gives an error that only one parameter is supplied, even though the other is already defined. Why is that & how can I fix it?
Basically, it's void foo (MyType &my_item, MyOtherType my_other_item) {
@Phrancis In that case... what the hell are threads?!
Q: Generate MATLAB MEX file alternative to `im2col`

DrazickThe function [im2col][1] in MATLAB is very useful to vectorize Patch based Image Processing algorithms. The problem is the function isn't optimized and doesn't use C Code. I'm only after its 'sliding' mode of operation. I wrote MATLAB code which mimics its functionality. The code is written...

@hichris123 If foo() expects two arguments, then you must give it two arguments.
@Jamal But one is already in there. So am I thinking about this the wrong way, in which I should just access the variable already there in the function?
8:51 PM
I'm not quite sure what you mean. It sounds like foo() expects two arguments, and you're passing in just one.
@MadaraUchiha clothez
@Jamal I got it. nevermind.
LOLCode looks like a lolcat version of... fim++
  IM IN YR main
    I HAS A instruction ITZ A YARN
    GIMMEH instruction
    I IZ executin YR instruction MKAY
    O RLY?
      YA RLY, GTFO
  IM OUTTA YR main
9:04 PM
@CaptainObvious The MATLAB question comes uncomfortably close to asking for code to be written.
@Phrancis ROFLMAO
@Malachi this programming language has your name all over it methinks
@Phrancis I was thinking that I should try to learn it in my free time....lol
@Mat it's better because it actually works.
@Phrancis just shared it everywhere...lol
Hey @Mat'sMug check out this answer and see if you can follow along, I almost doubted my answer an hour or so after I posted it, but I think it is pretty close to what the OP wants. codereview.stackexchange.com/a/61356/18427
probably going to learn Java next actually.
9:20 PM
Q: Should this Method be in TableViewCell or ViewController?

MahirI have a custom tableview cell for displaying different foods, with a star next to each name. If the food has been favorited (i.e., it exists in the database), the star is filled in, otherwise it is empty. I'm not sure if the logic that determines the color of the star should go in the view cont...

@nhgrif Is this the right place to continue the discussion?
@skiwi how do I build that cool chatbot?
I will talk to you later.
thanks for the accept and it gave me the yearling badge too, because it took me over 200 rep on that site! Thanks @skiwi
9:45 PM
Q: This question isn't allowing any edits from me

JamalWhen I try to edit this question, I'm told that an error occurred while trying to submit the edit. I've also tried to change the edits a bit (in case it was rejecting a particular edit), but it still hasn't worked. Everything is working fine for other questions, though. It also appears that th...

github.com/malachi26/maxMirror for this Question, I will be writing a LCS version soon codereview.stackexchange.com/q/57333/18427
for those of you that are interested in that sort of thing I have been posting some of my code on gitHub so that it is available in it's entirety. if you wish to follow my coding progression... github.com/malachi26
@Mahir Yes. I just got back home.
I forgot my phone at work so I had to run there and back again. :/
If you feel there's no more feedback to be gained from your previous question and feel you've implemented all the suggestions (or have a good reason for not implementing them), then you should definitely mark one of the answers as accepted. — nhgrif 10 secs ago
I don't think I'm going to post any answers to that question until he marks an accepted answer on his previous question--we'll see.
10:05 PM
@ptwales In my experience of taking classes for which the title was a language name, all you do is just learn some pretty basic stuff about programming and happen to use the programming language for which the class is learned.
There was very little difference between the Java, C++, and Objective-C classes I took (almost no difference between the last two which were taught by the same teacher)
Q: resizeable tab titles resized on hover, won't resize properly in Firefox

Lukáš MalákI am working on resizeable stacked tabs (similar to chrome tabs) with truncated titles (when they are too long), animated width resize on hover (to show whole title). All is working great in IE8 and Chrome but not in Firefox. When I hover on tab, instead of expanding width they collapsing. There...

Q: Rails app that scrapes forum using Nokogiri gem

Jamie Bhttp://agf.herokuapp.com/ About This is a small project I've been working on combining my web dev learning with my hobby (guitars). Website scrapes a guitar forum's pages and populates Rails model. I'm using rake task along with heroku scheduler to run background scrapes every hour. On the hom...

Q: Batch Script - is it Necessary to Re-phrase Commands?

UserUnknownI run a script to download a file and unzip it. An import process then runs and leaves the files in their source location. I wrote the fully functioning code below to clean up that directory to be ready to use the next night. I streamlined as much as I believe possible. I realize ~15 lines of co...

10:31 PM
Q: Elegantly Flipping a Boolean to Indicate "In Process" State

ScottSEAIn my code I sometimes set a boolean to indicate a state - and flip the value to indicate that the state is complete: private bool _skipEvent; public ChangeTextSkipEvent(string value) { _skipEvent = true; textBox1.Text = value; _skipEvent = false; } This lets me conditional...

10:43 PM
@Malachi, I'm buying you a new keyboard. You shouldn't have to suffer through that broken shift key. =)
11:22 PM
Q: Simple Registry Based DI PHP Application

Pedro Henrique A. OliveiraThe code is in here https://github.com/phao/simpledi. This post is kind of long. I'm sorry. I was looking for a code review of this idea I had last night. I wrote the code in 2-3 hours, so it's not really the best I can do. I'll improve on it later. I'm currently busy with a huge amount of stuf...

@Captain off-topic. Wall of text, no code...
11:46 PM
Cooperating OP though :)

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