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5:00 PM
not like, but for real is..
Q: using arrays and comment on code

ryanThe problem was pretty straightforward and used two simple algorithms from our examples; the one for computing the sum, and the one for counting matches. The array for the problem wasn't provided, but you can easily write a method around it without actually having it, since she gave us the name a...

Q: Javascript dates validators - improvement

franchezI have some code which works fine. First, it checks that dates format are valid and then, checks that first date is lower than second date. I had to use free input text and custom validator because multiple date formats are supported such as quarter number (2014 Q1) etc. But I find my code too l...

nah, I've had like 3 coffees already today
coming to the rescue!!!
(removed for total retardedness)
lol... can/should I star that?
5:02 PM
@apieceoffruit none... maybe that's why I just posted such nonsense..
sure, go right ahead :)
umm. someone tell me that I should close the java question...
Q: How to optimize the code while searching the items in multiple arrays?

user2809564Currently I have 5 sorted arrays and they all are size of 3. And I am trying to search for single element in each of the 5 arrays (or its predecessor, if it doesn't exist). Obviously, I can binary search each array individually, which will result in O(k log n) where k is number of sorted arrays....

@Vogel612 which one?
5:15 PM
the older one...
I'm not fond of that answer....
@Vogel612 sorry to be a party-pooper, but editing OP's code (Question) is a no-no on CR - things like indentation and code formatting can be part of a review, so we systematically reject these edit suggestions.
I'd be surprised to see that last one approved ;)
rejected ^^
@Mat'sMug he's a 1 rep user. i am prepared to take a bet the code looks like the edited version in the IDE..
> ChrisW reviewed this 55 secs ago: Reject
don't reformat the OP's code, which (including the format) is to be reviewed
besides most likely even you are to accept that premise of an answer it should probably be a struct.....*cough*
5:19 PM
yea... I just realized I automatically moved the comments to the lines before the relevant lines and not left them appended..
but OP also writes something about that he would refactor this if he were to write it 'for real'...
damn I really want to flag this..
but I have no clue as what..
Hi IKEA-Coder!
(I should really stop that)
hey @SimonAndréForsberg :)
don't make fun of the swedish..
they have such pretty girls up there
and the nature is amazing
was canooing and camping there last late summer..
@Vogel612 you are right, without an actual "real" implementation we are designing an application not reviewing an implementation... although it is a hard distinction to draw...
also the flag is a big plus :P
5:23 PM
(more retardation)
(removed ...poor unicorns)
I was being facetious , i thought we were making fun of the swiss :(
sarcasm does not play well in text
the fun thing is, the swedish flag also is a big plus..
in yellow
not white
5:24 PM
@Vogel612 I don't have a car, I can't stack and drive. And I wouldn't even if I could.
bah, I've just chugged java 4, i'm basically just a random word array at this point.
A: Structuring functions receiving and returning promises?

edanYou're making more work for yourself than necessary. Check this out: var fs = require('fs'); var nodefn = require("when/node/function"); var get_some_data = function(filename) { return nodefn.call(fs.readFile, filename); }; var parse_some_data = function(filename, throwError) { return ge...

Hi, @Mat'sMug
@konijn or anyone else, what do you think of this answer? Seems to be a bit of a non-sequitur.
@SimonAndréForsberg it just tremendously reminded me of the german anti-alcohol campaign
5:26 PM
@Vogel612 I think such a campaign can never be emphasized enough, really.
FWIW me too, but the resemblance was so uncanny i just couln't resist
@200_success probably not the best answer, but is it wrong?
not really a review either... but @konijn would indeed probably be the best to tell here
Good I'm getting to know how to make good (I guess) edit for post
@Marc-Andre yeah just saw that - Jamal put his grain of salt though ;)
@Mat'sMug Yeah but my grammar in English is not that good, I knew it was wrong but didn't know what was good :S
5:33 PM
@Marc-Andre you might want to check out English Language & Usage
gotta love magic links!!
Thanks for the link, and will look at it.
19 chat users!
And no ex-famous dictators.
So, according to Grace Note, it seems we're still not ready. :-/ Well, at least no one (I think) is setting everyone on fire and setting out bear traps.
@Simon who are you playing at?
@Vogel612: Long story.
5:38 PM
@Jamal Well, honestly... I don't think we're in a rush to graduate, are we?
No, we're not, but I just want to be assured that we cannot fail to stay online. That'd be far worse.
And it seems we're doing just fine with staying active.
@Jamal you're late ;)
exploding bear traps
The only way for CR to go offline is for the StackExchange network to crash.
@Mat'sMug: And don't bother trying to set me on fire. My diamond makes me flame-retardant. :-)
5:42 PM
lol. flame-retarded?
new users...
someone like poor me..
these friggin bear traps made my shiny metal golem unable to move and I had to #untrap him...
yeah, but you're special: in the chatroom on day one, avid user on day one, with a [badge:mortarboard] ..on day one. Future? Full of promises :)
@Mat'sMug that's just 'cause I got me the assoc.bonus running and found 2 relatively simple zombies to shoot
5:45 PM
and that you showed up here.
55 more points for another rep-cap. (me)
well I guess the killcam helped quite a lot ;)
and that you know the memes on day one.
well the post on that is simple and comprehensive..
and that you bothered to browse our meta site..
ya know, if only all new users did that on day 1..
@Mat'sMug Association bonus don't count for Mortarboard
5:48 PM
really? well that sux!
Yep he need more rep to have it !
70 to go..
how are you today?
also if someone is interested to semi review code that's on SO...
Q: Usage of multiple inheritance in Java 8

skiwiAm I using a feature of Java 8 or misusing it? Refer the code and explanation below to know as to why it was chosen to be like this. public interface Drawable { public void compileProgram(); public Program getProgram(); default public boolean isTessellated() { return fals...

well it's kind of awkward, I thought the question was best fit for SO, but maybe it's meant for CR, but it has so many points on SO again and activity that it should better stay there
5:54 PM
this would be a candidate for crossover-posting: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/199989/…
Nice answer! This would be the kind of answers we give on Code Review, feel free to join us if you enjoyed writing this answer :) — retailcoder 6 secs ago
6:09 PM
would it be allowed to repost that question from SO to CR? but then in a more reviewish-style instead of asking-how-to-do-it-style?
@skiwi well it's less of a repost then.. you might wanna read this post on that topic: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/65931/…
6:30 PM
@Vogel612 - how do I say this and get it to sound right.... CodeReview is a place people sometimes bring their crap code to, that they know is crap, and that they are already embarrassed about.... Looking for ways to say: hey, this is code, I am not proud of it, but I am not sure how to make it better. (not all questions are like this, but some are)
ummm. what are you referring to exactly?
Sometimes people can be 'sensitive'....., and you have to be a bit careful with things like:
this schema makes me shiver.. — Vogel612 2 hours ago
It's true ....
and, in this case, I think the comment is 'fine'...
but the idea is to help, not pass judgement
For some people, coming to CR is like going to AA ....
X: Hi My name is X, I have crap code.
All: Hey X, yes, your code is crap
X: Well, duh, that's why I am here.
Point taken
<-- still has to work on human interaction a lot
Let me dig up something to put it in perspective ... will take me a minute or two ;-)
Don't get me wrong, you never crossed a line with that comment....
but spidey senses got tingling, that's all.
Does having 10,000+ inactive & long-gone "avid" users (150-200) from the Dark Ages of CR (haven't counted them, really - just assuming) mean we have to compensate with 10,000+ brand new fresh active avid users to make up? How much is the Dark Ages (2011-2012, early 2013) affecting [non-]graduation? We've addressed the unanswered zombies, but we really have no way of addressing zombified users... Yeah, a quick look says we have 30K+ users, but... what's the picture like if we factor out zombie users that hasn't visited in, say, a year's time? — Mat's Mug 8 secs ago
^^ thoughts?
6:42 PM
@Mat'sMug Good point. That's my thought.
And also: Are we in a rush to graduate? We're 100% certain that we won't get closed.
We're not. But if graduation is being delayed based on biased numbers, it's just ...not fair.
I'm sure our "bottom-heavy" userbase isn't as "bottom-heavy" as the numbers make it look like.
If CR would have entered public beta in October 2013, we'd probably be a graduated site by now.
6:56 PM
and I'm out-of-vote!
fighter pilots call that: Winchester ;)
Thanks @Santa!
@MatsMug We check absentee values on all levels across a number of reputation levels. Though you don't have remotely to deal with 10,000 zombies. In terms of avid users, you have 2337 in the bracket from 150 and higher rep. Of them, only 1001 have been seen in the past month, with 98 of those being in the 1k+ bracket. That's basically 10% for the month. If we look at users who visited some time in the past 6 months, it's more like 7% (115 1k+ users out of 1685 qualifying users). — Grace Note 2 mins ago
@MatsMug We check absentee values on all levels across a number of reputation levels. Though you don't have remotely to deal with 10,000 zombies. In terms of avid users, you have 2337 in the bracket from 150 and higher rep. Of them, only 1001 have been seen in the past month, with 98 of those being in the 1k+ bracket. That's basically 10% for the month. If we look at users who visited some time in the past 6 months, it's more like 7% (115 1k+ users out of 1685 qualifying users). We aren't going to hold super-long-gone users against the site's potential. — Grace Note 7 mins ago
7:14 PM
Q: What is the difference between these two implementation of insertionsort in Java?

chasedrmI am learning Java algorithm now. I have a question about the different implementation of insertion sort. The first one is the one I implemented exatly as the algorithm book and the second one I made a small change. Is it OK to change the implementation as in the second one? If not, what differen...

^^^ Not sure how to feel about this one
looks like a XY problem. Answer is generally Z.
Those are always hard to close with a good reason... yet they're definitely off-topic.
Maybe a custom reason ?
(writing it)
@amon was faster
I chose "Primarily opinion-based"
And looks like he chose a custom reason : Other: This question appears to be off-topic because it is not asking for a code review.
7:23 PM
@Mat'sMug - :
A: Stack Exchange Data Explorer is up. What now, Wonderland?

rolflAs an out-of-interest discussion about avid users, and avid user retentions... I modified 200_success's avid-user query to exclude users who are dormant. Consider this result: Avid Users of all time Reputation Threshold # Users % of Avid Users Cumulative % of Avid Users --------------------...

Hmmm, I feel as if CR throws away sometimes my draft responses
I had one for that particular JS question
7:35 PM
Hey everyone!
Hey! :D
Het Grace!
We causing some ripples in SE land ;-) (or did you just bring us a supply of bear-traps?)
The only ripples you've caused so far are creating smiles.
I dropped by because I figured that people have been poking me a lot so I figure it may be easier in some cases for direct responses here than making this gigantic comment chain.
@konijn We only save one draft on the main and one draft on the meta per user.
Hmm, that is perhaps something that should be brought up on MSO, though I can understand why.
Seems you caught us in a quiet moment ;-)
@GraceNote sorry for the poking.. @rolfl I was notified the second you posted that query. Got my +1 ;)
7:47 PM
@Mat'sMug No worries about the poke.
Can you tell I love the mug I won during WB2013? :)
Oh, Grace is here.
I can
Best behaviour, everyone.
Looking at @rolfl's modified query, I'm not sure I understand where we are vs where we need to be
A: Stack Exchange Data Explorer is up. What now, Wonderland?

rolflAs an out-of-interest discussion about avid users, and avid user retentions... I modified 200_success's avid-user query to exclude users who are dormant. Consider this result: Avid Users of all time Reputation Threshold # Users % of Avid Users Cumulative % of Avid Users --------------------...

^^ that
7:52 PM
I think it's about time we pinned a message by a SE employee around here, so said and done --->
We gotta look like a bunch of kids waiting for prom night...
@Mat'sMug You'd better remember that about 15(?) years from now, when your twins are waiting for prom night.
Yeah, thanks. I didn't feel old enough already!
You know me, always happy to help :)
If you adjust the query to account for activity in the past 4 months (since the review), then compare us against something like :
CodeReview: http://data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/171444/distribution-of-avid-users-by-reputation-tier?SeenInMonths=4
WorkPlace: http://data.stackexchange.com/workplace/query/171444/distribution-of-avid-users-by-reputation-tier?SeenInMonths=4
AskUbuntu: http://data.stackexchange.com/askubuntu/query/171444/distribution-of-avid-users-by-reputation-tier?SeenInMonths=4
Shows an interesting picture
7:56 PM
"Do note, however, that you'll also take a blow to the number of direct editors. That's probably more valuable." - We'd still have @Jamal, wouldn't we? I don't see how the number of direct editors could change then.
We compare well against code-golf as well: data.stackexchange.com/codegolf/query/171444/…
So we get like 100 users from the 500's to the 1K's and call it a day right?
@SimonAndréForsberg I was merely meaning that there's a lot affected by rep changes, and I felt that I wouldn't really be concerned about the number of people closing as much as the number of people being able to edit. It's not to say that the change is going to be what stops anything, but considering there already is voiced concern about the rep level changes, it looks like a point of concern.
@Mat'sMug Well, we want people in the 500-1000 range as well, so to speak.
Grace, to a point... I'm sitting pretty, but, in fairness, no-one wants to lose their privilidges.
At the moment, everyone will.
I think the numbers are flawed in the sense that none of our avid-user queries hit the 20K barrier.... let me fix that.
8:01 PM
Oh, hey, Grace Note!
(monkey goes and serial-upvotes Loki)
@GraceNote I totally understand, I was just using the @Jamal = Editor meme :) (sometimes, he does feel like our only one. We need more editors overall. I'm also a bit bad in editing posts sometimes)
@SimonAndréForsberg I hadn't known there was a meme about that.
haha we even coined "@Jamalized"
8:03 PM
@Mat'sMug ... actually, click all the links above, again.... then all thave the 20K threshold added.
@Grace the meta post is quite comprehensive.
Geez... don't SE employees study site-specific memes during work hours? :)
♪dream job♪
I imagine, that if I got a job at SE, I would spend my days writing pretty SQL reports.
my SQL is waay to flawed and basic for that..
8:04 PM
@Vogel612 Doesn't include Jamalized.
but hey, learning site-specific memes in less than a day??
I can do that
@Grace just so you understand... I joined here today..
@GraceNote Look at the older meme post
almost broke the repcap and am winchester..
D-did Grace just use my meme? faints
@SimonAndréForsberg I see, I see.
8:06 PM
Proposing: running out of ammo --> winchester
Grace, @All... see the old Meme post was better:
A: Call of Duty - We're on a mission

Mat's MugSome "memes"... A few expressions have come up recently, thought I'd share them here (feel free to add, this is CW!) Running out of ammo: when you have exhausted all 40 votes for the day. Head shot: when you're out of ammo and post a target in chat, and then someone puts in a vote for you. Wak...

@Jamal merely mentioned
Although I'm not that known for going to bed late at night anymore (thank you, job!).
Instead, I tell Jamal to go to bed when I start work :)
I guess I am still the sarcastic monkey
I want a place there too...
novice necromancer would be nice..
8:08 PM
@rolfl Once a sarcastic monkey, always a sarcastic monkey.
@Vogel612 - careful now ... you're still the noob, and I'm still tempted by the TNT Bear-traps.
@Vogel612 “The bird that joined just today”?
@GraceNote: On another note: do you all perform any kind of pro-tem review, private or public? As I may be in this position for a while, I'd still like to make sure I'm still in check (such as monitoring my moderation action log). I haven't received any serious complaints yet (obviously I'll still make some mistakes here and there), so I suppose not much will need to be said. This also has to do with what I believe Tim has told you regarding the site's collective diamond moderation.
@rolf your traps don't scare me. 'cuz I believe I can flyyyyyyyyy
@Jamal - you want me to start complaining so the SE folk pay you some more attention?
8:13 PM
Looking at @rolfl's query for The Workplace, looks like >1K needs to account for ~20%?
Would a banana be enough to keep you quiet? :P
Nothing keeps me quiet.
Setting chat room population records!
Hello @GraceNote
@Jamal Yes.
Some kind of Community Coordinator on the Stack Exchange Network - where's the [Like] button!
8:16 PM
Q: Implementation critique of htoi in C

SteveI am working through Kernighan and Ritchie to brush up on my C skills, so I thought I would invite critiques of my code. Here is my htoi: int htoi(char *str, unsigned long long *result) { int c; int i; int msnibble; int digits; const int nibbles[] = {'\x0','\x1','\x2','\x3',...

Aww, I can't review that right now...
@GraceNote: Cool. Please keep me posted on that (general moderation, at least). If any of that is too private, you may post it in our mod room.
just 4 reference: same graph for german.se
@rolfl looks like 20% is the magic number
8:18 PM
@Mat'sMug there is still an htoi in the title of the question
@Vogel612 - you posted the edit link, not the query link: data.stackexchange.com/german/query/171444/…
just corrected right now ;)
@Marc-Andre aww.. if you can find a better title (remove "critique" and "C") and fix that, that'll be an easy +2 :)
@Vogel612 - you keen on the German site.... : Here's my favourite SEDE Queries:
German: http://data.stackexchange.com/german/query/161411/site-activity-and-votegraph#graph
CodeReview: http://data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/161411/site-activity-and-votegraph#graph
I'm not good to make title but will look to it !
8:20 PM
@rolfl kinda... got mod-tools there...
but we lack questions..
well that's a different story..
@Mat'sMug Hexadecimal to integer conversion function (maybe)
sounds like it
Hit enter by accident...
Was typing the edit summary ...
@GraceNote so updating on 100 days after the review wasn't premature or otherwise uncalled for? Last thing I want is for us to... look like a bunch of kids waiting for prom night ;)
@Marc-Andre shit happens. You have a grace period to re-edit the same suggested edit (unless that has changed recently)
@Mat'sMug Everyone was real proud to see this. I think that you guys made a summary-and-analysis-and-what-to-do-moving-forward thread like that is a good sign of how much you guys are dedicated to making this work.
8:27 PM
well in fact it looks like my edit summary is there !
member for 11 months
visited 223 days, 138 consecutive
I really want 2014 to be prom year for CR.
We'll still need a prom king and queen!
@GraceNote Dedicated is a good word. The only reason I'm here today is because I've visit this room once and they gave me the motivation to (re)start contributing here ! And I must say I'm glad I did!
@Jamal you be the queen?
If I must...
8:31 PM
Showing off? Let me:
member for 4 months (120 days)
visited 120 days, 120 consecutive
^^ @rolfl is the definition of dedicated :)
And, average of 120 rep per day too ;-)
member for 1 year
visited 350 days, 342 consecutive
Hey, I think that's better.
Yep, I'm about to hit 365 consecutive...
8:34 PM
When I look back at November, and remember that @Jamal had like 1.2K rep, @Malachi & I had just above 500, and I look at where we are today, I can't help but think the whole site is on the same trend.
member for 3 months
visited 108 days, 57 consecutive
"only" averaging about 60 rep per day (half of the monkey)
@SimonAndréForsberg what, you're not an official fanatic yet??
Does this mean that I'm half a monkey?
Simon went on holiday at Christmas/New-year.
Nope, just because I was away for New Year's.
8:38 PM
Poor unicorns.
I'll be fanatic on April 11th if my calculations are correct. And then I'll go away on April 12th for one week during Easter :)
@SimonAndréForsberg - Incomming, apparently this one is for you.... ;-)
With your luck we'll graduate April 13th and you'll miss prom night!
Q: Refactor foreach statement to LINQ

SweedenI have been working on a project and I'm actually refactoring some code. I have encountered myself with lots of foreach and if statements, which could be easily replace with LINQ. But I have this code snippet, that I wonder how I could make it more functional style. foreach (var notification in...

8:40 PM
I'll convince @GraceNote to postpone our graduation for one week in that case!
Oh, +1 for the username.
But I'll let @reta-why-can't-I-ever-learn-his-new-nicknames @Mat'sMug answer this one.
@Jamal - can you look in to the precognitive answer questions: [Precognitive Answers](http://data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/171088/precognitive-answers)
(This came up when I was looking in to AskUbuntu, and they have [seriously precognitive answers](http://data.stackexchange.com/askubuntu/query/171088/precognitive-answers) )
What causes answers to arrive up to 13 hours before the question was asked? It appears to be something funky with migration or merging.
A: Refactor foreach statement to LINQ

Mat's MugLINQ isn't a silver bullet. It stands for Language-INtegrated-Query, which allows querying objects. Querying objects isn't something that's supposed to have side-effects. However this is precisely what you loop's body is doing. Therefore, refactoring it to use LINQ, if at all possible, would ma...

@Mat'sMug Good answer, I would just add a documentation link to Task
@rolfl: I can look into that sometime.
8:48 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg good point.
@rolfl I wouldn't be surprised if I one day saw @Jamal making a precognitive edit.
Hey, where is my "thanks"? I thought for sure I've added it.
and... rep-capped again!
I haven't been rep-capped for four days. Am I losing my touch?
No wait, I've never had that much of a "rep-capped touch"
Am I growing monkey ears?
8:56 PM
I guess I had better actually answer a question today.
make a nice round 300.
There went two evenings of mine...
Just figured out that one of my ISPs DNS servers is totally crapping out, so I decided to put it on GoogleDNS
@Jamal - back to 95%
I was thinking about posting an answer to the Java Direction enum question which I planned on answering (as I was the one who suggested him to post that one in the first place...), but well... I might do it tomorrow instead. I do have some more things to add, besides what the monkey brought up. to the rescue?
pretty much @rolfl
what is with a Java question? I hear Java?
9:01 PM
@skiwi I recommended to a friend that he try an antenna and digital tuner to get 'free' HD-TV. I do this myself, nice setup. He spent a week on it trying to get it to work... finally I get a phone call: All he could get was low-quality signal 480i, until he found the network cable was flakey.... he was ready to ship the system back to source when he tried it 'one-last-time' and it was glorious HD on a different cable.
@skiwi I'm talking about this one:
Q: Direction enum class

Sam MartinAs request of Simon's comment: Direction.java package net.woopa.dungeon.datatypes; import java.util.Random; public enum Direction { NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST; private static Random rnd = new Random(); static public Direction randomDirection() { return Direction.values()[rn...

@SimonAndréForsberg - you did see his comment, right?
I like the efficiency of this class and the fact it doesn't require me to change any of the other code in the project. I did however add public Vector2D getFront(Vector2D vec) { return new Vector2D(this.forwards_x(vec.getX()), this.forwards_y(vec.getY()));}... as I liked 200_success's naming convention, the simplicity and it didn't have any noticable drop in performance. — Sam Martin 9 hours ago
@rolfl Yes, why?
Just so you know he has 'resolved' and moved on.....
Yes, I am aware.
9:04 PM
Huh, I lied earlier:
7 mins ago, by rolfl
I guess I had better actually answer a question today.
I have answered something today.... just no-one has paid it any attention.
I am actually not sure I will answer that question at all. He posted it on a bad time, when I was asleep!
♪ (whistles)
And when I woke up it had 5 answers already
Santa... I've been vewwy vewwy good.... thanks!
wow I missed some chat already, I'll take a look in a sec @SimonAndréForsberg
9:06 PM
I'll say goodnight for now. Cya
@skiwi +10 internet points if you can tell me what the animals are....
Cheers Simon.
do i get the points too??
9:07 PM
Anyone ... gets the points... ;-)
n8 @Simon @Mat'sMug @skiwi
hint: not a monkey
Hint ... I am South African ....
I don't knwo exactly :D @rolfl
antelope and Indian sarus crane
google reverse image search ftw..
9:09 PM
It's an antelunicorn, obviously...
antelane is better IMO
darn those funny pics are endless and I do not have endless time available
right. obviously this one doesn't have its genetics right.
Huh, I was going to say the eland and the blue crane
check the horn angle
9:11 PM
_________________________________ => Animals.SE
your eland has them more oriented like the face.
and that antelope has 'em more like a cow.
they might be a little small, or is it just me?
They stand as tall as me.
wingspan 6'7"
9:14 PM
@skiwi gotta love the physics engines.
This is a software chat room. We don't care about no steenken physics.
physics are awesome to program
and to test
same for AI
and to watch fail
the fails are awesome
9:19 PM
Hmm. A view, but nowhere to be found is the SQL to create the view. Not very helpful.
@Donald what are you referring to?
@Vogel612 Work. New feature for the archive.
ssh it means you need to create that view
Bye all!
@Jamal about your closing concerns as a mod: you could always do like you do now and post them in here (chat) so we can close them, no?
@Marc-Andre see ya!
9:25 PM
@skiwi It already exists. But the source directories don't contain any .sql files where it is created.
@Mat'sMug: yes, I can keep doing that. I also feel that, after graduation, we shouldn't rely on chat for having questions closed.
ah, always great, can't you show create view then @Donald.McLean
@Jamal no, but all it takes is 1 close vote for it to show up in the review queues, no?
@skiwi It's a problem for another day.
Yes, or one flag.
9:27 PM
well i gotta go, gn people
then it's not "relying" on chat, rather "making it quickly visible to users that can act upon it".. IMO
@skiwi bye!
I'm off to the grocery store and home myself. Take care, all!
Q: Reverse a String in Java

Jane FosterHere is the code for the CString class that I created. public class CString { public String reverse(String s) { char[] array = new char[s.length()]; array = s.toCharArray(); for(int i=0; i<array.length/2; i++) { char tmp = array[i]; array[i] =...

Q: Find an element from multiple sorted lists efficiently?

user2809564I have k sorted arrays, each of size n. Currently I have hard coded 5 sorted arrays each of size 3 but in general that is configurable. I would like to search for single element in each of the k arrays (or its predecessor, if it doesn't exist). Obviously I can binary search each array individu...

Eh, maybe I'm just being paranoid, hence my request to Grace Note regarding my moderation.
@Donald.McLean later!
@Jamal you are ;)
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I hope so. :-) Better to do that than to keep doing things I shouldn't.
@Donald.McLean Bye!
And we have some invalidation going on here. I'll need to leave soon, so someone else can take care of it.
Q: SQLite Helper Class in C#

NetInfoHere is a SQLite Helper Class I created. Any input appreciated, including security and simplification. using System; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data; using System.Data.SQLite; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using ...

well I have to leave as well, gone now!
I can do it quickly myself.
Oh, nevermind! :-)
gone now :)
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(may not logon tonight, got my Design Patterns book, got some reading to do!)
@Mat'sMug Bye!
@GraceNote thanks for showing up on CR today, we really appreciate your feedback - you're more than welcome here anytime you like (that does include out-of-office time as applicable - you're addicted to SE as well aren't you? ;)
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Q: Print distance between two points by invoking distance on one point and sending in the other

user37724I'm having trouble with the calcDistance methods. The instructions say to create: A method distance that returns the distance from this point (0, 0) to another point of the MyPoint type. A method distance that returns the distance from this point to another point with specified x and y coordinate...

Q: Why is this producing an "Empty Path Name Is Not Legal" exception?

David C EllisI'm attempting to serialize the state of a program I'm developing, but I'm getting the following error when I attempt to Deserialize the resulting file: System.ArgumentException Message=Empty path name is not legal. Source=mscorlib StackTrace: at System.IO.FileStream.Init(String path...

10:29 PM
Q: Tokenizing string using strtok

ntoskrnlIn this assignment, I'm supposed to split a string using strtok. (The assignment consists of the comment and the function definition; I fill in the function body.) It works as far as I've tested. But it seems a little ugly to me. Perhaps it's my Java background, but somehow this just doesn't fee...


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