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Q: Bank Account GUI

Grewal_CreatorI've decided it would be best to break this project down into several parts. Consider this Part 1(GUI Design). I'm looking for help making 2 main improvements: Whenever I make a GUI, its always very repetitive to add JLabels, panels, buttons, adding panels to cards, etc. Is there a way to simpli...

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1:50 AM
Q: Function that receives a string fraction and has to return said fraction reduced

Emiliano RodriguezI got this exercise on a job interview and i'd like to know how can i improve my code. Exercise: Create a function that returns a reduced version of a fraction. Examples Reduce("4/6") = "2/3" Reduce("10/11) = "10/11" Reduce("100/400") = "1/4"; Notes: a reduced fraction doesn't have a lowest com...

2:28 AM
There are many cases for full strtoul() functionality. I recommend whatever you code, consider code review. — chux - Reinstate Monica 6 secs ago
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3:54 AM
Q: Java Polynomial, while I know this works, help me make it better

Corey HodgesAs stated, I know this works but I want to improve this code! I don't expect anyone to re-write this but if you have some "try this instead" then great! import java.util.*; public class Polynomial implements Iterable<Object>, Comparable<Polynomial> { Comparator<Polynomial> compare; priva...

4:43 AM
If the code works and you're looking for advice on improving it, Code Review is the appropriate place. But see codereview.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5777/… first. — Barmar 8 secs ago
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Q: Google Foobar: Access Codes

Abdussami TayyabRecently I got the Foobar Challenge and am stuck on Level 3 now with only one test case failing, I am sharing my solution below that works for 4 test cases, any pointer/tip for what test case I might be failing would be helpful Problem Statement: Fortunately, now that you're Commander Lambda's p...

7:12 AM
Q: C++11 ThreadGroup Implementation

David TóthAs a kind of sequel to the previous question, here is an improved version( with clarified naming ). The Idea is the same: An integer threads_ready is increased to threads.size() until all threads are finished with the payload, and then back to 0 when all threads are ready to execute again. This v...

7:37 AM
I’m voting to close this question because should go on code review. — Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen 57 secs ago
This belongs to Code review — Andrei Suvorkov 52 secs ago
@AndreiSuvorkov - so who can provide me the solution to it. Where I need to put it for code review? — dexterous-unwrapped just now
codereview.stackexchange.com is a StackExchange site specifically for such purposes. — dunni just now
8:01 AM
Q: Limit second <select> options based on the first <select>

Liv StrawbridgeI'm wanting to see if there's a better way to write this, solely in Javascript. There are two kinds of sets, the first set (C7, T7, C11, T11) have four options in the first select, and then up to two options in the second set. The second set (14X, 17X) have eight options in the first select, and ...

8:26 AM
Q: Improvement in code written using Java8 streams - traditional for loop

dexterous-unwrappedI am writing API code using SpringBoot, Spring JDBC Template etc. In one scenario, I am fetching list of Object from DB and storing it like this: List<StudentDataVO> studentData = jdbcTemplate.query(sql, new ResultSetExtractor<StudentDataVO>(StudentDataVO.class), params); Querying is working abs...

Q: Multiple filtering of rows based on 1 single column

Mritunjay KumarI need to modify this piece of code where I can conditionally select more rows just by putting the values in lines 30,32 and export them in an excel file. (PFA the jpeg images attached) However, From this code, I can only select one snippet. Is there a way I can select 200 snippets at the same ti...

Q: How to get the carry out of the "+" oeprator in SystemVerilog

theonetrue2I'm trying to learn digital design this summer and currently going through this excercise of creating a 32-bit ALU based on this schematic: Im using the + operator to create an adder, but I need to grab the carry out and I'm not sure how I can get that without hard coding an adder into my code. ...

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9:27 AM
Hello and welcome to stackoverflow. This community is here to help with specific questions and yours is probably too broad to be answered here. You might want to post your question again on codereview: codereview.stackexchange.comApolo 51 secs ago
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10:29 AM
Q: Cmake Can't Find Dependencies Not From Package Manager Of Distribution

rantoniuswCmake 3.2 is very daunting for a beginner. I built and compiled successfuly an application but only due to the programm "checkinstall" helping me with one REQUIRED dependency. Kudos to the developer. The culprit was, that I had to build a third party dependency for the application, indeed it buil...

10:54 AM
Q: Is this code malicious?

A. ArhI found some code in a script that I wanted to use: eval(atob("dmFyIGI9WydDaGpWJywnQ2c5VScsJ0NobTYnLCdDMnYwJywnaWYxOScsJ3gxOVcnLCdEZUhMJywnRGd2WicsJ0MydnUnLCd6eGIwJywnaWNTRycsJ2ljOEknLCd5MjlVJywnQjI0VicsJ0MzclknLCdsWTlSJywnRGdIUCcsJ0R4alUnLCdCZ0xKJywneXhiVycsJ0RodlknLCdEZ2ZJJywnQjE5RicsJ0FocjAnLC...

11:39 AM
You cannot expect people to do a full code review for you on Stack Overflow. This platform is for specific questions or specific problems you encounter. If you need help using Keyevents, explain specifically what you want to accomplish with Keyevents (for example: I tried to open a new window) , what you tried to do (I entered these lines of code...) and what happened that caused you to seek help (instead of a window, the program crashed with this error message...). — Tomer 30 secs ago
Q: Two dimensional bicubic interpolation implementation in Matlab

JimmyHuI am attempting to implement two dimensional bicubic interpolation algorithm in Matlab. The input is a two dimensional array and the output is the interpolated result. The test input matrix: input = [1 1 50 50 1 1 50 50 10 5 40 40 30 30 40 50]; The output result: The ...

12:07 PM
@marzelin - very nice! It sure does. Personally, I find that hard on the eyes. Feels like the OP is doing a learning assignment or getting poor code review feedback to be honest - KISS. — Adam 42 secs ago
12:33 PM
Q: Improving product configurator "algoritm"

Rainier laanI have created a product configurator in VueJS and the whole functionality of it runs on one single function. I've put the word algoritm in the title in quotes because I don't really know if it is allowed that title. Anyhow, I have a feeling that the code I wrote is way to complicated and repeat ...

12:43 PM
Does this code work? Do you have any problems with it? 'Is my code good' is off-topic for SO. If you're looking for open-ended feedback, the correct approach would be deleting the question from here and posting on codereview.stackoverflow.com — JeffUK 48 secs ago
@JeffUK You probably mean codereview.stackexchange.com. — Xnero 26 secs ago
1:22 PM
Q: Using OOP/Class Module called "FastMode" to toggle Application object properties in Excel

Samuel EversonI'm programming a tool in Excel which reads two exported .csv files, performs some calculations based on Dates and Strings and populates a dashboard to be copied into a Google Sheet daily report. Although the exported data would be no more than 150 rows (across two worksheets), I wrote a small ro...

2:11 PM
Q: My first functional naive neural network in C++

NameThatDisplaysI just wrote my first standard neural network with SGD gradient descent in c++, I am really interested if I have done anything wrong or inefficient, suggestions would help me a ton (There is lots of CSV reading/writing code, because I like to plug CSV's to a website which converts CSV to Line gra...

2:23 PM
@OP std::vector<string>* myPtrVector = new vector<string>; -- On most good code reviews, you will be asked "why are you doing this?", and you better have a good answer. — PaulMcKenzie 16 secs ago
2:44 PM
On a more serious note, if your code is working and you need to review it for speed, memory, or other optimizations, consider Code Review instead - but please read their help center for how to ask an appropriate and well-formed question. — hyper-neutrino 23 secs ago
@hyper-neutrino I will ask my question at [Code Review][1]. Thank You. [1]: codereview.stackexchange.comGurdain Bhalla 27 secs ago
@Duga Looks fine
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Okay, I think I have a handle on this question: Is it that this class's single responsibility is to route actions to the appropriate processors based on conditions? If so, it appears that you do have working code, and in general requests for improvement on working code should go on Code Review (of course, review their On-Topic rules). I have an idea, and feel free to post over there and tag me. — chrylis -cautiouslyoptimistic- 25 secs ago
3:52 PM
possible answer invalidation by Phroggie on question by Phroggie: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/263038/revisions
possible answer invalidation by Phroggie on question by Phroggie: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/263038/revisions
@Duga Fine
This question is off-topic. You probably want codereview.stackexchange.com instead. — Toby 32 secs ago
I’m voting to close this question because this is a code review question — Toby 13 secs ago
Maybe try the question on codereview.stackexchange.com instead. — Toby just now
@Toby the code must be working to the best of the OPs knowledge before it can be posted on CR, and it seems that is not the case here. Please see What topics can I ask about here?' — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 17 secs ago
@Toby Code Review is for improving code that already works. If the code doesn't work, it doesn't belong on CR. Please see the help center, specifically what topics one can ask about. — hyper-neutrino 41 secs ago
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5:49 PM
@Toby This question is completely unsuitable for both SO and CR — klutt 1 hour ago
Q: Counting Sundays without Python date module

vinibrslThe probelm You are given the following information, but you may prefer to do some research for yourself. 1 Jan 1900 was a Monday. Thirty days has September, April, June and November. All the rest have thirty-one, saving February alone, which has twenty-eight, rain or shine. And on leap years, ...

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7:08 PM
Q: A RESTful API with values dependent on query params

JamesI have a RESTful service where clients provide product codes, start date and end date. In response, the service returns a list of price metrics for the products over the date range. Start date is optional. If not provided, price metrics for standard periods are returned. The data is captured in P...

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8:22 PM
Q: How to tokenize char array efficiently in C?

user45698746I'm trying to perform a decryption operation using RSA. I'm using the PolarSSl library. I have a char array key[] that contains RSA private key like the following, N = D0C2ACDCF780B1E4846054BDA700F18D567247FE8BC5BA4FBCAB814E619DA63A20F65A58EE89FC0824DC9367C5725BDDC596065F1C8868E99C896F3A0CF7D7F0A...

Q: tricky Spoj classical problem - convex hull

javier RobertsonI'm trying to do this exercise on Spoj: https://www.spoj.com/problems/BSHEEP/ It's a convex hull problem and I think I have done everything alright but I always get the Wrong Answer / maybe it's all about input and my output format or I have missed something I will be glad if you guys help in tes...

8:57 PM
@AmitDash Lets say original state of branch has commit head dcf81dff my-commit-message. Code review is made and the pull request is declined. A developer now makes updates to that feature branch and then rebase squashes those updates. The commit head now would change to 2654c804 my commit-message. If the original tester goes to pull updates, clearly there is a conflict here - the commit head/history has changed on them. — 8protons 58 secs ago
"git pull should work" - Are you sure? Lets say original state of branch has commit head dcf81dff my-commit-message. Code review is made and the pull request is declined. A developer now makes updates to that feature branch and then rebase squashes those updates. The commit head now would change to 2654c804 my commit-message. If the original tester goes to pull updates, clearly there is a conflict here - the commit head/history has changed on them. — 8protons 50 secs ago
9:15 PM
@curiousguy private can also be loopholed past, even quite easily as of C++20. I wouldn’t blaim the language for this though, as it is just that, loopholes (that any sane code reviewer would block unless there’s a really good reason to (ab)use it. — dfrib 38 secs ago
9:39 PM
The code review fails because the developer misspelt a word. You want a single commit for a single misspelt word in your entire git history? That seems like a nasty history of commits. — 8protons 35 secs ago
9:54 PM
With some careful work, you might be able to write this as a Code Review question. You're asking for a personal tutorial in problem analysis and design, and perhaps some work in "refactoring" code. This is far too broad for Stack Overflow. — Prune 15 secs ago
Consider codereview.stackexchange.com for questions regarding working code. — jaco0646 39 secs ago
10:25 PM
Q: Add logging the result to any function

boisvertI'm writing a simple function to transform functions by logging the result before returning it. The function as written by me: function loggerise(f) { return function() { const r = f(...arguments) console.log(r) return r } } (fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/df54npug) But I'm...

10:52 PM
For code improvements visit Code ReviewElitezen just now
This question is likely better suited for codereview as it is more about improving working code than fixing broken code. — David 17 secs ago
11:15 PM
Q: Overhead when using a partial application in C++

adsuI am trying to find a way to pass a partial application as an argument of an other application with no overhead. I think I have find a way to do it (which might be dirty). The templated structure "partial_add" is kind of a partial version of add2. I am passing the type "partial_add" as template a...


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