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11:13 PM
Q: Calculating angle in isometric view

Mark KnolI have an angle where I need to convert a 'normal' angle to an isometric angle (116 degrees), and I came up with this function. It works but I was wondering if the math could be optimized/simplified, or if this is the way to go. It's for a mobile game. public static inline var ISO:Float = 0...

I'm back
@syb0rg Are you always on?
@Timtech The chatroom is always in an open tab. I'm not always on, but I'm usually available.
@syb0rg Ah, okay
11:21 PM
Hello @Jamal
I haven't seen a lot of you today, have you been busy?
Well, classes are over for the day, and my computer systems security class is making me nervous.
Yeah, the semester has started, so I won't be around as much. I can still check in during some classes, though.
@Jamal You have exactly 3700 rep right now :)
Yep! Nice round number, which means no possible OCD downvoting on answers.
11:29 PM
Or upvoting...
"You cannot star your own messages
click here to remove the notification bar"
I mean, upvoting costs nothing. Not that I actually OCD vote. That was more of a joke.
Ooh. I thought you meant other people...
A computer systems security class? @Jamal is going to be a hacker!
Well, we will be given "simplified" tasks involving retrieving a secure file. I'm just nervous because this is my first senior-level class, and the class itself looks tough.
@syb0rg I've posted an answer to the BF table question
A: ASCII table in Brainfuck

TimtechI think this would be a more efficient way of doing it (at least for the printable ASCII characters): ++++[->++++++++<] Use cell 0 for loop and cell 1 for ASCII codes ++++[->>++++++++<<]>>> Use cell 2 for the space +++>++> ...

11:34 PM
And now 200 has posted!
Yeah, I noticed
@Timtech I liked the reference! +1
Thanks :)
"142 People Chatting
The 2nd Monitor
56 mins ago - Timtech"
56 minutes???
Ooh, my total rep exceeds 5000!!!
@Timtech: Slight (general) nitpick. You could just mention the very last paragraph in a comment since it's not part of the actual answer.
@Jamal Fine, you think a horizontal line would suffice?
11:38 PM
@Timtech Remove it and add it all as a comment.
@syb0rg K
Now I have to learn BF so that I can read and review it.
Shouldn't be too hard since I know C.
It's gonna be hard for me to vote on these since I don't even know BF. On the bright side, Malachi will actually be able to award the bounty to someone.
Yeah, I'm thinking 200 here :-(
Mine's pretty solid too
I believe they can be split, though.
11:41 PM
I had to go off of the comments to understand what they were doing.
Um, need the basics of BF?
From my observations, at least. I've never worked with a bounty before. I've only refunded one once. :-P
Mods can refund bounties?
I never knew that.
11:42 PM
How do I become a mod? =)
Only a mod can do that. But it shouldn't be done in normal situations.
@Timtech We have to graduate.
@syb0rg ?
Or if any of the pro-tems step out, SE will have to appoint someone else.
@Jamal What was the abnormality in this situation?
11:42 PM
Brainfuck operates on an array of memory cells, also referred to as the tape, each initially set to zero. There is a pointer, initially pointing to the first memory cell. The commands are:
Command Description
> Move the pointer to the right
< Move the pointer to the left
+ Increment the memory cell under the pointer
- Decrement the memory cell under the pointer
. Output the character signified by the cell at the pointer
, Input a character and store it in the cell at the pointer
[ Jump past the matching ] if the cell under the pointer is 0
@Timtech Code review is still in beta and therefore we do not yet have moderator elections
Well I thought so
How is Jamal one then?
However, I believe we are looking to graduate soon.
A mod stepped down.
11:43 PM
That's what you meant
@Timtech He is special
@syb0rg: I don't remember for sure, but it seemed valid for refunding.
Whenever code golf graduates, I'm applying for mod :)
It's already been 1,082 days in beta...
Q: Winston Ewert is no longer a moderator?

JamalI've just now noticed the missing diamond on his profile, along with this: There's no announcement on Meta, and this just seems like an abrupt change. I'm not sure how long ago this was, either. But I probably should've suspected something when it seemed to take a tad longer for my recent mo...

11:44 PM
I'm looking to be a mod on Raspberry Pi.SE
@Timtech I'm hoping we make it to 1337 days and then graduate.
@JamesKhoury That would be funny :)
@JamesKhoury: Well, if our voting doesn't improve vastly, it may be a possibility.
@Timtech for code gold is 255 days for codereview its like 246 days
*code golf
11:47 PM
I'm talking code golf
I'm so making that a meta.
@JamesKhoury: If there were a Code Gold SE, it had better include some darn good code.
@Jamal Our voting has to improve?
@syb0rg: For Code Review.
@Jamal I actually thought our voting was quite good for a beta site. Is it low?
This is compared to Raspberry Pi.
This is my 50th consecutive day code golfing
It's also my 50th day as a member of code golf
11:52 PM
The problem is that we're still lacking enough high-rep users to survive an election. Once those post-grad rep requirements hit, we'll be out quite a few privilege holders.
At this time, no one will be a trusted user.
Hmm, but that is just a matter of time.
@syb0rg for us the time is longer than other beta sites.
I use almost all of my votes every day, so there is not much more I can do.
We may stay in beta for a while, but as long as there's activity, we'll stay online.
@JamesKhoury Just used my last vote of the day on your answer to the JavaScript question.
And in 4 minutes, I will have another 40.
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