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Q: Implementation of a Sunrise/Sunset algorithm from wikipedia

OreillesI'm trying to implement a sunset/sunrise algorithm found on this Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunrise_equation#Complete_calculation_on_Earth The function accepts the longitude, latitude and date for which the calculation must be done. It will be used in a PostgreSQL database - pl...

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Q: Can this code be improved regarding map with in a For loop

JackI am looking for best performance regarding this code point is I don't have a clear idea weather a map integrated in a for loop is a good idea, the problem is the array is a nested object coming from Db that I don't have any control of, could there be a better version ? the code does the followin...

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you can ask for a code review on codereview.stackexchange.comMartin Frank 59 secs ago
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I’m voting to close this question because Stack Overflow is for code that doesn't work. Code reviews should be posted on [codereview.stackexchange.com](codereview.stackexchange.com) — Zsolt Meszaros 34 secs ago
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If it is working code then it is perhaps code review not stack overflow question? — Öö Tiib 42 secs ago
Q: Why is this racket n queens code so inefficient?

lamp bottleI have the following code for the n queens problem described here: https://leetcode.com/problems/n-queens/ ;; depth first permutations + early pruning (define (left-diagonal-attack pos perm index n) (if (empty? perm) #f (if (= (car perm) index) #t (left-diagonal-attack pos (cdr...

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I’m voting to close this question because it'd be better on code review — Alan Birtles 48 secs ago
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Q: C++ Improved ThreadGroup Implementation

David TóthAfter the amazing feedback from these questions; I have prepared a third version of the original posted code. The Idea is the same: An std::size_t variable threads_ready is increased to threads.size() until all threads are finished with the payload, and then back to 0 when all threads are ready t...

Q: Inserting captions under photographs in word based on entries in excel spreadsheet

MichaelI have a macro written in word for transferring captions written in excel to a corresponding photograph in a word document. At the moment it runs however I am finding that it slows down over time the more captions it has to process. As such it is useful for up to approximately 200 photographs how...

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Q: Tkinter music player

Bhawesh KumarI tried making a music player with tkinter in python but there's an error about module not callable but I'm not able to fix it. Can someone help? import tkinter as Tk import pygame import os def __init__(self,root): self.root = root # title of the window self.root.title("MusicPlayer"...

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Q: How to make this code's design better?

Puneet AggarwalGithub repo I've attempted a backend assignment in Go from geektrust Assignment Link. I'm not sure the code that I have written is idiomatic in the go way. I need some feedback on this code based on its extensibility, proper use of data structures. How can this code be more improved? Main build f...

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Hi and Welcome to SO. I flagging your question for closure and removal. Your question contains no coding issue and as such is off-topic for SO as it is opinion-based. What you actually asking for is a code review in which case you actually should use the Code Review Stack Exchange website! — tacoshy 8 secs ago
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At first, I disagree that's it is hard to read. It is super readable when you get used to it. Secondly, I have big code base and I just cannot change all the code. Technically, I can, but in real like I just will not pass code review. — Pavel.Zh 42 secs ago
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If you're wanting a review of your code, check out codereview.stackexchange.com (but you'll need to include your code there) — Samathingamajig 56 secs ago
Q: Using CSS, surely there is a better way to write this Flex code?

Emon HoqueI needed some help with Flex. I am trying to achieve something like this using flex but I cant seem to align all the items to the left for both. The code I provided below works just fine, but I'm sure there has to be a better way to do it but nothing seems to be working for me. Here is a CodePen ...

CodeReview is for working code only. — ggorlen 15 secs ago
Teresa Dietrich on June 16, 2021
We have had an exciting couple of months here at Stack Overflow. That excitement doesn’t change our plans for the future, detailed in this post.
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Q: Speed Typing Test

srav_ini.hSpeed Typing Test In this assignment, let's build a Speed Typing Test by applying the concepts we learned till now. Refer to the below image. []!(https://assets.ccbp.in/frontend/content/dynamic-webapps/speed-typing-test-output.gif) bookmark-maker Instructions: Add HTML container element with id s...

Q: Bookmark Maker Program

srav_ini.hIn this assignment, let's build a Bookmark Maker by applying the concepts we learned till now. Refer to the below image. https://assets.ccbp.in/frontend/content/dynamic-webapps/bookmark-maker-output.gif bookmark-maker Instructions: The page should have HTML form element with id bookmarkForm The H...

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Q: C# User class using SqlServer Database

EricNieI am creating my first business application. Unfortunately, I do not have anyone experienced in .NET or c# to review my code, and this is my first time not only using SQL, but also creating code in a professional environment. As such, I would appreciate some form of criticism / review of my User ...

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Q: Transform inertia tensor

GreckI am trying to translate book: Game Physics Engine Development by Ian Millington to DirectXMath and faced with the code wich transform inertia tensor. Is it right to convert code from book like that: from book: static inline void _transformInertiaTensor(glm::mat3 &iitWorld, const glm::quat &q, co...

Q: How to implement __lt__ for NamedTuple?

Ivan PetrushenkoI have the following implementation for the lt. Could please check if it;s ok to compare objects like that? class Record(NamedTuple): video_id: str uuid: Optional[UUID] mac: Optional[str] s3_bucket: str s3_key: str reference_date: date @staticmethod def _lt(a: Any...

@CaptainObvious borked
@CaptainObvious ditto
@CaptainObvious might be borked?
4:19 PM
4:30 PM
Turns out allowing a 5% margin is an awful lot
@Duga ah darn.... too bad the OP didn't see that... seems to be that borked speed typing test post
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Q: Two dimensional bicubic interpolation implementation for dlarray in Matlab

JimmyHuThis is a follow-up question for Two dimensional bicubic interpolation implementation in Matlab. While I am working on neural network designing, I want to compare the effects between using padding and using linear / non-linear interpolation on several outputs of convolution layers in the hidden l...

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It looks fine to me. Note that editing questions to add an answer, or to solicit an answer to a new/different question isn't really the way Stack Overflow works, and is strongly discouraged. If you want more advice than "it looks fine to me", you need to post a new question here, or on codereview.stackexchange.com. For SO, posting a question is appropriate only if the code still has some known problem with it, which you can describe as part of the new question. For codereview.SE, a question is appropriate only if you provide a complete working example that meets their requirements. — Peter Duniho 39 secs ago
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Q: More Efficent Code for Announcment Command in Discord.js

Liam MooreI am creating a command in my discord bot to send an announcement to every server it is in, and this is the only way i could think of doing it, but i know there is a more efficient way of doing it. Can anyone help me in improving this code, as it stand ATM it works 100% (well i have testing in a ...

Q: Create a map where countries can be selected using react-leaflet

Zac LI've only just started learning javascript and decided to try and make a simple app where individual countries can be selected, highlighting them, and the name appearing in the top corner. The code works, but there as a novice I'm sure its far from the best way to do it! One thing I feel isn't th...

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Q: Algorithmically similar approaches giving different answer (maybe)

the_illuminated2003Motivation: Shortening code and performance optimization. Question: You are given a sequence of N elements, where some elements can occur more than once. Your task is to remove all the duplicate elements and only keep the last occurrence of the element. Note that the relative ordering of the left...

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SO is not for critique or feedback on code. It is for asking and answering about a specific issue that you have found sops the code working as you expect. There is a site for reviews etc codereview.stackexchange.commmmmmm 47 secs ago
@CaptainObvious smells like off-topic- I'm not sure if AoC or CNWAI...
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Q: Small language, compiles to register VM bytecode

LearningPythonI am trying to implement a small programming language, in Nim, as a way of improving my (close to non-existent) programming skills. The programming language is intended to have IF-GOTO, variables, and the ability to read from stdin. First, I wrote the VM, this thing: import strutils #Nim module f...

@skiwi Killing it on the markets?
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Could be both, but it's definitely broken.
and its definitely closed now
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Q: Proper way to Implement a Birthday Class in Object Oriented Python

MabI have the following class class Dob: def __init__(self): self.welcome_text = "" #Computes DOB def calc_dob(self): pass #Get User Input def get_input(self, msg): pass def __repr__(self): print(self.welcome_text) total_days = s...

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@Mast This was just a test :P
I was checking if a point is in line with two other points before and after it, allowing a certain margin
Except I initially allowed the middle point to be +/- 5%, now I allow it to differ +/- 5% of the expected value and the first
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If your solution works but you want to improve it, then you rather want the Code Review stack site. That said, please include the problem to be solved in your question, rather than an external link — G. Anderson 46 secs ago
11:15 PM
well it should run it faster for sure. how faster? I don't know, it may be just a second's difference because of how fast the script executes but You can sure try it on a faster machine, maybe post your code on CodeReview and maybe they will help You optimize it — Matiiss 45 secs ago

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