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Q: Learning some functional programming - would like your input on code readability

Tomer KandelThese are three different exercises I was working on. I'm new to JS and FP as well, and I'm not sure what guidelines to follow to make my code readable. My tabs got a bit borked. All code has: import * as R from "ramda"; given a string, return a map detailing how much of each letter there is. ...

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Can a mod ask a Software Engineering mod about this?
in The Whiteboard, 31 secs ago, by Simon Forsberg
Did @Duga kill this chat room?
I'm wondering if I should turn off @Duga in that room or not
1:33 PM
I'll give em a poke.
1:56 PM
Q: Which is faster: Unhide rows during IF or Unhiding them all at once in another macro?

Mark S.I have process where I am generating workbooks from a list. One of the tabs has varying height and I have a formula that my macro uses to determine whether to hide a row. As I move to the next workbook I may need to unhide some rows that were hidden in the previous iteration. For the sake of bett...

Q: Python sklearn rolling yearly validation

Lucas MorinI am trying to implement a simple modelling pipeline with rolling c.v., making use of the TimeSeries split. The code is provided below with a working example dataset. (please don't pay too much attention to the dataset construction). import pandas as pd, numpy as np import seaborn as sns, matplot...

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@SimonForsberg For anyone else following along:
in The Whiteboard, 4 hours ago, by Thomas Owens
@SimonForsberg I don't think Duga killed the chat room. I think chat killed this chat room. It's not the most discoverable SE feature, and I think most of our power users pop-in, do stuff, and pop-out rather than hang around and chat.
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Q: Implemention of an architecture from research paper

Himanshu KaloniI am trying to implement a research paper from scratch. I need to know if what I am doing is on the correct path and whether there are any improvements that I can do. This is what I have implemented. However I am not sure whether so far this is correct or not. import torch import torch.nn as nn i...

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@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ @SimonForsberg IIRC you got a similar answer the last time you asked. IIRC 2/3 years ago
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Q: Basic rust Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion

icy icyI've been following the rust book, and I made a Celsius to Fahrenheit converter as it advised me. After a bit, I came up with this code; however in my opinion, there's a lot of unnecessary parts that I couldn't figure out how to simplify. Here is the code: fn readnum() -> i32 { loop { l...

@Phroggie yeap
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Please take a look at my fully detailed question here if you'd like to. — digito_evo 30 secs ago
Q: initializing a timezone database and getting all timezone names (before main())

digito_evoI have written the below small program that tries to initialize a tzdb before the main() runs. So once the main function runs, it checks the two global variables (that are already initialized at that stage) to determine if an error has occurred during the initialization process. This is done usin...

Q: Construction Permit Web App

JasonI have a Next.js + Node.js + TypeScript + Tailwind + tRPC project whose objective is to allow a construction manager to figure out what permits are required for his renovation based on if it's an exterior or interior construction project. This is my main route ('/'): 'use client'; import...

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Q: Request for Assistance with DFS, PMI, and Pairwise Constraints Implementation (Python)

Zoge13I've been working on a Python implementation combining Depth-first Search (DFS depth = 2), Pointwise Mutual Information (PMI), and Pairwise Constraints (ML must link and CL cannot link). While I've completed the coding, I'm encountering unexpected results, suggesting potential errors in my approa...

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Q: Need help fixing my fast bignum multiplication using the recursive Karatsuba multiplication approach

TuringCompleteTurtleI'm trying to implement fast bignum multiplication, as part of a larger project for generating large prime numbers fast. The majority of the time in the primality test (approximately 7.4B/7.5B clock cycles) is taken up by multiplication and division. Following is the bignum library I've used as t...


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